It was an exceptionally warm spring Friday afternoon, and I was relaxing on my front porch with a cold beer. For the last two months, the apartment next to me had been vacant.

The complex only has a hundred apartments, but it is spread out since all apartments are one story and only two per building. The one and two bedroom apartments are grouped together and the three bedroom family apartments are set off to themselves, by the playground. There is a family pool and two adult pools. In each building, the floor plans mirror each other. Some, like mine, have the front doors facing the ample parking lot and others have their front doors on the sides.

As I relaxed, I saw a U-Haul truck approach and back up into a parking slot in front of my building.

As the driver walked up to the vacant apartment next to me, he nodded, and unlock the door I said, 'Hi. I'm Brad Taylor. I guess we're going to be neighbors.'

'Looks that way,' he replied. 'I'm Rex Monroe.'

He ofered his hand and when we shook, his grip was strong and firm. He stood just over six foot tall with medium brown hair, bright blue eyes, and his perfect smile revealed snow white teeth. His physique was muscular and demanding, the tight tee shirt outlining large pecs and a perect six pack.

'Need any help?' I asked.

'Thanks, but I have some buds I work with due hee any minute now.'

'Well, if there is anything I can do, just let me know.'

'Thanks, Brad. I appreciate the offer and if needed, I'll call out.'

'Well, the least I can do is offer refreshments,' I told him. 'I'll have a cooler out here shortly. Feel free to help yourselves to beer or sodas.'

'Hey, man, I think we're going to get along just fine,' he said with a laugh.

Seconds later, his buds arrived and they began unloading the truck. All were muscular and well built. Rex had removed his tee shirt, confirming his build and revealing a heavier than medium hairy chest. I felt my cock begin to stir due to the fact that I love hairy men.

At one point, they seemed to pause, and as Rex passed, I lifted the lid on the cooler, saying, 'Help yourselves, guys.'

Rex stopped and grabbed a beer saying, 'This is my neighbor, Brad, and refreshments are on him.'

His buds all introduced themelves and most grabbed a beer, but a couple grabbed sodas saying they had to work the 'night shift'.

By early evening, they were totally unloaded and everyone left. Rex came up ono the porch saying, 'I hate moving.'

'You're no alone. Grab a chair and relax.'

We talked and I found out he ws twenty-three to my twenty-five, and like myself, he was single with no steady girlfriend. After a few minutes he said he need to get his bedroom set up s he could sleep that night in his bed.

As he headed in, I said, 'You're probably going to be busy unpacking all day tomorrow so why don't I throw something on the grill and you have dinner with me tomorrow evening?'

'Man, I'll take you up on that.'

'And if you need anything tomorrow, just let me know.'

'Thanks,' he said before going inside.

I later went inside and knew that I wanted him in my bed, at least once, but hopefully more. Before going to sleep that night, I had to take matters in hand and relieve the tension that had built up inside me.

Saturday morning, I went to the store and chose two nice steaks, potatoes, and the making for a salad, as well as desert.

Mid afternoon, I walked out onto the porch and saw Rex taking boxes to the trash. As he returned, he asked what time I wanted him to come over.

'Oh, around five-thirty or six,' I replied.

'I'll be there.'

'You can make it sooner if you want to,' I told him. 'Come comfortble.'

He smiled that beautiful smile and nodded.

I showered early and dressed in shorts, tee shirt and sneakers. Rex arrived at a quarter passed five with a case of beer.

'I have a hunch we'll be sharing these frequently,' he said.

I had the steaks prepared for the grill and the potatoes were in the oven. I put the steaks on and soon we were sitting down to eat.

As e ate, I asked, 'Rex, you never did say hen we talked earlier, but what type work do you do?'

'I'm a patrol officer for the police department. A cop, for short.'

I nearly choked but hid it and said, 'We, that make me feel safer, having you right next door.'

He laughed and asked what I did.

'I'm a manager for one of the Jacob's Men's Stores,' I replied. 'It's okay, but not as exciting as your job. I'm also trained in theraputic massage. I have a few clients that I see from time to time for mainly muscle strains.'

I knew immediately that I could forget trying to get him in my bed. I was bummed out.

'That's nice to know in case I need you sometime.'

'Just let me know. There will be no charge for you.'

We had a good evening getting to know each other. He insised on helping with the cleanup before going home.

Over the next few weeks we go to know each other better, going to sports games frequently. I saw him arrive home in his uniform and damn, was he hot.

One Monday, I saw him arrive home one afternoon, moving extremely slowly and obviously in pain.

'What the hell happened to you?' I asked.

