There he was, all six foot two of him with his straw blonde hair, dark skin and blue eyes. Brice watched Hunter as he strolled down the hall, Riley and Landon in tow, laughing and joking around. Brice let his eyes fall down the tall muscular form, the tight t-shirt stretched across the broad chest and the sleeves rolled up and tight around the bulging biceps and down to the jeans impossibly tight, the crotch bulging with Hunter's manhood. Brice had seen him undressing in PE and knew it was no illusion.

Brice tried not to stare, kept looking away only to let the temptation of Hunter lure his eyes back. Brice saw every detail, every aspect of Hunter's body, the smooth natural glow of his olive toned skin that looked good even under the harsh fluorescent lighting, the way his beard came in so neatly around his jaw with the little bald spot just below his lower lip and the light line of freckles across his nose and cheeks that were only visible when you were close. Close enough to see how unblemished Hunter's skin was, not a mole or scare or blemish. Close enough to see his vivid blue eyes with the thin dirty blonde eyebrows that gently arched over each one.

Yeah, he had it that bad.

Brice had known Hunter since kindergarten and for the first few years were best friends but Hunter matured quickly, grew muscular and strong and quickly put it to use in every sport he could while Brice matured slower, stayed slim and avoided sports knowing he'd have it rough even in practice. After nearly twelve years of school they had gone their separate ways. The school was located in the upper end of the county in the rural region so it was small and as such everyone knew each other and got along for the most part but some friendships grew and others diminished over time such as the one that had existed between Brice and Hunter. Now Brice found himself struggling to keep his attractions to himself while taking every opportunity afforded him to watch the guys he found most alluring, Hunter being Number One of that list.

Brice watched Hunter go down the corridor and turn into the math classroom and once out of sight he finally made himself turn and head to his English class. The corridor was thinning out quickly as it was nearly time for the bell to ring to announce the start of next period and he wove his way through those still in the corridor, backpack slung over his shoulder.

"Brice! Brice! Wait up" Owen called out. Brice turned and waited till Owen strolled up next to him. Owen had moved to their community back in seventh grade and it was Brice, of all his classmates who made the first gesture of friendship. They quickly became best friends with Brice treating Owen as if he was someone he had known all his life, something most of the others didn't do even after more than four years.

They were so similar, so alike in their likes, video games, science fiction, music that was different from what most of the others listened too, even the way they dressed. Brice considered Owen the brother he wished he had, instead of the one he did have at home. Brice had told Owen everything, the things that scared him, the plans he had for the future, the way he wanted to leave for college and travel the world. He told Owen everything except his attractions toward other guys. He was afraid of losing his one true friend and with this fear he had never let himself consider Owen in his attractions.

At night Brice found himself lying on his bed in his boxers, his mind wandering from the events of the day or something going on at home, or more likely than not, he thought of Hunter, coming down the corridor at school, at some school event, in town on the weekend hanging out or in P.E. changing clothes or in the showers, his naked body on full display. Brice found his cock always got hard when he thought of Hunter naked, felt it push up against the front of his boxers, tenting them as he grew erect. Sometimes it slipped through the fly and rose up hard and Brice would lay there with his mind on Hunter's cock, the way is hung so loosely over its sac, as he watched his own flex up and down, rising higher and higher. He would lay back, eyes closed, fantasizing of Hunter, the two of them alone, and he would reached down and let his fingers glide along the hard shaft feeling the smooth stretched tight skin. He fantasized it was Hunter touching him, Hunter's fingers moving along his cock and when his fingers slipped over the head of his cock he felt the wetness, the slickness and he smeared it over the head increasing his arousal.

He would grip his cock firmly and slowly slide his hand downward feeling the hard shaft slip through the palm of his hand, all the while pretending it was Hunter's hand. He would stroke his cock till it ached with its hardness. His arousal would make him grow restless and he would work his boxers down till he could kick them off his feet. Knees up, legs spread, he could feel the cool air touch his exposed body; his cock, his sac, and the area down below. He would take his cock in hand and begin to stroke it again as he used his left to slide over his chest, over each nipple feeling how they grew so erect, his fingers rubbing the hard erect nub in the middle and it would make his cock flex in his hand. Down he'd push his left hand, over his heaving stomach and down around his cock, down below his sac, down there where he wanted to feel Hunter touch him, down there where he fantasized of offering himself up to Hunter, giving himself for Hunter's pleasure and he let his fingers glide down till he was rubbing his middle finger over his hole with a slow circular motion. It aroused him so he raised his ass up off the bed and pushed his cock through his fist.

