It was fall, another fall term was starting at the Lincoln Memorial High School, Mr. Danvers, the older Athletic director had had a Mild heart attack and the Doctors had ordered him to retire for his health sake.

It was at a pre term State Required Teachers meeting held at the Large midwest convention center and I had arrived almost late from the town where I taught, I was hurring down the hall toward the Large banquet center room for the first of several teaching seminars and oh Yea! by the way My name Is Barry Corell, I'm a third year World History Teacher at Lincoln High, In a large Midwestern City, I am rather nice looking or so I'm told, sorta muscular, I take of myself and I'm twenty seven years old.

Well nothing, absolutely nothing had gone right since I had arrived in the convention center, my brief case fell open while rushing into the hall to get to the meeting, The taxi was late getting me here, and to top everything else off if that wasn't bad enough, I had forgotten to put on My underwear, I was in such a hurry and It was making me rather horney feeling my cock rub and slide back and forth against my slacks, and the problem with that is I have a good thick rather large dick and when it gets hard It can be embarrassing. It wants to be noticed I would say I have nine inches and although I'm proud of that fact, It has caused me some very embarassing moments.

I was running down to the room where our teaching seminar was when my breif case fell open, I had papers strung all over the friggen place, I felt like a fool, and was cursing under my breath, and I saw a hand picking up some papers and saying hey man, this is something I thought only I did, and sorta chuckled, My eyes went over and saw a pair of very nice looking penny loafer shoes, and I finally got up with all my papers back in my briefcase and I stood up and I was jolted by this absolutely gorgeous young man standing by me, I looked him upward and down his body, he was wearing a pair of impeckabley tailored light tan slacks, a black leather belt, white perfectly pressed white shirt and a beautifully colored tie, and a Navy Blue Ivy league sport coat and I looked up and his eyes were almost black brown very dark and so friggen good looking I felt like I would start blubbering and I couldn't speak I was so startled by this mans beautiful body and face, jet black lightly wavy hair perfectly trimmed and just a light blush of a beard. I wanted to faint He was fucking gorgeous, I stammered something like I'm sorry, Im Barry Corell, I'm a World History teacher at Lincoln High in Colombia, He said Really? I'm Terry Mitchell, and Im the new Atheletic Director for the Same High School, I'm very glad to meet you, Man this is awesome.

I just thought what wonderful Luck, I get to see him all the time.

Terry said, Hey man want to set together and Of course I was very pleased and said yea, you bet.

Terry said awesome, I'm new to this area and I don't really know anyone, so I'm very glad to get to know you.

We went into the meeting and set down and heard all the newest and latest teaching requirements and new school and state approved methods of just about all that we would need to know, and at about three o'clock we left for the day and I said I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Terry said Hey man where you staying, I havn't gotten a room yet, I said well I'm staying at the Marriot, but why don't you come over and spend the evening with me, I really thought I wanted him to spend the night, but I Heard man that sounds awesome, I said We'll have to walk I took a bus up here for the seminar and I don't have wheels yet I need to rent a car for a couple days, Terry spoke up and said I drove, don't waste the money we can use my car If you'd like, I would really like that. My body was saying oh fuck yea man, but as good looking as he is I know he's got a lady friend or a wife back home and just forget about it man.

Well Terry just sorta brought his suitecase with him and said Barry, If you would like, I mean If you don't mind, maybe we could share a motel room and split the cost, it would help each of us out. I said mind, man I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Well we got to the motel and we had discussed teaching methods and disipline parameters and the such and do's and don'ts allowed by the board of education. It was getting about five or so in the evening and Terry said man I'm getting hungry, I feel like my backbone is touching my belly button and I need some grub, lets go get a bite to eat, and I just thought baby if you only knew what I really want to eat you'd shit.

I was noticing something rather unusual, Terry was constantly looking into my eyes and sorta stareing at me, and at first I felt uneasy, we got to the restaurant and ordered a couple steaks, baked potatoes and salad, Iced Tea you know the usual and Terry started asking me personal questions which I didn't mind answering, He got to the are you married and have a family, I said, Not married, don't have a lady friend and Yes I have a mom and dad who live in Chicago, He said oh really, like he was kinda surprised and liked that idea, which I found strange, Then I returned the question, I said are you Married and have kids He looked to be about my age twenty seven or eight, He said nope I'm a confirmed single male and I like it that way, I'm free to be who and what I want, I responded with exactly, well put.

