Doctor David Richards was one of the youngest to graduate from medical school. A lean 6' guy in great shape, he enjoyed his job at State University Hospital, where he worked in the sports clinic. Helping the various student athletes on the various school teams was very rewarding and he found that he could relate to the students because there wasn't too much of an age gap. Just turning 30, many of his patients were in their early 20's. In additional to reasonable hours, he had full access to all of the training facilities on campus. And he took advantage of them thoughout the week. He excelled in swimming and gymnastics during his own school years and prided himself in keeping his shape and muscle even after becomming a doctor. David often found himself staring at himself in the mirror as he worked out - free weights, the pummel horse and laps in the pool. He always exercised shirtless - perhaps a bit of his vanity from the few gymnastic tournements he was in during college. He loved the stares and expecially loved checking out his firm eight pack abs and smooth torso. David was proud of his solid strong legs and his well shaped pecs. His brown hair and light brown eyes offered an infectious smile to anyone who looked his way. David really wasn't vain, believe it or not - he just enjoyed seeing the success of his exercise regimen. And he was also very proud of his career and the ability to help others, especially these young athletes who had promising futures. He worked so hard at his job and working out that he barely had time for a personal life. The few girls he had dated never lasted more then a month or two. He even had a medical school romance with his roommate, another handsome dedicated guy who also put too much time into work instead of play. No one was able to stay around long enough to put up or get used to his long hours.

John Stevens, on the other hand, put a lot of time into play and looked for shortcuts. A high school football star, he was scouted by the various universities for their teams. Instead of college, he took two years off for the Army reserve to do what he thought was right in helping his country. But he didn't stick with it He did well enough but realized he wanted college and to play football. Two years older then the rest of his class, he went to State University where he was immediately put on the team. But instead of doing all the right studying and training, he turned to steroids and hormones for energy and muscle development. Now in his junior year, at age 25, the abuse to his body showed. He stopped the drugs after a year and now struggled to keep up his performance.

Coach Duke called him into his office one day.

"John, have a seat."

"Yeah coach?" offered John.

"Listen son, you've got a great record and I know that you stopped all the roids and shit, and I'm proud of you, but I still see you struggling. I know your body needs time to clean itself out, but I sense a poor attitude change. Am I right?"

John hesitated, looking at the floor, then slowly looked up at the coach.

"You're right. You've always been straight with me so I won't lie. I read online that stopping hormones and that other crap leaves a bit of a downer on a guy. But I've been studying a lot, my grades are up and I attend all the practice sessions, so my times are good. I just feel a bit lost some days. But I'm working on it. Honest coach! You won't cut me will you?"

Coach Duke smiled. "Not at all son. I've seen your effort and progress and I'm impressed. Most guys give up but you didn't. I want to help you and I have an idea."

"Anything you say coach!" piped up John with an eager smile. At 6'2, with broad shoulders and a good size chest, his almost hairless face was cute when he smiled. Anyone who knew John enjoyed being with him and his warm friendly attitude.

The coach continued, taking out a piece of paper and writing a name and phone number down.

"John, I workout most mornings at the university gym and there's a young doctor there, Dr. Dave Richards. He specializes in sports medicine here at the school and I told him about you. He thinks he can help you get back on track. I'd like you to see him. Here's his number. Give him a call, okay?" The coach handed the note to John as he finished.

"Anything you say," offered John. "I'll call him today."

An hour later, at almost five o'clock, John was sitting on a bench outside the sports building, taking out his cel phone and making the call.

"Hello" .... Yes, hi, my name is John Stevens and I'd like to make an appointment to see Doctor Richards. .... Oh, he's busy? .... Oh, my coach told me to call. .... Yes, that's right, Coach Duke. .... Yes, I'll hold. ..... Hi, that's ok. Now? Really!? Wow, okay. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Thank you. .... Yes, thank you. ... I'm walking over now."

John put his phone in his pocket and started to walk to the sports clinic building on campus, just a couple of blocks away. He was sort of excited. But he wasn't all that fond of doctors. He found them all kind of stuck up and detached. But he knew the coach was trying to help. Maybe this doctor could actually help him get through this much needed body cleanse and get his game and attitude back together.

Once in the building, he found the right floor and the right office and walked in. An older lady was putting things away as she was looking up at the clock, preparing to leave.

"Are you John?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am." John answered.

"Thanks for being prompt. We usually close by 5, but Doctor Dave said he had free time to talk to you. He's doing you a big favor staying late. He is so busy!"

The nurse offered a sweet smile and then frowned. "Don't fuck it up kid!"

A rather shocked John could only nod his head obediently as he sat down in a chair and the nurse left the room.

Moments later a guy walked in, John could only assume this was "Doctor Dave."

With his eyes downward looking at some file, he barely looked up and said "follow me," as he quickly turned left the room. What a douche was all John could think. With a bitch of a nurse and an over sized ego, John was not eager to follow. But he stood up and did so anyway, finding the room and sitting down on a chair near the door.

"Hop up on the table here," directed the doctor.

"Yes Doctor Richards."