'Oh Hunter, fuck me' he whispered out loud as he let his middle finger penetrate his hole stretching it open. He sucked inward as he pushed his finger in as far as it would go feeling the soft warmth of the interior of his hole. He would work his right hand furiously up and down his cock as he fucked his finger in and out. He felt the wetness of his skin, the heat of it, the way every inch grew so sensitive to every touch, even to the movement of air.

'Oh fuck...fuck...Hunter...please" he pleaded quietly as he felt his hole spasm around his finger and the hot spatter of cum hit him in the face, a thick rope of it landing on his neck, then hit him on the chest and stomach as he pounded his fist up and down his cock.

Afterward he would lay in the dark, the smell of his own cum strong in the air, embarrassed at how this obsession could overtake him.

It was right after graduation, toward the end of June when Brice found himself in a new predicament with his obsession over Hunter; one that went too far. He had gone into town on a Saturday night, cruised around seeing who was out and where they were hanging out. Some at the old bowling alley in town, some at the old drive-in on the south side of town and others were out at the park, their cars in a loose group in the parking lot. He didn't stop at any of the places everyone was gathered but drove around cutting through the small downtown passing other cruisers heading in the opposite direction. At the last light in downtown he had to stop. He was at the line and watched the intersecting traffic pull out; a couple of old sedans, a small hatchback that was barely running and a pickup. It was the pickup that caught his eye for it was Hunter's and he appeared to be alone. The light changed and he sped away from the intersection till he was behind Hunter. He followed him up to a convenience store and without thinking followed him into the parking lot. He pulled up next to Hunter and as he shut off the engine Hunter stepped down out of his truck. He was wearing old faded jeans and a tank top which revealed his muscular arms and shoulders.

"Hey man" Hunter slurred as he slapped the hood of Brice's truck. It was obvious Hunter had been drinking and Brice felt something like opportunity but also a sense of foreboding.

Stepping out he looked at Hunter as he stood in front of his truck. "Hey Hunter...having a good time?"

"Fuck yeah...who needs her...fucking....bitch...Hey what are you doing tonight?" Hunter rambled and Brice sensed Hunter's frustrated state.

"Aahhh, well... nothing Hunter. Just hanging out."

"I'm going to get a want one...sure you do. I'll get us both one; stay right here. Don't leave...okay?" Hunter rambled and Brice just shook his head yes.

That is how they wound up together, Brice driving Hunter's truck and Hunter sitting on the passenger side talking almost nonstop except to take a quick drink of the soda he sloshed around. Brice nodded and shook his head, occasionally asking "Really?" and "No shit" when he thought a reply was needed, otherwise he just let Hunter ramble on about how Lynn was just using him, how she wasn't any fun. How she wouldn't do certain things.

Brice knew he shouldn't have done it but he drove them to a parking lot behind a mechanics shop that was closed down claiming it would give them privacy, a place for Hunter to tell him what he wanted without one of their friends interrupting. He sat in the dark truck looking over at Hunter, only dimly lit from the chest up by a security light at the back of the lot, and he watched him. The way Hunter moved his hands as he talked, so animated, his agitation so evident, at times that he would slosh his drink on himself.

And Brice pretended to listen as he let his mind scheme, played out one scenario after the next on how he could have Hunter. The fantasy seemed within his grasp, such a real option with Hunter here before him, just the two of them, alone, away from prying eyes.

"...fuck her. You know she wouldn't even suck? I mean who won't do that?" Hunter asked suddenly stopping for an answer. It caught Brice off guard, the way Hunter just stopped talking now waiting for a response.

"Hunter...I..." Brice stammered reaching over in the dark, his hand shaking, suddenly finding the courage to actually act out on his desire. He felt the soft worn fabric of Hunter jeans against his fingertips and he hesitated for a moment.

"Hunter...I mean...I..." Brice couldn't say what he wanted to say, the words just would not come out but he found he could move his hand. He let his fingers travel over the top of Hunter's leg and he felt Hunter tense up. He saw the way Hunter suddenly froze then his head jerk up and turn to him quickly. Hunter didn't say anything and Brice took it as a sign he could keep going. He moved his hand over Hunter's thigh and started up toward his crotch.

