A New Beginning Kevin was an extremely attractive kid, but like a lot of shy guys he didn't know it. He had grown up in what can only be described as a seriously dysfunctional family, he's parents were both alcoholics and were extremely violent and emotionally abusive towards him for as long as he could remember. Subsequently, he had little to no confidence, especially when it came to the opposite sex. He had been put down for so long that he actually began to believe the jibes that he's parents had thrown at him over the years. "You're so ugly", "You'll never amount to anything", "Nobody will ever want you" etc. Alcoholic parents suck. But Kevin had made himself a promise when he was a kid, that he would never turn out like his overweight, obnoxious parents, that he would get out of that situation as soon as he could and that he would never allow himself to be put down again.

Kevin was smart, which was just as well as he knew he would need a scholarship to go to college, but hard work was never something he was afraid of, so he knuckled down and after a year or so he had colleges from all over offering him any course he wanted. But Kevin was still just a young kid and was growing tired of being beaten by his parents so he decided he needed to address his scrawny physique. Kevin started to workout, it was difficult at first, he's parents didn't like him going to the Gym after school, they wanted him to be home to take care of his younger siblings so they could go to the bar sooner. This was difficult to overcome, his dad in particular took great grievance to this and lashed out at him regularly leaving purple welts and bruises all over Kevin's body. But Kevin persisted with the gym and his efforts paid off and gradually he developed from the small,scrawny, neglected kid into a tall, strong, sexy 18 year old who is father feared.

By the time Kevin finally got to leave for college to study medicine, He was 18 and 6 foot 2 inches tall, he had a broad chest and strong defined pecs, he had big muscular arms and a tight 30" waist with the sexiest six pack you have ever seen, He had been blonde as a kid but he's hair had darkened to a reddish brown that highlighted his Irish roots. He had a light natural tan all over and piercing blue eyes, he was fucking hot. But that was noting in comparison to his amazing bubble butt ass. All the squats had paid off, and the two fleshy mounds hid an untouched tight hole, it was amazing, Between his strong thighs was an impressive, but not enormous 7 and a half inch, thick, cock that was just waiting to be sucked and a beautiful set of low hanging balls. But despite this, Kevin remained a virgin. He had never been with a girl and for some reason he didn't seem to mind.

Kevin said his goodbyes to his younger siblings and promised them he would be back for them as soon as he could. It was difficult for him to do this but he knew it was for the best in the long term and they were older now and more capable of taking care of themselves than they had been in the past. Just as he was about to leave he made one comment to his father, "if I hear that you laid one hand on them while I'm gone, I will come back here and kill you". That was the last word he ever spoke to his father. Then he boarded the train and headed off for new experiences.

The journey took over 2 days in total and when Kevin arrived all he wanted to do was sleep, he checked into the dorm that he would be living in for the next few years and was surprised to find out that he was to be sharing a room "I was told that I would have a single?" he said to the attractive girl at reception. "Well Kevin, I'm sorry but unfortunately you were misinformed, you are here under scholarship right? She said. "Yes" Kevin replied. She paused for a moment to intake air, getting ready to sing off a sentence he could tell she had said more than once today "Well, the college places anyone receiving the bursary into a twin room in the first year to minimize costs, also a lot of scholarship students drop out after their first year, and the college has found that students in twin rooms perform better and adapt more quickly college life, It is only for the first year though, next year you will have your own room , I hope that's okay? "Ya, its fine" Kevin replied "What's your name By the way?" "Michelle" she replied. "Nice to meet you Michelle" Kevin said with a cheeky grin, Michelle smiled back at Kevin and handed him the key "Oh, your roommate is called Jack, he checked in yesterday" Kevin checked the map of the dorms on the reception wall, thanked Michelle for her help and headed to his room. Kevin opened the door and looked around the room and was surprised by the sight of a 6'5" tank lying asleep on a bed. Kevin coughed to let him know he was in the room and with that he woke instantly, "Oh, hi I'm Jack, guessing your Kevin?" "Ya, nice to meet you, look, sorry man, don't mean to be rude but do you mind if we leave the introductions till later, I am exhausted, been travelling for a couple days" Jack laughed and said "No worries man, I was the same yesterday, actually just woke when you came in. Kevin took off his clothes down a pair of tight boxer briefs. Jack immediately noticed Kevin's muscular body and said "Oh, cool man, you're here on a football scholarship too!" Kevin smiled and said "No man, medicine" and hopped into bed, within a couple of seconds he was out for the count.

Kevin woke the following morning to a sight he had not expected, Jack had just come out of the shower and was stood butt naked in the middle of the room, "Have you seen my towel?" Jack asked? Kevin did not know what to make of the sight of the glistening tower that stood before him. Jack was 6'5, and every inch of him was pure muscle, he was much broader than Kevin and he hadn't taken much notice yesterday but Jack was super-hot, He had wavy brown hair and when he smiled he had two sexy dimples that appeared on either cheek, he had deep brown eyes, stubble and what can only be described as blow job lips, and even though Kevin knew he was in good shape, next to Jack he felt like he was that scrawny 15 year old kid again. What made him even more self-conscious was the massive cock that dangled freely between Jacks legs, It was at least ten inches and semi hard, clearly jack had whacked one out in the shower and had not returned to his soft state. He had a sprinkling of dark hair on his chest and a cute treasure trail lead down through his defined abs to a neatly trimmed bush. Jack Noticed that Kevin was fixated on his cock and without intention it twitched. "Oh, no man, I didn't see it. The towel, I mean" said Kevin. "Oh not to worry, must have left it at the gym, I'll just drip dry, hope your not offended by nudity man" replied Jack "medicine wouldn't really be the best idea if I was" answered Kevin.

