I had gotten a good job after I graduated college at a uptown, high dollar Accounting firm, I was doing great financially. I had hired in on March the third, and gotten a good name for myself as a CPA.

I am a rather average 'Joe' type of guy, rather low key, keep to myself, but there is this one thing, I'm gay, I don't flaunt it, I dont' make a show of it, In my job it's just best to keep things under wraps if you get my drift.

In the two story office building that I work, I am rather well liked, I always present myself friendly yet professionally, and yet there are a couple guys that I would liked to have gotten into their pants, or at least taken out and sucked on what was is in their pants.

Michael, a young man of about thirty two, heavenly gorgeous, awesomely built, I ogled his awesome looking eight inch cock at the mens room urinals while takeing a piss several times, even watched it swell up and get like a rock hard once,I wanted to drop to my knees and service that slab of manmeat so bad, but instead I just smiled at Michael, who is married, and reached over and took his hard cock in my hand and stroked him off to a nut, standing there at the urinals, he loved it, but he didn't want to make it a habit, for fear of getting caught, so He just sorta flaunted it at me and said, 'It gets like that on occasion,' then just put it away and went back to work, My response Was, 'Hey man,. it happens to all of us,' and had to put my quickly hardening cock away too.

Things had been going great on the job, I had been given several accounts that usually go to the senior accountants, I guess they were impressed with may accounting skills, and gotten several bonuses too, Which I appreciated.

Then came the Holiday season, we all got a Christmas Bonus, had a wonderful Christmas office party, but the Big Party was planned downtown at the Hilton in the East Ballroom for New Year's Eve.

I got out my best suit and duds, planning to go alone, and I knew others would be their, mostly gals with their husbands or boyfriends or guys with there Wives or girlfriends.

Me I was just there by myself.

I got there and things were going great a live band, Open bar, finger food table and wonderful ambiance, everything was all but perfect, except I had no one of my own, I felt sorta like a second left nut, lol. Out of place.

Well I was drinking my fill of booze and mixed drinks feeling happy, chatting with several couples when I spotted a guy I didn't recognize standing over and talking to a couple from another department on the first floor, I thought I knew just about everybody but this young man was someone I didn't recognize.

I noticed he kept looking over at my direction and smiling, but I just thought it was his way of being nice.

I had made eye contact with his young guy, several times and always got a smile from him, one time he even raised a glass as in a toast to me, and took a sip.

I didn't even know his name, or who he was or anything.

I asked a private secretary if she knew him she just said, his Name is Kevin I think, He's related to the Boss.

I said, wow, I've never seen him before.

Well my bladder couldn't stand any more liquid being dumped into it, so I headed out of the ball room to the closest Men's room, I walked in and a guy was leaving, I walked up to the Urinal and whipped out an almost piss hard cock, and started blasting a stream of piss that could have cracked the urinal.

I heard the door open and as I pissed away and stared upward at the ceiling I heard this very sweet voice say, 'Hey man how's it going, My name is Kevin,'

I was a little shocked or should I say stunned but I looked over and it was the young good looking guy I had been asking about.

'Oh sorry,' I said, My name is Ken, Enjoying the party? 'I really wasn't untill I saw you,' he said.

'Really,' I said in a state of shock.

I watched as Kevin sorta glanced over at my almost hard cock and smiled, I glanced down and noticed his thick meat, just standing straight out like peice of rock, uncut,his foreskin pulled back, and his cock head shiny, He looked up into my eyes, I smiled at him and finished up and then we both walked out back into the ballroom and back to the party.

We exchanged pleasantries and just chatted, I walked up to the table and began to choose a few items from the table.

I spoke up and said, 'nice spread they had placed out for the party don't you think.'

He smiled at me and said, 'What I really would like to eat isn't on that table,' he said with a twinkle in his eye, and a big smile on his face.

I began to get his drift and I turned around and faced him and just asked, 'And what might that be Kevin?'

And as I looked at this gorgeous young man of about twenty six or seven, in his light grey suit, with his beautiful white shirt and loosened tie, Kevin leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'I would love to eat that gorgeous cock of yours I saw in the mens room a while ago.'

