I was on my way home from the job, riding my Honda bike, it was not a full sized cycle, but a mid sized bike, and I was barreling down a hill heading for my home at the Hillside Trailer Park, about five miles out of town.

I have a very nice double wide trailer, of which I am very proud, it is very nice, three bedrooms, and one which I hope some day to bring home a mate to live with me.

I had a really good day at work, made a lot of potential contacts for orders of the product that I promote. I was really feeling good, and on top of that, it was Friday night, and I had plans to go out to a nice restaurant with a friend of mine.

I was really hurrying home to get a shower and get ready.

Well I was flying down the hiway at a good clip, when I went around this very heavy curve, and it was one that I knew and was use to taking at a fairly high rate of speed.

I had taken the curve at the usual speed, when I looked up there was this Semi over in my lane, I had no time left to miss it, I swerved and lost control,side swiped the edge of the semi and was thrown to a rough, rocky embankment.

I came to in the hospital, I couldn't see, My face was wrapped up and my eyes were totally wrapped up I couldn't tell what had happened or how bad I was hurt, I know my hands were both bandaged and bundled up like they were in mittens, my face was sorta aching, my right arm was in a cast and so was my left ankle. I had a big bandage on my right knee. I evidently had hit a rock and ripped open my knee and it was stiched up and ached like a mother. I was pretty 'bunged up.'

A very sweet voice was all I had to relate too as I layed there reeling from it all.

Her name was Erika and she was a registered nurse on staff at the hospital, and it was she was the one that brought me my pain shots every four hours and believe me I needed them. Every thing I could ask was at my call, If I needed anything she was there.

I guess I was there about a month healing up pretty well, except for my hands and my eyes, I hadn't seen light for over a month, I couldn't even scratch an itch anywhere on my body, I was pretty much an invalid, I had to ask someone to wipe my but when I used the can, at least I didn't have to use the bed pan anymore, that in itself was a blessing.

It was a Sunday evening about bed time I had been transferred upstairs to an intermediate care floor, there was not as many nurseses coming in and out of my room, that was alright, but I was getting that feeling of need, sexual need, I think all men know that feeling after a time of not being able got get unloaded and emptied out. I was not even able to jerk off, I was becoming a very frustrated young man, Untill that Sunday night, things changed.

It was about ten thirty that night when I heard the door to my room open and someone walked in, I was as of yet not aquainted with the care givers on this new floor.

I heard a person, male or female I could not tell, untill I heard them cough, it was an orderly, a guy. That was fine, I heard him close the door and snap the lock and pull the bed curtain around the bed. He leaned over and whispered into my ear, and said,'Hey Shane, My name is Robbie, your new caregiver, I work the night shift and I am here to take care of you, now don't be alarmed I am going to give you a body massage, I was told you have not had one yet and you've been here over a month.'

'Man, that sounded really great. I noticed something unusual, his voice, he always spoke in almost a whisper when he talked, and he was so gentle and sensual in everything he did, he started by saying,'Here babe lets take his off,' he started unbuttoning my pajama top and he got it unbuttoned and then pulled it opened and off my body, he took his hands and just gently rubbed my stomach and chest muscles which I had always kept in pretty good shape. His fingeres lightly slid over my whole chest and when he reached my nipples he said, 'God Shane, your body is beautiful,' that statement seemed strange, altho I felt proud at the compliment.

he rubbed around on my stomach for a while and then he pulled down the sheet covering my lower half, and he said, 'now the rest.'

Being in the situation that I was made for a strange predicument or me, I couldn't very easily say no or I don't want this. but to be honest it was feeling really good up to his point.

I knew that if he took my bottoms off and got close to my dick it would get stiff, not haveing had any attention lately and all. I also knew that up to this point I have never had a guy touch my body anywhere, much less down there.

Sure enough he sensually reached down as he complimented my body, telling me how gorgeous it looked. He unbuttoned the waistband of my pajamas. I felt this little twinge in my privates as his arm gently brushed my cock, when he slipped down my pajama bottoms, and there I layed naked and vulnerable.

Robbie got some ointment and slicked up his hands and started on my feet, the feeling was awesome except the one that had been broken around the ankle. Robbie, started sliding his hands up the legs and rubbing and massaging my calfs as he went, I felt heat entering my body as this guy started rubbing the insides of my thighs comming way up and almost to the nut sack and almost touching but yet not touching them, God I was beginning to get turned on, I felt my nuts sorta tighten up as he got closer and I felt his fingers just lightly brush the lower part of my scrotum, I wanted to scream, it felt so fucking great, I wanted to say, 'hey fuck man, just go ahead and rub my nuts and jerk me off please' but I kept my dignity and composure, as this guy took me into a dream state as his hands worked magic on my lower extremities. Then he did it, he put more ointment on his hands and he gently slid his hands up besides my cock,rubbing around on my pubic area and my thick bush, by then my cock had stiffened up and was sticking up like a flag pole all eight inches, I just said,'Sorry man, My cock hasn't had any attention for a long time now,' Robbie said, 'Well maybe we can fix that problem for you tonight,'

'No Shit, you would do that for me, that would be awesome.'

