Case Study 1253.234.01

Name: Jorge Martines, (1234 - unknown)

Unknown village between Zaragoza and Lerida in the area of Aragon, Spain.

_________ University Historical Research of Victims of the Inquisition.

Documents discovered in Vatican archives for Case Study 1253.234.01 were correspondence to Vatican from Friar St. Louis Ferrer, Julian the Bishop of Cuenca, Journal of Jorge Martines and Journal of S. Louis Ferrer. All documents translated into English from original language.

The following is selected entries and letter excerpts that provide the story of Jorge Martines' imprisonment and events during his interrogation.

Journal of J. Martines, May 3, 1253:

"Worked in the fields today till dark and came home to help mother with the chores at home. It has been tough since the fever took father last year. Travelers coming through our village said The Inquisition was over in the next valley and would arrive in our village any day. The rumor is someone in our village is under suspicion of heresy. We're such a small village and I know everyone so I can't imagine any of them under suspicion."

Journal of J. Martines, May 5, 1253:

"The Friar of the Dominican Order, St. Louis Ferrer arrived late last night. I'm actually fearful of who he is looking to take into custody and question. It is early, the sun not up yet, but I have to get the goats and horses fed and try to be in the field by sunrise."

Journal of Friar St. Louis, May 5, 1253:

"The young man Jorge Martines was brought in to me late this morning. I had to pray for forgiveness for I looked upon this young man with weakness. He was so beautiful, so young looking, even dressed in the clothes of the poor he was as an angel. God forgive me, I nearly reached out and touched him. His dark skin, his jet black hair and brown eyes that showed his fear, the shock of being taken prisoner for our inquisition made me nearly cry with sorrow. Have we gone too far? He fell down at my feet and begged for mercy. It will be most difficult this one.

I know I should not have done it but I've allowed Jorge Martines his personal journal and encouraged him to write in it. I think it could prove useful."

Journal J. Martines, May 5, 1253:

"I have to lie on the floor next to the one small window to write. The narrow window provides enough light to write by and so I write. I am so fearful of what is going to happen to me, and worse to my mother. I have no idea why I'm imprisoned. I'll do anything to get out of this. Anything.

They came to the field where I was working and took me. There was no warning and everyone in the village is so afraid. No one would look at me as they brought me back into the village. The Friar was the only one nice to me but he also seemed to want to be rid of me, to quickly remove me from the room. I don't know if I can endure this."

Journal of J. Martines, May 6, 1253:

"They brought me in to see the Friar and I couldn't help myself, the fear too great, and I fell to my knees and begged him to show mercy on me. I clung to him, buried my face against him, begging and crying like a little child, and I felt it, his manliness growing hard against my face just before he pushed me away. Could I arouse evil thoughts within him, make him look upon me with lust in his heart and in the end let me go. I'll risk his damnation, his hell, for my freedom."

Journal of Friar St. Louis, May 7, 1253:

"I have prayed to God till my knees bleed. Oh forgive me my sins, for I am sorely tempted. This beautiful boy troubles me, arouses feelings I thought I had been able to remove from my mind, those desires I had had for Pedro in the Monastery, those long ago nights when...I dare not write it down, but oh how this angel causes those feelings to rise up again, to make my duties to Pope Innocent IV so difficult and cause me to question what God asked us to do. The heresy is nothing compared to the sin in my heart. But can it be so wrong? I should not let these questions arise."

Letter to the Vatican from St. Louis Ferrer, dated May 8, 1253

Excerpt from fourth paragraph:

"...I believe the accusations against the Martines boy are false. Nothing here holds up under scrutiny but we will continue to seek the truth. I feel if nothing comes to light soon it would be God's will to allow this boy to go free. I know the source of the accusation against may lead to some understanding..."

Journal of Friar St. Louis, May 8, 1253

"I fear I have taken an unnecessary risk and only God can know why I did it. The boy haunts me like a spirit or a demon who possesses me. I lay in bed with evil thoughts and my arousal rises up strong and hard. I'm tempted to take it in hand, but dare not for fear the seed I spill will be discovered. I have the boy brought to me each day and in the end listen to him beg for his life, down on his knees promising anything, the willingness to do whatever I ask of him and it frightens me. But I'll call him to me tomorrow and once again feel my insides tremble at his presence, feel the way I burn with my weakness, this temptation so readily at hand."

Journal of J. Martines, May 10, 1253

"I did it, willingly and I feel no shame, no guilt, or need to ask anyone for forgiveness. I went to my knees and put my hand on the Friar, felt the form of his manhood, felt it thicken and grow long. I put my face to it, felt it press against my cheek and then I did it. I think he prayed when I put my mouth on it, but he couldn't stop me. I think he has done this before for his movements, the way he pushed against me before shoving me away..."

