All during the week Oliver went to his classes, hung out with friends some evenings in sports bars and night clubs and their talk was always the same: girls, sports and their shitty boring lives. Oliver listened to the banter but rarely joined in any more, rarely contributed his own views on the dull routine of life. He didn't know how any longer, not since he went to 2134 Silver Leaf Drive spending a weekend shackled to the floor in the basement. He never knew being used so much, the constant awakening to being penetrated by one cock or another could make him feel so different; feel so alive. Derrick seemed to be the most insatiable, the one who came to him over and over but it was Logan who fucked him in a way he couldn't believe one human could fuck another. Logan fucked till cum ran down his thigh...and he fucked some more.

It changed him, made him reconsider so much about himself, the notions of sexuality and what made him feel the raw emotion of the fuck, the way it felt to be anchored to a bare concrete floor, his own cock so hard it was wet, slick, smearing a trial all along his stomach or thigh or the floor beneath him as another man used him, penetrated his ass and drove deeply into him, over and over. Every time he thought of it his cock stirred.

Evenings he was home alone he found himself getting online and pulling up gay porn, some just guys sucking and fucking but other times scenes of bondage, men in slings, tied up, flogged and whipped and some even being covered in hot wax and he masturbated relentlessly till cum was pooling on his stomach and his hand was slowly stroking slickly along his shrinking shaft, both slimy with his load.

And he was never satisfied, never felt the way he did after each time with Derrick and Logan. He had not had sex with the owner of the house, the man whom they called Master; never even heard his real name. Oliver still didn't know it and a search online of the address revealed some obscure trust as the owner and no amount of additional searching revealed anything.

When he was leaving on that Sunday evening, his pants literally looser than before from sweating off some weight that weekend he had finally came face to face with him; Master. He had been tall, a slender but muscular build and he looked a little older than his first impression, mid-forties he thought, but he was attractive, with thick black hair cut short and peppered with gray along the temples.

""When we're ready we'll come for you" he had said to Oliver.

For days he let the statement play over and over in his head and he wondered when and what means. Would it be like the night club and some indiscriminate invitation?

After ten days he stopped masturbating, refrained from watching porn and prepared. He knew, just knew, he had to prepare himself, be ready to perform at his best, have a since of arousal only a period abstinence could provide. By Friday morning his cock seemed to be half hard all the time and just the simple task of showering, the feel of his own soapy hand made it rise up half hard.

'It had to be soon' he told himself as he looked in the mirror. The person staring back was new to him but somehow more knowable to him than ever before.

He didn't know why the day seemed especially daunting, the drudgery of one class after the next and he found himself checking his phone constantly, looking at the time and looking for a message. He pleaded with the phone to beep a message till the point he almost was saying it aloud.

Finally at two o'clock he found himself leaving his last class. He was at the elevators and it was full when the doors opened. He was going to wait for the next one but he wanted out of the building and as soon as possible. He went over to the door for the stairs and was soon bounding down each run weaving in and out of those going down slowly.

Out on the sidewalk he moved within the flow of humanity all headed somewhere, each going at their own pace and he wove through the slower ones as he made his way down the wide sidewalks heading to the dorms on the south side of campus where he lived.

There was a short cut through the greenhouses he liked to take when he was in a hurry. Dean one of the guys on his floor who was majoring in botany told him about it. He cut between two of the main buildings and down between two long narrow greenhouse structures, two of the oldest on campus built of steel and glass, then he moved down a service road that came up behind the complex. He was nearing the place where he was to cut through a gap in a hedge and head back toward the dorms when a white van pulled out from around one of the greenhouses and turned in front of him stopping right in his path.

"What the fuck" he called out and was he suddenly surprised by the sliding door pulling back and a guy all in black with a ski mask on jumped out and grabbed him. He tried to turn and run but it was too late and he had been caught off guard. The guy bear hugged him pinning his arms to his side and lifted him easily into the van where another guy dressed the same came out of the darkness in back and helped hold him down as they cuffed him securing him to the floor of the van.

He was screaming and thrashing about trying to get loose but the two guys quickly subdued him, gagging him with a strip of fabric and with another blindfolded him.

