The sun was relentlessly bright, the air hot and humid as Bobby and his grandfather worked to repair a section of fence. They had been working since early morning keeping a slow steady pace trying not to overheat.

"Bobby, pull the tractor up and we can get this last section taut and when we get it secured we can head back to the house and cool off. Damn it is a hot one, today."

Bobby pulled his cap up and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his arm as he walked to the old tractor. He bumped the throttle, turned the key on, pressed down on the clutch and hit the starter button. Nothing happened. 'Crap' he thought, 'we don't need this, not now'. He pressed the clutch again, shifting the tractor into a different gear just to do something different, turned the key off and back on and hit the starter button. Nothing.

"Shit" he uttered under his breath.

"What's the problem" his grandfather asked as he walked up to the tractor.

"It won't start."

"Well, hell" and he looked down in disgust for a moment, then he looked back up at Bobby. "Run to the truck and get the tester out of the toolbox. I think it is on the driver's side."

"Yes sir" and Bobby climbed down and walked to the truck parked back up on the lane by the pasture. When he got back they checked the battery and then one circuit after the next but nothing showed up as the problem. Bobby and his grandfather gave each other a look of frustration and stepped back away from the tractor.

"You got that cell phone on ya?"

"Yes sir."

"Call Tom and see if he can come over and see what in the hell is wrong with this thing."

Bobby suddenly felt a certain pleasure at their circumstance as he pulled his cell phone out and pulled up Tom's number. He listened to the phone ring several times before Tom picked up. Bobby explained the problem and asked if he could come over and look at the tractor. His grandfather watched, waiting, as Bobby listened to Tom's reply. When he cut the connection Bobby shoved the phone back into his pocket as he turned to his grandfather.

"He's in the middle of repairing Bud Smith's tractor and said it'd take about an hour and half to two hours then he'd come over."

"Well, can't ask for more than that; let's load up and run back to the house, cool off and get something to drink. Only one of us needs to come back to meet Tom and..."

Bobby cut him off, his reply urgent, "I'll do it."

His grandfather looked at him and smiled. "Good; that'll let me work in the garden the rest of the day and you can see what Tom finds out."

Tom called nearly two hours later saying he was on his way. Bobby jumped in the old truck and headed back to the pasture, winding his way around on the highway to the side they were working. At the lane that ran along the pasture he opened the gate and left it open for Tom and drove on down to the back of the pasture where they left the tractor. Every since he had called Tom Bobby wondered if Tom would want to do it again, what they had done the other day, or was it just going to be that one time. They had traded numbers and Tom said he'd call later, but it had been three days and Bobby hadn't heard from him. Bobby wondered if Tom considered their hook up just a notch in his bed post, just one more guy he had messed around with and it made Bobby anxious, a little worried, but still he couldn't help but be excited too.

Tom had the window down in his truck, letting the warm air circulate through the truck, knowing it was better to stay acclimated to the heat since he would soon be out in it again. He had left his place as soon as he wrapped up repairing Bud's tractor, got his hands cleaned and the tools he thought he'd need. The narrow two lane cut over the undulating country side through pine stands, fields and pastures and Tom kept his truck near the center away from the broken up edge until he meet another vehicle or was in a curve. His mind kept wondering back to three days ago when Bobby had been over and how they had ended up; Bobby bent over and his cock buried in Bobby's ass and he had to adjust his cock in his jeans. It had felt weird afterward, this hooking up with someone he actually knew, someone here in his own community, and for reasons he didn't understand he had felt a little panic about it, wondered how Bobby thought of their fucking and whether or not he had expected Tom to call him. It was alien to Tom to think of actually calling Bobby for a date, something so traditional, something no gay teen could do in high school when the straight boys were all doing it and now, years later, he realized he had never really dated anyone, not on a regular basis, especially not here at home.

He felt anxious about driving over and wondered if Bobby's grandfather would be there with Bobby, or if it would just be Bobby, alone. But what if it was just Mr. Madison, Bobby's grandfather, and Tom thought of driving up and only seeing Mr. Madison waiting and he knew if Bobby wasn't there he'd have his answer as to how Bobby felt.