'Believe me Shane, it would be my pleasure' still talking in his whisper of a voice.

I felt his hands start to massage my balls and it felt like heaven, god it felt like the most wonderful feeling I have felt in a long time. I Had never had a girlfriend that had ever done anything like this.

I realized Robbie was different from a girl because he was enjoying makeing me feel so fucking good. My body was going into overdrive, as he massaged my nuts. then he got a pillow and raised me up and placed my ass on a pillow and raised my legs up as best he could and started playing with my shit chute, I almost flew off the bed, I heard my body start groaning as he ate my ass out,sticking his tongue inside my anal opening and fingering my asshole with a lubed finger, then he got up between my legs, and slid my forskin back exposing my hard cock head, which was hard as a block of concrete, he took just the tip and head into his mouth, OMG! the feeling was incredible, I just moaned and said,'awe shit, Oh fuck, Jesus man, I never had anything feel like this before.'Robbie, just whispered to me, 'Hey Shane the best is yet to come.'

I felt the most awesome sensation, not being able to see anything, of his hot, wet, senous mouth take my full length into his mouth and down his throat,I could feel his nose touch my pubes and I just layed there mesmerized by his ability to deepthroat my cock, somthing my girl friends had never done. I was feeling like I had never felt before.

I Hadn't gotten off in almost a month and a half and I knew I had built up a big thick load of cum, and If Robbie continued he would find out just how much I had stored up.

It took him about five minutes of swirling his tongue around my cock head and swirling his hand up and down and around my shaft as the sucked the head and first three or four inches into his mouth, and I felt the cum shot comming on. I just almost screamed as it came to a head, My stomach started jerking in and out and I was huffing a blowing really hard and It felt like the head of my cock was coming off. I started pumping out a load of cream that would have filled a quart jar. I was almost dead, the intensity of this climax was almost painful it was so strong.

Robbie finished milking my cock for the last little drop and licking it clean, looked up at me and said, 'Shane that was fenominal, I got to go now, I'll be back day after tomorrow.

I must tell you I slept like a new man that night, totally relaxed and feeling wonderful, or at least as wonderful as I could in my situation.

Two nights later I was again pleasured by this same guy, whether he was a young guy, and older guy or somewhere in between, I didn't give a damn, he was just fantastic at sucking my cock and I wanted him as often as I could get him.

Well this mystery orderly came almost every other night and drained my nuts of its nectar, never asking anything in return, I began to look forward to his visits, It would always be the same, he would suck the nutsauce out of my cock.

As all good things do, they must come to an end. I healed and got better the final step was to get the bandages off my eyes.

That morning I guess it was about ten a.m. and In walked this young intern, he was there to remove my eye bandages and check my vision. and remove a couple stitches from my forehead.

I got my first glimpse of him and His face looked like an angel, I actually felt a sexual attraction to him, why I can't tell you, I have never had that feeling with any other guy.

I let him remove the stiches, my vision was fine and I wasn't all that badly scared up on the face.

I almost cried with gratitude for the fact that I wasn't any worse for it, and that I had lived thru that accident at all.

After the Dr. finished up and completed his attending to me, he sent the nurses out, and said, 'Shane It has been my great pleasure to be attending to you these past few months. You have been a wonderful patient. I told him how much I appreciated his medical expertise too.

He said, 'I have a few other patients to attend to, but before I go. Then he sorta smiled leaned over and whispered in my ear, and said, 'I really loved getting to suck your cock too. Your cum tasted awesome. You are a gorgeous sexy man, Thanks you for the pleasure of enjoying your body.'

I looked into his eyes and said,'It was you?' He smiled and said, 'Yeah Shane it was me.' then he handed me a note and told me to read it when I got home, and handed my release papers.

I got home to my trailer and remembered the note. It said,'Shane, I just want to say that I enjoyed you so much, and If there is a chance of us getting together I would love that,' Enclosed is my pager number and my cell phone number. Please let me know how you feel, and if you don't find it an interesting proposition, I will understand.'

Last Night, I had Dinner with the Dr., Robbie, we came back to my trailer and he spent the night and we had one awesome time in bed, I had never fucked a guy before, but I got the great pleasure of sinking my eight inches of hard meat into the medical field, if you get my drift, and I loved it, I also plan for the Good Dr. to do a rectal probe of my anal oriface using his cock too, by the way his cock is awesome, about seven inches long and quite thick, and I love it.

I Have really fallen, Head over heels for this Mystery Orderly.

Oh yeah! I now have someone that I'm sharing my double wide trailer with too.



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