The doctor put down his papers and looked up at John with a slight smile.

"I'm sorry, I just received this test result for another student patient that I was waiting for. I was afraid of the results but I'm relieved that we have an all clear." The doctor's smile widened. "And please call me Doctor Dave. I'm not all that older then you and its important that you feel comfortable."

John started to relax a bit as the doctor continued. "I spoke to your coach and I think I can help, but I need you to be honest with me and tell me everything going on. Okay?"

John nodded and started to smile, feeling more relaxed as he felt he early assessment of this guy might be wrong.

The doctor asked a bunch of questions about John's diet, exercises, activities and classes. Doctor Dave went on to explain that he wanted to see John three times a week. He would monitor his vitals and watch his blood but also put him on an extra training program to energize his blood and body. He sent John into the bathroom with a small cup to collect his urine and when he returned, drew some blood.

"Once we get back the results, we'll know where you are. Now lets remove the shirt and we'll see whats going on in there." As the doctor took pressure and pulse John raised a question.

"Listen Doc, I'm on the team and we have practice a lot! I don't need more exercise. No offense but I work out plenty! I can probably best you in most of what I do."

While not getting offended as this off-handed put-down by this young jock, Dave kept his cool and looked at John with a knowing grin. "First off John," the doctor paused for emphasis, "these exercises help circulation, not muscle. Secondly, I've seen guys like you trying to shake the 'roids and juice they took. You probably can't get that dick of yours hard enough to satisfy anyone, even your self. And if you can, you can't shoot. You probably doze off during movies and I bet I can do twice the sit-ups you can! Am I right or am I right?"

A stunned John couldn't speak. Shit! John realized the doctor had him pegged. He hadn't had a good hard-on in months. Only with some oral and finger work could he satisfy a girl. And they never came back for another go at it. John nodded meekly. Dave felt bad. He didn't mean to bust this kid's bubble but he didn't appreciate the put down.

"Come with me," Dave directed to John. A still shirtless John followed the doctor to the next room,which was actually a small gym. Not much equipment but lots of floor mats. Doctor Dave handed John a key. "I want you here three times a week. I don't care when you come here but I want you to follow the exercises I'm about to show you. Each week, we'll check your vitals and see if we can't clean up your system. I really want to help you. Got it?" Dave ended with a warm smile.

John eagerly nodded, "Yes sir!"

"Its Dave, not sir."

The doctor then showed John a series of calisthenic and flexibility exercises.

"Good, you followed well and I think this will all work out but we have one more item to deal with before we go," said Dave. With that, he stood up and kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. he peeled off his polo shirt and dropped his pants, revealing a pair of brief navy blue nylon work-out shorts.

John wasn't sure if he was more surprised at the quick strip he had witnessed or just how buff this older guy was - a doctor no less. They studied all the time. They never worked out! But this guy was clearly the exception. And he looked good. Jeez! Did I just say I liked what this guy looked like? My doctor?

Dave looked over and enjoyed the stare. "What's on under those pants John?" Dave asked.

Um, just a jock strap. Dave pondered a moment. "Well, like they say, I'm a doctor, I've seen it all. Lose the pants so we can begin."

"What? Begin what?" John stammered.

"We're gonna do sit-ups. You first. Get on the floor and I'll hold your ankles."

What the fuck have I gotten myself into? thought John. Well I did challenge him. Me and my big mouth.

John got into position and the buff doctor grabbed his ankles, squatting at his feet.

John put his hands behind his head and began sit-ups as Dave counted.

"1..2..3..4" Dave began, slowly looking over the near naked body of this fine specimen of a man. Why Dave was suddenly admiring his new young patient he couldn't understand, especially as a doctor he had to keep things professional.

"" Dave continued but John couldn't make it to 22, out of breath and face flushed.

Offering encouragement, Dave added "I'll get you to 50, I promise," with that now familiar warm smile on his face. Now my turn."

They switched places and soon Dave was into his sit-ups, fast and furious. He hit 40 without a sweat and stopped at 50.

"So am I fit enough to be your doctor, John?" John grinned and was happy to find another jock was helping him out. And a cute one at that.

Three weeks rolled by and on his next Friday appointment, also at 5 o'clock, John entered the examining room to find a grinning Dave holding some papers.

"John, you've been a great patient doing everything I told you and each week your numbers got better and your blood got cleaner. With the vitamin shots and monitoring you, we have one final test, but you may get embarrassed."

John looked concerned but responded "doc, I am your slave. I feel so much better, I'll do anything you say."

"Well maybe not my slave and don't be so eager til you hear what I need you to do," Dave answered as he put on some rubber gloves and took out a small specimen vial. "We need a sperm sample."

"I need to test it right away for its health and cleanliness, otherwise I'd let you do this in your room," Dave further explained.

"No problem, honest. I'm in the showers all the time with the team and I expected this one of these days anyway."

Without hesitation, John stripped naked and hopped on the table, surprising Dave at his eagerness. Dave was surprised that his own heart started to pound as he muttered something about locking the door for privacy as he came back and stayed near the table.

