From Part 1.........

"Man, I'm so glad you called.  I was afraid that I might have offended you."

"No way was I offended.  I do what I was doing without even thinking."

"So do I," he replied.  "And I have started it when my co-worker is with me and have to suddenly stop.  He has never said anything, but he always has a slight smile on his face."

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to meet at Bayfront Park Saturday afternoon about three.  I'll being the beer."

" Fuck, yea. I'll be there," he said. "By meeting at the park, I assume you are playing it cautious.  I can't blame you.  I'd do the same, and I assure I'm no psycho."

"Great, I'll see you Saturday."


Part 2...............

I arrived at the park at half past two and found an empty table near the shore. Setting the small cooler,filled with beer, next to me on the bench and waited.  The weather was warm with a few dark clouds passing by. I watched and just before three I saw Kyle, exit his car and look around.  As he walked closer, still looking for me, I waved and saw him smile.  His physique was totally on display as he wore gym shorts and a snug tank top, exposing the nice coating of hair on his chest.  My heart began to race wildly.

As he walked up to me he smiled and extended his hand.  I'm Kyle and it's nice to meet you in person," he said."

"Mark, here and it's nice to meet you also," I replied.  "How about a beer?"

"Perfect," he replied. 

I grabbed two beers from the cooler and we sat across from each other, and began  to get to know each other.

I found that he was twenty-nine, had served in the Marines for six years and had been with the electric company for five years since leaving the Marines. I told him about me and asked how he started tweaking his nipples.

"While I was still in the Marines, my best bud invited me to visit him one weekend and have a three way with him and his wife.  She was hot and I quickly agreed.  That first night we all were naked in their hot tub with her groping is both, before saying we should go to the bedroom." 

He took a sip of his beer, then continued, "We got out of the hot tub, both our cocks rock hard.  Looking over at mine he said, 'Nice.  Very nice,' and smiled.  We got in their bed with his wife in the middle and both began kissing her and fingering her cunt.  He looked over at me and told me to eat her cunt.  I did and after a moment I felt a hot mouth licking and sucking my nipples . It felt awesome but I immediately knew it was him, but with what I had drank, I didn't care."

Another sip of beer then he continued again. MY nipples got rock hard and the feeling was unbelievable.  Then he started flicking my hard nips with his fingers.  I was loving it.  I raised up from eating her cunt and he started.  As he did he directed my face to his nipples.  I was soon sucking and gently nibbling his nipples and hers.  Moments later he mounted her and started slowly fucking her as she began sucking my cock.  Then she stuck my cock in his mouth and I watched in disbelief as he sucked me. I had never ever dreamed that he might be bi-sexual.  He climaxed in her cunt then went down and began eating his own spunk out of her , then kissed her and shared it.  I was in shock at what I was seeing.  We paused for a moment as he began playing with his own nipples.  I decided to do the same and found that I loved it."

After finishing his beer, he continued. "She pulled me to her and began tongue kissing me and I could taste the remnants of his cum in her mouth.  I found it intriguing.  She then told me to fuck her and I did.  It was hot fucking a female and have her husband watch.  She sucked on him some then told me to suck him. I hesitated and she said, 'Do it for me.  I love watching him get sucked.'  I did and just as I climaxed in her cunt he climaxed in my mouth. She whispered in my eat telling me to eat it. I wasn't repulsed by the taste so I savored it  moment then swallowed.  Then, not wanting to be different, I ate my load out of her and as I sat up he pulled my face to his and tongue kissed me sucking my load out of my mouth and eating part of it."

He then paused and looked at me.  "I'm not usually this open when I first meet a guy but for some reason I feel totally at ease with you."

"I'm glad and just to put you at ease, just know that I've sucked and eat cum before also," I told him.

"That does put me more at ease," he said, "but by the end of the weekend, I found that I was enjoying sex with him more than I was with his wife. And she had no problem with just he and I doing each other while she sometimes watched.  We had one more weekend as a group and after that he and I would get a cheap motel room for a few hours and have sex.  I had to admit that I was totally into men."

"Relax, so am I," I told him.

"How and when did you realize it?" he asked.

"I was a senior in high school.  I had forgotten some things in my locker in the gym and returned after school to get them.  When I went into the gym, I heard some moaning coming from the coach's office. I went over and peeked through the blinds and saw my best bud and our football coach sucking each other. I got turned on and started jerking off and they caught me.  They had me join them and before I left school that day they had both sucked me and I had sucked both of them.  My bud and I started doing each other  a couple time a week and at least once a week we had a three way with coach.  Coach loved having us fuck him and one day while I was fucking coach, my bud came up behind me and took my cherry.  At first I didn't like it , but by the time he and I both climaxed I was loving it. I did some dating but knew I wanted men."

I looked over at Kyle and noticed that he was very casually tweaking his right nipple.  I could see the hard bump showing through his tank top.

Suddenly, one of the darker clouds opened up and torrential rain began.  Grabbing the cooler, I said, "Get in your car and follow me."

I led him back to my place and we got even more soaked getting from the cars into the house.  Once inside, I retrieved two towels from the linen closet and as I handed him one I said, "We probably need to get out of these wet clothes and dry off."

"Probably," he replied.

Together, we casually began stripping and moments later we were both nude, facing each other and admiring each others body.  Later I found out he loved smooth hairless guys like me as much as I loved hairy guys like him.

We dried off and after drying each others back, we faced each other  and after a moment, he leaned closer to me and we kissed passionately, trading tongues and spit.

TO BE CONTINUED......................



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