After learning that a new subdivision was going in, I was ready to get our of the hustle and bustle of living in town.  I immediately contacted the developer and made an appointment to see where it would be located and the size of the lots.

We met, and he showed me the plot plan and said that it backed up to a large water retention pond to control flooding.  The lots were oversized, and loving my privacy, I purchased four lots side by side, on the back side of the development, by the pond.

As soon as possible, I started construction on my house which would be located on the two center lots, with half the building on each of the two lots.  It was three bedroom, each with their own private bath, den, media room, office large kitchen, and two half baths, one off the den and the other in the media room.

Once construction was complete and the lot planted with grass and shrubs, I had a pool installed and once that was done, from each front corner of the house and completely enclosing the side and back yard, was a nine foot him solid concrete block fence, with a door/gate, in the rear to gain access to the walking track around the pond.

I initiated the house by having eight close male friends over for a house warming.  That’s what I called it but actually it was an orgy. 

It was all day on a Saturday and everyone was around the pool all totally nude, and having sex whenever they so desired.

It was near five in the afternoon when I noticed a lineman for the power company climbing the utility pole behind my fence.  Here we were, nine naked gay men kissing sucking and fucking, with a man on the utility pole watching.

After a moment of me watching him and him watching us, he smiled and gave me a thumbs up sign and went to work, not obviously paying us any attention.  However, on a few occasions when I glanced up in his direction, I noticed him adjust his crotch, letting me know that he probably had a boner.  He appeared to be in his early thirties, was muscular, had shoulder length dark hair, and his white old style ‘wife beater’ undershirt revealed a hairy chest.   Seeing his casual reaction to us having sex, I wondered if he played or not.

I continued watching him and he mostly paid attention to his work, only glancing over to watch the action from time to time.  After fifteen minutes or so, when I glanced over, I saw him starting to climb back down the power pole.  Suddenly, he was out of sight.  I wondered if I would ever see him again.

I had taken a three week vacation, to move in and get settled and with two weeks still remaining, I had ninety-five percent of the work done.

The Monday after the orgy, I was enjoying a cold glass of tea next to the pool, nude, tanning parts of my body that seldom see the sun, when I heard a heavy duty truck behind my fence. 

I watched and moments later, I saw the same hot stud climbing up the pole.  Now, being high enough to see over the fence, he glanced in my direction, and upon seeing me nude by the pool, smiled and waved.  Naturally, I waved back.

After a moment, I walked over toward the fence and called out, “When you get a chance, I have a cold glass of tea waiting for you. I’ll unlock the gate here.”

Smiling, he called down, “Sounds good. Give me fifteen minutes or so.”

I unlocked the gate leading to the walking track around the retention pond, then returned to the patio.  After a few minutes, when I saw him start down the pole, I went inside and gathered up the pitcher of tea, ice bucket and a glass and returned to the patio, just after he had entered and closed the gate.

I introduced myself and as we shook hands, he said “I’m Steve Davis, but everyone calls me ‘Buck’.

“How did you get that name?” I asked.  

“In high school, I was a member of the school rodeo team and rode horses bareback and usually got bucked off.”

As he spoke, I saw that he was dressed exactly as he had been on Saturday when I first saw him, and I fought to keep from getting a boner with him being so close.

After handing him his glass, I sat back down on the chaise and told him to sit and relax a while.

As he sat down, I spoke up saying, “Buck, I’d like to apologize for what went on Saturday while you were up on the pole.  I never dreamed there would be workers out on the weekend.”

“Hey, Mark, it’s cool.  We see a lot of things when we’re up on the poles.”

“But nothing like what you saw, I bet.”

“Your right about that.  It was definitely different and unexpected.  But it was in private, and on your private property.”

Looking at him I said, “Buck, you seem so at ease with me being here totally nude.  It surprises me.”

“I spent four years in the Army, and our showers were usually just one big area with shower heads and no privacy at all.  I’ve seen numerous guys nude and some with erections.  I’ve even popped one on occasions in the showers.  It’s cool, and besides, after I get home and shower, I usually stay nude.”

“Maybe so, but I bet you never saw guys sucking and fucking like what was going on here?”

“That was a first, I admit.  But I don’t judge people that enjoy things like that.  To each his own.  I probably do things that would shock people also.”

“Such as?” I asked.

With a smile on his face, he said, “I have neighbors immediately on each side of me, but sometimes later in the evenings, I’ll go outside nude and enjoy the freedom, and I have been known to jerk off on occasions.”

