Wow, what a totally exciting week that was, I had finally graduated from High School, with honors, surprising to not only my Mom and Dad, but to me.

I had just turned eighteen the month before graduation, and I was all set to take the bull by the horns, and make my way in this world.

I had planned to go to college but wanted to work a couple years before heading into my chosen field of studies, which I had no Idea which way I would go.

I took a drive downtown about two weeks after graduation to start appyling for jobs. We lived in the suburbs about ten miles from the main part of a large metropolitan area, I wasn't crazy about working in that mad rat-race but I knew it was a way to get not only some cash layed up for college, but also a little work experience.

I arrived at the Schaffley Enterprises Building, stood beneath it and looked up to this towering twenty-seven story building, wow,it was so big.

I went inside and asked the security officer there, where the employment office was, he gave me direcions and I headed up to the fourteenth floor.

I opened the door to the personell office and walked in.

The receptionist was very nice and questioned me about my age and what type of work I was looking for.

'Just about anything to help me get my foot in the door,' was my response.

She smiled and said,'Your kinda cute, you know that?' I blushed and said,'Thank you.'

I sat back down and a Mr. Keonig, called my name, introduced himself as the personell director and ask me to come on back.

I went into his office and He said, 'Well we have this entry level job to start with in the mail room,and if you do a good job and the boss likes you, you will be making your way up in the company, he sometimes takes nice young men, if they meet with his approval, and he pays their way to college too.'

'HE?' I said.

'Yes the CEO of the company, Mr. Schaffley, he is the grandson of the founder of this company.'

'His Grandfather founded it back in the early forties and his Father took over after the old mans death and ran it untill he got cancer and had to retire, Now Jason Schaffley runs the company as the CEO.'

'Is he hard to work for?'

Mr. Keonig just smiled and said, 'you'll get along with Mr. Schaffley just fine, don't you worry your cute little head at all, you'll do just fine.'

I went to work in the mail room as an entry level clerk, my job was to seperate the mail into the different floors of the building. Then I was to take each floor's mail and seperate the mail into the different offices and the different people in those offices.

It was really tedious work, but I guess as the old saying goes, 'Someone has to do it.'

I had gotten into the daily routine and was evidently doing a great job, when My supervisor Bill McMahon, came and said,'Ken, you have to take this mail and deliver it to the top floor, and remember its the floor where the CEO, Mr.Schaffely's office is, you will probably get to meet Jason Schaffley, be on your best behavior.

'I will sir, believe me, I will.'

I got to the twenty-seventh floor of the building, got off the elevator with my cart full of mail, and started dropping off the mail to the different offices, they were not the cubicles like other floors, they were individual offices, 'Big Shots in the Company.'

I finally got to the end of the hall, there behind these double doors was Mr. Schaffley's office. My knees were shaking, and I was nervous as hell, just why I didn't know, I knew he was first of all Human, he breathed air just like I do, and he put his pants on one leg at a time like I do, so Whats the big deal.

I was still nervous tho. I walked into the big office suite, there sat a receptionist, I started to give here the mail and she said, 'You need to take that to Mr. Schaffley yourself, he likes to meet his employees personally, and I said,'O.K.'

I knocked on his office door, I heard the word,'Enter,' and I opened the door to my shock there stood this very handsome looking young man of about twenty five maybe twenty-seven at the most, extremely good looking young man, with a golf putter in his hand trying to putt a golf ball into a coffee mug laying on its side on the carpet.

I looked at this young man, he was wearing a pair of faded blue denim jeans, with a dark blue pull over shirt that looked like a K-Mart reject, and a pair of flip-flop shower thongs.

I said, 'I have this package that a Mr. Schaffley needs to sign for, is he Here?'

He looked up at me and smiled a big pearly white smile and said, 'Wait Here I'll get him.' and he disappeared into the side office.

In about three minutes he reappeared still wearing the same faded levi's, his dark blue shirt, his flip-flop shower shoes, a sports coat over his pullover shirt, and he had a necktie tied around his neck. He said, 'there now thats more business like, isn't it?' He smiled at me and said, 'I'm Jason Schaffley and your really a cute dude,' I almost fell over. He was a gorgeous man, younger that I ever expected and then he said, 'have a seat, would you like a coke or Pepsi or maybe an Iced Tea,'

'Pepsi would be fine sir,'

'Oh! PALLEEASE, Ken,that is your name right? call me Jason, I hate this friggen Office formality, I am a human being, not some sort of Diety, shit, I like to jerk off just like you do, and I would almost guarantee that I do it just like you do it too.'