"I sent word to mother to leave. She'll refuse at first, but she must go. A neighbor promised to help her pack and see her off. I know I'll never see her again."

The sun light cut across the dark room and over Louis. He was still shaking as tears fell along the side of his face. He was scared, confused, and his every waking thought revolved around that young man, the one who had touched him, put his mouth over it. Louis felt his erection grow harder as he remembered the feel of Jorge's warm breath through his clothes. He had to fight the urge to let Jorge continue, to pursue his manipulations and he had weakly pushed him away.

His knees still hurt from where he had prayed till he was drunk with it, confused as to even the time of day and still he lusted after Jorge, wanted to touch him, to have him removed his clothes and let his body be exposed, reveal his masculinity; to reveal his sex. Jorge was locked in a storeroom in the village's stable and each time he was brought to Louis he could smell the straw that was on the floor and beneath it he could sense the masculine scent of the man.

He was here to interrogate Jorge, put him through the inquisition, have him tortured if needed, but he couldn't do it and for the last few days had to continuously ask for delay. It was cruel he knew, Jorge held prisoner knowing he was to be submitted to the inquisition but each day that passed was one more he had to dwell on what was to come. Louis knew what he had been writing in his journal was damning and he'd have to destroy it before it fell into the wrong hands but he needed the exercise, this confession on paper and he had allowed Jorge the same means of confession.

Louis sat up and looked out the window and saw a few locals pass by leading a donkey and he watched them move slowly along the road wondering where they were going, what they had been doing and whether or not they, man and woman, were husband and wife, living together in a relationship that allowed the intimacy he so craved. But he wanted a relationship damned by The Church, a forbidden love. He knew there was much The Church taught that was not right, that what he saw in the world didn't fit the teachings, but he didn't know if he could survive without The Church. Then he wondered if he could survive with it.

Journal of J. Martines, May 12, 1253

The Friar didn't call me before him yesterday. Did I go too far? Is he going to give me to someone else do you say it? Interrogate? Torture? It's insane and I'm trapped in the middle of it. It appears to be noon by the shadows I can see through the small window. I can feel the heat of the sun as it penetrates the walls and roof warming the room till I sweat even as I sit unmoving.

Someone's coming, must stop

Everyone went to have their midday meal while Louis plotted, schemed on what he was going to do if he went down the path he was considering. He looked out the window and saw it was quiet. The day was hot, the sun intense, and everyone it seemed was indoors. He eased out of his room with his small bag of belongings and went out a rear door and circled around to the old storeroom at the back of the property. No guards were stationed there for the door locked securely and the window was so narrow no man could fit through it. The door squeaked open to the building and Louis looked around to see if anyone was nearby who could have heard but it was still quiet. He eased inside, sat his bag down by the door and made his way to the back storeroom. The old floor creaked with each foot fall. The keys to the door hung on a nail on the opposite wall and he soon had the door unlocked and he pulled it open. The light of the main room moved across the darkness till it landed on Jorge sitting on the floor. He looked scared and for a moment just sat there unmoving.

Louis had thought about how he appeared, all in shadow, with his hood over his head, and he pulled it back revealing his face to Jorge who instantly moved to him, coming across the floor on his knees.

"Please..." was all Jorge said as he grasped Louis tightly around the legs. Louis for the first time gently reached out and touched Jorge, let his hand come down on Jorge's head, his fingers comb through the dark hair, so soft to the touch and he inhaled deeply as he let his desires rise up vivid in his mind.

"What belongings do you have?" Louis asked foolishly.

"None, my lord...only the journal you've allowed me" Jorge responded and Louis pulled from a pocket his own small journal and held it out to Jorge.

"Put this with your own and lay them in a corner under the straw so that they will be found, but not too quickly" Louis said to Jorge who did as he instructed. "Now follow me and keep quiet."

Louis led Jorge to the end of the building where the stables were located and found the donkeys they had used for their travels and he put a rope on the two they had the least trouble and led them out and around back.

"Where are we going?" Jorge asked once they were in the woods working their way around the outskirts of the village and toward the mountains in the horizon.

"I don't know yet. But we must get away from here. We'll travel as long as we can today and tonight and rest tomorrow. Do you know these woods?"


"Then lead us."

Letter to the Vatican from Julian the Bishop of Cuenca, dated May 15, 1253

Excerpt from third paragraph:

"...your Excellency will be notified of any news we may discover in our search for the Friar St. Louis Ferrer and the peasant by the name of Jorge Martines...we are searching to the east and north in the mountains and have another party searching the southern regions with the idea they may head toward the Mudejar controlled territories to escape the will of the Holy Roman Church. There is rumor they may be trying to flee by the Mediterranean Sea with destinations unknown..."

