Kevin woke the following morning to find a stiff shaft resting between his thighs and Jacks hand fondling his balls as he softly kissed his neck, "Mmmm, that's a nice wake up call" said Kevin. "Haha, I hoped you'd like it" replied Jack. Kevin looked over his shoulder to see Jack smiling back at him, his wavy hair having a distinct bed head look that made him even more attractive, the pair kissed passionately. Kevin noticed the stubble on Jacks face and found the sensation against his skin to be such a turn on. His cock began to rise, Jack was an amazing Kisser, his tongue caressed Kevin's with just the right intensity and his plump lips began to explore Kevin's neck, kissing gently and moving downwards. Kevin rolled onto his back and Jack hovered over Kevin's body, kissing his chest and around his nipples. Kevin had a pair of small pale nipples that had stiffened with excitement, Jack placed his mouth over them and licked them, then gently took one between his teeth a lightly bit "Ohhh, That feels good" Kevin moaned,. Jack continued to kiss Kevin's chest and then followed the light treasure trail through Kevin's defined stomach. As jack reached Kevin's belly button he felt Kevin's hand on his head guiding him towards Kevin's raging hard on. Jack grabbed Kevin's penis by its base and playfully slapped it off his face. Then he gently Licked the length of Kevin's shaft upwards from base and circled the tip with his tongue "oh fuck ya, suck it" Kevin moaned as he pulled Jacks head down onto his cock. Jack felt the thick rod force its way into his mouth and press against the back of his throat, he almost gagged but resisted and began to apply gentle suction moving up and down Kevin's shaft savouring the taste of his salty pre cum and sweat. Jack licked one of his fingers and began to play with Kevin's hole which was still a little loose from last nights escapades, all the while sucking deep on Kevin's 7'1/2" cock. Jack pressed his finger further into Kevin and began to slowy finger fuck him applying gentle pressure to his prostate. Kevin moaned intensely and felt his orgasm start to build, and tried to hold it back "I'm gonna cum" he shouted in pleasure. Jack had no intention of missing the taste of Kevin's load and sucked harder on Kevin's cock and soon felt several shots of warm cum enter his mouth. The taste was like none he had ever experienced before but after a seconds hesitation he decided he liked it and swallowed it down. Licking his juicy lips savouring the taste. "Did you just swallow my Load? That is fucking hot!!" said Kevin. "Haha, I aim to please" replied jack. "Well, now it my turn to please you!" said Kevin as he reached over the side of the bed, grabbed the bottle of lube from the floor and said "Fuck me hard Jack"

Jack quickly lubed up and plunged his giant manhood deep into kevin as kevin rested his legs upon Jacks shoulders, Jack pounded kevins hole hard for 15 minutes as kevin moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then, Jack flipped Kevin onto his belly and positioned himself atop Kevin, his weight pressing down upon his body and held his wrists to the bed as he thrust himself deeper into kevins now aching hole. Jack felt his orgasm build and he bagan to drive his cock into Kevin in sharp, hard thrusts. Jack moaned "oohh im cumming!!" just before bursting his nut deep into Kevin, covering the walls of his hole in his seed and collapsing his weight on top of kevin. Panting and with his cock still savouring the grasp of Kevins ass jack uttered "That was fucking awesome". Kevin smiled and said "I know", suddenly their was a knock on the door.

To Be continued




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