I was really doing my best to work my way up the corporate ladder as a corporate financial planner.

I worked extra duty work at the company and was really doing well.

My name is Ken Whitehorse, I'm of native Indian descent, but I went to state university and I giopt my degree in business management and finances.

I had worked for the company now for several years and I thought I knew most everyone in the building.

It was on my coffee break, which was just about anytime I decided I needed one, we weren't on a rigid work schedule and was allowed to take breaks when we so desired.

I had gone to the break room on our floor and was pouring a hot cup of fresh coffee when in walked this awesome dude, my heart began to beat fast, and I felt feelings that I had supressed for several years, at least at the company I worked for.

I just thought letting them know I was into men, actually gay was not a good Idea.

I was pouring my cup of coffee when I noticed Alex walk in and set his cup down beside mine, 'mind pouring me a cup while your pouring?' he ask.

'Not at all,' I responded as I looked up and our eyes met.

My first thoughts was 'holy shit he's good looking, handsome in a rugged sort of way,'

' Hi! I'm Alex, the new maintenance man, just started lsast week,' he said.

'Hey, I'm Ken, glad to meet you Alex, want to set and chat and have coffee with me?' I ask.

'Sure man, haven't met many people since I started, been to busy getting aquainted with the job, Where do you work?' he ask.

'I'm in financial planning dept, across the hall,' I said.

'Well I was a maintenance man in the last job I had in an apartment building back home in Ft. Worth. Its was crumby job but it paid pretty good.'

I was smitten with his handsome looks and when he turned around to set down beside me, I noticed something that always catches my eye, his cock was hanging down like a hose down his leg, fuck me, it looked like it was ten inches long and very thick, and it was still soft.

I swallowed my tongue and he just looked into my eyes and took a sip of his coffee and smiled.

'Well Alex, I don't see a ring on your finger, but working maintenance that don't mean anything, are you married?' I ask hoping for the best.

'Hell No, I had a female once and she like to drove me crazy, finally I decided that's all for me brother, and I dumped her like a hot potato.'

'A guy can find pleasure in other ways I always say.' he said.

'Man, you got that right!' I quickly responded, then I wondered if he might take it the wrong way and get suspicious about me.

'Well Alex, have you lived in this area long or are you a newcomer to our city?' I asked.

'I moved up here from Fort Worth, Texas about a month ago, hoping to find some work,My sister lives here on the south-side of the city, I had some bad experiences with some undesirables, if you take my meaning.' he said as he slowly sipped his coffee, so I moved up here to get away.

We finally went our ways that day, and was very friendly to each other when we saw each other, I had told him I was single, not attached or seeing anyone.

I was taking some folders to the financial dept. turning in some business reports, when Alex came up to me in the hallway, 'Hey Ken, What you doing this Saturday, I got a couple tickets to a classic car show at the Family Arena, I was just wondering if you would like to go with me, I don't really know anyone else to ask, I would really like your company.

I of course jumped at the chance to be with Alex, every time I saw him the first place my eyes would look it between his legs and I thoroughly enjoyed that awesome looking bulge, god I wanted to enjoy more that just looking at it.

Well Alex seemed to be as happy about me accepting his invitation as I was in taking him up on it.

Friday afternoon, Alex came by my desk and ask if I was all set to go. I of course told him I was really excited about going, well truth is I do like to see Classic Cars, and it will be a time to get out and do something beside watch t.v and be bored at home.

I was so glad to see Alex before we left, I told him I would see him about ten the next morning and we would make a day of it.

I got up acting like a young buck on his first date.

As I was showering, my mind wandered fantasizing about Alex's bulge and wondering if it was cut or uncut, and if he might possibly be interested in having it sucked by a guy, god I wanted to taste it, to suck his essence from his body, to feel it sliding up my manhole, I knew it would hurt some but I wanted the priviledge of trying at least.

I wanted to jerk off thinking of it, but I also wanted to save myself just in case..

I slept like a baby that night, anxious as a kid going to sleep on Christmas eve.

It was ten the next morning, I was so excited that I couldn't eat a bite for breakfast.

Alex came to the front door of my apartment, and I opened, I wanted to kiss him but thought better of it.