"Go" one of them called out as the door closed and Oliver felt the rocking of the van as it drove down the service road.

"Don't move or you'll get cut" one of the guys whispered in Oliver's ear and he thought it a threat until he felt the narrow coldness of the back of a knife slide as it slipped up his leg cutting his jeans apart.

They cut everything off, even his belt when removing his jeans and as the knife sliced through his clothes he finally settled down realizing this was how they had come for him. It only took a minute and he was naked. He felt the cool bare metal of the van floor and he struggled to hold himself in place with his arms stretched over his head and fastened to the floor. The van rocked him with every turn and every bump was a hard jolt against his back. Even so, he felt his cock flex and stretch out.

Someone sniggered close to his head and he felt a hand on his nuts, felt it circle around them and tug hard. It felt as if they were going to rip his nuts from their sac and he cried out. When the hand let go he felt the relief and just as quickly realized it had made his cock grow more erect.

He wasn't touched again and he listened at the sound of the van as it moved through town and eventually out to what he knew had to be Silver Leaf Drive and when it slowed and turned gently and proceeded slower than before he knew they had to be at 2134.

Even blindfolded he recognized the path they took, the side door near the garage, the walk down one corridor then right for twenty or thirty feet where they went through a door.

"We're going down; watch your step" someone said to him and he thought it was Derrick. He stumbled a few times but they moved slowly giving him time to find his footing at each tread till they were down the stair and he felt the cold concrete floor beneath his feet as they led him across the room. He wondered if he was going to be secured to the floor like before but they went further this time, much further and he grew anxious, wondering what was in store for him this time.

His cuffs were unhooked and his arms pulled in front of him and he felt the movement as they were hooked together again. Then he was able to drop his arms down even though they were secured together. It was quiet for a moment, he could hear nothing. Then there was a mechanical sound over his head and he cocked his head trying to figure it out. Then his arms were being pulled upward, slowly, lifting upward till they rose up over his head. The hoist kept running and his arms were pulled up tight over head and he stood on tip toe and for a moment he thought they would stop but the hoist kept lifting upward and his feet came off the floor and he swung back and forth as the hoist continued lifting him till he knew he had to be a foot above the floor. He knew it was useless to struggle and he felt his body swing in a slow circular pattern.

He hadn't heard anyone approach, hadn't heard their arm swing back but he heard the sound of the flogger move through the air and it hit him across the ass. The strike wasn't severe, but it continued, over and over, each blow making the cheeks of his ass feel warmer, a slight burn to the skin. He heard the flogger move through the air again, but it was faster this time and he flinched just as it struck and the pain of the blow made him shake and try to turn his body. It was futile and the strikes against his ass cheeks kept coming, faster and faster, then they struck the back of his thighs, painfully the leather strands wrapped around each one. Then the flogger was hitting his back, across the shoulders and down across his lower back. Several blows wrapped around his waist with the ends of the strands hitting him on the stomach and he was breathing hard now.

Then the blows stopped.

A hand ran over his ass cheeks, rubbing them roughly, squeezing them and the burning quickly dissipated. Then the hand took his cock and stroked it and he realized he was hard, achingly so and when fingers rubbed over the head he struggled with the feel of it, so sensitive his cock had become. The fingers moved slickly over his cock head till he was squirming around roughly in his bonds. When the hand let him go he realized it was leaking till the head was wet.

He barely had time to catch his breath and the flogger came across his stomach and he howled with the shock. It struck him over and over, moving upward a little each time till it was striking him across the chest. His nipples felt on fire.

Then it came straight down hitting his cock and he thought he'd cum.

He swung around for a long time after all of his jerking around but slowly he came to a stop. The room was totally silent and he hung still, waiting, listening for any sound. The hoist started and he moved downward, slowly, eventually his feet touched down and he was able to stand and the hoist continued till his arms once again were able to hand down loose.

"Do you want us to stop?" Logan's voice suddenly came at him from behind.

"No...sir" he stammered in reply.

