Richard woke up next morning to find Andrew cuddled up to his back; one arm over him resting on his chest. He got quietly out of bed and went for a shower, thinking what a strange evening it had been. He got out and dried himself, then had a shave and cleaned his teeth.

Still in just his robe he headed for the kitchen, he passed the open door to Mike's room. He paused at the kitchen door, he could hear the TV and it sounded like one of his gay movies. Richard went in to find Mike quickly putting the news on, he could see Mike's robe had a visible bulge in it.

'Oh Morning Richard, I hope you don't mind I've made a pot of coffee'.

'That's fine Mike, just help yourself, what is the weather forecast?', as he went for a cup of coffee. 'Not good, they are expecting more heavy snow from lunchtime', replied Mike. Richard looked out of the window and told Mike, 'Well at least we are dry and warm, and there's plenty of food and drink'.

Richard walked over to the DVD player; he picked up the empty case and looked at it. 'Interesting choice of movie Mike, did you like to see guys having sex?. Mike looked embarrassed as he replied, 'I must admit I've checked other guys out, and wondered what it would be like'.

Richard looked thoughtful as he walked over to him, he quickly decided and reached out and grasped Mike's hard dick through his robe. 'Feels as though it's excited you to watch', as he undid Mike's robe and pushed it off his shoulders.

Mike stood nervously as Richard started to rub his chest and play with his nipples. 'You can tell me to stop at anytime you want Mike', as a hand slid down and clasped Mike's stiff dick. Mike looked at him and replied, 'No its fine Richard, I've always wondered and now's the time to find out with you.

Richard sunk to his knees and engulfed Mike's stiff dick in his mouth, he started to suck on it. Mike moaned with excitement, 'That feels so good Richard', as his dick was being sucked. Richard was now moving faster and faster on the rigid cock, sucking and swallowing it length down.

After a few minutes Richard felt Mike's cock go even harder in his mouth, as it started to spurt cum. Richard kept sucking as load after load of hot cum exploded into his mouth, he swallowed it down as quickly as he could. Mike must have shot a dozen loads of thick spunk, as Richard kept sucking on his shaft.

Richard let Mike's cock slide out of his mouth, he licked on it to clean the spunk off. He then stood up facing Mike, 'Well did you like that Mike?'.

'Richard that was great, best blow job I've ever had', he replied smiling at Richard. 'Let me know if you want to try anything else, looks as though were going to be here for a while', Richard told him with a grin.

They sat down and talked, Richard told Mike he was bisexual but leaned more towards men. He went on to tell him about Andrews interest, and what had happened that night. Mike told him about checking guys out, and wondering about gay sex for years but being to scared to try it out.

Andrew then appeared; Richard told him the weather forecast as he got himself some coffee. He went on to explain what had happened with Mike, and he had told Mike what had gone on the night before with him.

Both Mike and Andrew looked at each other feeling a bit embarrassed as Richard went on, 'Lets just relax with each other, we can try things if you want, but you can stop at anytime with no bad feelings from anyone, and anyway we have to use the time up usefully' he told them with a grin.

Both men looked at him smilingly and nodded in agreement, as Richard prepared them all some breakfast. Over breakfast he suggested they all went nude, that way you two can get used to being with naked men and touch and feel as you like.

They both smiled at this, all three striped there robes off and sat back down naked on the sofas. Richard asked Mike to put the movie back on that he had been watching, if you have any questions just ask me and I will try to explain.

The movie came back on and they sat watching it, a fairly standard porn movie with guys in there 30's and 40's. There was a lot of sucking of dicks and anal fucking, Richard looked at the other two and smiled as he noticed that they had hard dicks as well, which they gently wanked as they watched the TV.

When the movie was over Andrew asked Mike if he could examine his cock as he was circumcised. Mike stood up in front of Andrew, who reached out and grasped Mike's hard cock. Andrew examined it intently and started to wank it, It's not so easy without a foreskin', he remarked,

'You need to use some spit or lube, let me look at your dick Andrew', Mike replied.

They changed places and Mike took hold of Andrews's hard cock, he slid the foreskin back and forth a few times. Mike remarked 'I see what you mean, the foreskin must make wanking easier, it must feel very different with it sliding up and down so easily'

Richard sat smiling at his examination of cocks, 'Mike please come over here'. Richard stood up as Mike came over and faced him. He grasped Mike's cock and his own, sliding his foreskin back he lined them up head to head touching. 'This is the nearest I can show you what a foreskin is like'.

With that Richard slid his foreskin forward and over Mike's dickhead, he started to slowly wank them both. 'Wow that feels great Richard, very different from my hand', Mike replied as Richard continued for a few more strokes to wank them both.

Richard released both cocks and suggested having a sauna to pass some time, the others quickly agreed. Soon all three were sitting side by side in the sauna; the sweat soon poured down their hairy chests and around their cocks and balls.

Mike asked Richard, 'How long have you been bi?'. Richard replied 'All my life, I realised very early on, but as I've got older I am turning more to men, so perhaps I should say now I'm gay'. Andrew then asked 'But you were married weren't you?'. 'Yes I was for 12 years, but she knew about me, we just decided to go our own ways in the end'.

At that point they decided to go to the Jacuzzi, where the conversation restarted with Mike asking Richard, 'After watching that movie and the anal sex between men, do you fuck men and let men fuck you?. Richard smiled as he replied, 'Yes Mike, I like it both ways, its painful being fucked the first time but you soon enjoy it'.

Silence fell as Mike and Andrew thought about all that Richard had told them, they just lent back and relaxed in the hot water. Mike's hand took hold of Richards's dick; it soon stiffened up in his hand as Richard felt his stiff cock in return.

