It was the summer of 2008, I was a newly graduated and liscenced Message Therapist, I was really into the massage thing, and I made top honors and grades in my schooling and Therapy training.

I was given a starting job at a clinic working with patients for Orthopedic Doctors, doing what I was trained to do, and it paid fairly good, but I needed more money than it was paying.

I can't say I wasn't enjoying my work, knowing that I was helping people to get back to a simbalence of normalcy was a rewarding thing to me.

I also realized that when I had to work with young men, rubbing on their bodys and working with them was making me hornier than hell.

I knew before hand that I was into guys. I had messed with a few before, and just downright loved mens bodies.

Well the first months were o.k. but I needed more cash to live with untill I got on my feet so to speak.

I looked on the internet for jobs for someone with my qualifications and I saw something that caught my eye. There was an ad for a massuse for a private Mens Health Spa, one of those exclusive, private things, I knew I was qualified for the job and thought What the hell, go for it.

I called and got an appointment and went in for an interview, took my credintials and my training list.

The owner of the spa, a Mr. Lintzinger was very nice, 'You do realize that this is a Spa, and what happens here with our clients stays here,' he said.

'Sorry Sir, I don't know if I get your meaning,'

I responded.

'Well lets just say some of our men here at the spa. like to get total body massages and we have always offered the 'Complete Massage, I mean our massuses take care of everything,' He said,

'you mean Massages with the Happy Ending,' I said with a smile.

'Now your getting it. And I will be your first Client just to see how you do. Is that alright,'

he said.

'Oh yeah, I'd be glad to give you the best rubdown you've ever had.' I responded.

'Oh Yeah son! what do they call you?' he asked.

'Oh, sorry sir, I'm Adam, Adam Walsh.'

He led me to the massage area, I looked around the room, It had a nice table that raised and lowered, and tables and cart all around with all sorts of massage oils and ointments. Very well supplied.

'Nice' I said, Mr. Lintzinger smiled and said, 'Well how do you want me?' Which was a loaded question.

Now Mr. Lintzinger was a very handsome business looking man of about maybe 40 or so, very good looking.

I told him to get undressed and take everything off, and wrap a white towel around his mid section.

I left the room to use the restroom while Mr. Lintzinger got ready, and when I came back in, he was setting naked except for a towel, damn he was nice looking, sorta slight hairy chest, with just a brush of a beard, dark snappy eyes, lightly hairy legs, and a muscular build, not olympic but very sexy and hot looking, 'Now what?' he said.

'Lay on your stomach and relax I said.'

I picked out a nice massage oil, put some on my hands and I began on his upper neck and across his shoulders, to his moans and wimpers of pleasure, 'Damn Adam, your really good, I like this.' he said. 'I'm just beginning, sir,' I said,

'You can cut the sir crap, I'm going to be one of your favorite clients after today the way it's going, so just call my Clay,' he said.

'Well Alright Clay, is that short for Clayton?' I responded.

'Yes it is, 'UGMMM god that feels so awesome,' he mumbled.

I worked on his back for about twenty minutes really giving it a workover.

'Is it alright to remove the towel?' I asked. 'Oh Hell yes son, but I won't be responsible for how I react to what your doing.' he said.

'Well sir, whatever it is, I will deal with it.'

I removed his towel and I will say it here that His ass was a work, of art. lightly covered with these little curly hairs, sorta bubble looking and the crack of his ass was dark with hair around his asshole, it was fucking beautiful.

My cock did a lurch and was ready for the hunt.

I began to work on his lower back and slide my hands down over his buttocks, I felt Clayton relax and spread his legs slightly, 'Feel free to massage my buttocks Adam, I love to have my ass rubbed,' I just smiled because if he only knew just what I wanted to do with that gorgeous ass, he would have me shot.

I oiled up my hands and began to work them slowly down into his ass crack, I heard his deep throated moans and when I slid a finger over his little starfish asshole opening, I felt his body raise up a little and he let out a louder moan, 'Awe Fuck Adam, I love that,' he said.

I began to work that hole with my forefinger, even sliding it in to the first, then the second knuckle, he loved it.

I had him spread his legs a little more and Clayton just did as I commanded, I saw those beautiful nuts down under that ass just mashed against the table, I dropped a few drops of Oil onto his balls and began to gently rub them and I told him to raise up and when he did I reached up under Clay and almost swallowed my tongue, I took hold of almost eight inches of very thick uncut cock and pulled it downward and had him lay back down, I began to play with the balls and lightly slide his foreskin back and forth on his cock head. His breathing was heavey and fast.

I watched his head come off the pillow on the table and he said, 'Damn, Adam your fucking hired, no questions asked.

I said, 'thank you sir, sorry Clay.'

I had worked on his very hard cock a few minutes, and Clay was loving every second of it, and thought I might just as well go for it.

'Well Clay, would you like to roll over and let me get the front too.' I asked.

'Oh hell yeah, I thought you'd never ask.

I couldn't believe how awesome his cock and balls looked, it was a treasure trove just waiting to be enjoyed, and I figured I had come this far, I might as well go all the way.

I slid Mr. Lintzinger to the end of the table and raised his legs and dove facefirst into his ass, I thought he would fly off the table.

I began to tongue fuck Clayton's asshole like a madman.

He was gripping the sides of the table, raising his gorgeous asshole to my mouth like mad, he was totally loving every thing I did.

I stopped after a while and started sucking on his balls, 'Oh Yeah, Fuck man that feels great.' he said.