well I noticed Terry was getting more free with his talking and laughing and being light hearted and happy acting. We ate supper and went back to our Motel room and Terry said I need to shower, I said go ahead I'll take mine when your finished I noticed Terry walked to the bathroom and started undressing, He just looked out and said I hope you don't mind I'm not closing the door, no need with just us guys here, Do you mind? I said not at all, and Terry stripped by the bed and I saw the most gorgeous body and man could possibly have, and I have noticed some nice bodies, I noticed his chest, muscular and defined, his stomach muscles, washboard abs, his legs, he looked like he came out of an add for 'Bowflex' or something Terry had a body to die for, lightly hairy on the full chest and his legs had that covering of black hair, and His leg muscles were so totally defined you could tell he was a gymnist or something he was built like an olympic athlete and he was down to his white briefs and he was bent over his bed folding his slacks and His ass, Oh man, his perfect ass was to die for, I wanted to jump up, yank his briefs down and start sucking on his ass, I had to really restrain myself, He stood up with his pants on the hanger and said there and hung them up on a rod in the little closet provided and then Instead of waiting untill he got into the bathroom to remove his briefs he bent over and slid them off in front of me, layed them on the bed, and just stood there with his bare, and gorgeously perfect shaped ass in front of me, It was like I was being tortured, He turned around Naked, And I swallowed hard and lightly moaned and he smiled and said now I'm ready, and I got a shot of his crotch, His black bush just glistened with little shiny reflections of light, His huge balls hung down in a low hanging sack, I wet my lips and sorta moaned lightly, and He reached down like men do some and kinda rubbed his balls and cock, and god what a beautiful cock, It wasn't as large as mine but it was a good thick six inches soft and had a beautiful foreskin on it, and I have a thing for cocks with foreskins on them. He looked up at me and I smiled while ogling him and I said fuck man you have a gorgeous body, and he smiled and said well thank you Barry, I appreciate that, that means a lot coming from another guy, and he smiled and walked into the bathroom and got into the shower, I noticed he wasn't taking any underclothes with him to the shower and I just thought Fuck man if he comes back out naked I'm gonna shit, man my cock was at full attention and leaking pre-cum and I was gonna loose it.

He finished his shower and I noticed when he came back out into the motel room his cock was like half hard, I thought damn, I'm gonna get the shit beat out of me for thinking what I'm thinking.

Terry just slowly walked around the room naked and sporting a half hard cock and he said man the shower is all yours, and I got up to strip and I felt since he had done it in the bedroom area I should do it to so as to not make him uncomfortable about his nakedness. I got down to my boxers, because of my size down there I need the extra room briefs are too binding.

I stripped off the boxers and turned around and saw Terry kinda staring at me and I noticed his eyes look down at my crotch and His mouth fell open and he said Man I have seen some cocks in my life, but yours is unreal man, He noticed it was half hard and rather swollen, He said I feel for anyone you fuck, and I said, Oh Terry your embarassing me, he said no shit man that is awesome man, I said and It can be had for the right person who comes along and I just reached down like he did and sorta flipped it up at him and he had this gleam and twinkle in his eye.

Well I got my shower and I walked out and crawled under the covers and Terry just sorta set down on his bed and raised his knees up and leaned up and I couldn't keep my eyes off him I had my hand down on my cock and was just kinda holding it down untill the light got turned off.

Terry was like he was in a deep thought and sorta spaced out like he was thinking and not in the room with me.