Tom knew exactly where to go, having been on Mr. Madison's land many times in the past, as he had so many others, and he drove down to the gate that opened to the lane and pulled in. The two rut lane was rough enough to force Tom to drive slow with the sound of the high grass sweeping the underside of his truck. He saw the pasture was empty, realizing they had moved the cattle to another field to allow them to work unmolested by the cows looking for food. He eased over the rise and started down the back side and saw Mr. Madison's truck sitting to the side of the lane under a lone old oak tree and a little further down he could see the familiar tractor parked down by the fence where they were working on it earlier. As he approached he saw the door open on the truck and Bobby step out and Tom let out a deep breath of relief. He appeared to be alone.

Bobby stepped to the rear of the truck waiting, fanning the gnats away with his shirt, standing there stripped to the waist, his jeans low on his waist. Tom smiled, seeing Bobby in just his jeans, seeing the muscular torso, glistening in the sun from sweat as he stepped out in the lane. Tom pulled up to Bobby, who stood there with a stem of grass in his mouth holding his shirt. The line of hair from his navel down, disappearing in his jeans was dark and wet, the sweat running down his body. Bobby reached up and pulled his cap off and wiped at his forehead with his bare arm revealing the dark wet underarm hair.

"Hey Tom" with his voice sounding a little uncertain. "Sorry to call you out like this, it hot as fuck and all, but the tractor won't start and we cannot figure out what the problem is with the thing."

Tom couldn't help but smile at Bobby. "Glad I can help. Besides...I've been meaning to call you anyway. I guess you wondered why I..."

Bobby interrupted him, his voice anxious, a certain excitement welling up in it; "It's ok Tom, I knew you'd call eventually" as he smiled up at Tom.

"Well let's get this tractor fixed" Tom replied, then he nodded to the other side of his truck, "hop in and we'll pull on down to the tractor and get started."

Tom watched Bobby climb into his truck, looked at the muscular upper body, the lean stomach as Bobby sat down. Tom wanted to jump him now but knew he had to get that tractor fixed and he eased down the lane to where it sat. He worked quickly, getting some panels off to get to different places that had not been checked while Bobby stood by watching, waiting to see if he could help, wanting to be close. When Tom turned once to get a screw driver he bumped into Bobby and Bobby gave him a look of longing that brought him up short, made him freeze in place, his desire to do something strong.

Bobby leaned up without saying anything and kissed Tom, a simple kiss, and pulled back looking Tom in the eye.

"I...I really should finish with the tractor before...before we..." Tom stammered.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but you're not going to run off when you get done are ya?" Bobby asked, his voice low, pleading.

"Hell no" Tom whispered back at him.

Tom turned back to the tractor and worked diligently to find the problem until after about thirty minutes he found a wire stripped of its insulation causing a short. It took only a few minutes to cut the offending wire out and replace it and soon Bobby had the tractor idling. Bobby looked down at Tom and gave him a thumbs-up then shut it off.

"Grandfather is working in his garden the rest of the day, so no one is coming back here" Bobby was saying as he climbed down, and when he turned to Tom he moved up close; "and you promised not to run off."

Tom reached out and touched Bobby in the middle of his bare chest, the back of his fingers brushing over the hot wet skin till he ran them over one nipple, feeling the hard erect center as he rubbed over it. Bobby gasped and then undid his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down till they dropped to his knees. Tom looked at his body, the shiny wet skin, the muscular form and his cock hanging heavy over his balls.

"I'll do whatever you want" Bobby whispered as he eased down on his knees and buried his face in Tom's crotch smelling the sweat, the dirt and grease, feeling the worn soft denim over his face as he mouthed Tom's cock, breathed his warm breath through the fabric. Tom pulled his shirt off as Bobby undid his jeans, wasting no time in tugging everything down, stripping him, exposing his tall lean body to the hot light of day. Bobby ran his hands up Tom's stomach and over his chest, feeling the smooth skin, as he mouthed his cock, licked it clean, got it wet and took it in his mouth, sucking the head and finally sliding his mouth all the way down the growing erection. Tom placed his hands on Bobby's shoulders balancing himself, letting Bobby work his cock, slide his mouth back and forth over it till it was fully erect, hard as stone.