John looked a bit sheepishly at the doctor as he started to slowly pull on his cock. It quickly became semi hard as Dave made some notes on a pad nearby. For some reason, John suddenly became a bit embarrassed.

"Gee," said John, "I was feeling good there for a minute. It really felt like the old me." But his face sank as he started to lose his erection.

Doctor Dave put down his pad and walked over. "I have a suggestion. Put a finger here, just under your balls and press in a bit."

John obeyed and stumbled with his finger, trying to stay away from his asshole.

"No no! May I?" And before John could respond, Dave pressed a finger just under John's ball sack, gently rubbing with his rubber-gloved finger and pressed on the area. John's cock responded immediately as a grin slowly spread across his face. Dave, on the other hand, was a bit embarrassed. Not just from the intimate contact but the fact that he liked what he was doing at the moment.

"Ow" was John's reponse. The rubber, it kind of burns after a minute."

Without thinking what he was doing, but trying to help, Dave took off the rubber glove and touched his fingertip to some cream in a jar on the counter. "This should be easier on your skin."

Dave began caressing and pushing on the area below John's ball sack, which seemed to contract quickly.

"Much better," said a grinning John, who began to give his cock more attention as it was clearly coming back to life. He began to lose his inhibitions as the doctor's manipulation beneath his balls soon became a caressing of his balls. John started to moan low as Dave really got into what he was doing. Dave was glad he was wearing a looser then usual pair of pants today because he could feel himself starting to get hard from the action before him.

"God almighty doc, I haven't gotten this hard in so long." At this point, both men had flushed faces and felt their hearts beating rapidly.

John looked up at Dave as he continued to pump his rock hard throbbing cock. Their eyes locked as a smile crept across their faces. For some unknown reason, Dave found himself leaning over John. Lower and lower as John continued to pump and grunt. His head and upper body fell lower ever so slowly. Their eyes still locked, the distance apart decreased. Dave was face with this gorgeous jock who was furiously jacking off right beneath him. His own cock strained as he felt himself begin to leak. Their lips met for a kiss that lasted and continued until their mouths parted, tongues meeting for the first time, testing its limits, tasting its sweetness. Dave felt John erupt and convulse under him, gasping in orgasmic bliss.

Dave quickly stood up and grabbed his specimen flask. John's cream was all over his chest and belly but there were large enough puddles to collect. Dave turned to the nearby microscope for his investigation. He looked down at himself and was a bit shocked to see semen stains in the middle of his shirt and saw a larger stain on his pant leg. He had come as well, probably at the same time as John.

He slowly turned and revealed the mess on his clothes to a giggling John.

"First off," began John, "you fixed me. I haven't cum like that in a long long time. Second, you're a mess doc!" With that they both laughed. Dave went to the sink at the counter and wet a cloth. Returning, he went to John's body and lovingly began to wipe him clean. He had to rinse the cloth three times until John's body was completely free from his cum. When Dave was at the sink, his back to John while rinsing the cloth, he was surprised to find John standing behind him, still naked, with a glowing smile.

"I need the cloth now Doc!"

With that, John gently directed Dave to the table and pushed him onto it, while taking the wet cloth out of his hand. Without a word spoken, John slowly and erotically undressed Dave until he was sitting on the table bare naked. John enjoyed looking over his lover from head to toe, admiring the warm smiling face, the strong shoulders and arms, the buff chest and amazing abs, and firm muscular legs and a cock already growing and seeking attention. John took the cloth to Dave's chest and wiped it, paying special attention to the now erect nipples. He also wiped down Dave's upper legs where his own cream had collected. He washed down his balls but then stared at Dave's hardening cock, and made a frown.

"What's wrong?" asked Dave, watching John's every move with delight.

"Your cock's a mess." Replied John. And with that, he lowered his head and began to kiss and lick and suck Dave's now hard cock.

Dave immediately lost control and let John take over, sending him into sexual delight.

John's hands explored Dave's balls and abs and chest as he hungrily sucked. While today was the day John experienced his best orgasm, Dave was also experiencing his best blow job ever, and probably another amazing eruption. The sucking seemed to last forever as Dave wanted this moment to go on and on. John also was enjoying the experience of his first blow job and he was pleasantly surprised that it all came so naturally to him. The party soon ended as Dave's body arched above the table and he howled as his cock let forth another stream of his juice. John lovingly lapped it all up and soon after, the two men sat side by side, hip to hip, stark naked, on the table next to each other.

"I guess its a success and my treatments are over," John quietly stated.

Dave picked up his pad and pen and made some notes. John could see some numbers and words and a check placed by the number one.

"I'm so sorry to say this Mr. Stevens, but we've only completed phase one." I'll need you for further research and treatments. Tomorrow is Saturday. I'll need you to come by my house tomorrow. Is that possible Mr. Stevens?" Dave asked with a sly smile.

"Will that be before breakfast or after, Doctor Richards?" John asked.

"Oh, definitely before. You'll need your strength you know!" Dave grinned with his response.

"You can count on me," John answered. "I'll be sure to come!"



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