“From that, I assume your single?”

“Divorced, as of two months ago.  I caught her getting fucked by two of her coworkers.”

“Mother fuck!  How did that happen?”

“I got sick with a stomach virus and went home at noon one day.  She had taken the day off for a morning doctor’s appointment, or so she said.  When I got home and walked in she had one guy fucking her cunt and the other fucking her mouth.  I had tried to get her to blow me but she refused saying it was nasty.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I looked at her and said that I saw she had returned to her high school days. We went to high school together and back then she let any guys with a hard cock fuck her.  She supposedly changed and up until that day I thought things were different.  One of the guys said that he had been fucking her for months.”

“How did the divorce turn out?”

“Her loss.  I owned the house and everything before we married, so there was no community property.  My lawyer managed to get me out of paying any alimony.  I gave her a thousand dollars to help her out, and the judge said I owed her nothing else.”

“Buck, I think you’re cool, and if nudity doesn’t bother you, how would you like to come over this weekend for burgers and a swim?”

“As far as I know this is my weekend off, so I’d enjoy that.  Most weekends off are boring.”

“If you want, take whatever clothes you want to work with you and when you get off, come straight over here.  You can clean up here, with a cold beer within reach.”

“Perfect idea, especially the cold beer. See you Friday if I don’t see you sooner.”

“Great,” I replied.

“Mark, if you’re out and hear a truck pull up behind the fence, if it’s me, I’ll sound my horn.  If you don’t hear the horn, whoever is back there might not be an understanding about the nudity as I am.”

“Got it,” I replied.

He left and I relocked the back gate and as I walked back into the house, he was back up the pole and he smiled and waved.  I wondered what Friday would bring.

On Wednesday, Buck was back but just waved when I saw him, tapping his watch, letting me know that he didn’t have time to visit.

It was summer, and the days were long.  At shortly after six, the doorbell rang and checking the security camera I saw that it was Buck.  I remotely unlocked the door then on the intercom told him to come on in.  

Once he was inside, he tossed a small duffle bag aside as he came into the kitchen, saying, “I’m bad.”

Smiling, I asked, “How are you bad?” as I handed him a cold beer.

“I told a lie.  I told my supervisor that I had an emergency and would have to be out of town until late Sunday.  That way he won’t be calling me at home to work.”

“Well, let’s make sure.  I have no plans, so why don’t you stay the weekend here where he can’t find you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Positive, if the fact that I’m gay doesn’t bother you.”

“After what I saw last weekend, if it did bother me, I wouldn’t have had the glass of tea with you or be standing here right now”

“Thanks,” I said, looking into his eyes, adding, “You ready for a shower?”

“Oh, yea,” he replied with a smile.

I led him to the bedroom next to mine, and told him to make himself at home.

Half hour later he returned, his long hair still damp, and totally nude.

“It this attire acceptable?“ he asked.

Looking over his hot, muscular, nude body, I said, “Most definitely.”

His chest was even more defined than I had seen before with more hair.  Above his left nipple was a tattoo of the Army emblem, and on his lower stomach was a smiley face.

Smiling, I said, “I understand the Army insignia, but what gives with the smiley face?”

“When back in the army, I occasionally dated a girl that said she liked to see a smiling face when she gave a guy head, hence the smiley face.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I checked out his beautiful, long, semi-thick cut cock.

As he sat at the counter while I prepared dinner, I said, “Buck, I’m glad that you feel so comfortable around me to go nude also.”

“Well, why be bashful.  This is the way we were born.”

Moments later, he got us each a fresh beer, then began helping me with dinner, frequently standing extremely close.

I wanted desperately to reach over and fondle his swinging cock, but wasn’t sure how he would take it.

After eating and cleaning up the kitchen together, we went out to the pool with a small cooler stocked with cold beer.  As we sat on the steps, water almost up to our chins, he looked over at me and said, “May I make a confession?”

“This sounds serious,” I replied, “but go ahead.”

“Several months ago, I stopped by an adult video store, considering buying a fuck movie.  I got to looking at the covers to a few gay movies and decided to go into the arcade and watch one to see what they did together.  I began watching three guys sucking and fucking ad before I realized it my cock was rock hard, wondering what it would be like having sex with another male.”

After a long swallow of beer, he continued, and said, “When I saw you and your friends doing it in person, I was again very curious, and hoped that I could somehow meet you.  Well, things worked out the way I wanted them and here I am. I’ve been sucked by women before but never to completion.  They said the idea of sperm in their mouth is gross.

