I was thirteen when my biological father died of Leukemia, I was devastated as any young man would be after loosing a dad like the one I had, he was my Father, my Idol, the most important person in my life outside of my mother.

I was an only child, Dad had become aware of his Leukemia when I was nine, and we watched his body slowly deteriorate untill I would pray for the mercy of god to take him to ease his suffering. Dad never complained, and was always the epitome of grace and strength.

Then one night in his sleep he just left this world. I was heart broken, but I knew life would have to go on.

Mom and I just grabbed ourselves and started life anew. We did rather well too. Mom was a college English composition professor, and I was still in High school.

I grew accustomed to being alone with just Mom and me in the house, then things started changing, Mom met this man and had a new boyfriend.

I guess I was eighteen when my whole world started to change. I met Martin at a family dinner he had been invited to.

I found him to be a really nice man, very nice looking and Mom was so happy again, I hadn't seen here face light up like that in a long time, actually before Dad got sick.

I was happy for her and I tried to be as nice to Martin as I could be. He was really an awesome man, I found myself likeing him more and more.

Finally I got the word that Martin and Mom was going to get married, and the wedding would be in three months. I was happy for them both, I had no problem with Martin moving in with us an he gave up his appartment, and becoming my new stepdad.

The week before the wedding Martin asked me to go to the store with him and get some beer, I gladly went with him, we came back and I had a beer with Martin in the kitchen, Mom would let me drink beer as long as it was at home. It was then I learned I was to get something out of this marriage too.

Martin sprung a big bit of news on me while we were setting there chatting and drinking the beer. I was going to have a stepbrother, I was anxious to know about him, I found out he was two years older than me, in the military, Marines actually, he had been an all american football player in college and he was going to be home by the time of the wedding.

I was in a state of mixed emotions. I was anxious to meet Ryan,(my new stepbrother) but I wasn't anxious to change being my own man, I knew It meant that I would have to share my bed with him and my life for a while at least.

The day of his arrival came and we went to the airport and I met Ryan, I was shocked at how good looking he was and I didn't know if it was his looks,his bodys build that was making him look so good, or if it was the dress uniform he was wearing, but I will say he was a good looking man.

Ryan, was very friendly, and pleasant, and accomodating, he was so gracious and outgoing to Mom, it was actually making me jealous.

I found myself getting bitter at his presence, ticked off at his politeness and proper way of doing everything, and the truth was it wasn't him it was me, I was doing my best to hate him for no reason at all.

That first night in the bedroom which I resented sharing with him, to make matters worse I had to share my double bed with him, It was a catch 22 situation. I loved his looks and was feeling something inside for him, yet I resented him, he was so damned nice and had such a sweet personality I could just spit nails. I was getting more bitter and resentfull as the day wore on.

We finally went up to bed the night of the wedding, I had lost my personal privacy, I just stripped as I stared at Ryan and got down to my tidy whities and then slipped under the covers. Ryan said, 'Man, you look really awesome,'

'What did you say?' I asked him almost hatefully.

'Your body, it lookes really great, you work out or something,'

'Yeah so?'

'Nothing, just trying to be complimentary thats all.' I just sorta got rid of the attitude and said, 'Thanks I appreciate that.'

Ryan continued to strip down to his briefs and I saw an awesome bulge in thefront between his muscular legs, and his ass was awesome looking. wow.

I swallowed hard and continued to watch as he turned around he was so friggen hot looking I almost swallowed my tongue. His chest was awesome, his stomach was like a washboard, his shoulders were rounded, very defined and his arms were thick and bulging, I was feeing heat at that point, my cock was already harder than a iron post. I could feel my own heart beating in the head of my cock.

Ryan came over popped off the light and slid under the covers, I felt his smooth, yet hairy skinagainst mine.

Ryan slid over an spooned with me and I felt a little strange, a guy I resented yet he was everything I had wanted.

He said,'Hey Josh, is it alright if I show you some affection, after all your my new stepbrother now.'

I just said,'I guess it would be alright,' it was about an hour later when I felt his hardon in my back, I could tell he was asleep but I had to reach around and feel it.

I reached around gently and felt it thru the material of his briefs, god damn, it was thick, and at least seven and a half long, he moved a little an sorta leaned into the mattress with his hardon, and I couldn't feel it anymore. I layed there and pulled my briefs down and as I listened to him breath I started jerking off, thinking about my new stepbrothers cock I had just felt up.