Kevin closed his eyes in an attempt to go back to sleep but he felt his dick slowly getting harder in his jocks. He had never felt like this before, and tried to convince himself that it was just morning wood. He heard Jack say "see you later man, we can get to know each other then" and heard the door close. Kevin was now fully hard, and seriously horny, He thought to himself fuck it, he hadn't jacked off in a few days and so he put his hand slowy into his underwear releasing his cock and he began to stroke it slowly. He tried to imagine that girl from yesterday, Michelle but every time he did he would get the image of Jacks body, he tried but he couldn't resist and eventually he was pulling his dick at the thought of Jack sucking his cock with those big pink juicy lips, he felt it build from deep in his groin and intensify to a sudden eruption of shot after shot of ropey jizz, all over his stomach and chest. Damn, he thought he had never come like that before. He got up hopped in headed for the shower and for the first time in his life asked himself "Am I gay?"

Over the next few days Kevin and Jack got to know each other, Kevin put the thought of Jacks body and fantasy blow job to the back of his mind and convinced himself all guys have a fantasy like that sometimes and that it doesn't mean anything. He got settled into his classes and made plans for the weekend. Jack arranged for a double date, at first Kevin said no way but when he found out Michelle was going to be his date for the evening he quickly came round.

The date night eventually came and Jack got all spruced up, then those thoughts emerged again, Kevin noticed Jacks amazing body in his purple dress shirt, he could make out Jacks big arms, his sculpted chest and narrow waist which lead him directly to the giant bulge in Jacks grey suit pants and the sight of Jacks firm butt as he bent over to pick up he's belt started to get Kevin hard. Then there was a knock on the door, the girls had arrived and it was time for Jack to perform, suddenly he became this charming gentleman with confidence and charisma oozing from him, it was a great night. By the time they got home they were all very drunk and the girls kissed both boys on the mouth and said "it's late, we better head home", before Jack had time to protest the girls had turned and left to their own dorms, Jack turned and said "fuck, what am I gonna do with this" as he pointed to a raging hard on through his trousers, it was at least 11" when hard. Kevin was stunned. Jack opened the door and Kevin headed straight for his bed, keeping his back to Jack to hide his growing erection. "you not having another drink?" asked Jack "Nah man, I'm tired, you go ahead though" replied Kevin and he jumped into bed.

Kevin had been asleep for about an hour and Jack had drank almost half a bottle of cheap vodka when he noticed Kevin's body, He had kicked the blankets off in his sleep as it was very warm. Jack began to get hard again at the sight of Kevin's big bubble butt. Jack unbuckled his belt and lifted his ass off the seat just enough to slip his trousers and underwear down and let them rest just above his knees, his grabbed his enormous shaft and began to stroke, He thought of how he caught Kevin staring at his cock when he got out of the shower and how Kevin didn't seem too bothered when the girls didn't come in. He's cock stood firm and soon Jack realised he wanted more than a hand. He kicked off his trousers, unbuttoned and removed his shirt and grabbed a bottle of lube from his drawer, he greased up his cock and walked over to Kevin's bed, he knelt next to Kevin's face and slowly shook him awake, "Kevin, Kevin, Wake up" he said. Kevin woke up and saw Jack crouched before him naked, his knees just about hiding his erection "What is it Jack?" he said as he stared between Jacks legs "I think I'm going to fuck you now" replied jack and without even thinking Kevin leaned forward and kissed Jack on the mouth. Jack wasted no time, he quickly positioned himself straddled over Kevin and lifted his hips to pull down his tight fitting boxer briefs, he grabbed the bottle of lube and covered his finger and began to slowly move one into Kevin, in and out until Kevin's virgin hole began to loosen, Kevin moaned softly. Jack then spread Kevin's cheeks to reveal his sweet boy pussy and dove his tongue deep inside, gently licking the rim until Kevin was ready "I want you to fuck me Jack" he said. Jack needed no further invitation, he applied a little more lube to Kevin and his cock and positioned his head at the entrance of Kevin's hole as he lay on his stomach, He slowly pushed in and felt Kevin's warm hole grasp around his cock "aaahh" moaned Kevin, "take it slow babe, I've never done this before, I'm a virgin" "Really, Me too!!", replied Jack. "Don't worry sexy, I'll be gentle" Jack slowly pushed in, and withdrew and repeated the process going deeper with each thrust until eventually his 11" dick was balls deep in Kevin. Kevin pushed back onto Jacks cock and moaned deeply, "I'm gonna Cum" said Kevin and with that Jack shot a load deep inside Kevin and as Kevin felt Jacks seed hit the inside of his hole he spurted several shots of spunk over his bed sheet. Jack lay on kevin for a minute or so, still deep inside him savouring the amazing orgasm. "That was fucking epic" said Jack. "Well, I think I know the answer to my question now" replied Kevin," I am definitely Gay!!" Both boys giggled and Jack pulled out of Kevin and spooned him "I guess that makes both of us babe" replied Jack.

To Be Continued




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