The Man that Healed Me Part #2

By : A. Williams

      I had agreed to his terms, to be physically loved by him. I surprised myself, being with a man I didn’t know at all, a stranger no less, that no one seemed to know. And I was hoping this one time encounter could heal all my hurt from the rape, my distrust in men and all my loneliness in one evening.

     I stood staring in his black eyes, knowing my needs were heavy for any man to carry, but Malachi Cartwright was not any man. Even though we were strangers to each other, he seemed to be able to read my mind and somehow deep in my soul I could feel him. I trusted him and I knew he alone could carry my needs on his shoulders, he alone would indeed be the man to heal me.

     He reached out his hand to me, I accepted, my hand trembling. Again I heard “Do not be afraid of me Chris, my Stor,” he said in a hushed whisper. “What does that mean?” I asked. Slowly he pulled me with him, knowing again what I was thinking as he stopped for me to turn off lights, close and lock the door.

    No words were exchanged as we slowly climbed the stairs, all that could be heard was our increased breathing and the creaking of the wood risers. We entered my bedroom, moonlight spilling in through the opened drapes. I waited… but remember his words, “I will not touch you unless you ask it of me… perhaps you may even have to beg.” Those inciting words echoed in my head, heating up places I was unaware I had.

     I reached for his cheek and his hand covered mine, he placed a soft kiss upon the inside of my wrist and in a thick hoarse voice said, “Stor means to us in Romania, My Darling. It is Celtic, my native tongue,” he answered patiently. “My Darling, ask if of me and whatever you wish will be done.”

     The moonlight made his black eyes sparkle, “Make me forget everything….. everything but you.” I whispered.

     I one fell swoop he scooped me up in his large warm arms and pressed his lips to mine tenderly. His kiss made me light headed and I didn’t feel him moving across the floor. Suddenly I was laid down on the bed and he was above me, his long hair brushing against my face. “May I undress you, my Darling. Please, I have been waiting to see the moonlight on your pale skin?” he whispered.

     His words were so powerful all I could do was nod, my red curls coming undone and falling around my face. Ever so slowly he raised and removed my shirt, moaning he unbuttoned my trousers and slowly and methodically unzipped them, one tooth at a time.

     He seemed to be opening me up like a Christmas present when you are so careful and try not to tear the paper. “I am in no hurry lover, the best part is for me to feast my eyes upon you, we have all night, there is no need to rush,” he said in that thick hoarse voice, again pulling the thoughts from my head.

     His words had me longing with desire, so deep, it unraveled any lingering doubts.

     “Please hurry,” I moaned. He grunted but continued, slowly. Then zipper undone, he looped his thumbs in the waist band and lower my pants along with my boxers.

     Finally naked he took a few steps back and let his eyes roam over me. He seemed to want to engulf me, but held back.

     “Tell me again what it is you want, as I may become an animal and take you too roughly, beautiful one,” he said his voice jagged with lust.

“I am not beautiful. I don’t see what you see,” I stated.

“Who has told you this, for they are a liar,” he said angrily.

“The one who does not know it is the most beautiful of all, that is you my Chori,” he said sweetly.

     I did not see him undress, he seemed to float and he was on top of me naked, warm and hard against my skin. His lips found mine, this time the kiss was more urgent, more wanting.

     His lips slanted across mine with a fierce hunger that sent a rush of desire through me. Without knowing, I parted my lips and with my eyes closed , I kissed him back as fiercely as he was now kissing me. Electricity surged between us, its intensity catching me off guard.

     Our bodies were so close there were practically fused together. There was no way I could miss that huge bulge above me.

     I relaxed into it letting it take me away, wanting him in me. I moved until he was there, at my spot and pushed, all my rational thinking leaving my brain as I felt him enter me, God yes, this was what I needed.

     “Malachi,” I murmured.  His mouth slid down on my neck nuzzling the delicate cord behind my ear as he moved inside me. Even his name thrilled me because it reminded me this was new and forbidden.

      I arched my back and kissed the prickly area along his jaw moving deliberately against his groin.

    I was dazzled by the sheer pleasure of it, by the undulating feel of him inside me.

    It made me scream in desire and made my cock burn. Our eyes met, his black as night mine green as willows.

    His hands reach my hard nipples, and I moan aloud, god yes take me there…over the edge, I thought.

    He took the words out of my head, “My Darling, beautiful one, let go and allow me to heal you,” he whispered.

     We both erupted, hard and never-ending it seemed. I felt him soften in me and was sad as he left me empty.

     “My Darling… let us sleep and recover… next time I will last longer, beautiful one,” he promised.

     I was very happy as he pulled me to his hard warm body and pulled up the blanket over us. Never had I been so content…….

The End………thanks for reading and posting on my stories……..I feel like these two stories have been my best writing…………I hope you all agree…..Andy.


A. Williams

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