Today is the Big Day, My 'wombmate' Sheri is getting married, and here I set waiting untill the rest of the groomsmen get here, Oh yea, She and Robert picked me to be the best man at their wedding.

Well let me share a few things about us, Sheri and I are twenty four years old, but she is ten minutes older than I am, and I think that in our mothers womb, we exchanged some of the chemical balance, I was more of the mommas home boy, close to mother, and Sheri loved Mechanics, and womans basketball, and all sorts of sports, shit man she even liked to play football with the guys, and do work you would normally associate with guys. Me I am a fussbudget, I like pretty things, now don't take me wrong, I have always been macho, whatever that means, masculine, a sports feind in High School I played Football, basketball, baseball, you know the whole nine yards.

Now Sheri and I were about the same sized bodily, she could wear my jeans, and shirts, and yes, I tried on her dresses when I was a kid, but I didn't like them so I didn't get hooked into the habit of wearing womens clothing, though I was gay, I still liked nice mens clothing.

I remember when we were in our Senior year in High school, Sheri had made a date with two guys, for the same night, a dilema, I must tell you here that Sheri is knockout gorgeous, Dark hair, just like me, beautiful dark brown sexy eyes, just like me, and you guessed it, we look almost like, we were identical twins except for the fact she had very nice large tits, and I have an eight inch, very nice, thick cock, and one nice set of large balls.

I didn't envy her female organs, I was very happy with what Nature gave me. But let me interject one thing here, Sheri and I do have one very special thing in common, we both love men, yes you heard right men, I'm very Gay, theres nothing I love more than sucking the cum out of a dudes cock, I love its flavor, texture, and especially when he gets vocal and lets me know his pleasure is mounting as I suck him off to fullment. God I love it. And I just love the feel of a nice thick cock up my...well you get the picture.

Well now here we are, at the church, getting ready for the wedding, the guests are piling in to the main auditorium, The groomsmen are all here and we are in the mens room of the fellowship hall getting dressed, I have my pants on, my patent leather dress shoes, And in walks Robert, the groom, just in his white briefs, and white tuxedo shirt unbuttoned, He looks absolutely stunning, I start looking at him and he said, your jealous aren't you, I said, sorta, but I'll get over it, as long as Sheri is happy, he said and what about me, are you happy for me too, I said yes I am. He smiled and said Jerry I'm sorry, and then he asked me to help him get dressed, I helped him with his tuxedo shirt getting the stud buttons, stud, man that sound so fucking sexy, O.K. Jerry, get your mind out of the gutter, and then I held his trousers and helped him tuck his shirt into his trousers, and I got to the crotch area as I pulled them up and said Rob? he said yea Jerry and I put my hand over his cock and squeezed it and said, you know this is going to make Sheri very happy, he said I know, it already has a few times, I felt It sort fluff out larger under my hand, he didn't draw away from my hand either.

Now here I might interject that Rob and I had been friends since we were about fourteen years old, his family moved up here from The Carolinas he was a Aplachaian mountain boy, born back up in the Hills of North Carolina, and he was very countryfied, at least when I first met him, but Robert and I soon made good friends, you might say very good friends, I remember one night he spent the night with me and we slept together It was the first time I had ever had any kind of sex, I guess we were about sixteen and we had just gone to bed and in his southern drawl, he reached over and said man your pecker looks really big in them shorts, I was a little embarrassed, but he grabbed my cock thru my shorts, and said can I pull on it, us boys do that together all the time back in North Carolina, I just swallowed kinda hard and said yea, I guess so.

Rob reached down into my briefs and grabbed my hardon and started stroking me off, I could tell he knew how to do it, and it was feeling awesome, He had smiled and said you like it? I said man, it feels better when someone else does it.

He said your pecker looks funny, It don't have a foreskin over the cockhead, like mine does, I said what? he said here see. and he took his briefs off and I saw a small horse cock with a foreskin up close, and harder that a peice of rock, Damn, I had never seen a dude with a foreskin before, He said go ahead touch it, it's alright, my heart was pounding, and I was breathing funny, and I felt his nice heavy, thick cock and I fell in love with the feeling of an uncut thick cock, god it was fantastic, I got so excited that I started shooting my load of cum all over his hand, he just said man, that was sure quick, I just smiled, I said sorry, it just felt so good. Well we ended up jacking each other off that night, a couple times.