'Richard you have a big dick, it must be hard for a guy to have that up his ass?. Richard turned to him and replied, 'Mike you get used to it, you have a big dick and I could take it easily, you are very interested in this, why do you want to fuck me?.

Andrew was surprised at this; Mike looked at Richard thoughtfully and replied, 'I wouldn't mind trying to fuck you, to see how different it feels'. Richard laughed at this as he said, 'No time like the present then, lets go to my bedroom, then you can see if I can take your prick'.

They all got out, dried off and went to Richard's bedroom as he told Mike, 'You have to lube my ass, insert 1 then 2 fingers to loosen me up for your dick'. Richard handed the lube to Mike, then he got on the bed and raised his legs. Mike got between them and started to apply lube to Richard's ass and into his asshole. Mike then lubed is hard dick, and aimed it Richards's asshole.

'OK Mike just push the head in and pause to let me get used to it, then gently push forwards slowly until you're all in me, then start to fuck building up speed as you go until you shoot your load in me.

Andrew sat watching as Mike pushed forwards, suddenly the head of his dick slipped in. Mike paused and asked, 'Is that OK, I don't want to hurt you?. Richard grinned up at him, 'Its fine Mike, just keep going'. Mike started to slowly push his dick further in; soon he was all the way inside.

'You feel good inside me, how is it for you Mike?'. 'It feels great, warm and tight around my dick', Mike replied. Andrew had watched Mike sink his dick into Richard; he found it amazing to watch the hard dick slide into his boss's ass.

'OK Mike now start to fuck me, building up speed as you go', Richard told Mike looking at him. Mike started to slide his dick in and out; it felt natural and good to him. Soon he had built up a steady rhythm as he fucked Richard, he intensified his speed.

'That's it Mike, fuck me, ram your hard dick into me', Richard gasped out. Needing no encouragement Mike was soon fucking like a machine, his rigid dick pounding Richards's asshole. Soon Mike felt his balls tighten, 'I'm almost there' he cried out. 'Yes Mike give me your fucking load' Richard told him.

Mike felt hid dick explode, he shot his hot cum deep inside Richards's ass. 'That's it, give it to me'' cried out Richard. Mike's rigid dick shot load after load of hot spunk into Richard, Mike had never shot so much spunk at once. He felt his balls being drained, as his cock spurted his cum deep inside Richard.

Soon it was all over, Mike felt his dick softening as he withdrew it from

Richard's tight ass. 'Richard that was the most amazing fuck I've ever had, far better than a woman'. Richard smiled at him and replied, 'So you enjoyed fucking a mans ass then?'. 'Yes Richard I loved fucking you, and will fuck you anytime that you let me'.

Richard hugged Mike and kissed him on the mouth, this surprised Mike but he was soon passionately kissing Richard in return. They broke apart

as Andrew told them, 'That was totally amazing, I loved watching you two fuck each other.

Richard and Mike both grinning turned to Andrew, he was sitting looking at them with a raging hard on. 'Andrew did we turn you on' asked Mike, 'Yes you really did guys'. Richard said, 'You've got a hard dick that needs relief, do you want to try fucking me with it?'.

Andrew and Mike looked surprised by this, Mike said 'Richard I've just fucked you, are you up to letting Andrew fuck you as well?. 'Yes I am, if Andrew wants to fuck me that is'. Andrew looked at Richard, 'I would love to fuck you, Mike enjoyed it so I'm sure I will as well'.

'Ok Andrew, come and fuck your boss then', Richard told him. Andrew lost no time getting between Richard's legs, 'As I've just been well fucked by Mike, you don't have to go slowly', Richard told him as Andrew was lubing his cock ready.

Andrew lined his cock up and pushed forward, the head easily slipped in, he jus kept pushing slowly forwards until his dick was buried inside. He rested there looking at Richard and rubbing his hairy chest, 'My dick feels so good inside you, it's tighter than I expected after Mike'.

Richard looked at him and smiled, 'Good, now I want you to fuck me as long and hard as you can Andrew'. Andrew grinned and said 'Yes Sir' as he started to fuck his boss's ass.

Andrew soon built up speed as he fucked Richard, he felt great as his dick slid in and out of Richard's ass and wondered why he had never had the courage to do this before. His dick held a steady pace, then gradually he increased his speed.

Soon Andrew was fucking Richard for all he was worth; his hard dick was pounding in and out. Richard groaned and told him, 'That's it give me a good hard fucking'. Andrew needed no encouragement as his dick ploughed Richards's ass, he kept up his hard fucking for a while.

Suddenly he was going even faster, he felt his dick harden as he pounded in one last time. His dick started to explode thick hot spunk; it fired shot after shot of the stuff deep into Richard. Andrew and Richard were both moaning in sheer pleasure as Andrew's ass filled up with cum, finally Andrew's dick shot its last load.

Andrew collapsed onto Richard's chest, 'That was fantastic, thank you Richard'. Richard hugged him as Andrew started to kiss him; Richard quickly started to kiss him in return.

Andrew rolled off Richard, both men lay panting from their efforts. Mike said to them, 'That was a great show; I really liked watching you, far better than any porn movie'. Richard looked at him and replied, 'Thanks, and thank you both for fucking me, I loved it.

Now get into bed with us Mike its time we all had a rest'. Mike quickly got into bed; Richard put an arm around each one and hugged them. Mike and Andrew quickly cuddled up either side of Richard; soon all three had drifted off to sleep.

To be continued with more fun to cum!!!

Thanks for the comments guys, keep them coming as it does encourage me as this is only the second story I've written.




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