They had traveled mostly at night using the illumination of the full moon and by day they slept, hiding in caves, abandoned ruins or barns. Jorge was so relieved to be free of the Inquisition but he wasn't sure of Louis, what his motives were, and for the first four days the fear of getting caught, the constant watch for the search parties and even the local citizenry, for no one could be trusted for all were in fear of the Inquisition had kept the two of them stoic toward each other. Jorge didn't know Louis' own inner turmoil or the desires that drove him to defy the instructions of The Church, but he saw over the course of the travels the gentleness of the man, so in conflict with his mission, and he thought maybe that was the reason for his actions in helping him escape.

Louis struggled with his desires, fought to keep his mind focused, for Jorge seemed so innocent, seemed to lack the understanding of what their situation truly was at the moment. But he knew, and it frightened him. The path had lead to the roughest of sections yesterday and they had to abandon the donkeys. Now on foot their progress slowed.

They finally made it to a small valley where it was nothing but woods with a creek flowing along its bottom. The sky was lightening with the sun soon to rise up in the east and they found a small clearing near the creek and decided it was safe enough to camp out for the day. They laid out their blankets and sat down wearily, their legs aching from their hiking over the mountains. The food Louis had taken of the day of their escape was long since gone and they had been stealing from farms along the way. Louis watched Jorge, the way he looked out over the creek, his dark brown eyes showing his fatigue and his fear at first but after a few minutes Louis saw Jorge look down at his own body then back up at the creek.

"I'm going to bath in the creek. I reek of that stable" Jorge said as he stood up and pulled his clothes off. Louis sat frozen in place and watched as Jorge shed his clothes till he was naked and Louis looked upon him, stared at Jorge's body, every curve, the muscular torso, the arms and legs and he looked at his sex, the way it hung loosely, moving with Jorge's movement. He watched Jorge move quietly to the creek and ease in, the water coming to his ankles at first but as Jorge moved out the water level rose up to his knees, then his buttocks and finally to the middle of his back and Jorge slid down into the water till only his head was visible. Then he submerged down out of sight. Jorge stayed down a long time, too long for Louis and he began to worry Jorge was slipping away from him, but as the anxiety of these thoughts grew till he was about to get up and go look Jorge rose up shaking the water out of his hair.

Louis watched Jorge swim around in the creek, rising and diving down, parts of his body coming into view, tantalizing in the briefest of exposures; the cheeks of his ass, his chest floating up and eventually his sex surfacing. Louis felt the way his heart beat grew rapid with his attraction toward Jorge and his arousal at seeing him naked, frolicking in the creek. He looked around nervously, expecting someone to step out and accuse him of his crimes, but the woods were silent except for bird song. He stood up and pulled his own clothes off till his pale body was exposed to the gentle breeze and warm air and he felt himself stir awake even more, his arousal causing him to rise up, to thicken but he was now past caring.

Strolling down to the creek, Louis watched Jorge dive down again. He moved into the water till it was up to his knees and Jorge rose up only a few feet away. Louis froze as he watched Jorge's body rise into view and the clear water allowed him to look below its surface and watch Jorge's sex as it floated out in front of him.

Jorge looked up and was surprised to see Louis had stripped off his clothes and was in the creek. He was even more surprised to see his arousal, the way his sex was angling out, thickening, elongating as Louis stood staring at him. He looked at the naked body in front of him, so lean and pale, but there was something else, some sense of intimacy in the moment, something he had felt before.

"Are you going to come on into the water...Louis?" Jorge asked his voice low and gentle.

Louis nodded his head and moved into the deeper water and eased down till only his head was above the surface. He held his breath and ducked down, submerging himself, feeling the cool clear waters flow over his body and he opened his eyes and looked at Jorge only a few feet away. When he surfaced he saw Jorge smiling at him for the first time since their escape.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Jorge said just before he dove down and swam along the deep section of the creek. Then Louis felt it, the loss of the weight of his fears and the responsibilities he had allowed himself to be tasked. He bent his knees and pushed off diving down and began to swim, his rhythm poor at first but soon he was able to keep up with Jorge, to swim along with him and soon they began to horse around, splashing each other, then ducking each other till they were wrestling around, laughing and crying out. Their bodies rubbed against each other and Louis felt his cock brush against Jorge time and time again till he was fully erect. Then he felt Jorge take him, fingers wrapped around his erection and moving along its length. They stopped moving around and stood in the deep water face to face and Louis reached out nervously till he felt his fingers graze Jorge's erection and he let his fingers trace down its length and he was surprised by its elongated length. Jorge smiled at him as he grasped him tighter pulling their bodies together.

"I'm still willing to do anything you want" Jorge said as he pulled Louis close. Their cocks touched then slid along each other as Louis moved up closer till they were so close they could feel each other's breath exhale against their skin.