Tom pulled free and eased down in front of Bobby, kissing him, holding his ass, squeezing it, running fingers down in the cleft of his cheeks, probing him till his greasy fingers found Bobby's hole, teased it, rubbed over it till Bobby moaned in his mouth. Tom pushed in, penetrated Bobby, making him grunt as he worked his finger through the tight ring of his opening, stretching him till his finger easily glided through it. He pressed a second finger in Bobby, worked him open, stretching him open a little more each time. He squeezed a third finger into Bobby and Bobby began to work his ass back and forth, short movements that fucked his hole on Tom's fingers, stretching his hole, preparing him, stroking his desire, his need, for Tom.

"Fuck me" Bobby whispered as he pulled away and turned his back to Tom. He went to his hands and knees, looked back at Tom, his eyes pleading.

"Come on...stick me" he grunted as Tom moved into position, holding his hard wet cock in position. Tom rubbed the wet head over Bobby's hole, got it wet, stroked Bobby up further, then he leaned in, pressed his cock against Bobby till the head penetrated and Bobby cried out. Tom held still for a moment, his hands resting on Bobby's sides, feeling the lean waist, the skin slick and hot, the hot sun beating down on both of them, but soon he felt Bobby move, push back against his cock, let it sink further into his ass and Tom held still, watching, watching his cock slide into Bobby, his hole suck him up, the tight ring of his opening milk his cock as it slid into him.

When Bobby's ass rested against him, his cock buried all the way in, Tom ran one hand up Bobby's back, up through the sweat, feeling the hot slick skin, so smooth under his calloused hand, and he leaned forward letting his hand move over Bobby's neck and over his head, feeling his hair through his fingers as he knocked his cap to the ground. When he straightened up, Tom held Bobby's hips tightly, shifted as best he could with both of their legs hobbled with their jeans and he began to fuck, to pull back and shove back in, working this cock through the tight ring till it loosened up and his cock was gliding in and out of Bobby's hole with ease, Bobby pushing back, grunting and moaning, taking his fuck. Both of them were sweating, but it poured down Tom's body, smearing the dirt and grime he had accumulated during his day's labor, as he fucked Bobby faster and faster. The heat drove him, made him feel it, this primitive need, and he leaned down on Bobby's back and felt the way his body slid over Bobby's as he pumped his hips, driving his cock back and forth. Tom kept his pace up, fast and furious, as he hammered Bobby's hole.

"I'm getting close" he grunted in Bobby's ear. Bobby held his head down and pushed back with his ass a few times, taking all of Tom's cock, then he held his head up and turned to Tom; "Let me up...I want it in the face, shoot it in my face" Bobby begged, his voice hoarse, barely audible. Tom pulled back and stood up as Bobby shifted around, on his knees in front of Tom.

"Do it Tom, jack it...jack it in my face" Bobby begged as Tom stroked his cock, feeling the need rise up. He felt his body tighten up, rigid, and his cock grew harder as he slammed his fist down it over and over and over till he came. He shot thick wads of cum that blasted out of his cock and landed on Bobby's face, hitting him across the cheek and over his nose, hitting him under the nose and dripping down over his lips and it hit him on the neck as Tom's cock shot less and less. Bobby grabbed Tom's cock and sucked the head into his mouth, sucking the last of his load out, working his fist up the shaft, squeezing out the last dribble of cum, sucking it off the head and swallowing it. Tom couldn't take any further stimulation on his cock and he pulled back. He looked down at Bobby, his cock hard and standing out straight, his body so hot and slick with sweat and his face covered in cum, it running down in the sweat, dripping off his chin, running down his chest. Tom looked at Bobby as he reached for his own cock preparing to jack it.