I came back to the present and I looked up and Robert said, Jerry, you can turn my dick loose now, I might need it tonight, O.K.,

I said,,,,,, oh yea, sure, and he said you know Jerry, we can still get together once in a while, after the Honeymoon, I said What? He said after the Honeymoon, I will still be up for a blowjob from you, once in a while, I said yea sure, but you,ll have Sheri, He said yea, for the Pussy, and raising kids and all, but, I already found out she don't like to give BlowJobs. I smiled at Robert and said yea, I found that out too, Thats how she found out I liked suck cock. He said shit man, she knows your gay? I said yes Robert, she knows. He said man, how did she find out?

I said here lets finish this, we finished the dressing and getting him ready, and then I got myself dressed and ready, and we went into the church kitchen and got a cup of coffee and set down.

I said, do your Remember Anthony Whemeier, Back in our senior in High School? He said you mean, rough, tough, Anthony, football hero, I said, yea he's the one, He said what about him, I said, well, he and Sheri had a date, he said yea, so? I said but the problem was she had a date with Mark Shillenger too, the same night, so since we looked enough alike to be almost identical twins except for the obvious, I dressed in some of her clothes and I got one of my moms wigs, since Moms hair and Sheri's hair is the same color, I put one of Moms wigs on and I dressed up and put makeup on and went on the date with Anthony, you know, as Sheri, We went to a party, and I must have looked pretty good because no one found out I wasn't Sheri, he said yea, but your voice, I said, ,I just told them I had a touch of Laryngitis, and didn't talk much, Anthony talked enough for us both, god he was such an idiot, well anyway to make a long story short, we went and parked up on lovers ridge, and we started kissing, He never did know, I got him so fucking hot he had a wet spot in his pants, he had had a few beers, and kept trying to get his hands into my pants, I really wanted him too, but you know the reasons, I seem to be missing a female part, yep you know the pussy, so I didn't want him to put his hands down there, so I took matters into my own hands I started climbing all over him and rubbing on his crotch and felt his awesome feeing cock thru his trousers and then I said Anthony, I won't let you fuck me, I'm saving myself for marriage, but I will give you a blowjob, He said o.k. man, I gotta have some relief, I undid his trousers and slid them down to his knees, and His really huge cock just stood straight up, that fucking thing looked like it was nine inches long and very thick, and really needed my attention, I slid my mouth over that gorgeous cock head, and I started taking his cock to the hilt and massaging his nuts, while he just layed his head back and groaned, He was fucking enjoying my workmanship, I felt his cock harden up and flare out in my mouth and I knew what was coming and he said aw baby, aw fuck, shit,here it comes and he held my head down and I felt and tasted his cum as he unloaded into my mouth, it was awesome, that mouth full of cum was astounding, he could fucking shoot a huge load. But the problem was with this, that a few weeks later, Sheri came busting into my room, after a date with Anthony, and she said what the fuck did you do Jerry? Anthony wanted me to give him a blowjob, 'LIKE YOU GAVE HIM THE LAST TIME 'WE' WENT OUT', did you suck his cock for him on that date, I just smiled, sorry Sheri, he looks so needy, and as a guy ,I know how that feels, She just smiled and laughed at me and said you Bastard, Did you like it? I said hell yea, she said are you telling me YOUR GAY? I said yep, you got it.

She just smiled and said well at least we have that in common, the same taste in men, I said yea, but I really do love to taste them, she just shook her head and smiled.

Well Just before the wedding was to begin, I was standing in the waiting area and One of the coordinators of the wedding just came in and said we're adding a groomsman to the party, I said, what? will he have a tuxedo? she said no, I've been told he will be in some sort of uniform, I said what? Who the hell can that be?

WEll I looked up and saw my younger brother Jay, comming thru the door, and I jumped up and ran over to him, and he grabbed me and hugged me, I said Jay, when did you get in, he said Just now, god, its good to see you, He was stationed in the Phillipines, and took a three hop jump flight to get her in time for the wedding. He looked so damn sharp in his Marine dress uniform. I just kept staring at Jay, two years in the Marines looked damn good on him, He was filled out and Handsome as hell.

