I had heard the rumors; could it be true, the small town of Constance had a new resident? It was the first day of spring semester, back to college, back to classes.

I was your average college kid, well maybe not. I was very shy, kept to myself, and stayed out of trouble. I had black hair, brown eyes, and a natural tan. My body wasn't too bad either: I was skinny; I had a slender chest and waist. I had nice abs, nice skinny hairy legs, and a nice pair of feet to match. But enough about me, let's get back to him...

I was sitting in my English class when he walked in. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans, a pea coat, and when he took it off he was wearing a nice black button up shirt. I could see that he had a very nice chest. He had very broad shoulders, I imagined him trying out for the football team. He scanned the room for an empty seat, there were many, including one next to me. Our eyes met for a moment and then he made his way back to the seat next to me.

I wanted to jump up and down for joy when he said hi to me. All I could manage to do was smile at him. I couldn't help but look over to him during the class, and with every glance my dick seemed to get harder and harder. On that first day my cock was at his hardest, I had to wait till everyone left so I could stand up.

The next class he sat next to me again and this time we had a conversation, 'Hi,' he started, 'my name is Pryce.' He extended his hand toward me.

I was frozen for a second; I couldn't believe he was talking to me, the guy I had masturbated to for the past three nights. 'Hi, I'm Cullen.' He squeezed my hand tight and smiled. I felt my cock move inside my jeans. I quickly adjusted my position so that I wasn't visible.

The rest of the class I noticed that Pryce had been looking at me; my cock growing harder and harder with every look. The class seemed to fly by, before I knew it the teacher was giving us our homework assignment, and everyone was leaving the classroom, but Pryce stayed behind.

As I was packing up my books he turned to me, 'So this homework looks hardcore, how about we study together?' I couldn't believe my ears, did he just really ask me, awkward, boring Cullen, to study with him, hot, sexy Pryce? 'Cullen, did you hear me?' He said.

'Oh, yeah, sure, definitely.' I said with a nervous laugh.

'Alright then.' He laughed. We then exchanged numbers and he gave me directions to his apartment.

As I pulled up to house I could feel my heart racing, I grabbed my book bag, got out of the car, walked up the door, and knocked. He answered the door, but he was on the phone. He told the person on the phone to hold on, 'Hey, Cullen, come on in.' I walked into his apartment; it looked like a single guy's apartment. There was hardly any furniture, a TV, sofa and a coffee table with a few magazines on it. 'This will just take a moment, won't you make yourself comfortable.'

Pryce walked down a hallway and continued his conversation as I took a seat on the sofa. I looked down to the coffee table and couldn't believe what I saw. There was a gay magazine laying open on the table, to a naked hot guy. I picked up the magazine and gawked at the naked hunk, I could feel my cock getting harder. 'I see you found out my little secret.' I jumped; Pryce had returned and caught me looking at his magazine.

'Oh I'm sorry, it's okay, I'm gay too.' I heard myself quickly say. It seemed as Pryce hadn't heard a word I had said. He was staring down at my pants. I quickly turned away as my face turned red.

He laughed, 'Don't be shy, it's nothing I haven't seen before.'

I turned back around, 'What do you mean?' I asked.

'I would be lying if I said I haven't noticed that big thing staring at me during class.' He licked his lips and looked back up at my face. 'How big is that rod anyhow?'

His bluntness was just turning me on even more. I could feel the blood coursing through the shaft of my cock. My whole body wanted him inside me. 'Eight inches.' I said.

'Mmm, I have you beat by an inch.' He grabbed his crotch through his gym shorts. 'Cullen, did you honestly think I wanted you to come over here so we could study?' I nodded my head. 'From the first day I saw you I wanted to fuck you. I wanted to stick my nine inch cock so deep inside that nice bubble ass of yours.' He walked around the sofa. 'What do you say?'

His cock was now at full attention, it seemed like I didn't have a choice. 'I want you inside me.' I watched him take off his shirt to reveal his flawless chest; it was sculpted by the Gods themselves. He then leaned in and began kissing me. I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth. He moaned before he took off my shirt. He then sat me down on the sofa and let his shorts fall to the ground. Right before my eyes was his nine inch throbbing cock, just waiting to be sucked, and my mouth was watering.

'Suck it.' He demanded. His directness and controlling attitude turned me on too. I then leaned in and licked the piss slit of his cock. There was already pre-cum leaking from it. His sweet venom filled my mouth; I wanted more, so I gripped the shaft and shoved the rest of his cock into my moist mouth.

What happen next was extraordinary...




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