Jacque had just won his third straight Lumberjack competition up in the mountains 2 hours plus from downtown,Montreal. He won all his four events before his team through him a huge party later on that night over at the lodge they all rented for the week.  Sam was the new comer to the team as he stood close to 5'10 and had a great well trained body.

Sam was Jacque roommate the last few days of the competition since his so called girlfriend had to go work for the weekend. Jacque had just celebrate his 45 birthday prior to the North America contest. Jacque had a terrific body and look fucking hot in his Wrangler blue jeans,cowboy shirt and his special Kodiak boots that he likes to wear.

It was around 75 degrees outside and Jacque had to take his shirt off before he had to climb up a 25 feet pole. All the girls and some men loved him when they see him bend over with his navy blue Under Armour briefs showing along with his semi hairy butt hole.

It was early Monday morning that Jacque decided to stay up in the Lodge for a few extra days since he was all worn out from the 4 days contest. The late morning sun was very bright as Jacque put on a pair of his tight fit Nike nylon short to go for his daily  3 to 5 km job. He then stop to take a brake when he notice a fellow fishing down on the river bad.

Jon was on holidays for a week and was staying  a few lodges over from were Jacque was. He was a bit shy and was also office Manager for insurance company. Jon and Jacque click right away and decided to meet later on over at Jon lodge for a fish dinner with the fish he had just caught that same day. Jon had a few glasses of wine in him and told Jacque that he like to have fun with men once in a while in which it made Jacque on easy a bit.

The mantel clock was now showing just pass 7 pm as Jon finally got his wish by talking Jacque into getting a body massaged by him. He lay on top of the huge kitchen table with his head on the pillow as Jon began to pour some type of sexual heated massaged oil all over his hairy chest and legs as he lay there in his dark red jockey briefs. He first started off working over his dark hairy chest before he made his way down to his mid section.

" This feel so great Jon "

" I had that sense that you will love it "

" Jesus you really know what your are doing my friend "

Jacque 8 plus thick dick started to get a hard on as Jon was massaging all around his hairy groin and bugle area with his bear paw hands. He then made his was all the way down to his ankles as he watch Jacque cock get smaller.

" Are you finished  Jon ? "

" Nope, roll over so I can do your back "

Jon work his back good and hard as Jacque was moaning from the pain and pleasure before he roll over onto his back once again.

" How was that Jacque ? "

" That was fucking great Jon "

" Where the hell did you learn how to give such a great massaged ? "

" I almost became a Massaged Therapist and quit after the second year "

Jon can see Jacque was getting hard once again and decided to massaged him once again all around the groin area.

" Jesus it fucking feels good "

" Just lay back and close your eyes and let it all go "

He then began to roll down his underwear down to his ankles and made his way back up to his 8 inch thick cut cock. Jon mouth was sliding up and down on his shaft real slow as Jacque was moaning with great pleasure. He then started to play with the lovely head of his cut dick and began watching huge amounts of pre cum sipping out of it as he jerking it.

" My God Jon you going to make me cum "

" Go for it Jacque ! "

Once again Jon mouth was rap tightly around his hard thick cock as he swallowing his hole cock all the way down his throat. He started to choke a bit from all of the pre cum as the blow job got more intense. 

" Fuck I am close , Fuck I am so close "

" Give it to me Jacque "

" Here it fucking comesssssssss  "

Jon withdrew his mouth and watch the cum fly out of Jacque like a missile going off , Jacque shook for almost 10 seconds as he was orgasming all over the place. Jon saw that there was a huge load still left around the head and began slurping the rest of his cum all up.

" OH Jesus that hot "

" Holy shit that so fucking hot "

After it was all over, Jacque slowly got up from the kitchen table and bend over to pull up his briefs. Jon was now over at the fridge washing down the load of cum with Peps before he went into grab a shower. 

It was 2 days later that Jacque took his first load of Jon's man juice over by the tree stump close to the running river. Jon was so fucking horny by then he shot a huge load off all over Jacque goatee mouth and his thick pink lips. 

The End




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