'Are you sure, Rex?' I asked when he said he wanted to experience sex with another man.

'Yes, I am.'

'Well, I have to confess that since the day you moved in, I've wanted desperately to get you in bed.'

Standing and taking my hand, Rex said, 'Then come with me and we can both get what we want.'

He led me to his bedroom and lay in the middle of his king size bed. With his arms laying at his sides, he looked at me and nervously said, 'I'm all yours. Show me what sex with another man is like. Do whatever you want.' I smiled and quickly removed my shorts.

'First, we'll start slow and begin like a man and woman usually do.'

He looked at me apprehensively as I lay beside him. Placing one hand on his chest and laying the other slightly against the top of his head, I slowly leaned down and gently kissed him.

I pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes and saw him smile slightly. I leaned in for another kiss but this time I parted my lips and offered my tongue. After a couple of seconds, I guess he realized what I was wanting and parted his lips and offered his tongue.

It went slow at first, with our tongues slowly and gently exploring each others mouth. Very gradually it became more intense then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head with one hand, pulling me tightly to his face and began kissing me ravenously and moaning softly. I wondered what I was creating.

We separated eventually and he looked at me and smiled, saying, 'So far, I'm loving it. I love to kiss and that was better than any kiss I've ever had with a woman.'

'Thanks. Now relax and let me do my thing.'

I began kissing and licking his neck and gradually moving down to his hairy chest. I stopped at his right nipple and gently sucked and nibbled it as he moaned audibly. After a moment I moved to the left nipple and did the same as he moaned again.

I moved lower bypassing his hard cock and was soon gently licking and sucking his nice firm balls. His moans were soft and constant as I moved my tongue lower and gently lifted his legs.

Once the were up, I spread his ass cheeks and began licking the soft pink hole winking at me. As I did, he let out with a loud, 'OH, FUCK, YEA!'

I continued eating and tongue fucking his ass for several minutes as he reached back and spread his cheeks for me.

I later stopped and returned to his balls momentarily as he slowly lowered his legs. Once they were again down onto the bed, I licked up the underside of his cock and seeing a puddle of precum in his navel, I licked it up then licked the tip of his cock.

Opening my mouth, I began swallowing his beautiful man tool, burying my nose in his thick pubic bush.

'Holy Shit!' he exclaimed.

I began to piston up and down on his cock listening to him moan, as precum continued to flow out the slit.

I worked slowly, totally enjoying myself, yet making sure he received the ultimate pleasure. After a few moments, I felt his cock head swell and knew he was getting close. His breathing grew heavy and rapid and I sucked with more energy.

'Oh fuck, Brad, I'm close. Fuck, don't stop, please.'

I had absolutely no intentions of stopping and seconds later later he exclaimed loudly 'Oh shit, man, I'm cummmmming! NOW!'

His cock exploded sending rope after rope of thick salty-sweet man cream into my mouth and down my throat. Never had I received that much from person before.

After making sure I had received every delicious drop of cum he had to offer, I reluctantly released his cock and lay back beside him.

I remained quiet, rubbing one hand over his hairy chest, and after he took a deep breath, he leaned over and we kissed again. I could tell from his actions that he was tasting the remnants of his own cum in my mouth, and he seemed to be enjoying it.

After the kiss, he lay back and said 'Damn, I've never experienced a climax that intense in my life. That was fucking awesome.'

'Then I take it you enjoyed what transpired?'

'Hell, yes, I enjoyed it. Man, you do that regularly and I'll totally give up cunt.'

'Rex, just say the word and I'll gladly do it anytime you want it, and as many times a day as you want it.'

'Brad, you don't have to wait for me to say anything. You can do it as often as you want,' he replied. 'But what surprised me is the act that you swallowed it.'

'Rex, it's the highest source of pure protein that there is.'



We kissed again and afterward, he reached down and grasped my cock and stroked me off, watching as my huge built up load shot out onto my chest and stomach.

'Damn, looks like you needed a release also.'

'After working on you, most definitely.'

He kissed me again then asked, 'What's next?'

'That's enough for today. You need to rest your back and make sure you want to continue. As for me, I have to convince myself that I just sucked off a city cop.'

'Wait till I come to you after work one day still in uniform and say I want a blow job,' he said, laughing.

'I'll probably freak out,' I replied. I dressed and old him that if he needed anything to let me know.

I went back to my place and said out loud, 'Damn, I really got to suck him off.' I grabbed a beer and ordered a pizza. About nine, my phone rang and it was Rex.

'Hey, man, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not sure if it was the massage or the sex, but my back feels lot better tonight.'

Laughing, I said, 'Whatever he reason, I'm glad.'

'Brad, tomorrow after you get home, come on over. The door will be unlocked so just come on in.'

'Will do,' I replied and hung up.

I wondered what would come next.

The next day, I go home and changed into just my gym shorts and went next door to see how Rex was.

Following his instructions, I walked on in without knocking. Not seeing him, I called out his name.

'Be right there,' he called from the bedroom.

He came out seconds later totally nude, his cock near total erection. He came up t me and kissed me passionately then climbed onto the massage table saying, 'Work those magic fingers.'

I gave him his usual massage and when finished he climbed down and said, 'Now for some fun,' and led me to the bedroom. As he lay on the bed he said, 'Whenever you come over, why don't you get comfortable when you get here.'

'I have no problem with that,' I said as I lay beside him.