I blushed at his statement and was almost taken back by it.

'Sorry didn't mean to be so straight forward with that comment, but damn, I cant even be a normal guy like everyone else here in this building.'

'Damn when I was eighteen, My Dad was still the CEO, and I went to work in the Mail room, doing what your doing, everything was fine untill the guys found out I was the bosses son, then they started to whisper behind my back and treat me like I was a deseased rodent or something, all I wanted to do was be like they were and have some friends, then they started treating me like I was a company spy or who knows what, they just wouldn't let me be their friend.'

'Wow Jason, I never gave that any thought.'

He said,'sorry man, didn't mean to unload all this crap on you,'

'NO,NO, thats fine, I don't mind being a shoulder to lean on.'

'Your really a sweet guy you know that.' then he smiled a big smile at me.

He signed for his package and then I went back to the mail room, I later that afternoon got a memo, addressed to me from the CEO's office thanking me for being so nice.

It was about three weeks later I got his note asking me to come up to the top office again the CEO wanted to talk to me.

I had noticed that Jason would come down to the mail room and just walk by ,smile and wink at me, and then leave.

I got up to the room and He was waiting behind his desk after signing some letters that his secretary had handed him, he looked up and said,'Ken, have a seat.'

I sat down and he asked me If I was willing to come to the office on a Saturday every so often, to do some extra work for some cash, he needed some things done in his office, actually he wanted some help doing these things, and was wanting me to come and help him. 'This will be an under the table job, for cash, no paycheck envolved,' Jason said. 'This is just for me.'

I got there about nine Saturday, I had been told to wear sorta casual clothes cause we might be moving things and get dirty, it was even suggested I wear some shorts and sneakers and a tee shirt.

I did just that, I got to the building and noticed it was like a ghost town, no one was in site, just the security guard in the lobby and a security guard for each floor.

I went up to Jason's office and went in, 'That you Ken?'

'Yes Sir,'

'Good, be with you in a minute.'

I set down, and he walked into his office about four minutes later in just a pair of blue jean, ragged looking cutoffs, and a pair of leather beach sandles, and I will say it now, his fucking legs were awesome, he, had a tee shirt on and it was kinda tight, mother of god, his chest muscles were like a model from GQ or something his body was fantastic, He looked like a advertizing model for 'BowFlex' god he was gorgeous.

He noticed me staring at his body and he smiled and said,'Ken,are you alright?'

'Oh yeah, Im fine,' I said, 'But Jason your body is awesome, do you work out?'

'Just a tad bit, not as much as I use to tho.'

He leaned back on the edge of his desk with his legs straight out with his feet crossed, and I noticed his cutoff's just kinda stood open, I could see his cock laying there to the side, Jesus Christ, it was so fucking big, and his nuts were almost hanging out of his cutoffs and he just smiled and watched my reaction.

I felt my cock start to rise in response to my looking and desiring his beautiful cock and balls.

Jason was smiling, not saying a word as I tried to shift my position to hide my eight inch hardon, but it was useless, I had only worn some light gym sort of shorts, I noticed his cock head swelling up and start lifting up off his leg.

Jason stood up and I could see a definate swelling in his cutoffs and he walked toward me, 'Stand up Ken,' I did as he said, and I felt almost faint as he reached out and took me by the shoulders, pulled me to him and started to kiss me, Damn,was I in a dream or something, my body felt like this was real, I didn't want this dream to end if it was a dream, I was slowly melting into the floor as Jason was deep tongue kissing me.

I felt his hand reach up under my tee shirt and pull it off, then he started lowering his head, kissing and licking my chest muscles, gently nibbling on my nipples and tonguing the navel, he was playing with my little tuft of hair just at the navel, that leads down into my briefs. Oh god was I one fire, I wanted Jason so bad, I felt my hand go out to touch him, and I heard him say 'Oh Fuck Ken, Ah Shit man,that feels os fucking good, I realized I had grabbed his hard cock still hidden behind his cutoffs, It felt bigger than mine. I reached up underneath the material of his cutoffs and felt one huge uncut cock, I wrapped my hand around its shaft and squeezed then rubbed the biggest nuts I have ever felt.

I undid the trouser button on his cuttoffs and heard them gently hit the floor, and there I as rubbing the cock of the CEO of the company that I work for, I Had his big, beautiful, hard cock in my hand, I was really in a dream now.