I said Terry are you alright, He said Man I don't know, I'm having thoughts I don't think I should be having, I said I don't know what you mean, He looked over at me and said can I come over to your bed and sleep with you tonight, would you mind? I said of course not, He looked disappointed, I said of course not I wouldn't mind, and I threw back the covers and said , come over here, But Terry, I have a confession to make before you come over to my bed with me, I'm Gay, that's why I don't have a wife or lady friend, He just sorta perked up and said really man, your gay, I said yes I am, and I will not be responsible for what happens when you get over here, I noticed his face light up and he just smiled a great big smile, Iv'e been hard ever since you got undressed and I want your body bad, He just smiled and said that sounds just awesome Barry, cause that's what was bothering me over in bed a few minutes ago, I'm gay too and I want to have sex with you , and I am astounded with that gorgeous cock of yours and I want to suck it for you, I said lets get this game going then we want each other, and I am hot for you right now. Terry leaned over and started kissing my mouth and sticking his tongue into it, and fuck man He could kiss the most erotic kisses I have ever had, I stuck my tongue and he started sucking my tongue like it was a small cock in his mouth and I started responding he leaned my head over and started kissing the back of my neck and I felt like electricity was shooting up and down my spine, he raised me up and got behind me and I thought he was gonna stick his cock into may anal opening but he just let the head of it rub against the back of my nutsack,from the back and under my ass, and slathered my neck and back with his tongue while he reached around with his hands and twisted my nippeles I was slowing leaving the planet with lust and desire and feeling from his awesome artwork and I wanted to taste his asshole and I reached around and massaged his balls with my hand and I said Terry lay down on your back and he did, I got between his legs and took his nuts into my mouth and sucked and licked his nutsack and my cock felt like it would explode, I was humping it against the blanket on the bed as I sucked Terry's nuts and Then I raised up and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking his beautiful thick long cock, I was like a starving man at a buffet, Man I was Haveing myself a little bit of heaven, His clean smell and body odor was something I had never noticed and everything about him was so heightened, all my nerves were attuned to his body and I could feel each movement he made, Damn I was hot and he was writhing and groaning, even his muscular arms and his deltoids, His stomach muscles, his legs all his muscles were so fucking tight and sexually stimulating, even his hairy body was making my body boil with sexual fire, I was burning and could not control the fire, I raised Terry up and spread his tight muscular buns and I started by lightly licking his little pink hole, It was so beautiful the dark hair sorta swirled around it and his bush was staring me in the eye I could see his cock throb as I stuck my tongue into his rectum and started to twist my tongue around inside his anal opening and he started say Barry, Man, Oh Fuck I'm gonna shoot if you keep that up and I said not yet Terry and I stopped the heavy licking his ass, I got up over him, and looked into his eyes and I leaned down and took that beautiful uncut cock and grabbed it and started by retracting his foreskin back and gently kissing his cock head, and lightly licking it with the tip of my tongue, He started twisting his own nippels and moaning and saying man, Oh fuck, and gasping for air, and I slid my very wet, hot, mouth down to the hair on his hard throbbing cock and he shoved it up into my mouth and into my throat, fuck man I was lost and In cocksucker heaven, damn I wanted to swallow this man whole I wished His cock was fifteen inches and as big as a one liter bottle of water. I wanted more but I was happy to be making it with the one he had, man the taste of his cock was incredible and I wanted his cream filling in my mouth, I felt his body start to tremble, and he said Barry, Man oh fuck I'm gonna cum, Oh fuck man suck it, oh baby suck it ARGhhhhhhhnnnnnnnmm, Holy shit. and his body started that convulsing and shaking and jerking and he shoved his hips forward and His cock like steel in my mouth, and it started blasting a thick, creamy, thick rope of the hottes cum ever, I just kept sucking and sliding my mouth, hot and wet all up and down his cock and licking on his cock head each time I came up and He finally said Oh Fuck Barry Stop, please stop, Shit man your gonna kill me. I gently finished my licking of his cock.

we layed there for a few minutes and he said man No one has ever suck me off like that before, It was the most unforgettable blowjob I've ever had and I said Terry theres lots more where that one came from.

Terry Looked at me and smiled and said now it's my turn and he shoved me back on my back and started his artwork and I noticed his body like a gymnist and his muscles were bulging and he got out some lube and started lubing and stroking my cock which felt fantastic his hands were strong and tight and very warm, My cock was so sensitive and the feeling was so tremendous My cock was tighter that I can remember and hard as a peice of granite, I was enjoying Terry's hand so much I was willing for him to just stroke me off like that but he had something else in mind, He got me good and hot and feeling really turned on and harder than a peice of stone and then he got up and straddled me and he said god damn man your so friggen big, but I have got to try it, man I love a blowjob with a passion but I love being fucked and he had lubed up his man hole and he placed the head of my cock on his asshole and I could feel his body's heat when the tip of my cock hit his ass opening and He slid down on it it broke thru and he stopped and said oh fuck man your big and he said let me get used to your size first and a few minutes as he leaned over and let his body adjust to my cock size, He let his body weight slowly take him down onto the length of my cock and he said fuck man your awesome and then he started raising up and going back down and he started to grunt and groan and say man get on top and fuck me like a breeding horse and I say fucking aye man, and we rolled over and I started Plowing his asshole like a friggen madman He was going balistic, Fuck Man I love this he said and I said I do too, Terry, and He looked up and stared straight into my eyes and said Barry, Man will you marry me, and I said Maybe we'll think about it and he laughed and started pushing up with his ass and I started hammering his intestines with my hard nine inch cock and he was loving it and so was I after about ten minutes of grunting and groaning and fucking like breeding horses I finally felt the tingling in my cock and knew I was gonna blow, Terry was huffing and puffing and panting like a wild man and saying oh yea man, oh yea man and He slammed his ass up against my body and wrapped my body with his legs and just grunted and groaned and started shooting a load all over him and I felt that churning deep in my groin and my cock started belching out a load of mancream into his intestines and he just said O Fuck man How awesome, Just fucking awesome, Man Barry your just the best I have ever had, can I keep you? Then Terry reached up and started Kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

Well needless to say we enjoyed the teaching seminar, every thing for some reason was a lot better since meeting Terry, an We decided we would get an apartment together back at the Town where we were to teach. I really had a wonderful time in life since I met the new Athletic Director of the High School. Terry and I Have had a good life together since that seminar. And guess what! He is just as perfect and beautiful as ever.



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