From Part 2......

Suddenly, one of the darker clouds opened up and torrential rain began.  Grabbing the cooler, I said, "Get in your car and follow me."

I led him back to my place and we got even more soaked getting from the cars into the house.  Once inside, I retrieved two towels from the linen closet and as I handed him one I said, "We probably need to get out of these wet clothes and dry off."

"Probably," he replied.

Together, we casually began stripping and moments later we were both nude, facing each other and admiring each others body.  Later I found out he loved smooth hairless guys like me as much as I loved hairy guys like him.

We dried off and after drying each others back, we faced each other  and after a moment, he leaned closer to me and we kissed passionately, trading tongues and spit.


Part 3..........

When the kiss ended, he pulled back and looked into my face and said, "I've wanted to do that since the day I first saw you tweaking your nipple."

"I smiled and replied with, "All I wanted was to see you naked, but now I want much more."

"Whatever you want  to do, I'm game for it," he said, looking into my eyes.

I led him to my bedroom and had him lay on the bed.  I immediately got between his legs and began gently licking and sucking his beautiful hairy balls before licking my way up the underside of his long thick hard cock.  He moaned softly as I made love to his beautiful man-tool.  After a few moments, I raised his legs and buried my face in his hot hairy ass and began drilling his hole with my tongue.

"Oh, fuck yes," he said softly.  Then moments later, he said, "Fuck, baby, I can't take it any longer, fuck me hard fast and deep.  I want to feel you in me."

I did as requested and began pounding his hot ass, but each time I neared my climax, I'd stop and let it subside, then start over.  After five times of edging in his ass he cried out, "Shoot it, baby.  I need to feel it shooting now." 

I did as requested and fired my huge built up load deep into his anal cavity, as he moaned and rolled his head from side to side.   "Fuck yea!  Fill me up!" he cried out.

I leaned forward and began to deep throat kissing him as my cock drained the last remnants of my load into his ass. 

After the kiss, I slowly pulled out and as I did, he said, "Mark, baby, I need more.  While your load is in me, use it as lube and fist fuck my ass.  Go deep."

I couldn't believe what he had asked me to do but he suddenly grabbed my right hand and directed it to his hole.  I began my insertion and as I did he said, "Go in to your wrist, then stop  Let me do the rest."

I did as I was told and once his ass closed around my wrist, I stopped my insertion.  He began working back and forth slowly easing toward me and taking  more of my arm into him.  Back and forth he worked, gradually taking more and more of my arm into his cavern.

After several moments, his ass was closing around my arm only a half inch from my elbow.  I looked at his hole and was in awe at what I saw.

"Oh, baby, I love it.  I need to cum so work it in and out and make me shoot."

I did as he requested and he began moaning and said, "Getting fist fucked makes me shoot huge loads and I need to cum."

"Baby, just let me know when you're ready.  I want to eat it."

He had me move around and as I fisted his ass he began sucking my cock, sucking off his own ass juices.  Moments later, he began moaning and told me to get ready for his load.

"Now, baby, now," he cried out.  I quickly swallowed his cock, and his climax began.  It was so huge I thought I would drown.  As I began swallowing , my mouth continued to be refilled and my own load was filling his mouth.  Eventually, we were both drained and I slowly removed my arm and fist from his ass.

He grabbed me and kissed me passionately before saying, "That was awesome and I loved it. I'm very choosey about who I let fist my ass, so it's been months since I've had it done.  But just know, that you are the best I have ever had.  You can shove your fist up me anytime you want."

I looked at him and said, "I've only done that once before but only went in just to my wrist, but you were awesome."

We got up and showered and I invited him to spend the weekend with me. Without any hesitation, he accepted.  Later, before going out for hamburgers, we had a hot passionate sixty-nine, which was fantastic.  After dinner we returned to my place, stripped, and cuddled and kissed while watching a movie.

After the movie, we went to bed and as we lay there we spooned with him behind me.  His hard cock rested in my ass crack.  I wanted him in me desperately.

I flipped quickly and lubed his cock with my mouth then lay back down and backed up to him directing his cock into my ass balls deep.  Once he was buried in my ass as far as he could go, he moaned softly and slowly began to piston in and out.   After a few moments his speed picked up and I was soon feeling the awesome feeling of his cock filling my hole.  Once he was drained, he pulled out and to my shocked surprise, he slipped lower in bed and buried his face in my ass, sucking out his own load.  Moments later, he kissed me sharing his load.

I love the fact that he seemed to be as kinky and wild as I was. 

The next morning , we began our day with a hot sixty-nine, before getting out of bed.

Then as we ate breakfast, I began to question him about the guy that was with him in the truck the day I first saw him.

"His name is Carl.  He's twenty-five and yes he's gay.  I've never come right out and told him I was gay also but I'm sure he has figured it out.  He has made it clear that he would like to suck me off anytime I wanted him to.  The main problem is that when he is around me he is very feminine.  If I wanted sex with someone feminine, I'd go to bed with a woman.  I'm a man and I want sex with another man."

"I'm the same way," I said. "But what did he say about you leaving a note on my car?"

"As far as he knows I was asking about your car and how you liked it." I began laughing.

We had sex several times that day both oral and anal. Before he left we had traded phone numbers and already made a date to have dinner together Tuesday night at Kyle's place.

I arrived at Kyle's as planned at six that evening.  He met me at the door, totally naked, and told me to get comfortable and make myself at home.

I stripped and as I helped him with dinner, he began telling me about something Carl asked  on Monday morning.

Laughing, he said, "Yesterday morning as we left the yard, he began telling me that he was out running errands Saturday afternoon and Sunday and passed my place several times and never saw my car.  He asked if I was out of town.  I told him I spent the night with a friend.  His face dropped, like I had slapped him." We both had a good laugh.

We had dinner  and afterward, we had a hot roll in the bed, first with a sixty-nine, then later before I left we fucked each other and snowballed.

Kyle and I began having sex every weekend that he was off and once during the week.  After three months, we each had a key to the others home. Some days I would have to work later than normal only to arrive home and find that Kyle had dinner prepared and greeted me with a kiss.   Other days, I did the same at his place.

Then, I suggested that we have some fun with Carl.  He asked what I meant.

"Drop some hints that you are horny, and invite him over for dinner.  When he arrives, greet him nude, and suggest he join you.  Once he's nude, I'll come out of the bedroom.  After we eat  suggest we go to bed.  Once there, we can have a three way and before he leaves, we will tell him that it was just a one time thing and that it will never happen again.

He agreed and the following weekend, we initiated our plan.  To our amazement, once in bed, Carl was more manly than either of us had suspected. All feminine traits were gone.  The sex was more awesome than we expected.  Carl loved having one of us fucking him while he sucked the other and watched us kiss.  After that, every month or so we had a three way with Carl.

After almost a year, Kyle and I decided to make a commitment to each other. His home was larger and had a pool so I sold my home and most of the furnishings and moved in with Kyle. The next time Carl joined us we showed him our matching rings.  He confessed that he expected it and hoped it didn't mean we couldn't continue as before.

I knew that Kyle would occasionally let Carl blow him while driving or him blow Carl when stopped.  Carl had no idea that I knew, until I told him that I wasn't jealous and things could continue with Kyle at work and with us when invited.

It's been two years since Kyle and I became lovers and through Carl, we have met another worker with the company that is gay as well as a local Marine recruiter and a local cop. We have them al over every couple of months for an all night sex party.  The marine loves having two cocks up his ass at the same time and the cop loves cum facials and golden showers.  anything goes at these parties. 

In fact, we're having one this weekend,.  Care to join?

THE END...................................



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