'Oh, a simple disturbance call turned into a major altercation and I twisted my back bad. I went to the doctor and he told me to take the rest of the week off. I can go back next Monday.'

'Well, you know if you need me just ask. I have the table and all that I can bring to you.'

'I just might give you a call.'

That evening, he called. 'Man, I need you to see if you can get me some relief. The longer I sit the worse it gets.'

'I'll be right there,' I said.

'The door is open. Just come on in.'

I got my table, heat balm and oils and headed next door to find him in his recliner, wearing just a pair of gym shorts.

'Rex, the worse thing you can do is stay still and give in to it. You need to try and keep active. Let me set up my table and see what I can do.'

'If you can make ome of the pain go away, I'l owe you forever.'

'Well, lets see what I can do.'

I set up my equipment and had him lay face down, asking what the doctor had told him about his injuries and where they were. Most were in his lower back and upper legs.

I began work using a heat generating oil to try and loosen the tightened muscles. I began at his shoulders and worked my way down to his waist, going slightly into his waistband. Then, I moved to his upper thighs, massaging both inside and high up and on the outside.

I heard him moan both in pain and pleasure as I worked on him. When I was finished on the back side I had him turn over onto his back.

As I had massaged his lower back, I had noticed that he was wearing a jock under his gym shorts.

Even with it on, when he turned over it was obvious hat he had a boner. I took it in as I massaged the front side and could see him watching me look at his bulge.

I soon finished and asked how he felt.

'Better. I don' know if it was the massage, the muscle relaxer the doctor gave me or a combination of both,' he replied.

'I'll leave my table here for now. Have you eaten yet?'


'With the medicine you're taking, you need to eat. I'll go grab us a burger and be right back.'

He grabbed his wallet and handed me a twenty. 'I'm buying,' he said.

I left and soon returned and we ate together. When done, I checked to see if he needed anything else and told him that I'd be back over the next afternoon after I got home.

The next afternoon, I arrived home and changed ino my gym shorts minus any jock or underwear. I didn't care if he saw my boner or not.

I knocked and heard him say, 'Come on in, Brad.'

'You ready for another torture treatment?' I asked.

'Definatey. I really think yesterday's treatment helped a lot.'

I noticed that tonight he had a towel on the table. Telling him to again lay on his stomach, he stood next to the table, and with his back to me removed his gym shorts. He wore nothing under them. With is back still to me, he lay on the table on his stomach, then positioned the towel over his ass. My heart raced as I watched.

'I've had other massages and this is the way they did it. I figured it would give you better access to my lower back.'

'It will, definately,'I replied.

I began my massage and as I reached the lower back, he reached around and pulled the towel off his buttocks, holding it.

When it was time for him to turn onto his back, he did so holding the towel over his crotch as he turned, covering his total erection but not hiding it.

I worked the front as I had done the prrevious evening and as I did, I noticed his cock bounce sightly. His eyes would go from watching my eyes take in he bounces to glancing down at my rock hard bulge.

When I was finished, he smiled and said, 'That was great. I feel better than I did ysterday.'

'I'm glad. I guess it's working then.'

'Definately,' he said. 'And it appears that we both had a reaction to it.'

'Yea, it does,' I replied uneasily.

'Brad, can I ask you a personal question?'


'You're answer will not in any way affect our friendship. I want you to know that right from the start, but are you gay?'

'Yes, I am, but why do you ask?'

'Can I say something to you and it stay strictly between the two of us?'


'Ever since I was nineteen, I've been what you'd probably call gay-curious. At the gym, I enjoyed seeint the other guys nude and wondered what their cocks would look like hard and hat it would be like having one in my mouth and mine in theirs. I never had the opportunity or nerve to act on it. I've worked vice a little when they wanted a younger guy to act as bait for gays in the park. I've seen guys sucking each other and wanted to be part of it. Does any of what I'm saying make sense?'

'Yes, Rex, it does. I started having those same feelings when I was sixteen and in high school. I had the same identical thoughts as you when I was in gym class. Then, at eighteen, on graduation night, my best bud and I decided to skip the graduation dance and go camping. He came out to me on that campout that he was gay. I confessed to him that, like you, I was extremely curious. On that campout, I had my first man-to-man sexual experience.'

'Did you enjoy it?'

'Yes, very much.'

'I see,' he said and got quiet. After a moment he said, 'Let's order a pizza.'

He tucked the towel around his waist and caled and ordered our pizza. It was soon delivered and after we ate, he looked at me and asked, 'Brad, can I have my first experience tonight?'




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