He was kissing my lips and making love sounds as I stroked his uncut cock back and forth and making Jason moan, and groan with pleasure. I was just about to drop to my knees and start sucking his awesome cock when Jason said, 'Stop, Ken.'

I thought he had gotten upset with me or something, but he just wanted to take me to the private room at the side of his office.

We got inside and I noticed that it was a bedroom, complete cable television, Dvd player, vcr, a Stereo player, a walkin closet filled with all sorts of clothes, and a dressor filled with underclothes and a bathroom with a whirlpool bath and shower, it was a mini apartment in the event he wanted to just stay there.

He layed me down on the bed there in that room and started undressing me. He had me naked in a minute, and had my legs raised up and had his face into my ass, I had never had the pleasure I was about to experience, he slid his tongue into my anal opening, and I almost went straight off the bed, I couldn't believe how awesome this feeling was, I wanted his whole head in there if he could have gotten it in. I was tearing the bedding off the bed as he ate my ass out, god what an awesome feeling.

He had chewed and licked and sucked my virgin asshole for about twenty minutes, untill I thought I couldn't stand anything else, I was almost screaming from the pleasure.

Jason then took my balls in his hands and started massaging them and licking on them, that too was fantastic, but when he took my cock into his hot, wet mouth I wanted to die right there, god it was an out of this world sensation, I had never had another person but myself touch my cock up to that point, but I knew one thing for sure, this wouldn't be the last time this happened.

He was slowly taking me to another planet, it was beginnging to build up and make me feel like I was the only thing in the universe with all of its pleasures, its awesome sensations and wonderful feelings, were totally mine for the enjoying.

Jason really knew how to suck a cock, if any one was any better I wanted to meet them.

I was lifting my ass upwards as he came down onto my cock and took it to the nuts each time, sucking, licking and makeing me wilder with each suck.

I was at the finish point when I began to feel that awesome feeling of an impending launch, It was building up and up and up untill My cock could take no more, then I let out a loud yell, 'OH FUCK MAN, OH SHIT!' at that moment Jason slipped his hand underneath me and slid a wet finger into my asshole and my cock started firing off a blast of cum, damn I didn't think I was ever gonna stop pumping out my cum, my nuts had nothing left in them and I felt like I would need at least a couple weeks to build back up for another load.

I just layed there with my arm over my eyes, gasping for air, as Jason raised my legs back up and started licking my asshole again, it was tingling as he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and started shoving his gorgeous cock up my asshole, I came alive when he popped into the little anal ring at the opening, that was a real eye opener, 'Holy shit.'

'Now, now there Ken, just calm down, the pain will subside in a few seconds,'

'Fuck I hope so,' and it started to subside and I got into it and before long I had all eight and a half inches of Jason's thick cock up my ass, and he was striking somthing up inside that was making me tingle and feel like I was gonna shoot a load again, and before long Jason was fucking me like a Saturday night whore, and damn it was feeling so fucking good.

I was getting into the program and was meeting his every thrust as he humped me.

Jason was getting more intense with his thrusting into my intestines and then I saw his face change as he sunk his huge cock into my intestines and I felt like hot water fill my insides. He had cum in me. I felt like I had just won the Kentucky Derby, it was the most awesome feeling, Jason's eyes were almost glazed over as he kissed and rubbed me and whispered little love words in my ear, I could have stayed like that forever. But as all good things do, they come to and end.

Jason disconnected with me and stood up and grabbed me and said,'Ken your fantastic, would you like to have dinner with me tonight and maybe go to a movie or something?'

'I smiled at Jason and said,'Wow would I ever.'

We being totally worn out, went into his shower and washed the cum, saliva and sex from our bodies, playing grabass and giggling with each other.

Jason looked at me and said, 'Ken I have a sneaky feeling your going to go up in this company, and soon.' I just smiled at Jason and said, 'Sort of a Paradox isn't it?'

Jason said, 'Whats that?'

'Well it seems the way to go up in this company is to go down on the boss in his office,' We both started laughing.

Jason smacked my bare ass, and we just played with each other, he was easy to fall in love with.

We went to a marvelous dinner that night, Jason couldn't take his eyes off me, every time I would look at him he was smiling at me and would wink, and blow a gentle kiss at me, he was so romantic and loving. We spent the night back at his tower office bedroom and when I went home the next day he slipped an envelope into my pocket, there was a note in the envelope along with a thousand dollars.

The note read, 'Ken thank you for the most wonderful two days of my life, your special to me. I want you to know I have never had as close a friend as you and want you in my life always. Thank you so very much.

Love Jason.



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