'Since we're in bed, I take it you want to take things further,' I said.

'Brad, I was awake most of the night thinking. I have realized that what has happened so far is awesome. I'm fairly sure that the rest of what I might experience will verify what I'm feeling now and that is that I'm gay. I may be wrong but I doubt it.'

'I see. So you're definitely wanting to continue?'

'Yes,' he replied.

I lay beside him and we began kissing and fondling each other. Suddenly, he began kissing my chest and went to my nipples. I knew then that he was planning on sucking my cock. He continued, duplicating everything that I had done to him the previous afternoon.

He sucked and licked my balls then, surprisingly, he began eating my ass and doing it quite well. He then moved back to my balls then to my cock.

Holding my cock, he took a deep breath, then swallowed as much as he could. He began sucking and gradually began taking more and more down his throat. Soon, he was burying his nose in my pubes.

He sucked slowly and soon I warned him that I was close. He continued and I soon erupted in his mouth. He gagged slightly at the first volley, but recovered immediately, and took my entire load. Once he had it all, he pulled off and as he looked into my eyes, he swallowed.

Laying back next to me, we kissed. After the kiss, I held him and asked, 'Well?'

'It was definitely different, but much more erotic and exciting than I expected. I totally loved eating your load. I was surprised at how good it actually tasted. Sucking you and feeling you shoot into my mouth was a total turn on.'

'My turn now,' I said, and was quickly sucking him, bringing him to a quick climax.

After more kissing, he said, 'Brad, I could get used to this on a daily basis.'

'What's stopping us?'

'Nothing I guess,' he said smiling.

We later got up and fixed a quick bite to eat and I suggested we go back to bed for something special.

'What?' he asked.

'A sixty-nine. They're hot and erotic.'

'Ummmmm,' he said.

Moments later, we were in a sixty-nine, hungrily sucking each others cocks. We climaxed seconds apart, then kissed again.

As we lay there he asked, 'I know guys fuck each other. What's that like?'

'Let's take things slow. We can get to that later, but fucking a guy is great. Getting fucked, is fantastic, after you get used to it. The first couple of times, though, it hurts more than anything you've ever experienced, but by the time the guy climaxes it's feeling great.'

'When can we fuck?'

'Damn, you in a hurry?' I asked.

'I just want to experience it all.'

'There is time. Let's make sure your back is healed properly.'

'Okay, boss,' he said laughing.

For the next few days we kissed and sucked every evening, with me spending the night with him a couple of nights. He loved to sleep cuddled together.

His doctor cleared him for work and the afternoon of his first day back, he knocked on my door when he got home from work.

Opening the door, I looked into the face of a hot stud city cop.

'Oh, shit,' I said, looking him over and seeing his gun, taser, and cuffs.

He stepped around me and by the time I could shut the door and turn around, he was standing there, his hard cock sticking out of his uniform pants.

'Oh fuck yea,' I said, quickly dropping to my knees and swallowing his cock. I soon brought him to a climax and after a hot passionate kiss, he dropped and sucked me dry. Was it ever hot looking down and seeing a cop in uniform sucking my cock.

Once he had swallowed my load, he stood up and we kissed again. After the kiss, he said he was taking me to dinner and afterward we were going o fuck. I was totally unable to argue. I was beginning to fall for him.

When we returned home, I got my lube ready and Rex fucked me silly and it was awesome. Then it came time for me to fuck him.

I fingered him a while then began the real thing. As my cock entered him, I could see he pain he was experiencing in his face but he refused to verbalize it. I went slow and easy, taking my time. Soon, I was all in and held still.

After a few minutes, he told me the pain had subsided and to go ahead. I began pistoning in and out. Soon he began to moan and as I got faster he began saying, 'Yea, Brad, Fuck me. Oh yea, fuck my ass. Shoot it.'

Soon, I told him I was ready and he told me, 'Do it, man. It feels so fucking good. Shoot that load up me.'

I did and as mine fired off up his ass, his cock spontaneously erupted and shot over his hairy chest and stomach.

I slowly pulled out, and after a hot kiss, he said, 'Man, how can a cock up your ass feel so fucking good. I loved that.'

He said that he knew totally that he was gay because never in his life had he ever been so sexually satisfied.

We had sex daily after that, some days at my place and others at his. Weekends usually resulted in us sleeping with each other.

Months passed and I grew to love him dearly. He said many times that he 'cared' for me deeply.

Then one Saturday night after a hot round of sex, we lay cuddled in my bed and he asked, 'Brad, have you ever loved another man?'

I was stunned and said yes, not saying it was him.

'Were you and he lovers?'

'No,' I replied.

'Well, I never ever thought I would love another man but I've fallen in love with you. You're all I think about during the day. Brad, I love you with all my heart and soul.'

'Damn, Rex, I've loved you for months, but didn't know how you felt,' I replied.

'Well. then, I think we need to do something about it. Be my lover.'

'Gladly,' I said.

The next day we began looking for a house to rent and found one in an older neighborhood. We moved in and began our life together. His fellow officers thought we were just roommates and when they visited Rex and I has separate bedrooms.

That was six years ago and several of his fellow officers know the truth now but have no problem with it. In fact, one of them came out to us that he was gay also. He's in his mid forties but looks much younger.

Rex and I are as happy as the day we became lovers. It just shows that you never know what life has in store for you.




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