"No, wait" Tom said as he dropped down on his knees in front of Bobby and he reached out and grabbed Bobby's cock, felt the hard shaft in his hand as he stroked it. He leaned over, grabbing Bobby by the neck and pulled their mouths together, kissing him, tasting his own load on Bobby's lips. Tom keep slowly stroking Bobby's cock as they kissed, as they ran their tongues over each other jaws, necks and around the ears, tasting the saltiness of their skin and Tom tasting his own cum. Bobby suddenly put pressure on Tom's arm, pushing him toward the ground and Tom knew what he wanted and he went down on his back, down in the tall grass. Bobby grabbed one leg, then the other, freeing them of the jeans and boxers entangled around his ankles. He tossed the jeans and boxers aside as he scooted up between Tom's legs, taking each one behind the knee until he was up near Tom's ass, his legs pushed up and spread apart. Bobby looked down at the lean body, naked, streaked with sweat, dirt and grass, grease smeared up his forearms and a large smudge on his cheek. Tom took hold of his own legs and held them apart as Bobby grabbed his cock, so hard it was sticking straight out, the head wet with pre-cum and he rubbed it over Tom's hole, wetting it, slicking it up. Bobby felt the tightness against his cock, felt the resistance, but he pressed forward, pushed with his hips and his cock slowly breached Tom, penetrated him, and Bobby kept pushing, slowly, watching each fraction of an inch of his shaft slide into Tom's tight hole, milking his shaft as it squeezed through. The heat made them breathe hard, the sun relentlessly beating down on them as Bobby sank his cock completely into Tom. He leaned over Tom's body, holding himself up on his hands and feet, hovering over Tom, watching drops of sweat drip down on him. Bobby pulled his hips upward, pulling his cock almost all the way out as Tom watched the thick shaft pull through his hole, then Bobby pushed down, shoved his cock all the way back in.

"Yeah...fucking bury it in me" Tom whispered as he let his legs rest on Bobby's shoulders, throwing his arms back over his head, stretching out to Bobby, feeling the sting of the grass, the heat of the sun and Bobby over him plunging his cock down into him, harder and harder, his pace getting faster. Bobby's hips worked up and down and Tom could see how his muscular body tensed and worked as he pumped his cock back and forth. Bobby leaned down and kissed Tom, tongue pushing deep into his mouth as he grunted on each downward thrust. When he leaned back up, his face tightened up, his mouth hung open as he began to pile drive his cock into Tom, slamming it down, his hips slapping against Tom's ass. The sound of their fucking broke the silence as Tom felt his hole, fully relaxed to Bobby's cock, allowed it to slam back and forth through it till Bobby was grunting with every forward thrust, each downward shove of his hips, burying his cock in Tom's ass. All too soon, having been so worked up before he even started Bobby felt it, the need to cum and he thrust his hips in short jabbing swings down into Tom till his cock flared up harder, flexed in Tom's ass and filled it with his cum. Bobby kept fucking hard till he was spent, till his cum had coated his cock and was pumping back out, and he finally fell down on Tom, their heated bodies heaving against each other as both lay exhausted, waiting for their breathing to return to normal.

Bobby climbed up and helped Tom to stand. They looked at each other, their filthy bodies, covered in sweat, dirt, grass and grease smears, especially on Bobby, smears in every place Tom had held him, every place he had ran his hands over him and Bobby holding out his arms, looked at the places Tom left greasy finger prints. He looked up at Tom and sniggered, making Tom do the same.

"Damn, we're filthy" Bobby exclaimed.

"Shit, we've got to wipe off as much of this as we can" Tom stated as he grabbed up his boxers and began to put them on. They both dressed quickly, and soon stood by Tom's truck using hand cleaner and a roll of paper towels to get the worst of the grease and dirt off in places it was noticeable. They packed up Tom's tools and Bobby asked Tom if he'd help him secure the last section of fencing after he stretched it with the tractor.

Back at the barn Bobby drove the tractor inside and parked, with Tom pulling up in his truck. Mr. Madison met Tom as he came up to the barn.

"You got it fixed" he stated in his casual tone as he walked up to Tom.

"Yes sir. It was just a wire. Although it took a while to find it."

"Bobby got the fence finished I assume since he brought the tractor back to the barn?"

"Yeah, I helped him with that last section and I'll take him back to get your truck."

"I appreciate your help; just let me know what I owe you."

Tom and Mr. Madison wrapped up their business and Tom pulled out taking Bobby back to retrieve his truck. Mr. Madison watched them pull away and thought of the rumors he had been hearing about Tom, and now, suddenly face to face with him, he saw it, in his eyes, that look he had seen a long time ago in high school. His best friend, who he knew was struggling with something, who had left right after graduation, went off in the military and afterwards settled in the west. Then he had heard his old friend, Charley, had settled down with another man and it had all suddenly made sense. And now he saw the same look in Tom's eyes, and then, not sure what to think, he saw that look in his grandson's eyes.

He turned toward the house, ambled across the yard and he wondered if something was happening between Bobby and Tom, if what he just perceived was real. He wondered if he should have a talk with his grandson, then he decided to wait, see how things played out, but he'd be ready, when the time came to stand by his grandson.



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