Richard woke up first; he lay there thinking what a great time he had that afternoon. To be fucked by two handsome hairy guys one after the other,

and it was both their first time fucking a man. He just hoped it would not complicate things as they both worked for his company, oh well only time will tell he thought.

Andrew then woke up and stretched; he looked at his boss and thought how handsome he was with his good build and hairy chest. And to think he had fucked him, what a great experience that had been. What if his boss was gay, so what if he was himself?. He had enjoyed everything that had happened with Richard and Mike.

Mike was the last to wake, he thought about the blow job he had received from Richard and the fucking he had given in return. Both were really good, perhaps sex with a man was better, he had often wondered about it in the past. Richard seemed to like being fucked in his ass, he wondered how it would feel and was he brave enough to try it.

'Come on guys lets have a shower, and then watch the news and have some dinner', Richard said getting out of bed. They followed Richard into his bathroom which had an enormous shower, plenty of room for all of them. They got in and messed around washing each other bodies, then drying themselves returned to the kitchen area.

They watched the TV as they all helped get dinner ready, the weather report was still as bad with more snow expected that evening. But it was supposed to start clearing up on Sunday, and hopefully on Monday things should start getting back to normal.

Richard put another gay porn movie on to watch, as they sat and had there dinner and drinking wine. It was a fairly standard movie, lots of sucking and fucking by actors.

Mike remarked that he had enjoyed what they had done together more than watching porn actors perform. Andrew and Richard nodded in agreement at this, Richard told them the difference is that we wanted to play with each other, the actors are told who to play with.

Mike looked thoughtful as he said, 'I told you I had thought about sex with men, these circumstances have let me act on my thoughts for real.

Andrew quickly added, 'Same here, but I've always wondered if I was a bisexual'.

Richard grinned at them both, 'All I can say is I've enjoyed myself, having two hot hairy men stranded with me is a bit like a movie, but it's been a lot better for having you both fuck me this afternoon'.

Mike sighed, 'Richard I've been thinking a lot, I want to try being fucked by you, I know you will be gentle with me as it's my first time'. Richard had not expected this, 'Mike its painful to start with, are you sure?. Mike replied, Yes Richard I'm sure, I want my first time to be with you'.

Richard hugged Mike, 'I would be an honour to fuck you, I will try being as gentle as I can'. They looked at each other and kissed deeply, caressing each other at the same time. Mike turned to Andrew, 'I need you to hold my hand, I feel good but also a little bit scared', Andrew just smiled and hugged them both.

Thy returned To Richards bedroom, 'Mike I am going to be doing to you what you did to me earlier, just try to relax'. Mike got on the bed with Richard and Andrew at either side; Andrew started to caress his chest and play with his nipples.

Richard applied lube around Mike's asshole, then gently pushed one finger inside. His finger slid in and out slowly, pushing the lube in as far as he could. Then he inserted a second lubed finger, moving them both in and out. Richard played with Mike for a while trying to get him used to having something inserted in his ass.

Mike lay there as Andrew and Richard played with him, so far it was good. There was some discomfort when Richard inserted the second finger, but that soon wore off as they slid in and out of him and it had felt fine.

'Mike I think your as ready as you will ever be, are you sure you want me to fuck you?, asked Richard. Mike smiled at him and replied, 'We've gone this far and I'm not backing out now that I've decided, I really want to be fucked by you'. 'OK if your sure, I will go very slowly so you can get used to the feeling', Richard told him.

Mike raised his legs to expose his asshole; Richard applied lots of lube to his stiff cock and lined it up. He gently started to push at the hole, he then applied more pressure and the head slipped in and he stopped. Mike was panting beneath him, as his ass stretched to fit the bulbous head of Richard's dick.

'Are you OK Mike?, 'Yes I'm fine, it just feels so big in my ass' Mike replied. 'OK, now I'm going to rock back and forth, letting my dick slip further in Mike', Mike nodded as Richard started to move.

Soon Richard had 3 inches inside and he paused, 'Is it OK Mike?'. Mike just nodded, so Richard continued forwards. Soon he had 5 inches in and paused to let Mike get used to it. 'You're doing great Mike; I have about 5 inches in you now'.

'Richard it does hurt, but I'm getting used to it and I want all of your dick in me'. Richard started moving again, inch by inch he pushed forwards, until finally had his whole rigid length buried in Mike's ass. 'That's it Mike you've taken my whole dick now', Mike smiled as he replied, 'It feels fucking huge inside me, the pain has gone its just discomfort now'.

'Well Mike we get to the fucking now, I will pull back out a little bit then back in again, then further out etc'. 'OK Richard lets go for it, because I want to feel your dick spurt your cum inside me'.

Richard started to move in and out slowly, with each stroke he pulled a little more out of Mike. Soon he was fucking him with half his length, then three quarters, finally he pulled out until only his head was left inside, then he pushed forward with one long stroke and paused.

'That's it Mike, I've now pulled out and all the way back, how do you feel now?. 'Still some discomfort, but it feels great to me, now I want you to fuck me properly please'. 'OK Mike, I will start slowly and build up speed as I fuck you.

Richard started to fuck Mike, gradually picking up sped with each thrust of his dick. 'Richard its feeing good, your dick filling me up like this', encouraged Richard moved faster and faster, his dick now thrusting into Mike at a good pace.

'That's it Richard fuck me hard and fast, I want all of you', that did it for Richard as he started to bang away at Mike's ass. Soon he was pounding into the virgin hole with all his mite, his balls banging on Mike's ass with each thrust.

Soon he let out a cry as he deep dicked Mike one last time, as his rigid cock started to explode. 'Yes Richard, fill me with your hot spunk', gasped Mike as he felt the first shot of cum. Richard's dick started to fire shots of cum deep inside Mike, it spurted out to fill Mike's ass with his hot thick creamy spunk until there was none left.

Richard pulled out of Mike and laid beside him, 'How was it for you Mike?. Mike pushed himself up and lent over to kiss Richard, their mouths opened and they kissed each other passionately.

Mike pulled away and looked at Richard, 'That was the best experience I've ever had, to fuck you and for you to fuck me, it was great and I want to do it again soon please'. 'Mike I loved it as well, and hope we will fuck again many more times.

'Now this old man is exhausted, time for you two younger ones to entertain me now', Richard told them with a smirk. 'OK Richard what shall we do to entertain you?, asked Andrew. 'I think its time you both gave your first blowjob to each other, get head to toe and you can both suck each other off'.

Andrew and Mike laughed as they got into position; each picked the other ones dick up. Then they started to slowly masturbate each other, then Mike bent forwards and licked the head of Andrew's cock tasting his precum. Andrew then lent over and licked Mike's cock which was leaking precum.

They both opened their mouths and sucked in the others hard dick, then they both began to suck and swallow on the cocks in their mouths. Their heads moved faster and faster up and down the rigid shafts, as they sucked on them.

Soon they were both letting out moans of pleasure, as the other worked on his dick. Andrew started to shoot first, this sent Mike over the edge and he began to cum as well. Both men were firing their loads of hot cum into each others mouths, and as quickly as possible they were trying to swallow each others cum.

Soon they were both drained of spunk; they let the softening cocks slip from their mouths. They looked at each other and smiled, as they did cum dribbled out of their mouths. Mike quickly turned around to Andrew and kissed him exchanging their own cum.

'That was great guys; I really enjoyed watching you, far better than any porn movie', Richard told them continuing to say, 'I think its time for sleep now'. Both Andrew and Mike agreed and they cuddled up either side of Richard. They soon drifted off to sleep, all tired from the day's sexual adventures.

To be continued, I hope your enjoying the story.



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