'There, is that better?' Peitr whispered into my ear.

'Uhh. Yes, yes. That feels great,' I answered, and my words turned into a soft moan.

'Yes, I can feel it in your body. You are a lot looser now. You are moving with me more smoothly. Is it because of the release of guilt?'

'Yes,' I whispered. 'This helps erase the guilt. It's as if none of this is something I could do anything about now.'

'I thought so,' Peitr whispered, and he began to move his cock inside me, dragging the head of his crocked dick along my ass canal at seven inches of depth, making my hips join in his motion. My eyes went to the ceiling paddle fan above us, gauging the thrusts of Peitr's hips against the flap, flap sound and movement of the paddles. I tugged a bit on the two silk scarves lightly tying my wrists to the headboard above me, seeking assurance that I was imprisoned and couldn't do anything to defend myself. Peitr's strong, solid Dutchman's body was closely covering mine on the bed, nipples to nipples and belly to belly. His legs covered mine, and I had my heels wrapped around his ankles. His arms covered mine, and he held his hands around the silk knots at my wrists, giving yet more of a comforting feel that I had no control over this. Only his hips and my pelvis were in motion, as the flap, flap of the ceiling fan above the brass bed moved what air there was in this dim-lit cabana across our naked, sweating bodies. Beyond the closed louvered doors, the heat and the jungle of the Caribbean island assaulted the small hotel cabana, trying invade our sanctuary. Strange bird calls screamed their annoyance that they couldn't get at us in our secret hiding place.

What a difference two days had made. A long weekend, but Cindy had to go north, into snow country, on business, and the winter had gone on just too long in the mid-Atlantic states. I'd had enough of the snow for the year, so I headed for the Dutch Antilles, and more precisely for the remote resort island of Cayo Grande, in search of sun, sand, and adventure. I had found all three in abundance, and the latter beyond my wildest notions.

Peitr had been the local Dutch guide I'd hired for a day of deep-sea fishing. We drank all day and cavorted around in our skimpy Speedos on his boat. We downed beer by sunlight, shared a couple of bottles of wine over our shell fish during the sunset, polished off a bottle of scotch under the moonlight, and I had awakened this morning my back cuddled into his chest, his arms wrapped around me, and his dick seven inches up my ass.

I hadn't wasted my anger. I hadn't been sober to have made such a decision; if it had hurt too much, I hadn't noticed; and I'd always wondered what being with another male would be like. Unfortunately, at this point, I still didn't know what it was like even though I'd done the deed, so I was quite willing to find out when both Peitr and his peter had awakened and he'd started pumping me again.

Peitr, who obviously had not been nearly as drunk the night before as I had, remarked on how tense I was this morning in contrast to the wild fucking we'd engaged in the night before. I had to take his word for the wild fucking part; I hadn't remembered a thing about that. It had been his suggestion then that I be put under a mild restraint, and I agreed, and it had worked a charm. I was enjoying this fuck, and I wasn't feeling guilty about it.

After we both shot our loads, Peitr untied my hands, and we glided our hands around on each other's bodies, trying to cool down under the flapping ceiling fan. Peitr lifted his lips from one of my nipples, crooked his chin on my shoulder near an ear, and asked me, 'Have you ever done it with a black man?'

'No,' I responded. 'I've never done it before with any man before you.'

'We have some magnificent native black men on this island. Have you ever thought of doing it with a black man?'

'No. . . . Well, yes, actually, I thought about that in college a couple of times. But I grew out of that.'

'And now? The thought of a huge black cock churning around inside you? Does that sound pleasant, like a Caribbean adventure you might like?'

'Yes.' Well, I had to be honest.

'I have business at the resort all day tomorrow. Why don't you take my boat out? Did you see that big rock formation coming down to the sea when we were about half way around the island yesterday?'

'Y-e-s-s,' I answered.

'Pull into the beach just beyond that rock formation from here. You will see such a big, magnificent black man there. You will recognize him when you see him. Tell him you are interested in a waiheilah. Give him a fifty-dollar bill and ask for a waiheilah. Can you repeat that? A waiheilah.'

'A waiheilah,' I repeated. 'OK, yes, I'll give that a try. Now, let's shower and eat and hit the beach. If I don't come home with a tan, Cindy will be suspicious.'