Then he looked at me and asked, “Mark, would you show me what it’s like to get sucked off by another male?”

“I’d love to, and to be honest, that was the reason behind me inviting you for the weekend.  Whenever your ready, just tell me.”

“Do it now, while I’m still sober enough to know if I like it or not.”

I had him move over to the edge and sit with his feet in the water where I could get between them.  Once he was in position, I moved in between his knees and gently lifted his slowly rising cock.  Looking up into his eyes, I opened my mouth and continued watching his face as I swallowed his cock and began sucking it.  As I did, he moaned and threw his head back saying , “Oh, fuck, yea!” 

I sucked his cock lovingly, and I could soon tell that he was getting close, and I eagerly wanted to feel him shoot in my mouth and taste his masculine load.  Then, it happened.

Just as the first volley exploded into my mouth, he cried out, loudly, “OH, FUCK, YEA!  TAKE IT ALL, MARK!

I began to wonder if he was ever going to stop shooting cum into my mouth, not that I objected.  I hungrily swallowed every drop he fed me as he regained enough composure to watch me eat his load.

As I pulled off his cock, I looked up into his face and asked, “When was the last time you got off?”

“Last night when I jerked off thinking about being naked with you and what might happen.”

“Are your loads always that big?  You nearly drown me.”

“They are always big, but not quite that big.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” I began, “I loved every drop you fed me.”

“Mark, is it harmful to eat?” he asked.

“Not unless it is diseased.  Normal sperm is basically nothing but pure protein,” I told him, “and I am checked regularly.”

Then, to my shocked surprise, he slid off the edge of the pool, facing me just inches away. Unexpectedly, he placed his hands on each side of my head and leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.  After a couple of seconds, I felt his lips part and his tongue try to slip between my lips.

Immediately, I opened my mouth and we began a hot long passionate tongue kiss.  At least he knew how to do that and he was damn good at it.

“Where the fuck did you learn to kiss like that?” I asked.

Laughing, he said, “When I was a teen, I saw a movie and that was the way the couple kissed.  I started doing it with my girlfriends and it just became the natural way for me to kiss.  Was it wrong?”

“Fuck no! That’s the way most men kiss another man. I loved it.”

He smiled and gave me another passionate kiss, swapping lots of spit.

“I meant to asked, but we got sidetracked, how did you like receiving a blow job from another male?”

“I loved it.  In fact, if my memory serves me right, that is the first time I have been sucked to completion.  All the females stopped before I climaxed.”

“Eating the load, or reward, as I call it, it the main reason for sucking other than giving the other person some pleasure.”

Moving closer to me, he kissed me again, gently, then said, “Mark, I owe you a huge gratitude for letting me experience sex with another male.  Will I continue it or continue with females, I have no idea, but everything I have experienced so far I have totally enjoyed.”

“Buck, if at anytime, you want to stop, just tell me.”

“Not until I have experienced a lot more that I have so far.”

“Well, let me ask you something.”

“Shoot,” he said.

“When the house was ready, I took three weeks off to move in and get settled.  I still have a week to go, so let me ask you this.  For the next week, and for a week or so after that, how would you like living here with me.  Bring some clothes over and spend the nights with me.”

“For real?” he asked.

“If I wasn’t serious, I wouldn’t have made the offer.”

“I’d like that.  I’d like that very much,” he replied.

“I was hoping you would say that,” I told him.  “Shall we go get your things now, while it’s dark?”

“Let’s go,” he said, before slipping on just a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt.  I dress the same way and moments later we were in his pickup, heading for his house.  As we drove, he looked over and asked, “You wouldn’t want to suck me again while I drive, would you?”

“Try and stop me, just don’t have a wreck.”

With that, I leaned over and extracted his cock out the right leg of his shorts and gave him his second blow job from a male, with him climaxing just minutes before pulling into his drive.  I barely had time to sit back up.

It took him no more than fifteen minutes to gather what clothes he needed and those were basically work clothes.  He did grab a few regular clothes in case we went out somewhere.

When we returned back to my place, I said, “Put those and anything else in the other room into my bed room.  As long as you’re here, it’s ‘our’ bedroom.

He smiled, kissed me and moved everything into ‘our’ room.

Once again, we were totally nude, and after returning to the den, I sat in my recliner and after he settled on the sofa, he turned and said, 

“Why don’t you come sit by me?”

 “Sure,” I replied, and moved over next to him.