"Jorge, I...will do whatever you desire" Louis whispered and Jorge moved to him pressing his lips to Louis' as he wrapped his arms around Louis' torso and hugged him, their warm bodies bound together within the cool waters flowing around them.

Jorge led Louis to the bank of the river to where their blankets lay on the ground and he pulled Louis down next to him. Hands moved over bodies, caressing skin, rubbing over nipples till erect and grasping erections, stroking them, feeling their hardness flex in their hands. Louis rolled over on his stomach presenting himself to Jorge.

"Please" Louis said looking over his shoulder.

Jorge moved over Louis and pushed his erection along the cleft of Louis' ass, pumped his hips rubbing it along the curved length of it, stroking the head of his cock over Louis' hole inflaming Louis' desires. Louis pushed upward against Jorge's hardness wanting to feel the penetration.

"You want me?" Jorge whispered as he aligned his cock to Louis' hole.

"OH, yes..." Louis cried out as he held his head down and pushed back till he felt Jorge penetrate him and he quivered with the pain of entry and the feel of Jorge entering his body. Jorge pushed slowly with his hips feeling his cock move through the tight ring of Louis' opening, inch by inch, till he was firmly buried all the way inside of his hole. Louis moaned with the penetration, pushed up with his hips and Jorge felt every move, felt the way Louis was breathing heavily, his body quivering with the penetration and he began to pull back and drive back inward, over and over, till he was fucking Louis , driving his cock into the tight hole feeling it milk his cock. He lay on Louis' back wrapping his arms around Louis' neck hugging him tightly as he pumped his hips up and down, working his cock deeply inside of Louis. Jorge lightly bit Louis on the neck as he drove his cock into him, his wet body undulating on top as Louis tried to move with him, to push up with his inward thrusts.

"Oh...oh...take me...Louis..." Jorge cried out as he hammered his cock into Louis, feeling his cock swell up thicker, grow more sensitive and he shoved inward pumping his load deep into Louis. He kept thrusting, pumping his ejaculating cock through each previous wad till he was spent. He fell still on top of Louis feeling the heat that was between them, the contact slick with their sweat. When he eased out of Louis he rolled over to the side of him and guided Louis to roll over too. Louis' erection was wet, the head leaking substantially and Jorge grasp it stroking his fingers over the slick head and down the shaft making Louis cry out and thrust his hips upward pumping his cock through Jorge's hand. Jorge kissed Louis, passionately, lips tight to lips, then he pulled up and moved downward. He held Louis' erection up and brought his mouth down over it letting it sink into his mouth and when he had all he could take he began to move up and down, dragging his lips along the slick shaft till Louis began to pump his hips in rhythm with his ministrations.

Louis was so aroused, his cock so hard, he couldn't take much of Jorge's manipulations and he soon ran his fingers through Jorge's hair and held his head in place as he pumped upward with his hips till his cock erupted, pumping his load into Jorge's mouth.

They lay still for a long time, their bodies intertwined together, till sleep settled over each of them. Peaceful slept like neither had had for days and they slept till darkness descended on the valley. Louis woke first and pulled out the last of the food. He woke Jorge when the food was ready and the two of them ate slowly savoring each tiny morsel till it was gone, and they talked quietly about what had happened between them and eventually they made plans setting a destination, a place out of reach of The Church.

Letter to the Vatican from Julian the Bishop of Cuenca, dated June 28, 1253

Excerpt from fourth paragraph:

"...we've extended our search north into Languedoc and Bordeaux but so far there have not been any sightings either of St. Louis Ferrer or that peasant boy Jorge Martines. We have heard back from search parties to the east that two men matching their descriptions boarded a boat along the Jucar heading down river toward the sea... the rumor is they are heading east into those pagan lands of India or possibly even further east....[W]e found their journals in the stable where the peasant boy was being held and they are the most blasphemous writings....St. Louis Ferrer wrote of carnal desires of the most wicked kind...documents are enclosed for you to see for yourself the wickedness that occurred here."

The sun was shining brightly in the clear sky as waves lapped at the shoreline. The small village along the coast line was active with the fisherman returning early with a successful catch in their nets. The people where compact, with lean bodies, all except for the two men on the beach sitting alone. One had dark skin like the natives but he was taller, his body more muscular and the other the one had lighter skin that turned red easily with too much exposure to the hot sun of this tropical paradise. They had arrived months ago and soon settled in with the local people, slowly learning their language and helping with the work required to sustain the village. They helped with the fishing, hunting, gathering, showing new ways to build their dwellings and they even taught the children new games playing with them along the beach. They built their own small dwelling down the beach from the village within its own little alcove and each day they came into the village to do their share of the work.



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