Well Sheri had a gorgeous wedding, everything was so friggin beautiful, everything went just perfect, I cried as my twin sister walked down the isle, she was radiant, just like a magazine modle. But I wasn't sure whether I was crying for her or Robert, I loved them both.

After the wedding, the pictures, and the reception dinner was over, Robert and Sheri left to catch a plane for their Honeymoon, Jay and I sat at one of the dinner tables and I said Jay, where are you staying tonight? He said Im not sure, since Mom and Dad are staying at Sheri's apartment, and there's no extra room there for me. I'll just probably get a room at the holiday inn, I said yea, it's different around here since Mom and Dad retired and moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I said, but man, don't go to a motel, I have an apartment, stay at my pad, He said Hey man, that sounds awesome, we can catch up on a few things and some old times.

We stayed for another round of beers and left, got to my pad and just stripped, and walked around in our underwear, me in my briefs and Jay in his military issue boxers. Jay had definately filled out, god, he had a beautiful body, I guess the combat training and martial arts training had beefed him up some.

Jay said, man this brings back so many memories, I said, yea it does, he pulled off his white tee shirt, and said man, this feels so fucking good, I just layed back on the couch and watched my little brother as he moved around the apartment, I said hey Jay, just how old are you? he said man you forgotten already, I said are you three, or four years younger than me, he said three, I said that puts it at what, tweny tw0 then? he said not yet, next month, I am still twentyone.

I said man you ready to hit the sack, he said you want me to sleep on your couch, I said why? I have a queen sized bed, we'll both fit, he said awesome, just like old times.

We went to bed and got into the bed, and as soon as we crawled into the bed and pulled up the sheets over us, Jay reached down and off came his boxers, He said there, fuck man this feel good, don't get to sleep in the nude in the barraks, I said then I will too, and slipped my briefs off and tossed them to the corner chair. He said I remember back when we were younger, he stopped short and said, Hey, tell me something Jerry, and I detected a note of true seriousness about his voice, are you gay? I hesitated not knowing which direction this line of conversation would take, and then I started to speak, and he said, Jerry your my brother, I will love you no matter what you are. I said Yes Jay, I am, He said, I knew it, almost like he was happy about it.

He said do you reemember the night back when I was about I guess about 15 maybe 16 you had Robert stay over and you slept in the double bed and I slept in my twin bed, you do remember that I had shared a bedroom with you for almost all my life, I said yea, that put a damper on things for me, He said not really, I can't tell you how many times I layed there in the moonlight and watched you work your cock over. I said yea, for real man, I never knew you were watching, He said what you didn't know was that I was jerking off in the other bed watching you, I got so fucking excited watching you do that, I would cream all over myself, man it was fucking awesome, My older brother, fuck man you were my idol and hero, I would lay there, watching you, that night and you and Robert were laying there, it was one night Robert spent the night, and I guess you thought I was asleep, but you set up on the bed after jerking on Roberts cock and started giving him a blowjob, I couldn't have slept if I had wanted, I said your kidding, you saw that? Fuck yea, man Dam Jerry, I wanted to join you and get my cock sucked too, It was so fucking Hot, and thats not all you sucked Robert off almost every time he slept over. I wanted to do that with you too.

I just looked over at Jay and said man, I didn't know you felt like that, Jay said yea man, I love you Bro, always have and always will, I still jerk off to those memories, I said not shit man.

I reached over and took Jay into my arms and pulled him over to me and I felt his body heat and I just hugged him and he said Man, you feel so fucking good, I said I know, you feel good

too. I looked into his eyes and leaned down and kissed Jay and licked on his lips and heard his gentle moan, He said god Jerry, I have wanted thas since forever, I stuck my tongue into his mouth and started really kissing him with great passion and love, He had tears in his eyes I could see them glisten in the moonlight from the window, He said Jerry, I love you so much.