I was almost taken back with his boldness, then I got a grip, as he said, 'Something else, I love to Feel one like that inside me too.'

He stared at me to see my reaction and my response as we looked into each others eyes, the look told the story.

'Well Kevin, in about twenty minutes after the presentations of company yearly awards are finished would you like to accompany me to my apartment, and I think we can handle your wishes in that department,' I said.

Kevin's face lit up like a Christmas tree, 'Fuck Yeah man, Wow, What a fucking way to bring in the New Year.' he said.

Kevin stayed with me like a little boy getting ready to go on a fishing trip with his Dad.

Well the Party was almost over and the awards are finished being presented, I got one, and a year end bonus.

Then I walked back to our table and leaned over and tolk Kevin I was ready to fuck him silly if he was ready for it, to which he just smiled and said, 'Hell yeah man! lead the way.'

WE got to my appartment and I opened the door, I didn't even got make yourself at home out of my mouth and Kevin was like a wild ravenous dog after a peice of fresh meat.

Kevin all but attacked me and while I was working to get my clothes off and get this party going to the bed room, Kevin was kissing and sucking on my neck and rubbing my crotch and just going insatiably wild.

I had to make him slow down, and I guess he had an inner itch but this kid wanted me to fuck the living daylights out of his ass.

I finally got him to take the time to get his clothes off and God was he gorgeous, well built and his ass was a 'Rembrant' awesome, tight and lightly hairy, I pushed him forcefully down on the bed belly down and I began to eat his asshole and tongue fuck this kid, God Damn man was he delicious. I was biting his ass hard, sucking and licking his beautiful starfish hole, with black swirling hair around it, his ass was like gormet food to a starving man to me, I needed this bad.

I hadn't been with another guy in months and my nuts were literally aching for the want of man to man sex.

I worked on his asshole for a while and then I slid downard and took his nuts into my mouth, and he went wilder, and before long I had his uncut cock balls deep into my throat, he was almost thrashing, getting very vocal, almost loud, thats when I felt his cum filling my mouth, and cum he did, sweet, salty, acrid, sorta musty tasting, awesome, I swallowed his load and he said, 'Hey man, I ain't done yet.' this kids fire was unquenchable, I raised his legs upward as he began pulling my face over to his and kissing me and lifting his ass upward, I felt the head of my cock, wet with pre-cum, as his assholed wet with my saliva began to hump the tip of my cock, and without even using a hand to guild my cock to the target, I felt the tip hit that spot on his asshole and the head of my cock entered into his anal canal, What a fucking rush that was, the feeling of his hot inner body was so intense and I felt the most awesome feeling as Keving pushed his ass upward and it swallowed my cock to the balls, He started groaning and grunting and fucking me like a madman, he really wanted cock badly, but now more badly than I wanted to feel his asshole tightly caressing my cock shaft.

WEl began a hard slamming motion and I was burying my cock to the pubicc bone with each thrust of my ass. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I could heard his breathing and almost begging sound as I fucked this kid like I have never fucked anyone before, and what was so amazing was that I heard his plea, his begging, and his vocals, 'OH Fuck Ken, I going to cum again,' I began to feel the build up and then the finalie, and My cock felt like it was bursting, I don't remember ever having a stronger climax before, I was almost to the point of it being a full body climax, it was phenomenal.

I my cock was pumping Keving full of cum, I felt his body shuddering as he began to shoot cum between our bodies, I felt it's warmth and I saw the look of total satisfaction on Kevin's face. I just let my body rest on top of Kevin's body and we both layed there, gasping for air as our bodied came down from that sexual high, what an awesome sensation, I knew we would sleep like babies that night.

After we lay there for a couple minutes, I started to pull out and lay over, Kevin just wrapped his legs around my body and smiled, 'Hey stud, your not going anywhere,' he said.

I lay there and fell asleep, slept like logs all night, I awoke getting my cock sucked the next morning about seven, God what New Years day.

I think we were both worn out by the time that New Years day was over.

But I now know that Kevin is the Bosses son and we are together most of the time, It has made a difference in the work place too. The Boss seems to be a lot nicer, I wonder if he knows?



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