It was another sultry, hot, miserable Delta day, next week would be my birthday and I would be 19 years old, a full grown man by all standards. My

Father owned a plantation Here in the Mississippi Delta, we grew cotton, some tobacco, and some other crop I had never heard of before and Oriental crop called Opium Poppies or something like that. The Sun was going down and I had been booked for a date with Miss Susan McCalister, a wealthy Southern belle, Debutant, sorta gal, but hell I didn't know why, I still had not had any hankering for a lady friend and I was just doing it because my Father wanted me to.

Well the evening went just about as I thought it would, boring as hell, and I went dressed to the nines, and looking like I was going to a wedding or something. I met up with Susan and was rather cordial and quite gentlemenly, well, at least as much as I knew how to be, and after it was over I went home just as lonly and unsatisfied as always. Most of my sexual experience had been in the barn hayloft with my right hand and I had a few jerk offs with overnight stays at my friends, which kinda seemed the thing for young lads to do back then, mostly checking out each others dicks to see which of us had the biggest and who could shoot cum the farthest.

This particular night we had just heard that the War between the States had started and of course we were in the Southern States so we were considered Rebs. Hell I didn't want to fight on either side.

My father had gone to Tupelo to pick up some new farm hands (Afro-Americans of course) But I was a little strange, I had played with some of the little colored boys all my life and didn't think of them as servants, just my little friends.

Father came up in the wagon with about Five new servants 3 women for maids work and working the gardens, and 2 males, an older man about 35-40 Big muscular, burly looking gent, and a younger one about my age.

Dad said the older mans name was Joe, and he would be tending the fields and animals, and the younger mans name was Arlan, I smiled at Arlan and Joe and said Hey how are you? they looked at each other and just kinda shrugged.

My father then told me that Arlan was to be my personal servant and I was to let him help me, and he was to take care of me in any way I so needed.

Hell I didn't want someone to be at my becon call every hour of the day. But to please Dad I let Arlan follow me around, Hell he even started giving me my bath, Well shower really, We had a windmill apparatis on top of a little shed outback of the main house and on the top was a large Metal tank and the windmill would spin and drawpump water into the tank from a deep well and the sun would warm it up during the daylight hours and It would get quite warm, plenty of warm water for several showers, really quite ingenious.

Well one afternoon I wanted to take a shower an Arlan came along as usual when we went into the hidden area below the tank there was a little area for stripping naked to take a shower, there was a table for clean clothes, and a bench to sit down on while dressing.

I walked into the area and started undressing. and then Arlan started undressing too. I wasn't expecting this, but he was my manservant. As I was undressing I was stripping off my slacks I noticed Arlan stopped and stared at me looking straight at my crotch, I just looked up at him and smiled, being a little self conscious, but something was happening inside of me, I kept undressing untill I had gotten totally naked, Then Arlan finished, Damn, He was built, muscular, heavy veiny arms, chest like a greek god, and thighs like none I had ever seen before, and when I beheld his cock and balls I almost fainted, an uncut cock that had to be 8 inches soft and thick as his wrist, I had never seen one that big before.

I didn't even realize that looking at his cock like that was giving me a hardon like a brick.

Arlan then grabbed my hand and said I give you bath,(he didn't speak very plain English) but he was quite understandable, I followed to the shower head and he pulled the rope then he took the soap off the rack on the side wall of the shower and said I take care of you, The warm water started falling onto us and he began to wash me, he washed my hair, then my face, then my chest, and then my legs. and feet starting at the bottom and back up to the goodie bag, and he began to wash my balls with soap lather I thought I would pass out from pleasure, I had never had another man touch my dick before and this was an experience like no other untill that time.

Arlan then took my balls into his hand and took his other hand and went to the rear and slid his soapy hand into the crack of my ass, Holy Shit! I thought I would die. the feeling was incredible, and while massaging my nuts with his right hand and having my asshole massaged with the other hand and even having it peirced with a couple fingers was too much my cock was standing straight up, then Arlan raised his right hand and started washing my hard cock, He milked the foreskin back and soaped up the head and behind the head, so gently slathering it back and forth with his hand, I was moaning and grunting and just letting him do his thing.