Suddenly he felt Hunter's hand grab him by the wrist and jerk his hand away, roughly, so fast it shocked Brice.

"What the fuck?! What are doing...Jesus're a faggot?!" Hunter yelled in the tight confines of the truck and Brice suddenly felt trapped. Hunter pushed him away slamming him against the door. "Get away from me you fag" Hunter yelled and Brice was suddenly scared, afraid like never before as he fumbled for the door handle desperate to get out of the truck.

The door flew open before he realized he had actually pulled the lever and he tumbled out landing on his back and he scrambled up on his hands and feet pushing away from Hunter as fast as he could with Hunter now on the driver's side just staring at him.

About fifteen feet away Brice stopped.

'Hunter...please" Brice begged.

"Faggot" Hunter replied spitting on the ground. The truck door slammed shut, the engine roared to life and as the transmission jerked into reverse the tires were spinning. Soon Brice found himself sitting on the ground, the smell of burnt rubber in the air. He felt his fear grow greater, his stomach knot up tighter as he realized Hunter would probably tell everyone what happened.

It was late by the time he got back to his car and he drove toward home, slowly, below the speed limit willing, begging time to stand still, knowing how this plea was futile.

Brice sleep in late, refused to get up for church and around 10:30, alone in his bedroom, he heard the familiar sound of Owen's truck pull around his house. He wondered if Hunter had spread the word already, knowing how fast gossip spread in this small community. He heard Owen come up on the back porch and knock on the door. He lay facing the wall and didn't move. For a long time it was silent then he heard Owen knock again.

"Come on Brice, I know you're in there. Come on man, let me in" Owen called out but Brice didn't move. After what seemed a very long time footsteps crossed the porch then Owen's truck started up and all too soon it was quiet again. Only the occasional sound of the old farm house settling and within Brice's mind a perfect storm of thoughts, none of which Brice could allow himself to focus on.

Brice didn't want to be home when his parents returned so he made himself get up, took a long shower, slipped on shorts and an old t-shirt, one the sleeves were ripped roughly off, stretched out of shape; one his mother had demanded he toss in the trash every time she saw him wear it to mow grass or work on the farm. Slipping his feet into his old sneakers he headed out. He looked rough but didn't' care.

He started toward town, the one everyone in the community went to for their needs and thought better of it and at the intersection with Highway 64 he turned and headed toward Leesburg, a town a little further away but one no one he knew would typically go. He drove slowly through the countryside his mind lost to what he was passing for all he could think about was how Hunter had exploded on him and was probably spreading the news to everyone he knew. He drove along the undulating old two lane, avoiding potholes, just letting the miles slip by. Behind him, far enough back so as to be a dark shimmering spot moving along was a truck. He didn't notice it, wasn't looking in his mirror as much as he should and when he did a curve or a hill the truck would be blocked from view.

Brice came into the small town, passing the strip center, fast food joints and an auto parts store on the outskirts of town. He had no idea where he was going. He just knew he was driving. He cut through a residential area and eventually cut back over to the small downtown. It was only four blocks long and most of the storefronts were boarded up but at the opposite end he saw several cars and trucks parked along the street and it reminded Brice there was a small diner on the end of the last block. He pulled into a parking space and walked the last block to the front door. The interior was dark paneling, the lights barely illuminating the place and Brice saw all the booths along the window were taken along with most of the tables along each side wall. He didn't recognize anyone and suddenly felt safe about sitting down. He took one of the two tops in the middle of the room and as he perused the menu felt some of locals looking over at him. He knew it was the usual curiosity, everyone just trying to place him, figure out if he belonged to some local family or was from some neighboring community. It was something he could deal with as opposed to what he feared would happen back in the town close to home.

His eyes kept scanning the menu but nothing caught his attention, his mind in such upheaval, unable to focus on such a simple task. He leaned forward in his chair, elbows on the table either side of the menu as he tried to focus. Suddenly a shadow fell across the menu and Brice thought it was probably the waitress coming to get his order. He was shocked to see Owen standing over him.