I was getting so fucking turned on, I dont' know why, this was my little brother, well not so little, but my brother no less, Jay reached down and started masagging my nutsack, and he whispered Jerry, God man, your nuts are big, I said enjoy them, they like what your doing, Hes wimpered a little as I leaned and took his nipples, god his body odor was awesome and the light hairyness of our dad showed on his chest, so muscular and firm, and I rubbed just lightly above the pubic line of his stomach, and his stomach did a little jerk dance as I just rubbed his pubic area hair, I was slowly going into a slow burn, I reached around as Jay kept up the french kissing, full tongue and I reached around and felt his very tight firm ass cheeks, God Jay was more beautiful than I remembered him ever being, I gently spread his ass cheeks apart, and Stuck a finger in, and touched his littel anal button of love, and he moaned, I said here Jay and I had him lay back on his back, I slid off the bed, and got on my knees on the floor by the bedside, and raised up Jays legs and got a clear shot at his little starfish anal opening, and I leaned in and stuck a tongue into his canal, and My tongue sunk into his asshole like a small cock would enter a pussy, Jay just let out a loud moan, I started sucking his asshole, licking and fingering and he was pulling his knees up against his body and saying aw fuck Jerry, what are you doing to me, I don't remember you doing this back then, I stopped long enough to say Jay, I learned this later from a good friend, He just said, Man thank your friend for me will you? I went back to eating his ass out, I noticed his nutsack had drawn up tight and knew he was getting close to cumming, I said, whoa dude, I let him bring his legs down and I leaned up over his body as he let his feet hit the floor, and I got between his legs and started taking his gorgeous cock into my mouth, His cock looked just like mine about the same size, He said, OH Fuck Jerry, holyshit, man, I ain't gonna last long, man I really love you Jerry, and I felt his cock tighten, His body went sort of rigid and he clenched his teeth, and said OH Jesus, Oh Shit, His cock started firing a round of cum like a peice of 'Military Artilary'. Now man, I had felt a load of cum hit my tongue before but Jay had been sporting this load as it built up for months, I think, fuck me, he filled my mouth so fucking full I couldn't swallow fast enough.

I finally finished up and sucked every little drop, and Jay just layed there exhausted.

He said man, That was the best sex I have ever had, bar none.

I crawled up on the bed next to him, and he finally said, now you, I said what? Jay said, do you remember the time when Uncle Claude stayed with us and he slept in my bed and I had to sleep with you? I said yes, He said you were asleep and I tryed with you what you did with Robert, you know, sucking your cock, Uncle Claude was snoring so I knew he was asleep, I said yea, Jay said man I took your cock out while you were asleep and jerked you off, I said you did, and he just stopped, and didn't say anything else, I waited for Jay to finish the story and I said go ahead and finish, he said thats it, I jerked you off, I said and? I then said Jay, that ain't all you did that night, You sucked me off and swallowed my cum too, He said how the hell did you know that? I said, yea I was asleep and when you almost pulled the head off my cock off pulling it out of my briefs, it woke me up, you little shit, but when you finlly got my cock out and I hardened up pretty fast, and It was feeling so good, I didnt't want to stop you, It was all I could do to not grab your head, and stuff my cock to the hilt into your throat. He said, you shit! Hey I didnt' want to spoil a good thing. I said you gave me one hell of a blowjob that night and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I said man do you want to do it again? He said yea, I do.

Jay leaned down and before sucking my cock he said well big brother, Since I have been in the Marines, I have gotten some practice at this, and a few other things as well, and He took my cock to the hilt. Fuck it was awesome, My kid brother could really suck a cock, and I was enjoying the hell out of it again, He was rubbing my nuts and swirling his tongue around the head, and I was about to come apart, it felt so fenominal, Holy Shit, OH fuck, man, Damn was it good, He was taking me all the way into his throat, And I said Jay, he said what man, I want want to fuck you, he said are you shure, I said oh yea, He just stopped sucking me and said man give it to me, He had been practicing on that too evidently, I lubed up my cock, and he lubed up his ass, and he layed on his back and said give me that cock man, I sunk it in one swift lunge and he just grunted and started fucking back up at me, God he had gotten good at this shit, I was humping and huffing and puffing and sweating and really feeling it, and He looked up at me and said man, I love my big brother and he started grunting and grabbed his cock and started stroking and he had stroked it about five strokes and he unloaded another load of cum all over his chest, I saw this and started to unload into his intestines and he grabbed me with his legs and held me tight against his body as my body did its thing, shoot cum, unloading into his gut, God this was one awesome night, first the wedding and now this, Jay and I spent the weekend with each other, went to dinner with our folks several times and had sex almost every night he was on leave. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have this special realationship with my brother, and my sister, and her new husband. I wouldn't trade it for anything.



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