As I did, he put his arm out and around my shoulders and pulled me close to him.  After about ten minutes or so of watching TV, he slipped off the sofa and onto the floor, positioning himself between my legs. 

I was fairly sure what was to come next, and I was right when he picked up my flaccid cock and sucked it into his hot wet mouth.

Immediately, my cock began to stiffen and within seconds he was working his head up and down on my rigid cock.  It was as if he had done it numerous times before.  He was a natural.  Most guys who suck their first cock, have problems not scraping the cock with their teeth. He didn’t scrape me one time.

Soon, I began to breath heavily and he knew I was getting close. I spoke up and asked, “Do you want me to tell you when I’m ready?”

Pausing for just a moment, he replied, “No, just let it shoot,“ then returned to sucking his first cock.

Moments later, my cock exploded and when it did, he gagged just slightly, but only once, before collecting my load in his mouth.  Once the eruptions stopped, he pulled off and as he looked up into my eyes, he smiled then swallowed.

After leaning forward and kissing him, I asked, “Well, what did you think?”

“That first spurt startled me but after that, I liked it, knowing I was giving another human pleasure.  The taste is what surprised me.  Instead of being bitter as I expected, it had a salty, yet sweet taste.  I have to admit that I liked it.  Now I know how to do with my loads when I jerk off.”

Laughing, I said, “I eat my own all the time.  It’s too precious to waste.”

Before long, we headed to bed and once in bed, we cuddled together, with Buck laying on his side facing me, his head on my shoulder and his body pressed up against mine, with my arm under his head and around his shoulders.

After a kiss, I turned out the light and we settled in for our first night together.  At some point during the night I woke up to find him sucking my cock again.  Once he took my load, he swallowed then returned to his position next to me.  I never said a word, I only leaned over and kissed him gently, before pulling him closer to me.

I didn’t know if Buck would continue with men or not, but I was cherishing the time and experiences we shared.

The next morning, Saturday, I awoke, uncovered, and found Buck sitting in the chair in the bedroom, just watching me.

“Good morning,” I said. “How long have you been up?”

“About a half hour,” he replied, “just sitting here and admiring your awesome body and considering how lucky I was to meet you and for you to help me satisfy my curiosity.”

“Buck, believe me, it has been my pleasure, just to get to suck your awesome cock.”

He came over to the bed and kissed me passionately after which he started sucking my cock.  I wiggled around and a moment later we were in a sixty-nine, and as I started sucking his cock, he paused and said, “Oh, fuck yea.”

As we had our first sixty-nine, we worked diligently to bring each other to a climax and we succeeded, climaxing just seconds apart. Then, after devouring each others loads, kissed uncontrollably.

Afterward, we went into the kitchen and as I started the coffee, I asked, “How would you like to visit a gay bar tonight?”

“It sounds interesting,” he replied, then asked, “Does anything go on?”

“It’s a private club, so yes, things do go on at times,” I replied.

“Fuck, lets go.  I’d love watching others have sex in real life and not in a movie.”

We slowed down on the sex during the day, only sucking each other once before getting dressed, minimally, to go to the bar.

At the door, I showed my membership card, saying that Buck was my guest.  After he showed his ID, we entered  and headed for the bar.  I immediately noticed some of the others checking buck out.  He wore skin tight jeans, that I loaned him to show off his package, and a white, sleeveless t-shirt.

We had been there about half an hour and had a couple of slow dances, when we noticed a guy over in a corner on his knees, sucking a shirtless, muscled biker, who was also a member.

Buck watched intently and as the guy on his knees accepted and swallowed the bikers load, said, “Mother Fuck! I know that guy.”

“The one standing or the one on his knees?” I asked.

“The one on his knees.  I work with him, and never dreamed he was gay.

About that time, the man on his knees got up and after kissing the biker, headed toward us as we stood at the bar.  

About half way to us,, he looked directly at us and froze for a moment, before continuing and walking up to us.

“Hello, Buck,” he said.

“Hello, Clay, I never dreamed you were into men. How long has it been going on?”

“I’ve been gay since my late teens.  What about you? I never dreamed you were gay either.”

“I’m not sure if I am or not,” Buck replied.

“Wait a minute.  Can you explain that?”

Buck explained to Clay about working and seeing the orgy in my yard and us meeting.  

“Oh, Clay, this is Mark.  Mark, meet clay, a coworker.”