I sucked a little while and then I started licking upward on his cock, making sure that foreskin was slid back so My tongue could work on his cock head.

I loved the size, its taste, feeling it jerk in my mouth as I took it to the balls into my throat, I felt his hands and fingers stroking thru my hair, as I gave Clayton the very best blowjob I could give, I wasn't going to stop untill I drained his nut sauce, which was fastly approaching.

'Adam, You want my load, I'm almost there?' he asked.

I never even responded I just kept up the sucking and deep throating his cock, I felt his body began to tense up, his thick balls were now up beside his cock and he started moaning and sorta jerking and I tasted his sweet, musty, salty cum flood into my mouth with force, Damn this guy packed a huge load, I began swallowing and gulping as Clayton held my head onto his cock and filled my mouth and throat.

I didn't stop sucking till his begged me to stop because of his cocks sensitivity.

I smiled as he finally got his breath, I had licked every little drip of cum from Claytons cock, it was awesome.

He lay there almost exhausted regaining his strength that had just been drained from him out of the end of his nice thick cock.

' Wow Adam, your going to do alright here,' he said. He got up and got dressed, came over and put a hundred dollar bill in my hand, 'Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the tips are good for a job well done too.' he said with a big smile.

I started that afternoon and during this week I guess I had give about thirty massages a few were just the plain straight body massages but there were a couple married men that like to just have a hand job, nothing else, but what the hell, I did do the best I could and got nice tips, mostly older guys forties and fifties, but I loved helping these old dudes get their nuts drained and bringing them some pleasure in their lives.

I had been working there about two months when I got the paperwork for a man Named Larkin Sterling, it was a pre set appointment at six one evening and it said, the complete body massage, with extras, that usually meant a handjob, or inner asshole massage, finger fuck if you will.

Well I had a break and came back at six to do the massage, prepared to take care of another old dude with a nut full of cum to be drained.

I didn't even notice his looks as I was reading something turned the other way when he came in, Just told him to go behing the dress curtain, and get naked and put a towel around his body.

His voice was deep and resonant, very sexy like a t.v announcer or something.

I put the booklet I was reading down, turned around and noticed the top of his head, it looked like he was either bald or had a burr type haircut. I got my massage oil ready and set it on the edge of the table, when out from behind the dressing curtain stepped this gorgeous hunk of a man, I felt weak in the knees.

he stood about six one, looked like he would weight about 175, solid built, washboard stomach, nice thick chest muscles with a little wisk of hair, beautiful face, lovely eyes, I was fucking in love, this guy was a dream on legs, I almost came on myself just staring at him.

'Hey my name is Larkin Sterling,' he said.

'Hey Larkin, glad to meet you, I'm Adam.'

'Glad to know you Adam, do I get up on the table now?'

'Oh yeah, sorry----------Damn Dude pardon me for being so outspoken but your one hell of a handsome man.' Larkin's face turned really red.

'Oh Im so sorry, I didn't mean to make you blush.'

'Oh no, It's alright, just not used to having guys tell me Im handsome or good looking.' he said.

I had him lay face down on the table, and I said, 'I hope you like what I do.'

'Well Adam, I put on there to have the complete package done, what ever that means.'

'Well Larkin that means everything gets massaged.'

'YOu mean like in 'EVERYTHING?' he said with a smile.

'You got it.' I responded.

I started to work his neck muscles and back muscles and worked my way down to his buttocks and removed the towel and wanted to put my face between those gorgeous ass cheeks and just die there, He was a fucking god.

As I began to work on his buttocks I knew he was getting a boner, I could feel his hips and buttocks moving back and forth trying to get it in a comfortable position.

I finally said, 'YOu can roll over if you'd be more comfortable.'

'Well O.k but I got a boner, sorry>'

'Hey man, I see guys get boners in his all the time, and most of the time I take care of massaging them too.'

'REally, you do that for them?' he asked.

'All the time, Thats why it says on the sheet of paper you signed that 'What is done in this spa, stayes in this spa.' I said.

I stared rubbing on his legs, inner thighs and I watched as almost eight inches of thick beautifully cut cock began to thicken up and stand on its own, I wanted to lean over and suck it so bad. it was gorgeous, perfectly straight, thick, clean lines, veiny and wanting attention so bad.

Well I could stand it no longer I slid my hand up under his nuts sack and he jumped and moaned just a little, 'That feels so awesome.' he said.

I began to massage his egg sized balls. HIs moaning and verbal saounds told his story, he was likeing what I was causing in his body.

I could stand it no longe, and I leaned over and started sucking on his nuts, he raised up and let out a gasp, and as I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck his cock, His hand pushed my head so hard, his cock slid down my throat forceably, it was awesome, he held my head down and grunted it only took a few minutes and he was unloading his cum down my throat. I looked up and he was smiling from ear to ear, 'God that was fantastic.' he said with a smile. I wanted more, and then he said, 'Look at you, your cock is hard too.'

He reached down and started rubbing my cock thru my white shorts, I knew I would take long if he kept that up, I unzipped it and he fished it out, 'I never did this before,' he said.

'Damn your cock feels awesome.' He said.

He stroked it about three minutes and I let out a loud moan and blew cum all over the place. He just looked into my eyes and smiled and said. 'I loved that.' and as I gasped for more air, 'I did too, Larkin,' I said.

we wiped the mess up and before he left he gave me a big tip, and asked me out for dinner the following night, which I accepted, he was gorgeous, and I'll tell you what happened in the next chapter. 'TO BE CONTINUED'



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