The next day, I packed a small gym bag with shorts and a T for when the sun got too hot, struggled into my Speedo, and went out in Peitr's boat as he suggested to motor to the other side of the island. I found the little cove on the other side of the rock formation that came down to the water and pulled Peitr's boat up to just beyond the tide line. I looked around and saw nothing. But then, when my eyes adjusted in the sunlight, I saw that there was a grass hut of a pretty good size beyond the fringe of palm trees, and on the sand side of those trees, but in their shadows, was a long dugout canoe. And in the canoe, his massive back and shoulders turned to me, crouched a black giant of a man.

I knew instantly that this was the man Peitr had told me to seek out. I walked up the sand toward him. Something told me that he knew I was there and was approaching him. As I got closer, I noticed something very strange. The black giant wasn't alone in the boat. I realized that someone must be laying on his belly in the boat under the black man, because I saw two forearms dangling over the sides of the boat in the bow on either side. And they were of a very fair-skinned man. As I got closer, I saw a mop of bright-red hair on a head that rested on one seat slat near the bow of the boat. Following on behind this were the freckled shoulders of a lithe, sinewy man, whose hips rested on another seat slat toward the stern of the boat. The black man was crouched behind and above this seat slat, and, as I drew neigh, I could see that the black man, who had one strong arm planted in the small of the redheaded man's back, was pumping the most huge, blackest cock I'd ever seen in and out of the redhead's ass.

I stood there and watched in shock and awe for the longest minute, feeling my own cock coming to life at what I was watching. The redhead turned his face to me, and I recognized the Scandinavian tourist who had returned from the sea on Peitr's fishing boat the day I engaged Peitr's services.

'Yes, may I help you?' the black man asked me, without interrupting his rhythm, in a polite voice with a Dutch accent that resonated across the cove even though he had spoken in a soft tone.

'Peitr sent me,' I stuttered out. 'He told me to give you this money and to ask for a waiheilah.'

'OK,' the black man grunted and gave me a broad smile with flashing white teeth. 'Excuse me,' he said to the redhead and pulled out of him and rose and stepped out of the dugout.

I drew in my breath. He was completely naked, except for a thin leather belt around his waist attached to a knife sheath that ran down his thigh and held close to his leg with another thin leather strap around his thigh at the bottom of the sheath. He was magnificent, just as Peitr had said he'd be. He was nearly seven feet tall and had European features but was black as ebony. This happy combination no doubt resulted from many generations of mixed breeding on this small island. And everything on him was big and round and curvy and rock solid, something that a bodybuilder would have paid big bucks and invested most of his youth in at a serious stateside gym. The biggest part of all on him was his dong, which jutted straight and long and thick and dripping with precum out from his body in honor of what he had been engaging in when I had arrived, and his big heavy balls that swung freely between heavily muscled thighs.

'Come over here with me, please,' he told me. And he led me to the edge of the sand beyond the bow of the boat and took, first one of my wrists, and then the other, and tied them to cuffs that were chained to two palm trees. My arms were now chained out and above my head between the trees, and I was turned, helpless now, facing the boat.

'I'll be back shortly,' he said, 'This gentleman has a bit more time left on his hour.' Then the black giant returned to the dugout, crouched behind the Scandinavian, and thrust his blunderbuster back into the redhead's ass. The redhead screamed out in ecstasy and set his hips churning as the black giant plowed him with deep strokes that brought his cock all the way out to the surface only to be quickly buried to the hilt. The black man only stopped long enough to slowly revolve the redhead on his cock and onto his back and then to start pumping again. The redhead yelled in delight in whatever language he preferred and brutally stroked his own cock until he'd shot his load all over the black man's belly. Then he just laid back and enjoyed the rest of the long ride and threw his head back and yelled in sheer delight as the black man no doubt came inside him.

Leaving the redhead lolling there in the dugout, the black man rose out of the boat and walked over to me in fluid, catlike motions. He stood in front of me and drew a thick-bladed knife out of the sheath on his thigh. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. Was he going to cut me? Here, in front of the Scandinavian, who now was avidly watching us. The redhead was now slouched, facing us, on the seat slat at the stern of the boat, with his back resting on the stern and one hand firmly wrapped around his dick.