"What are you doing here?" Brice asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing. What the fuck" Owen said the last statement whispered as he leaned down toward Brice. "Brice..."Owen started and then stopped looking around the room. He looked back down; "Can I sit down?"

"Yeah...but what are you doing here?"

"I followed your ass...okay?"

Owen sat and admitted to following Brice, worried after the phone call he had gotten late last night from Hunter. Hunter had sounded drunk when he had called and he had rambled for a long time, his speech slurry, his words disjointed but suddenly Owen pieced it together, what Hunter was trying to say. He was saying Brice was gay and had tried to make a move on him.

Hands clasped together, face in shadow by his cap pulled low on his head, Owen leaned toward Brice speaking in a whisper asked:

"Did you try something with Hunter?"

Brice sat stunned, unable to respond, afraid to respond and he looked off to the side unable to face Owen.

"'s okay...I don't care if you did...just talk to me" Owen pleaded.

"Can we just eat something first and then" Brice said unable to finish his sentence until he took a deep breath, "...then we can go somewhere and I'll tell you. Okay?"

Owen nodded his head and sat back. It was just a moment and the waitress was at their side with another menu.

By the time they had finished eating Brice seemed to have finally relaxed a little but Owen could tell he was still anxious. Owen knew Brice wouldn't talk to him, not in public anyway, and he had to figure out what to do; where to go. He sat back and thought about Greenville being only about forty minutes away and being near the interstate there were hotels there. Some of them were cheap and would serve his purpose well.

"If I ask you to come with me, leave your truck here for the night...will ya?" Owen asked as he leaned close to Brice. Brice nodded his head yes then looked down. They paid for their meal and headed out. Brice followed Owen around the corner and down the side street where he saw near the end of the block Owen's truck sat parked.

An hour later, Brice found himself following Owen into a room at the hotel. Owen turned the air conditioner down for the room was musty, the old worn carpet obviously full of odors from years of abuse. Brice didn't say anything as he crossed the room going into the bathroom and as he closed the door he saw Owen sit down on the one queen bed and fall back.

He wondered what Owen knew, felt confused at the way he pushed him to come along to this hotel room saying he needed to talk about what was going on and for a time he felt Owen was right, but now he wasn't so sure. He had made a fool of himself the way he actually thought Hunter would be receptive to his advances. 'How fucking stupid could he be?' he thought, almost saying it aloud as he stared in the mirror. He washed his face and ran his wet hands through his hair realizing it had gotten long again and desperately needed to be cut. But he liked the way it felt when he ran his hands through it.

He came out to find the room dimly lit by only the bedside lamp. Owen had his shoes off and was up on the bed leaning aback against the headboard.

"Come on Brice, sit down. Tell me what happened."

Brice was slow to start, stammering and trying to figure out how to say it, to tell Owen then suddenly he said it, admitted to Owen how he had reached over and touched Hunter on the leg, how he wanted to do it, had for a long time. He began to tell Owen of his obsession with Hunter and finally, after a long time he admitted to Owen his attraction to other guys, how it was what fueled his fantasies; images of him having sex with another guy.

Owen sat quiet not saying anything as Brice finally wound down, wiping tears from his eyes with the side of his hand. Brice leaned back and looking up at the ceiling he laughed, one torn, emotionally drained.

"Fuck, it is going to be a long summer. I can't wait to get out of here and away from all of this...shit" Brice uttered saying the last word like he could taste it.

"Brice..." Owen replied, his voice barely audible, a slight quiver in it and Brice felt him move on the bed. Looking over he saw Owen sit up leaning forward on his hands. "You're not the only one who...suffers like this."

Brice jerked his head around to face Owen, seeing a familiar look, one of longing, and suddenly all the times Owen was there for him, was the one person who was ready to do anything he suggested, the one he was the closest to. It didn't seem possible but again it seemed completely reasonable, logical even. It was Owen, the one person who shared so much of the same interest, would be the one.

"I never really thought...I mean..." Brice stammered not sure how to admit how he never could let Owen into that role in his fantasies, afraid to ruin the one true friendship he had going, but now it seemed so foolish the way he had held Owen in some sort of reserve, to make him less than human. He looked at Owen, really looked at him and found himself smiling for the first time tonight.


"Call your folks and tell them you'll be home in the morning" Owen said as he rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom.