'Hey Ken, Morning kid all ready to go?'

'I feel like a kid on his first date.' I said.

'That good?' Alex said with a big grin.

I looked down and there was that log laying down his leg on the inside of his jeans. I wanted to rip them off and eat Alex alive, it was beginning to get too me.

We got into his pickup truck and headed for the arena.

I looked over to Alex, 'You look very nice this morning Alex,' I said.

Alex looked over and smiled and winked at me, I wanted to crawl in the glove compartment. I blushed.

'Can I ask you something Ken,' Alex Said.

'Sure Alex, I'll try to answer if I know the answer,' I said.

'Oh You'll know the answer to this question Ken.' he said.

'I was just wondering, are you? you know, gay, do you like men.' Alex said.

'Why, what makes you ask a question like that?' my face turning a very bright shade of undeniable red blush.

'Well I have noticed almost every time I come around you, your eyes always find their way to my crotch and my bulging cock. Actually one day while we were enjoying a cup of coffee in the break, I was setting beside you and you were staring at my cock bulge, I noticed your cock was about to split your trousers with a huge hard bulging cock of your own, it was a quite impressive boner sticking up in your trousers too.' he said.

I looked up into Alex's eyes, 'I might as well tell you the truth man, I have admired that bulging cock of yours ever since the first time I saw it. God it looks massive and awesome.'

'So then the answer is YES, your gay.'

'Yes I'm Gay, you want to dump me as a friend I'll understand,' I said.

'Why the fuck would I want to dump you, I want you to have sex with me man, I just needed to be sure, and so as not to make a problem for us both at work, lets skip the car show and head for my place and get it on, I'm hornier than you can imagine and I need some nut relief,' he said.

I smiled a great big smile, 'Jackpot' I said out-loud.'

Alex just smiled a big grin and reached over and rubbed the inside of my leg, gently touching my already bone hard cock. 'Nice, very nice,' Alex said.

We pulled into his place, Alex lived in a trailer park, he had a really nice three bedroom trailer; walked up to the door and went in.

Alex led me to the bedroom.

As we entered into his bedroom Alex pulled me to him and began to kiss me, 'I have wanted to do this ever since that afternoon when I realized you were turned on seeing my cock, and I have jerked of to the idea of having sex with you many times.

Alex began to undress me, and as he slid my briefs and my swollen rigid cock stood up naked and wanting, I began to undress Alex, god he was awesome looking, he was nicely built with very defined muscles, he was about thirty one, and had very rippled abs, his chest was thick and defined but when I saw his Texas sized meat, hanging down between his legs, I realized it was already hard but so thick and large it just hung down.

I knelt down and slid his foreskin back and engulfed his thick cockhead and took as much of his massive thick cock into my throat as I could handle, I heard his moan as I began to give him an awesome workover with my mouth.

I reached up and felt his lemon sized testicles hanging down and realized I had one huge dude sexually in my grasp.

When I finally got him to pop a load his load was just like the cock and balls huge and I was leaking cum out both sides of my mouth as he grunted like a bear and began to unload his semen into my throat and mouth, it was fantastic, my dream had now been realized.

Alex was a perfect Gentle man, he lay over and after he had spent his last little drop of cum into my throat, He began to suck me like a pro, I realized he was not a newcomer at this thing called sucking a cock, and I was enjoying his talented hot mouth and what it was doing to my senses.

After Alex had swallowed my load, he thanked me, he hadn't had sex with anyone male or female for almost four years, and was really needing someone to make him feel whole again.

We got ready to go again and went to the car show, it was half over and we stayed and both acted to each other like newly found lovers, which we were I guess, it was awesome.

We spent the night at my place and I found out I could take that cock full length my asshole that night, Alex told me he thought he was falling in love with me as he gently fucked the living daylights out of me and we both hugged tightly as he slid his cock to the balls deeply into my intestines and filled me with his man-seed. I loved the feeling so much I felt his hand go around my hard-on and I shot a load all over my stomach as I lay there with Alex's cock balls deep inside my body.

That was the most awesome day of my life at least to this point and Alex and I share a three bedroom trailer now.

Alex and I have had such wonderful sex with each other and I have never regretted a day with him.



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