I was so excited that I blew my load very quickly. I knew from that time on I wanted to find out if he would love to get it on with me.

My attitude toward Ryan changed, I began to be aware of every thing about him, he had the most beautiful eyes, he looked so damned sexy with his dog tags on. his unshaven face was so erotic, and his beautiful teeth, was so gorgeous and white, I wanted to slide my tongue against them. Ryan was an absolute work of art, or was I just infatuated with him. Either way I wanted him so bad I was aching.

It was about a week into his stay at home, Ryan came and said, 'Hey bro, how about taking me out an showing me around the property.

We had moved into Grandpa and Grandmas Farm after Grandmas passing and left it all to Mom, we had the Old Farm house fixed up a bit with the money that she had inherited.

Ryan and I put on some cut offs and put on some boots and took off on a hike out thru the wooded area of the property, there was about four hundred acres of beautiful hilly woods, awesome hunting grounds, and a beautiful stream with trout and other fish running thru it.

We had walked down some old trails in the woods for about an hour when Ryan said, 'Man I need to drain the old radiator,' I had to take a leak too. 'Sounds like a good Idea.'

We walked over to the side of the trail by this big tree and I watched Ryan as he whipped out a gorgeous uncut cock, it was astounding. Thick like I remembered it being that night, gorgeously shaped and he slid that foreskin back and started pissing, I got up right beside him and whipped out my fairly nice sized cock out, I noticed Ryan looking down at my cock, I was pissing like a race horse. I had noticed that Ryan had finished but had not put his away yet, and he was just gently sliding his forskin back and forth as his cock started to thicken, he just kept watching my cock. I finished and started feeling the heat from Ryan, I just stood there and watched and gently stroked my cock beside him,and before very long we were both just stoking off with total boners watching each other.

Ryan looked over and then took his hand off his cock and reached over to mine and I released my cock and felt his awesome feeling hand as he took my cock into his hand and started stroking me off, I reached over and started jerking his cock off in return.

Ryan looked into my lust filled eyes and said, 'Josh, your beautiful, and leaned over and kissed me, I almost fainted, the sensations were flooding my body, and his hand was working magic on my cock.

The next thing that happened just about floored me. He released my cock and undid my pants and they fell to the ground, and he knelt down and took my cock into his mouth, I leaned back against the tree and opened my legs up to him, he was playing with my nuts and sucking my cock like a pro.

I soon realized that Ryan was no beginner to sucking a cock, he was fenominal.

Ryan was takeing me to a place at eighteen years old that I had never been before. It was awesome.

I made Ryan stop and he stood up and I didn't want to cum too soon, his hardon was still sticking out of his zipper. I undid his shorts and took his gorgeous uncut cock into my mouth, it was fenominal tasting, a forskin, the taste and feeling was something I had never had the pleasure of tasting.

His crotch aroma was one of extasy, I wanted to eat him up, god I was in heat at that moment, I wanted all of Ryan, I sucked on his cock for about ten minutes, I could tell he was getting close. Then I said, 'Ryan, I want your cock inside me,' He just reached into his pocket and had this little tube, he put some lube on his cock and I leaned over forward against a tree and Ryan came up against my ass and punched his big cock into it, I felt its length slide inside my turd tunnel, at first it hurt some but then god it felt awesome and I knew by the way Ryan was huffing and pumping and moaning, he was enjoying it too.

'Oh god, man this feels so fucking good, your ass is so hot,' and he started really pouring on the heat, I began to feel his cock get harder and then he let out a loud grunt and moan, and I felt his cock go deep inside as his body held on tight and Ryan filled me with his seed. God it felt so fantastic, I then realized, Ryan was the first guy to fuck me, But It had felt so fantastix.

I was standing there still bent over when I realized Ryan was jerking me off with his cock still in my ass, it felt so awesome, I could feel his cock as it did that after jerking. It was such a turn on to me that I began to gasp for air as my cock belched out a load of hot nut lava.

We finished up and when we disconnected Ryan looked up and he had a handfull of my cum, he just reached up and started licking off the cum from his hand, he looked me straighet in my eyes and said, 'Little Brother, your cum is delicious.'

I smiled, and said, 'Big Brother, theres a never ending supply and its all yours for the taking,' He smiled a big smile and kissed me and said,'Believe me bro. I will keep you drained.'

And He did, for the rest of his leave.

Mom and Martin was so happy that Ryan and I got along so well. How little did they know that we really love each other, theres nothing like my new Step Brother. And now I await his next leave.



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