When the bathroom door finally opened Brice was sitting on the foot of the bed and he looked up to see the bathroom light go off and Owen step out. At first Brice didn't comprehend what he was seeing, Owen walking toward him, naked, his lean body fully exposed. Brice let his eyes move over the familiar body seeing it anew, looking at him in a different way. The light olive toned skin that was so smooth and his small nipples riding high on his lean chest, his stomach that was flat with the thinnest trail of hair starting below his navel traveling down to the small fan of hair over his cock. Brice had seen Owen naked before but it was different this time, the way Owen's cock was rising up slightly, the head flaring out and the dark skinned shaft thickening up.

Owen stopped a a few feet away fidgeting in place, his eyes darting around unable to look Brice in the eye. Brice saw how he balled his hands into fist, nervously flexing his fingers as he leaned on one foot then the other. Owen finally brought his eyes down to Brice smiling weakly.

" this okay?" Owen asked his voice so low Brice could barely hear him. He looked down at the floor. "

"Yeah, it's alright" Brice replied moving up off the bed to stand in front of Owen. He put a hand on Owen's chest feeling the warmth of his skin, the beat of his heart as it raced inside his chest and as he moved around Owen, shifted around behind him he let his hand slide down over the flat stomach and down till he felt Owen's cock in the palm of his hand. He let his fingers encircle it squeezing slightly as he moved up against Owen's back. Even with his clothes on he thought he could feel the heat of Owen's naked body. He kissed Owen on the neck as he let his hand move along the shaft that grew erect in his hand.

"Brice" Owen uttered as he pushed his ass back against Brice.

Brice brought his other hand around Owen's waist and pulled their bodies together till he felt his own cock press tightly against the warm naked body. Not even the thick denim of jeans could stop him from growing erect.

Owen turned within his arms and kissed him, gently, lips pressed to lips then he slipped down on his knees and pressed his face into the crotch of Brice's jeans. He blew his hot breath through the denim feeling Brice respond, feeling the cock flex within their confines. He worked frantically, urgently, getting the jeans undone and slipped down till Brice's cock stood out from his body, hard, erect, and flexing up and down. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft at its base and held it down as he moved to it. Brought his lips to the head, kissing it, letting his tongue snake out and move around the flared head.

Brice exhaled hard as he felt Owen work on the head of his cock, felt the warm slickness of lips then tongue move over it, felt the way it was finally engulfed in the hot recesses of Owen's mouth and he pushed forward sinking it as deeply as Owen could take it. Hands came to his ass cheeks, holding him firmly as he moved them back and forth, slowly, the primitive movement so instinctual he fought to control his pace. He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of Owen sucking him, noisily, greedily, moving along his hard shaft.

Owen was suddenly beside him, kissing his neck and pushing his jeans down till they were down near his knees and Owen moved him toward the bed, Owen guiding him slowly to it till he was on his knees up on the too soft mattress, his jeans holding his legs together and he felt Owen push his shirt up, one hand slide along his bare back following the slight curve of his spine. Owen worked the shirt over his head and let it drop down his arms. It fell loosely around his wrists and Owen twisted it till his wrists were pulled together then pulled back making him fall over on his shoulders as his arms were pulled down between his legs. Owen had him bound in a way, forcing him to submit, but he wanted to submit to Owen, wanted Owen to control him, to take possession of him. So he relaxed to this submission.

Owen climbed on the bed, straddled his legs and pushed cock along his ass, rubbing it up and down stroking his desires till he felt himself push back. He heard Owen spit then felt the head of Owen's cock touch him, felt it move slickly along his ass, rub over his opening. Owen bore down on him, pressed tightly to his opening and he felt his hole loosen, felt Owen breach its tightness, push through it stretching him open and slowly, painfully, intensely, desperate with desire Brice felt Owen sink into his hole.

"You're not getting away from me" Owen uttered as he began to fuck, to pull back and drive his cock back into Brice.

Brice felt Owen's nakedness against his ass, felt Owen's chest ease down on his back while he was rocked back and forth with Owen's fuck, the feel of cock sliding through his opening, in and out, over and over. Owen kissed him at the base of his neck, nipped at the skin while driving into his hole faster and faster, an increasing rhythm that made Owen rise up on his knees holding Brice firmly by the waist and drive into him harder, faster, hips smacking loudly against ass.