He was released and led across the room, turned roughly around and pushed back. Something hit him just below his ass and he fell back on it feeling it swing back and forth underneath him. His arms were pulled up and out and he felt the cold chains against each arm as his wrist were secured. His legs were pulled up spread out and each one was secured same as his arms. He was on his back spread eagle on what he had learned in the last two weeks was a sling. He felt the cool air move over his naked skin, felt the way it touched him even over his ass and he knew how fully exposed he was to Derrick and Logan...and hopefully to the Master.

He felt the cool lube trickle down his ass, felt fingers rub it around and then one finger penetrate him, deeply, all the way, then another, and finally three fingers worked him open, losing him. The fingers pulled free and something blunt pushed against him and slowly he opened to it and it slid into his hole stretching him even more.

"Yeah open him up and then he can have the real thing" Oliver heard Logan say and he knew it was Derrick working his ass. It must have been long, ten or twelve inches for it sank deeply into his hole, and he felt it fuck inward and out.

Oliver tried to relax to the penetration, the way it filled his hole and he laid his head back. He sensed someone next to him and then he felt it, a cock rubbing over his face.

"Suck it...whore" Logan sneered as he ran his cock over Oliver's lips then pushed against them and Oliver took it, inch after inch till it gagged him and Logan began to fuck his mouth, a slow rhythm at first but as Derrick worked his hole Logan fucked his mouth. He felt hot all over, his heart racing, and he sucked hard on Logan's cock as it moved in his mouth.

Derrick pulled the dildo from his hole and quickly was standing between his legs. He felt Derrick's cock push into him, all the way till Derrick's body was pressed up against his ass.

"Yeah...fuck his ass" Logan uttered as Derrick pummeled Oliver's ass, his pace increasing rapidly.

It didn't take long for Logan to pull from his mouth and within seconds he felt cum spatter over his face. Then Logan's cock was smearing it, rubbing it around his face and over his lips.

"Okay boys, I think he's ready. Take the blindfold off" someone said and for a brief moment Oliver questioned who it was, for he didn't think it could really be him; Master. As the blindfold came off he blinked his eyes over and over till he adjusted to the light overhead shining down on him. Logan stood at his side, Derrick at his left foot and coming up between his legs was Master, naked, his muscular body on full display. Oliver leaned up to see better, to see down far enough to see it, the Master's cock and he saw it wasn't as long as Logan or Derrick's but it was thicker, impossibly thick. When he looked up he saw the Master smile at him as he moved up close. Oliver watched him push his hard cock down in alignment and nudge up to his ass. He felt the push against his hole and slowly, painfully, he felt his hole open to the Master letting him push inward penetrating him.

The Master held his legs tight to his sides as he drove cock into him. The Master fucked with a slow rhythm at first, savoring the feel of every inch moving in and out of his hole. But his pace quickened and soon Oliver was rocking roughly in the sling as he took the Master, every thick inch.

"Derrick" the Master barked and Derrick moved up to Oliver's side, leaned over his abdomen and took his cock sucking on it as he moved his mouth up and down the shaft. Their manipulation was too much, the way the Master fucked and the feel of Derrick's mouth on his cock he was soon quivering, his body so tensed up tight every muscle felt its exertion.

"Oh...fuck me...fuck me...sir..." Oliver cried out as he felt his cock explode in Derrick's mouth and as he pumped his load into the suctioning mouth the Master hammered his hole harder.

"Take it...take my load" the Master cried out as he shoved deeply inward over and over till he was spent.

Oliver was lying on a wood floor and before he opened his eyes he heard the familiar sound of someone sucking, noisily, the sound of the cock slipping around in their mouth. He opened his eyes and saw he was in a cage made of thick bars about four inches apart and when he sat up he found the top was just above his head. Turning he saw Derrick at an adjacent cage, naked wearing only boots and he was standing up to it getting serviced. Looking into the cage Oliver saw the naked form of someone on their knees, bent over with their face pushed up to the bars. Their hands were shackled to the top and they struggled to maintain their balance as they sucked Derrick's cock. At first Oliver didn't consider who the guy was then he looked at the dirty blonde hair and the familiar tattoo on the bicep and he knew how the Master knew where to find him. It was Dean and he was suddenly struggling to swallow Derrick's load.

It was only Friday night and they had all weekend.



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