But the black man wasn't cutting me. With two swift slashes, he cut the fabric of my Speedo at the hips, and the bathing suit dropped to the ground. The Scandinavian smiled broadly and licked his lips. The black giant sheathed his knife, knelt in front of me, and began tonguing and kissing my cock, which had been fully engorged from the entertainment he had been putting on with the Scandinavian fellow. I writhed in front of him, my wrists pulling at my bonds, and the redhead pulling vigorously at his prick, while the black man deep throated my cock and rolled and pulled on my balls. His hand continued on past the root of my cock, under my balls, and a long, plump finger found my asshole. I gasped in surprise and pain as he entered me there. The pad of his finger found my prostate, and I shot off down his throat in a lurch and a spasm. The redhead was thoroughly enjoying the show.

The black man rose and moved around behind me. He noticed the redhead lounging in the dugout and spoke to him sharply in some language I didn't understand. The redhead spoke back to him in a wheedling voice. He fished around in a pile of clothes at the bottom of the boat and came out with a wad of money that he waved in the air. Another verbal exchange between the two, and the redhead threw the wad of money out on the sand between the bow of the boat and where I was hanging. He then settled back in the dugout and resumed slowly beating himself off and watching the show.

The black man was behind me now, his hands on my hips, his thumbs pulling my butt cheeks apart, and his tongue searching in my asshole. We were both grunting as he slobbered into my hole and got his fingers in there. He was pretty brutal about this at first, but he seemed to come to realize that I hadn't had much attention in that department and became more gentle and caressing in his touch. His tongue was driving me crazy, and I was softly moaning for him and swaying my hips. I slitted my eyes and watched the hazy horizon where the azure sky met the cobalt sea. I was being mesmerized by the shimmering sea, nearly drifting off into a pleasurable sleep.

But I was awakened out my reverie by the sense that the black man was trying to get me to lift my legs. But I didn't know where I was supposed to be lifting them to. I felt the heel of one foot slip into a close hold on the side of one of the palm trees I was lashed between, at just above the level of my waist. I looked down and saw that there was a wooden foot hold nailed into the tree at that point. I understood now, and raised my other leg up to the foot hold on the other palm tree. The black man, who was much taller than I was, now had his strong thighs below me, and I felt the head of his cock at my asshole.

I gulped and let out a hiss of pain as he entered me with the head of his cock. He was so much thicker than Peitr was. I felt that this bulbous head was going to split me apart. But Peitr had been right. Once I'd seen this big, black tool, I'd known I wanted it inside me. The black giant rotated the head around just inside my hole as I accommodated to it. I huffed and puffed until the head got beyond my sphincter muscle, and then I felt like it would be OK, that I could manage him. He wrapped a strong arm around my belly, and the hand of his other arm went to my nipples, which he squeezed and rolled. I laid my head back into the hollow of his chest at the shoulder and moaned.

'Is it going to be all right with you?' he asked in a polite tone, his rich baritone voice echoing around the cove. 'The thickest is in now. I sense you are new at this. I can manage without taking the big part of me through there, if you like.'

'Yes, yes, I'm all right now, I think.' I whispered to him. 'I don't want you to stop. I want this. That big, black dick. All of it. In me.'

And then I felt his thigh muscles tense and he was sliding that big, black, glorious cock up into me to the hilt, my ass walls undulating in appreciation as he glided in. His arm tensed around my belly and his fingers dug into my nipples. I arched my neck back and screamed to the swaying tops of the palms. The redhead applauded, as the black giant skewered me to the end and then began pumping me, shallowly at first at the deepest level, and then with longer strokes that brought the rim of his cock head to my prostate before he dove again.

After a good fifteen minutes of this stroking, the black giant pulled out of me and came around to where he was facing me. He was grinning, obviously very pleased with me. He gathered up my legs, pulling my heels out of the holds on the sides of the palm tree, had me wrap my legs around the small of his back, and then got his hips under me and entered me again from below and pumped his cock up into me like a piston. I arched my back, forced my hips up, close, into his pelvis, and threw my head back and watched the palm branches swaying against the azure sky again. The black giant palmed my butt cheeks. His lips came down to my nipples, and he sucked and rolled and nipped those with his tongue and teeth.

I heard a little cry and looked to the dugout, where the redhead was spouting foamy white cum into the air. Nearly simultaneously, I shot off another load of my own up the black giant's abs, and he flooded my insides with a very frothy Caribbean welcome.

While I was motoring Peitr's boat back to the other side of the island, I was grinning at the thought that if Peitr was fishing for a good fat tip for the weekend, he had not been fishing in vain.



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