"Fuck....fuck..." Owen grunted as he hammered Brice's hole.

Owen felt his cock grow so hard, felt the way he was getting close, too close and he slipped free of Brice's hole and watched his cock flex up and down in front of him.

"Put it back in" Brice pleaded making Owen smile.

"Roll over" Owen demanded.

Brice was quickly on his back and Owen roughly pulled his jeans and boxers off freeing his legs. Brice's hands were still tangled up together with his shirt twisted around his wrists. Owen put Brice's legs over his shoulders, pushed cock into the slick stretched open hole and thrust inward all the way till hips pressed against ass and Owen moved over Brice taking the shirt and pulling it over Brice's head and back down behind him. Brice's arms were locked together and spread open and Owen began to thrust his hips roughly, his back and ass undulating with his every move as he fucked, faster and faster, making Brice grunt and moan. Brice begged him to fuck harder.

It was too much, all of it, the feel of his cock pumping Brice's hole, the feel of Brice's legs against his chest, and the very realization he was actually with him, fucking him, their naked bodies working together and he felt his cock swell thickly inside of Brice, felt the way his cock grew so sensitive making him thrust roughly, each push inward more exaggerated. Then he felt his cum race through his cock filling Brice's hole, wad after wad shooting from his cock slicking it up as he pumped through it.

Owen still felt a craving, a longing for more and he quickly climbed over Brice soon feeling the pain of penetration for the first time as he eased down on Brice's cock, the slick leaking head breached his opening and sank slowly into him, inch by inch as he lowered himself down. He felt Brice's hands move to his chest, the soft fabric of the shirt and the warm smooth hands moved over him, caressed his skin, rubbed over his sensitive nipples and down along his stomach and over his cock, the slimy shaft thickening again, rising up erect as he moved on Brice's cock, up and down, slowly at first but soon found himself riding Brice roughly, his pace increased till the bed rocked and squeaked noisily beneath them.

Owen felt the tight grip of Brice's hand on his cock, it moving along the shaft and over the head stroking him while the fabric of the shirt softly caressed his inner thighs and it drove him to move faster till he was rocking his hips faster, rising up and dropping down roughly. The penetration felt so deep, made him feel the fullness of it while struggling to keep up his rhythm.

Brice soon began to push up, to pump his hips as best he could with Owen on top of him. He thrust with such need, his cock aching for release he began to stroke Owen with the sense of urgency he himself felt. His hand moved in a blur as he used his other hand to push down on Owen's thigh every time he was moving downward forcing Owen to take all of his cock, every inch.

"Oh...fuck...I'm going..." Brice stammered till he was pushing upward while holding Owen down on his spurting cock, pumping every wad deep within him.

For a long time they lay tangled together till their breathing slowly returned to normal. Eyes closed they lay against each other, aware of the other's body, the heat of it, the feel of the slick skin against their own. Owen stirred first, slowly stretching out then running a hand along Brice's side all the way down to his hip.

"Come shower with me" Owen whispered and he saw Brice smile without opening his eyes.

Owen had to drag Brice to the bathroom then led him into the tub pulling the flimsy shower curtain closed. He bathed Brice with his hands, keeping them soapy and slick and when he ran them over Brice's cock it rose up hard again. He stroked it with his soapy hands till it rose up hard, the head flared out wide.

Brice suddenly awakened as he pounced on Owen, grabbing him by the shoulders and turning him to the wall pushing him against it. Owen arched his back pushing his ass back offering it to Brice, giving himself to him, wanting to feel the penetration.

"Jesus I want to fuck you again" Brice whispered into Owen's ear as he moved up and pushed cock into Owen's hole.

"Fuck me...fuck me Brice...please" Owen begged and Brice pushed inward sinking his cock all the way into Owen with the tight ring wiping the suds from his cock as it sank into Owen. Suds ran down Owen's legs as Brice began to fuck, to drive cock into his hole.

"Fuck" Brice uttered as he thrust into Owen, steadily, a smooth even pace, his desire now more than just a want to get off. He wanted to feel his cock move within Owen; he wanted to feel this fuck, every stroke, every touch and he leaned against Owen and moved with a slow rhythm.

He would fuck till the water ran cold and Owen was begging to be pumped full of cum.



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