From Part 2............

I told George, my boss, the entire story and he told me to take off any time I wanted.  A week later I flew in and only Greg knew I was coming.  As soon as I was checked in, I called him and he joined me for hot sex.  The next evening he said he had someone he wanted me to meet and asked if he could bring him with him.  I said sure and asked if he liked three way

"Oh yes, he loves them," Greg replied.

Shortly after seven, there was a knock at my door and wearing only a towel, I answered the door.  There stood Greg, smiling broadly.  Then very casually, the other man appeared.


Part 3............

Slowly, the other man began to appear, showing only his shoulder at first.  Ever so slowly he revealed more of himself .  Then. in one quick move, he stood before me, smiling broadly.

"What the fuck is going on?" I exclaimed as Greg and David stepped into the room and closed the door.

David smiled as he quickly stepped p to me and after putting his hand around my head, he gently pulled my face to his.  Our lips met and his tongue drilled into my mouth and as I accepted it, his free hand pulled the towel away, then threw it across the room. 

I felt his huge hand grasp my steadily stiffening cock as we swapped spit and I heard him moan softly.  Pulling back, still clothed, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock in it's entirety, burying his nose in my thick pubic bush.

"OH FUCK YEA!"  I exclaimed, looking over at Greg, who by now was totally naked like me.

After a few seconds, David released my cock and stood up and kissed me again, but as we kissed he began stripping.  Wanting to taste David's hot hard cock, as soon as his pants dropped, so did I, quickly devouring the beautiful tool.

"Oh, fuck, bro, you were right.  He definitely knows how to suck a cock," David said to Greg. Moments later David was totally nude and the three of us headed for bed.  David quickly raised my legs and began drilling and fucking my hole with his hot tongue.  After a short moment, I said softly, "Fuck me, David."

Greg and I got into a sixty-nine and began devouring each others cocks ad David buried his cock in my ass balls deep.  I was in total ecstasy!  When I found out that I had been having sex with one of Pam's brothers, I was in heaven but getting both of them was beyond belief.

Davis soon climaxed deep in my hole and as Greg and I fed each other our loads simultaneously, David said, "Don't swallow.   Feed them to me."

He lay on his back and Greg placed his face over David's and let my cum drip into David's open mouth, then I did the same.  We watched as David swirled our cum around before swallowing and saying, "Ummm, fucking delicious."

We kissed and made out and I watched as Greg and David casually sucked on each other's cocks and it was so hot to watch.  Later, when both had raging, I blew them both, David first and with his load still in my mouth, I sucked off Greg.  Afterward I fed each part of the mixture.

Before the evening ended, we had all sucked, fucked, and been sucked and fucked by the others.  Totally exhausted, they dressed and left.  I slipped on only some slacks and shirt and headed for the truck stop next to the motel for a cup of coffee.

After my coffee, I headed for the restroom and in checking it out, I found that there was a nice glory hole between the stalls and one stall was occupied.  I entered the other stall and within a minute the trucker and I were taking turns sucking on each others cocks.  At one point, I leaned to the hole and said, "Motel next door.  Room 130." 

I left and returned to my room and a moment later a hot huge muscular stud stood at my door.  Once in and naked, he turned into a gentle bear cub.  We had a hot passionate sixty-nine before we cuddled together and fell asleep.  After waking the next morning, we had a hot make out session before going into another sixty-nine.  After devouring each others loads, I watched as he casually dressed, and said, "I notice the wedding ring.  Does she know anything?"

"Not that I know of.  What I do on the road is my business.  When I'm home she is taken care of, but I'm sure she wonders how I relieve myself on the road.  She never asks and I don't volunteer.  I was sucking cock before we married  and I'll continue sucking cock."

That evening, Greg and David returned for more play and like the night before, everything was allowed.

Two to three times a month, on weekends, I would fly out and have sex with Greg, David, and truckers from the truck stop.  On several occasion, a trucker would join the three of us for play and it was unbelievable.

I had kept in contact with Rick and his dad and told them about how I had met Greg and how David soon joined us.  Rick said he was definitely envious of me and his dad wanted to suck Greg and David, since they were brothers.  I said that they were invited to the wedding and we could possibly set something up before the big day.

The wedding drew closer and a week before, Rick and his dad arrived and got a room at the motel next to mine.  That first night we had one hell of a reunion.

Then, the second night, I had Greg and David come to my room and once they were there and the three f us were totally naked, I called Rick and had him and his dad come over.  Introductions were made and they immediately stripped and Rick's dad bot on the floor between Greg and David and immediately began sucking one then the other as the two men kissed passionately.  Rick and I watched for a moment before starting a sixty-nine.  After Rick's dad had devoured both Greg and David's loads, they alternated sucking him and when he climaxed they shared his load.

The wedding drew closer.  It was scheduled for Sunday afternoon at the country club. Greg and David, with Rick's help, planned my bachelor party.  Besides Brooks, David, Greg, rick and his dad and myself, there were some a few of their friends who we were told were straight.  I had mentioned to Greg that when the guys left and Brooks left, we could have one last big orgy. He said that was what was planned.

We partied and had some strippers but the only sex was us watching a couple of the straight guys get their cocks sucked by the strippers.  Near midnight the straight friends left to party further at a local strip club.  Once they  were gone, we talked for a few minutes, before Brooks headed for the bedroom of the suite he had rented for the party., saying he was going to bed.

After half hour or so, David said, "I'll go check on dad.  He can sleep through a hurricane so if he is fast asleep, we can have our own party. "

A moment later he returned and said, "He's out for the count," and began stripping.  Soon we were all naked and making out.  Clay and Davis were soon in a sixty nine, and as Rick sucked Greg, I sucked on Rick's hard cock.  After a moment, I felt a hot wet mouth close on my cock.  In shock, I jumped to see who it was and found Brooks hungrily devouring my cock.

He looked up at me and said, "I've wanted to do this since the day Greg told me that you and he had hooked up."  The others all stopped and Rick and Clay were as shocked as I was to see Brooks sucking my cock.

Before returning to my cock, Brooks looked at Rich and said, "Rick, why don't you come fuck this hot ass. I want both your hot young loads in me."

As Rick fucked Brooks in the ass I fucked his mouth.  soon, I fed him my built up load of cream and he eagerly devoured it and milked me dry.  Then, he began sucking clay as I began sucking my future father-in-law's hard leaking cock.  Before it was over, Brooks and I had sucked and fucked each other with the others watching or having sex among themselves. 

Then Saturday night, Brooks and I had a one on one night and it was awesome.  He was such a hot lover.

The wedding went of beautifully and Brooks and Carol had given us a honeymoon in Hawaii.  It was awesome and on Wednesday of the trip while Pam was getting a massage and manicure, I was sucking the fitness center manager's hard huge cock.

We have been married five years now and I am naturally employed by Brooks.  Greg, David and I have weekly meetings after work with Brooks in Brooks  in his office.  Actually, the meetings are two hour long sex parties.  Plus, the four of us frequently go on hunting or fishing trips.

I've got perfect in-laws!

THE END !!!!!!!



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