As we shook hands, Buck continued, saying, “mark and I met and talked and I told him that after what I had seen, I was curious about sex with another man.  Mark agreed to be my mentor and show me what it was like.  My only experience so fr was letting him blow me and me sucking him.  I have no idea if I will continue with men or not.”

“So when did you start blowing him?” Clay asked.

“My first time was last night, and I have to admit that I liked it.”

“Buck, just so you know, I have wanted you for a long time, but was afraid if I suggested anything, you would report me, and I’d get fired.”

“That would have never happened.  I believe that what a person does in his off time and private life is no one’s business but his.  You don’t have to worry about me reporting what I just saw.”

Clay smiled, and asked, “May I kiss you?”

Smiling, Buck replied, “If you don’t kiss me, I’m going to kiss you.”

Clay smiled and immediately started kissing Buck, and I could see their tongues exploring each others mouth, and after the kiss, Buck said, “Since you admitted wanting me, go for it if you want to.  I don’t think Mark will object.”

“Not at all,” I replied.

Clay smiled and dropped to his knees and a moment later was  sucking Buck’s hard cock as Buck and I kissed, and others watched.

After devouring Buck’s load, he stood up and with his cock still hanging out, Buck dropped and extracted Clay’s cock and began sucking.  Clay smiled and soon started kissing me, and at one point said, “He’s a fucking natural.”

“I know,” I replied, as Clay began feeding Buck his load.

After Buck stood up, Clay looked at him and said, “I told Mark that you were a natural, and I hope we can do this again, maybe during  lunch break when we’re working together.”

“If I continue with man sex, I’d like that.  And even if I don’t, I have no problem with you doing me.”

“Mark, may I ask a favor?”

“Go for it.”

“I’d love to watch you blow another guy, a total stranger.”

A guy standing by us at the bar heard the conversation and said, “if he is a natural like you said, I volunteer.”

Buck seemed top be loosening up and immediately dropped to his knees again and reached for the man’s zipper, and soon had the guys long thick uncut cock out and in his mouth.

After a minute or so, the guy smiled and said, “Oh, man, this guy is awesome to be a newbie.”  Then, looking down at Buck said, “Don’t swallow it,  Kiss me and let’s share it.”

Once the man climaxed, Buck stood and began kissing the man, sharing the cum load with him.  I knew the man, not by name but by occupation.  He was the local Army recruiter.

Then, as Mark asked where the restroom was, the recruiter smiled and said, “Right here,” and immediately got on his knees and opened his mouth.

Mark looked over at me and I smiled and said, “Put in in his mouth and start pissing.  He’s a human urinal.”

Mark did, and smiled as we all watched the guy drink every drop of Buck’s piss.

“Thanks,” the man said as he stood up. “Delicious.”

Clay and Mark agreed to keep in touch and keep each others secret, before Clay began to circulate around the club.  On  several  occasions, we saw him on his knees sucking cock and at one point over in a corner, two guys were taking turns fucking his ass.

By the time we left, Buck and I had both sucked several cocks and been sucked off.  As we walked out and toward the car, Buck smiled and said, “This evening has been unbelievable, but what is it like fucking and getting fucked?”

‘Well, when we get home, if you want it, you can fuck me and find out.”

“Fuck yea!  I was wondering when that would come up,” he said.

Once home, it took less than a minute for us to return to our nude lifestyle.

As I led Buck to the bedroom to fuck me, I smiled at him and said, “You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this.”

“For real?” he asked.

“Oh, yea.  I love getting fucked.  It’s the ultimate in love making.”

“Will you fuck me afterwards?” he asked.

“If I don’t shoot my load while you’re fucking me.  Getting fucked sometimes makes me climax.”

Once in bed, I lay on my back and pulled my legs up and lubed my hole as he lubed his cock.  Seconds later, he was beginning his entry into my eagerly waiting hole.

I had him go slow and once he was in balls deep, I smiled and asked, “How does it feel having your cock up a man’s ass?”

“Awesome, like velvet,” he replied.

Pulling my legs higher, I said, “Baby, fuck me like you would a woman ion a date.”

He began to piston in and out of my hole, saying how fantastic it felt, and asked if I was enjoying it.

“Stud, I’m loving it and knowing that I’m your first makes it even hotter.  My ass is yours anytime you want it.”

“Even on a lunch hour if I’m working near your home?”

“Anytime I’m home, day or night, if you want to fuck me, come on over.”

I had him go slow to start, not only for his pleasure but also for mine.  As he drew near his climax, he got faster and I said, “Yea, baby, fuck me like some whore.  I want to feel you shoot in me.”