I was standing there with Arlan's hand around my cock, groaning and wimpering and Having my eyes shut, then I came to my senses and opened my eyes Fuck Arlan's Cock was standing straight as an arrow out from his body, It was huge and I could make out every vein in his cock, shit, it was gorgeous, Arlan spoke up and said 'Masser needs a good Milkin' I said Oh Yea he does but so does Arlan. Arlan said I do that myself sur, I looked at Arlan and said If you can do that for me, then I can do that for you, Arlan, I want you to be my friend, not just my servant, he spoke up and said I don't know what to say, Ize always been a manservant since I wuz a youngin. And I been milking my massers eber since. Well You don't do it to me because you have to, I want you to like to do it, do you hear. YES sur, I hears he replied, And I wants to sur, Then he went back to stroking and milking my cock untill I grunted and unloaded a big load of cum all over the shower floor, I then took Arlans cock into my hand, Shit my hand wouldn't even reach around it, and started my stroking of Arlans beautiful Huge Black Cock, Arlan leaned his head back and started bodily jerking and grunting and moaning like a hog at a slopfest, Fuck he shot a rope of cum all the way across the room and landed on the bench, I said that was Bodatious, just awesome Arlan, your loads really pack a wollop. He just smiled and looked up and said Yez Sur! they does.

The days progressed into months and All I could think about was Arlan's beautiful cock, And We milked each other quite a few times.

Well one day some of my co-plantation friends that I had known for years were together at a party and got to talking about sex and one of my buddies named Wilfred, said he had a girl servant at his plantation that takes of him, she sucks his cock and swallowes his cum, I thought of Arlan, and the more they talked the more I thought about Arlan,.

The evening progressed and I drove my carriage back to our plantation and went looking for Arlan, He was in the barn putting up a few bales of hay, I said Arlan, do you know about sucking a guys cock? He looked up and smiled and said Yez sur! Have you ever done it? Yez sir, my last masser made me, but I had to do it with him, I'd likes doin it to you. I said come with me,

We went into the tak room and I turned around to Arlan and kissed him on the lips, He looked stunned and said Sur whats ya doin? I said that same thing I want you to do to me. He said Yez sur. I then started taking his shirt off and then went on to his pants. I noticed he was starting to get a real boner and I got excited as hell, I couldn't undress Arlan fast enough, I was fumbling and overdoing it with excitement, and when his pants came down I grabbed his balls hanging there and took his gorgeous cock as far as I could into my mouth, Arlan was shocked at first and then he started moving with the flow. I pulled out and started licking his nuts and sucking on his balls god I was lost in total heat and lust..

I began to relax my throat and was taking his huge black cock all the was to the bush, the manly sweaty odor and salty taste was intoxicating I went wild with lust, I couldn't get enough of that beautiful cock, and I wanted to swallow his whole body, fuck I was dilerious, and about to faint I had taken that monster cock all the way to the hilt, and I wanted more complete lust and abandon had taken over,

Arlan pulled me down, and said calm down boss, and lets both be for pleasuring each other.

then he layed down and started sucking my cock too, we were sixty-nining each other and the sensation of his hot, wet, soft mouth ,and the pressure he was putting on my cock was just beyond words of explaination, My breathing was eratic, my heart beat was so fast it felt like a drum beating in my head and I was lost in complete, love and lust like never before in my life. Arlan was doing things with his tongue to my cock that was making me vibrate all over my body, and I felt my nutsack tighten up and my nuts disappeared into my body cavity somewhere, and I felt the spasming down in the lower part of my rectum first and I could feel the load of cum as it moved from inside my body up every inch of my 7 inch cock and out of the opening of the head, I was lost to the rest of the world and could not see or hear anything, Arlan just kept swallowing my load and then the sensitivity hit me, My cock head was so touchy I felt like it would come off the shaft, I just started laughing and then a few more sucking movements up and down on Arlans cock and He started unloading,, Dam it was like a horse shooting his load, I did my best to get it all and I did pretty good too. We layed there totally spent but in an aura of complete satisfied bliss. and then I leaned over grabbed Arlan and kissed him on the mouth and tongued him, and told him that I thought I was in love.

Arlan said He felt the same way but It wouldn't work out that way for us, He said, Masser Ize Black and you is white and we be killed if they finds out. I said I don't care, then we will just have to keep it our secret.

Well as time went on Arlan and I met and had sex I found out what that big cock felt like up my ass and I found out what an asshole felt like around my cock too.

Any thing I needed Arlan was there for me, And our love affair lasted untill the Emancepation Proclamation took place, but even then Arlan stayed on my Plantation, Not as a servant but a hired hand,and of course my close friend and lover. He died on February 21, 1886, He was my friend, lover and soulmate. Rest in peace Arlan. I love you and always will.



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