When I had woken up that morning I never thought I'd be sucking the cock of the new guy. As I let him face fuck me I could hear him moaning my name; just that alone could have sent me flying. I could feel his cock inside my mouth spasm and throb. The head of his cock was hitting the back of my throat, forcing me to relax so it could gain entrance. I relaxed with ease and began deep throating him. I wanted to only please him; I wanted to give him everything, including myself.

He pulled his still throbbing cock out of my mouth and began stroking his rod, 'Lift your legs up and spread that juicy ass.' I did as he demanded. He eyed my ass as he stroked his cock; he moaned and then got on his knees. He rubbed my thighs and then began playing with my ass, 'Do you like your ass eaten?' He asked breathlessly.

'Yes, and the deeper the better.' I said.

'Good.' Was his response, he then put his face in my ass. He took a sniff, 'Mmm, smells ripe.' He said with a smile. He then licked his finger and began wetting my ass. My anus was quivering, I wanted his hot cock deep inside me, but I knew I had to be patient. 'How's that feel?' He asked as he rubbed his wet finger around my asshole.

'It feels so good Pryce.' I said breathlessly.

'Do you want me to keep going?' Cullen asked.

'Yes please, don't stop.'

He did as I wished. He fingered my ass with one finger at first, and then he pulled it out and licked two fingers, 'Is this okay?' He asked referring to the two wet fingers before the opening in my ass. I nodded and then he slid the two fingers deep into my ass, I let out an uncontrollable moan. He then began to go faster and faster, with each motion my ass opened wider for him.

Just when I thought I was going to cum right in his face, he pulled his fingers out, 'I'm hungry now.' He said looking at my ass.

'Then eat it.' I pushed my open ass toward his face, 'It's all yours Pryce.'

'With pleasure,' he said with a child like grin. He dove deep into my ass with his long tongue. He moved his tongue around inside of me. I was going crazy; my moans grew louder, and turned into quite screams. No one at given me a rim job like that, ever, I didn't know if I could handle it.

He took his tongue out of my wet ass and then licked from my hole to the tip of my dripping cock. He licked the pre-cum pouring from my hard cock. He then took my eight inch cock into his hot mouth, all eight inches. He played and pulled on my balls and sucked my cock. We were both moaning as he sucked it, he seemed to enjoy sucking my cock as much as I enjoyed him sucking my cock.

I told him that I was about to cum; he quickly pulled my cock out of his mouth, 'not yet.' He stood up and stroked his semi cock back to life. 'I want some of that ass before you cum.' He said.

I put my legs above my head and spread my ass checks for him, 'like I said, it's all yours.' He smiled like he had just won the lottery. He leaned over me, I heard my pull open a drawer and he pulled out a bottle of lube. He then poured lube on my hole and then he lubed up his cock.

'You ready?' He asked.

'Yes.' I said.

He rubbed the head of his cock up against my hole, and slowly he forced his nine inch cock inside of me. My head went back in response and I moaned. 'You're allowed to scream, no one will hear you.' He then slid the rest of his cock inside of me. 'How's it feel?'

'Wonderful.' I said. He pulled the cock out and then back in, out again and then back in. With each time the pace quickened and soon he was fucking me like an animal.

He kept fucking me and fucking me. At first the pain seemed unbearable, but it soon became an insane pleasure. I could tell he was also enjoying it. He was moaning and screaming my name. I watched as the veins and muscles in his arms tighten, he was about to cum.

'Where do you want it?' He panted.

'In my ass.' I screamed, 'Cum in my ass Pryce!'Just as I said his name I felt his hot sticky cum fill every part of my ass. He kept fucking me as he cumed, it seemed like he cumed enough to fill a bucket. The he stopped, he was about to pull it out, 'Wait, no.' I stopped him.

'What is it?' He asked, puzzled.

'I want you to feed it to me.' I said.

He looked at me, at his cock in my ass, and back at me, 'my cum out of your ass?' He asked.

'Yes, is that weird?' I asked.

'Yes, but it's more hot than weird.' He smiled and licked his lips; I could tell that he was all charged up again. 'Are you ready?' He asked. I nodded and he slowly pulled out his cock, as soon as it was out his tongue shot for my ass. I wasn't expecting him to eat the cum out of my ass, but that's what he was doing. I let the cum ooze out of my ass, I felt and heard him slurping up the cum in his mouth.

After a moment he then stood up and so did I. We looked into each other's eyes and then his mouth was on mine. I then opened my mouth and felt his cum stained tongue touch mine. And then the cum past from his mouth into mine and then back and forth. The sweet salty sensation filled my mouth and then I passed it back to him and then he did the same. We pulled away and cum dangled from both of our mouths; I could only imagine both of us looking like a pair of cum sluts.

I smiled and then swallowed the still warm cum. He laughed at me, 'You are a very strange study buddy.'

'Well you're sorta strange yourself.' I said in response.

'Wanna go for another round?' He asked looking at my semi erect cock.

'I still have to get off don't I?' I said remembering that I had yet to cum.

'Well what we waiting for?'




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