I had just moved into a new apartment complex, I was into sports,and just all round good living. I was a health nut, loved organic foods, jogging, working out, and just enjoying a lot of good things.

I had finished college and gotten a nice job workign in a CPA firm,,, as a beginning accountant. I was doing really well, and was very good at what I was doing.

But I must tell you that all during College I was a loner, I kept to my self and that included sex, most of my sex had been for the most part,'Old Rosie and her four sisters,' truthfully I think I had stroked off so often I could write a book on it.

But it was time for me to find someone, that certain someone that would finish filling that emptyness in my life.

I will be honest, I tried the female thing, but something was missing untill one night I was on my way back from my parents house, which was almost 150 miles away and I had to take a dump, I pulled into a sort of truck stop, rest area, along hiway 70 and walked in, the place was rather deserted aside from a few trucks that had pulled over to allow the drivers some rest time.

I saundered into the mens room and it was empty except for a couple vacationers washing their hands, I walked past as they were leaving and headed for the cubicles where the crappers were.

I went inside and dropped my shorts and sat down on the commode and did my business.

I had finished up with the (LOL) paperwork part of my visit, and I noticed this pair of white nikes under the stall I had noticed a nice sized hole in the wall about three to four inches in diameter but hadn't paid any attention to it.

I sorta nonchalantly looked over into the hole to see what was happening and there on the other side of the wall was a young man, his shirt was opened, he was setting spread legged on the commode and 'HOLY SHIT,' his cock was huge, or so it seems to me, the fucking thing looked like it was ten inches of the thickest cock I had ever seen, and he was just gently stroking it, it was leaking pre-cum I could tell, he kept wiping it off and then licking his fingers off, god it was aweseome looking.

The dude, whoever he was noticed me looking and just leaned over and whispered, Let me see what you got, now by this time I was pretty turned on and my cock was almost hard, it's fairly big I guess, a bit over seven inches hard, and nicely thick compared to some guys I have seen.

He put his mouth to the hole and said, 'Put it thru the hole, I would love to suck it.'

Well that was a shocker but I just said 'What the Hell, Why not, who's gonna know,' Now I will tell you here, I had gotten sucked as a little dude by a little buddy but not since I had grown up.

I stood up, My cock seemed more anxious about this than my mind did, It led the way.

I had no sooner gotten my cock head into the hole, than the most awesome feeling I had ever felt started, I felt warm, moist, gently sucking against and on the head of my cock and I was slowly floating away into oblivion, it was phenomenal, this is what I had been missing.

I pushed my body against the stall wall, put my hands over the top edge, and just let this dude take me to heaven, I dont remember ever feeling a hot wet set of lips, massagging the shaft of my ock, feeling that wet tongue as it play a tune on the swollen head of my cock, and then his fingers under my balls tickling and massagging them, I was in another place, another time.

I began feeling that feeling like I wanted to cum and the feeling was getting more intent and intense by the second, I knew it was going to be a big one. I could tell my cock was harder than I could ever remember, my nuts were pulled tight against my body, I could feel them pressing tightly against the stall wall, and I started involuntarily moaning and I couldn't stop, next thing I knew my cock was pumping out a load that felt like it would have filled a quart jar.

This Dude was insatiable, his mouth was hot, wet and now gulping my cum for all he was worth, as my cock unloaded it.

I finally became disconnected from his mouth and he squeezed the last little drip and licked it off.

I sat back down to get my breath, I heard this dude, Say, 'Thanks Kid your cum is delicious, and you fucking pack one hell of a load too, fucking awesome.'

He didnt want me to suck him off, but he did let me play with his cock thru the hole a while but he didn't want to cum.

I thanked him and drove away have taken a dump and dumping a load both, I was feeling great that night.

About a week later I noticed this young man about my age carrying stuff into an apartment across the hall, I offered my assistance to help him bring his stuff in.

After we got his stuff in I was told he was having his furniture delivered the next day, so I offered him supper, which he accepted we had Pizza and a few beers, thats when he asked me if I would like to take a ride on his new Harley, motorcycle, which I have always loved.

I got a helmet on and got behind him on the Harly,

and off we went.

We had gone up the hiway a few miles, and without even thinking I found myself with my hands against his crotch, which felt really full, and heavy, thats when I felt his cock flex up he was getting a boner as we rode. He didnt seem to act like it was bothering him so I just continued to rub on his swollen cock,,, I noticed he slowed down and he pulled over, he pulled off his helmet and looked around at me and said, 'Do you like to mess around with guys?' I was stunned, 'Well yeah, cant you tell?'

Well do you like sucking cock, I love to get my cock sucked, but I like fucking even more.'

'I looked into to Dustin's eyes and just smiled, 'WEll why don't you spend the night tonight at my apartment and well find out just what we both like, would you be up for that?'

Dustin smiled at me and said, 'Your on, I hope you can take what I got to offer.'

'I'll give it a good old college try.' I responded.

It didnt' take long for Dustin to get us back to the apartment complex, I noticed he must have been really ready, because the swollen bulge in his pants seemed to have gotten bigger and looked like it would rip his pants off if it didn't get some release.

WE hurried into the apartment and started stripping upon entering, by the time we got to the bed room, we were both naked as the day we were born.

God did Dusting ever have a gorgeous body, he was sorta bearish, hairy, (which I love) and his cock was gorgeous, only about seven and a half inches long but thick and still had a foresking, Dustin wasn't fat at all, but very manly built, thick bodied, thick legs, tight chest muscles and load of body hair, almost shy of beening wooly, and I wanted him bad, I wanted him to ravish me, and do what ever he wanted.

I got up on the bed and he went right for my ass, I was on my stomach and he had my ass up and was face first mouth to asshole and tongue inserted, he was moaning like a starving man eating his first meal in months, I was moaning too, for a different reason, it was feeling fantastic.

Dustin had a long thick tongue, and it felt like a cock sliding up into my anal oriface.

Dusting Tongue fucked me for almost twenty minutes and I was about to to into outter space, the sensations were awesome.

Then he stopped, 'I hope your ready for this, cause Im gonna drill that awesome ass of yours Man, and he made one last pass with his tongue and he got up on his kneew and I felt his pre-cum soaked cock head against my asshole, and I was ready, my saliva wet hole was anxious for Dustin's meat.

He gave one gusty thrust and his thick cock slid in to the hilt, I felt his body shudder from the sensation and he began a loving, slow, deliberate rythmic fucking of my ass, he didn't just fuck me Dustin Made love to me, I was on cloud nine as hid cock slide back and forth agains my prostate, and I was very glad I had made this new friend, or maybe more than a friend.

Dusting was making sounds of pure pleasure and delight, 'Fucking fantastic dude, I aint had the pleasure of fucking a sweeter ass than this one I a long, long time.'

Dustin went on for almost an hour of slow fucking and As his intensity increased and his breathing quickened, I could tell by the way he was fucking he was about to blow it.

Dustin Grabbed my body and pulled me close, wrapped his arms around me and tightly hugged as he began to jerk and throb about in extasy unloading a massive load into my intestines, as I felt it take me over the edge and I shot a huge load between our bodies.

Dusting just layed there and moaned as we came down off our sexual high.

I knew it would not be long untill we would do this again.

Dustin and I spent the night that night togethere sleeping in my bed, and many nights after that, he was always welcome in my bed.

This morning He knocked on the door before leaving for work, I let him in, set him on the couch, and almost wore him out sucking that gorgeous cock and swallowing his awesome load of cum, I just love it when you get along so well with your neighbors and expecially ones that ride Motorcycles.



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