The Man that Healed Me Part #1

By : A. Williams

     I didn’t know him but that meant he didn’t know me, he didn’t know I was damaged goods and I liked him not knowing. That anonymity, the promise that there’d be noting between us but sex was very appealing.

     I was startled by a sudden tapping on the sliding glass door and dropped the two wine glasses I’d been carrying. “Malachi, how did you find me and what are you doing here so late? I asked getting the broom and dust pan from the closet, happy he was here but pissed about my broken glasses.

     “I followed you. I came to see if you were alright, you seemed upset before,” he walked in the house through the open door. “Didn’t mean to startle you Christian, here let me help you,” he said removing the broom and the dust pan from my hands. I was suddenly happy my best friend Grace had to leave after only two glasses of wine.

     I watched him as he cleaned up the mess I had made. I stared at his handsome face, it seemed softer than it had been in the bar earlier tonight, when he had suddenly grabbed me and pulled me to him hard. That intense encounter had freaked me out after my chilling experience with Donald eight months ago.

     That’s why I had called Grace, to come talk, drink wine and try to calm me down after my first introduction with Malachi Cartwright. But know, in my kitchen I saw him in a different light.

     He had a very handsome tan face and deep black eyes. His ebony, slightly curly hair fell over his naked shoulders as he swept the floor clean of the dangers of broken glass. I shuttered as I watched his well-defined muscles move beneath his glistening skin.

     “Thanks for the help,” I said falling to my knees to pick up the larger pieces. I looked up and found black clad legs stood in my line of vision. I looked higher and saw Malachi looking down at me with a small smile on his stunning face. I was possessed by a sudden urge to press my cheek against his thigh, turn my face and mouth his cock through the thin cotton layer of his pants.

     I stood abruptly and pricked my finger on the glass in my hand. I dropped it in the trash under the sink and turned, Malachi was right behind me. I stepped back my ass hitting the counter as he pulled my hand to his face. “Here, let me help you.” I heard again.

     He slowly raised my bleeding fingertip to his wet full lips and kissed the blood away. His glistening tongue snaked out from his mouth and licked the remaining traces of red liquid there. I stifled a moan as he inserted my finger tip in his slick hot mouth and sucked softly, like a baby trying his Mothers breast for the first time.

     “Chris, don’t be afraid,” he murmured. “I...I’m not.” He leaned forward, nuzzling my neck, his breath brushed my collarbone making me shiver. His mouth slipped upward hovering near my ear, “You are,” Malachi whispered.

     He touched me nowhere but was close everywhere. I found myself straining forward. Wanting…. needing…. desiring him. His erection brushed my stomach, just a hint. In truth, I wasn’t sure it had touched me at all.

     His teeth grazed my jugular and I gasped a sound of pure arousal. I wanted to grab his head, shove it to my breast, let him suckle me as he lifted me to the counter and  plunged into me again and again until we both came screaming each other’s name.

     “I want you more than I have wanted a man in eons,” Malachi’s words whispered across my skin. “But we’ll take it slow, as you wish.”

     I became still, “What?” I asked confused. “Some men are animals. I am not,” he said softly. I shoved at his chest and he moved away. “You were listening, you were eavesdropping?” I was trying to control my emotions. “You heard about the worst night in my life…. My rape?  GET OUT NOW!” I screamed feeling violated all over again.

     Malachi raised his hands in defeat, spreading his long fingers, “WHOA,” he said firmly. He started toward me, I thought he meant to grab me, shake me and throw me to the floor. It had happened to me before and then I realized he meant to leave but I was standing in his way.

     “At the bar, I never would have approached you, touched you…. If I had of known what you had been through. The forced nature of it, the terrorizing effect of that degusting act,” he said apologetically. 

     “I’m not made of glass,” I muttered. “But you are. Spun of fire, hard enough to keep out the rain and the wind.” His knuckle rapped the glass door. “Fragile enough to shatter if handled poorly. I… I would handle you gingerly, you are so special Chris. I have dreamed of a man made of fire …and glass. A man strong but weak, all my life,” he said softly slowly raising a finger to run through one of my red curls upon my head. His soft touch trailed down my cheek, suddenly I did not want him to leave.

     I could not help staring into his black eyes and he stared back into my green ones. I was tired of being alone, tired of being scared and tired of never wanting anyone. Now I wanted him, Malachi.

     I pressed my mouth to his. Warm…. Sweet…. Soft. He let me take the lead, allowing me to be the aggressor and I liked it. I nibbled his lips, trailed the seam with my tongue and he opened for me. I tensed a little waiting for the invasion but none came, he was letting me kiss him barley kissing me back.

     I wasn’t a man prone to petty daydreams yet kissing this man brought to mind a rainstorm hitting the pavement after a scorching hot day in August. Steam rising up, drifting past my face like on that hot day.

     God I was on fire for this man, I pulled away from him trembling. For the first time in months, I was not afraid. My arousal had pushed away every shred of my fear away.

     “I will never touch you unless you ask it of me. Perhaps you must even beg. You can trust me Chris,” he said in a hushed whisper. “You do not think me trustworthy,” he said sounding devastated.

     How did he continue to take the words right out of my mouth, out of my head? I met his dark eyes, “I don’t know you,” I said somehow ashamed.

     “You could tie me up,” he leaded forward and I tensed but all he did was sweep his lips across my forehead, “Then I could not touch you until you set me free.” He laughed.

     I shuddered at the image, it was far too appealing. “I must go,” Malachi said reaching for the sliding glass door and I grabbed his hand. “You must have dozens of men who want you, who desire you. Why me?” I asked as he smiled sweetly.

     “Chris I have no-one. I’m not supposed to have a man at all, if I do, he would have to be 100% Romanian. To have a man that is not would cause me to be declared an outcast by my people,” he said softly cupping my cheek. “To touch you is forbidden by all Romanians,” he whispered with sadness in his voice and wanting in his eyes.

     “Then why are you here?” I asked. “Because I could not stay away…. Away from you Chris, my man of fire and glass,” he said sounding heartbroken.

     The idea of me being forbidden to touch and him being exiled from his people was strangely intriguing.

     “Kiss me,” I purred. His gaze returned to mine. “You accept my terms then?” he asked smiling his eyes full of hope.

     Once I accepted, I knew I would be in for far more than a kiss, I wanted to heal. I wanted to put the rape behind me and wanted to move on.

      “Kiss me,” I repeated. “Then touch me all over”…………….

Part #2 soon………….Thanks for reading and posting………………….A.


A. Williams

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