From Part 1......................

Friday morning I drove to Pam's home and met her mother.  Her dad would be taking the afternoon off from work and would be home at noon. We had a great visit and her parents took us out to dinner where I would meet her two brothers.

The four of us arrived at the restaurant and was seated while we waited for her brothers.  Then it happened.


Part 2..............

Pam's dad had made reservations at a fine restaurant named Olympus.  They had an area called 'The Caverns' which consisted of six private dining rooms, with each room separated by panels.  We were in room number two.

As we waited for Pam's brothers, her dad asked that instead of calling he and Pam's mother Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, that I call them Brooks and Carol.  I agreed and pam explained why.

"Mark, after mom and dad married, he decided to open a furniture store and went deep into debt.  He was going to call it Claytons Furniture, but there was already a business in town using the name Clayton's that  was screwing customers daily."

"Pam, watch your language," Carol interrupted.

Smiling, Pam continued, "Dad decided to call the company Brooks Furniture Gallery.  It was a success and he now own two stores in town and another over in Duncanville.  He has been very successful, but when he is referred to as 'Mr. Clayton' in public he always gets dirty looks.  there are numerous lawsuits pending trying to close the business down."

"I can understand how he feels and because of that, I only know a couple named Brooks and Carol, and the Clayton's don't exist."

Brooks smiled and said, "Pam, baby, you got you a good man there," and as he glanced at me he winked, and gave me a sly smile.  I wondered what it meant.

A second later Pam's brothers arrived and suddenly I was in shock.

"Mark," Pam began, " I'd like you to meet my oldest brother David and my older brother Greg."

I was cordial as I shook hands with each but the older brother that she introduced as Greg  was the man that I had been having sex with for the last few days and knew as Don.  I could tell that he was as shocked as I was.

David and Greg both worked for the company, one in finance and the other in purchasing. Even though David was the older he was just as hot as Greg was. 

They took the two empty chairs at the table, with Greg quickly taking the one next to me. The evening progressed nicely but inside I was torn and confused.

After the main meal, Greg excused himself and a few minutes later he returned and after sitting down he very casually slipped a note into my jacket pocket.  I was curious but refrained from making an excuse to leave the table and read it.

After dinner, we returned to their home for cocktails and to get to know each other. It was a pleasant evening and near midnight I made an excuse of being tired from the trip and asked to be excused.  After kissing Pam goodnight at the door, I got in my rental car and headed for the motel.  Once out of sight of the house, I stopped and read the note.

"We need to talk.  I'll call you later," is all it said.

Twenty minutes later I arrived at the hotel and headed straight for the bar, my feeling totally turned upside down.  I had an engagement ring in my pocket and planned on asking Pam to marry me, but could we be married with me having had sex with her brother?

As I finished my first drink, I heard a voice say, "Want another?"  I turned to see Greg taking the stool next to me.  Looking at him I smiled and said, "I see I'm not the only person changing names."

"I always use my middle name with my partners until I get to know them," he replied.  Laughing, I said, "I do the same thing."

"Man," he began, "I nearly shit when I walked into that room and saw you sitting there."

""How the fuck do you think I felt?" I asked. "Let's go somewhere private."

We got up and without thinking I led him to my room.  Once inside, he leaned in to kiss me.  We kissed but it was quick and casual.  "Greg, I was going to propose to Pam tonight but after I knew I had been having sex with her brother, I couldn't do it."

"Mark,  be honest with yourself.  Are you bisexual and love sex both ways or are you gay and trying to stay in the closet by getting married?"

"I'm definitely bi.  Pam and I have tremendous sex.  I love her dearly."

Well, in that case, marry her.  If things continue with us, which I hope they do, great.  If not we will still be close buds."

"Do you think me being your brother-in-law would affect our play?"

"Fuck no!" he exclaimed. "It would only make it hotter."

I smiled and leaned in and kissed him as I began to undress him. Moments later we were in a hot sixty-nine, hungrily devouring each others cocks and later the loads.

Saturday morning, I was expected at the house for breakfast at nine. Greg and David were there also.  The maid had prepared hotcakes for us as well as sausage and scrambled eggs.  As she was preparing the plates, I slipped into the kitchen and asked which plate was for Pam.  When she saw the ring in my hand she smiled and pointed to one of the plates.  I slipped the ring under the top pancake.

The plates were delivered and seconds later there was a loud scream as Pam saw the ring. Breakfast was halted as congratulations were given by all.

Most of the day was talk about the wedding and the plans.  Pam decided to transfer to the college there in town so she and her mother could work on the wedding. I had received my degree in management and  worked for a great man. He was gay and yes we had sex from time to time but he knew it would never go further.  When I wanted time off he gave it to me.

A couple of weeks after the engagement, I received a letter from Brooks.  In it was a check for five hundred dollars and a note telling me that he would be sending a check for the same amount every two weeks for me to use for airfare and lodging when I wanted to visit but insisted that it be kept as our secret and that he looked forward to getting to know me better.

I told George, my boss, the entire story and he told me to take off any time I wanted.  A week later I flew in and only Greg knew I was coming.  As soon as I was checked in, I called him and he joined me for hot sex.  The next evening he said he had someone he wanted me to meet and asked if he could bring him with him.  I said sure and asked if he liked three way

"Oh yes, he loves them," Greg replied.

Shortly after seven, there was a knock at my door and wearing only a towel, I answered the door.  There stood Greg, smiling broadly.  Then very casually, the other man appeared.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................................SOON



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