Seconds later he let out a cry and as he did, his cock exploded, filling my insides with his huge load, as we kissed passionately, and my cock exploded out onto my stomach.

Once he was drained, he collapsed on my chest, breathing heavily, then as he regained his composure, said, “That was better than any cunt I have ever fucked in my entire life.”

“Baby, I loved it for sure and you can do it anytime you want.”

Looking at the cum pool on my stomach, I asked, “You want to lick it up and feed me?”

“I’ll lick it up for you, but it’s all mine,” he said then began licking up my load, swallowing every drop.

We cuddled and made out for a while and when my cock was again hard, he said, “Please, fuck me.”

Moments later he was on his back and his hole and my cock were well lubed, and after giving him instructions to relax and breath, I began my entry.

As the crown popped into his hole, he gasped slightly and I felt him relax.  Slowly, I continued sliding in deeper and soon I was balls deep.  When I told him he had it all, he reached back and felt to be sure, then said, “Mother fuck, it is all in me!”

I began to piston in and out slowly, and after a few minutes said, “Yea, Mark, fuck my hole. Give me your seed.”

We kissed and moments later I filled his ass with my load as he cried out how fantastic it felt. 

After slowly pulling out, I asked how he liked it, and he replied, “Getting fucked was unreal, but fucking a man’s ass was better than any cunt I ever slipped my cock in, and as far as you are concerned, my ass is yours.”

 During the middle of the week, Buck called and asked if I minded if he had Clay follow him home after work and have a three way.  “I want to see what it’s like to have a cock in my mouth and ass at the same time.”

“Hell, yea, bring him home,” I said.

That evening, after dinner,  we began an evening of sex, and moments later, Buck had me in his mouth and Clay in his ass, and Clay and I both climaxed simultaneously into our respective holes.

After we both pulled out, Buck said how much he had enjoyed it.

Then, after a couple of beers, Clay said he needed to use the toilet.  Buck shocked us both when he said, “Give it to me.”

As he got on his knees, Clay and I looked at each other and I shrugged.

What’s going on?” I asked.

“After the bar Saturday night, I started drinking my own when at work.  Now I want to drink from the source.”

Clay stepped up and after placing his cock in Buck’s mouth, he let the flow begin.  Buck expertly drank every drop and after taking all of Clay’s piss, asked if I needed to feed him.  I stood and drained my bladder into his mouth also, then drank his piss load.

Buck did say that on one lunch break when they were working together, they slipped off and blew each other during lunch.

That weekend, I got another shocker.

As buck and I sat poolside, he got up and came over and sat on my chaise, and said, “I now know, I was made to service and be serviced by men.  I don’t think I could even get a boner if I was with a female. And I want to thank you for helping me find my true self.”

“Buck, are you sure of your decision? You are extremely masculine, so most people will never suspect you are gay, but there are some that if they find out or even suspect, they will broadcast it around and make your life miserable.”

“I’m sure, and I know what you mean about what some people might do.  I have a couple of neighbors like that.  I’m going to have to move somewhere.  I don’t have much furniture, just a couch, sofa, TV and stand, table, and four chairs, a bed, dresser and a couple of other tables and a few lamps.  I don’t need a big place, but I want to be close to you.”

“I’d like that too, so why don’t you put your things in storage and move in with me.”

“Mark, can I be honest about something?” 

“Sure,” I replied.

Stepping up closer, he took my hands in his and began, “When all this started, I seriously doubted that it was the lifestyle for me, but as things progressed, I found that it was exactly what I wanted.  I realized that in the past I had unconsciously been checking men out at the gym and in restrooms.  I doubt seriously that I could ever have a relationship with  women.  I and so indebted to you for showing me who and what I really am and care for you deeply.  I never thought I would ever say this to another male, but I thin I’m in love with you.”

“Buck, in the short time we have been together my feelings for you have turned from friendship to much more.  About four years ago I had a lover and one day I got a call that he was killed in an auto accident.  I didn’t think I could ever love again,  then I met you and almost immediately, I started having feelings that grew stronger and stronger.  I have to confess that I have fallen deeply in love with you also.  That having been said, will you move in here with me as my life partner?”

As a smile slowly emitted from his face, he said, “Most definitely.  I love you so much.”

We have been lovers for two years now and our love is stronger than ever.  Oh, we occasionally have sex away from each other but never overnight.  One of our more frequent partners in sex is Clay, who still has trouble comprehending  that Buck is actually gay.


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