Jordan felt the fingers fumble with his jeans, the working the button loose, the frantic pull of the zipper till they loosened around his waist and his cock able to push outward. The dark room, the feel of the guy’s body against his back and those hands that were touching him, pushing down inside his boxers, touching his cock, roughly, created a sense of urgency. He felt the fingers moving over his cock then quickly wrap around the hard shaft manipulating it. He undulated his whole body against the guy reaching over his head and back letting his fingers comb through the guy’s long black hair. Lips touched his neck then enveloped his earlobe and he made a fist grabbing a handful of hair holding those lips to his ear.

“I’m going to fuck you” the guy whispered in his ear and Jordan felt his jeans and boxers slide down. He felt his nakedness from the waist down, his cock hard, a hand manipulating it till he was pumping his hips. Another hand took him by the chin and turned his head and those lips came to his own. Tongues dueled till he was moaning in the guy’s mouth. The lips moved from his mouth back to his ear.

“Suck me…get me wet” said the guy, voice hoarse with desire.

Jordan turned to face him and began the downward drop to his knees. He felt his shirttail being held in place as he went down and he raised his arms letting his arms slip free as he eased down on his knees. He saw the white shirt get tossed carelessly across the room, a faint glow in the dark. Reaching up holding each hip he moved his mouth to the guy’s sac, felt the loose skin and the movement of each nut within as he manipulated it with his tongue. He dragged his tongue across the sac then upward not stopping till he felt the flared head of the guy’s cock. It pushed against his lips and he let it, feeling it slip between them and sink into his mouth. He moved his head back and forth, moving along the full length of the shaft and over the head. Each time he swirled his tongue around the flared head the guy pushed forward with his hips unable to control himself.

“Goddamn” the guy uttered as Jordan swallowed the cock once again, all the way till the head pushed into this throat. He fumbled for the waistband of the guys khakis and he tugged them downward as he kept working his mouth on the cock, noisily slurping on it, getting it wet, slick with his drool.

Hands came under Jordan’s arms and roughly lifted him, brought him back to his feet then pushed him down on the bed, pushing the coats and sweaters of the other guests off to the side. One foot came down on his jeans and boxers bunched at his ankles, coming to rest next to his right foot.

“Remove your foot from your jeans” said the guy. Although in a low whisper, his voice was demanding, insistent, and Jordan worked his right foot free.

The guy moved on him quickly, lifting his right leg, a hand holding the ankle and Jordan found his body twisted around, left foot on the floor and the right over the guy’s shoulder. He felt the wet cock touch him, rub along his ass, up and down, stroking his desire. Then he felt the push against his hole, the insistent need to penetrate and he lay back relaxing to it. He felt the way it stretched him open, opened him up to this guy letting the penetration happen. He felt that wet slick cock push inward, felt every inch move through his tight opening and sink into his hole. The fullness of the penetration made his own cock bob up and down and when the guy grasped it tightly in hand, stroking it, he pushed with his hips feeling the guy slip all the way into his body.

Someone tried the bedroom door, twisting the knob and pushing against the locked latch. “Someone’s in there” said a voice, giggling with the realization as they walked away. The discovery made the guy move with greater urgency, hips swinging back and shoving forward, over and over. Their fuck quickly increased in pace, bed rocking beneath them. Jordan felt the contact along the back of his leg, the heaving torso that moved with their fuck. The guy moved over him then down beside him on the bed, right leg held up, never slipping free and quickly began to fuck again, hips slapping against Jordan’s ass as cock sunk all the way into his hole.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” Jordan uttered over and over as the guy used his other arm to bear hug him, slipped tightly around his neck holding their bodies together.

“Yeah…take it…take me” the guy whispered as Jordan felt each thrust, every push inward that seemed to open him up more. He was easily taking the guy’s fuck, every thrust. The piston movement fueled his own desire and he tried to work his ass to take more, to let the guy sink deeper inside of his body. The guy let go of his leg and he brought it down behind the guy’s own legs keeping his twisted body turned toward the guy’s fuck, his ass turned for the fullest penetration. That hand came to his own erection and he felt his slick drooling cock move within its tight grasp. He pumped his hips, pushing cock through that fist then pushing back taking the guy’s cock. Lips came to the back of his neck. In contrast to their aggressive fuck the lips touched his skin softly, gently, moving along the edge of his hair.

Within a short time, the guy’s fuck grew frantic, short jabbing thrusts and piston cock in his hole with such force it brought him to the edge. His own release surging through him. “Fuck…fuck…” the guy cried out and slammed into his hole. Jordan felt the guy’s body quivering against his own and he couldn’t hold back, his own release exploding from him. He came hard, his cock flexing within the grasp of that fist with each ejaculation. Where his load splattered he didn’t know nor care. It was all about the release of it, the feel of each explosive ejaculation. The guy slowed and finally stopped moving. He felt the hand move one more time along this spent cock and he jerked back trying to stop the movement on his oversensitive cock. A kiss, gentle, barely touching his skin, came to his neck just below his right ear. “That was nice.”

Then they became aware of the voices in other parts of the house, remembering where they were at, a mutual friends party. Quickly, they climbed out of bed, the guy going to one of the nightstands turning on a lamp. It brought a warm dim glow to the room. Jordan jumped up, and worked his right foot back into boxers and jeans and struggled to get them up and in place quickly. He saw the guy putting his own clothes back in order, his demeanor calm and unhurried. He looked at Jordan and smiled.

“Relax…the door’s locked and they probably have figured out it is the two of us in here.”

Jordan walked over to where his shirt lay on the floor and he shook it out trying to remove some of the wrinkles. “By the way, I’m Jordan.”

“I know, I’ve seen you around for some time now and…”

“You have?” Jordan replied smiling, shaking his head. He slipped one arm into a sleeve then the other and pulled it over his head. “I’ve seen you too, over at the bar on 23rd and sometimes at the grocery store in Oak Hill, but I don’t know your name.”

“Chris…Christopher Parnell.”

“Well….” Jordan began, about to say it was nice to meet him then realizing how silly it would sound and he laughed.

“I was with Cheryl and Brian one day having lunch at Copper’s when we saw you walk by. Cheryl saw me watching you and admitted she knew you, had since college. She sort of…”

“Set us up to meet here tonight?”


Both dressed once again Chris moved to the door, hand hovering over the knob ready to unlock it, he looked back at Jordan. “Shall we?”

“Go ahead; I’m sure Cheryl is waiting for us” Jordan replied as he moved up next to Chris.

“What do you say we make one final round and go back to my place. I’m just down the street a couple of blocks.”

“Okay” Jordan replied knowing he would not get home till sometime tomorrow.

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