The heavens have opened up, letting the rain, fall from it in a torrential downpour.

The car's wipers are fighting furiously against the pelting rain and the fierce southern winds. Mother Nature's has unleashed her fury, as the earthly elements, water and wind, collide on the battleground that is the windshield of my '77 El Camino.

I am on my way to my weekly scheduled rendezvous.

It is one of the many 'meetings' that I have been a part of for many years now.

The paved road is empty, as I am the only one who dares to venture out in this 'gawd'-awful downpour on this stormy night.

I arrive at the entrance where the steel cable blocks off the main road from the 2-path sandy-rutted road to the lodge. The steel-cable rest on the rain-puddle soaked ground.

Travis is already here.

I drive over the steel-cable.

I can hear the branches of the trees as the wind blows them against my car, scraping the passenger side of the red and white two-tone El Camino.

The car once belonged to my father, the one he cherished, more than life, itself, because it was his first car. His first motor-fueled love, he passed it on to me when he died, in his will. The paint job is probably ruined now but this meeting is crucial, it always is, even thought it has been happening for years.

I cringe, hearing the scraping and scuffling noises, reminding me of another bygone day. The time my brother and I, drove through a dried-up swamp, as stupid teenagers in our dads, then new red Chevrolet pick-up truck. The yelling and the ass whooping we received after our stunt, causes my butt to hurt, to sting and tingle, now, as I recall that long buried memory.

I like this feeling. I can feel my ass muscles clench and gasp at the long-buried thought.

It is the same feeling I first felt as my ass was first fucked. It hurt for a little while but then it felt wonderful once I took in the erect fullness of a man's hard tensed-up cock.

On a farm, boys learn to drive early, tractors and such. We also grow up sooner, mature faster, because we grow to be independent, much quicker.

The sap rises in young farm-raised bucks, quickly, and has to be expelled just as fast before they explode from their underlying unspent passions.

Watching farm animals breed only magnifies these male hormonal overloads, it is the first fucking we see unheeded before we dip our own wicks into another's fleshy hole.

It is a part of everyday rural life.

The road is not long, maybe a mile, maybe less, maybe more, I pull into the clearing that surrounds this out-of-the-way place and turn off my engine.

The rain is still coming down in its massive gulley-washer, booms from thunder and flashes of lightning dot the sky amidst the storm as it rages violently on this, my planned rendezvous night.

Travis' worn and battered late model blue Ford truck sits away from the trees, away from the swaying pines and oaks, as they whip, spastically, about in the wind, generated by fierce fueled storm.

The door to the hunting lodge swings open, revealing a bright light from within, flickering light emanates from the fireplace. He cast a fierce silhouette as he stands in the doorway. I see his frame, his muscles more intense, as the musculature of his masculine body is the focus of attention in the shadows on this hectic raining night.

His erection dominates the doorway, it protrudes from his heavily bushed pubes, he uses it to wave at me. As the rain continues to pelt my car and him, I ponder. How to get inside the lodge without being soaked and drenched to the flesh is on my mind.

His cock sways at he continues with his overblown gestures; I am so enthralled by the sight of him.

It is as if I can hear the wet flesh of his member slap against his bare muscled thighs while the rain continues from the heavens.

I am hypnotized by his male splendor.

I nod my head, hoping he can see me in the shadowed interior of the car, exaggerating my motions to get his attention.

He does, waving again and nodding to me in return.

I throw up my hands in mock disgust. The rain is stopping me from getting to him.

He waves harder, his cock, battered about by his erratic motions, entices me, I want it.

He is a 33 year-old man, a man at the height of his southern influenced masculinity. Travis has never married, he never thought he should because of the way he is, you know, homosexual.

Many men in the South are homosexual, although it has not reached the acceptance here as it has in other places of the country. It is still here and many married men, indulge in their secret passions, secret obsessions of same-sex attraction in places such as this, the hunting lodge.

I am married, though, a man of 26 with a young son and a wife that nags at me, incessantly, driving me to distraction and further into Travis' arms, her brother arms.

She, my wife, his sister, has a son from a previous relationship, too. She did not marry that man. I consider that 'baby daddy' to be the lucky one.

I am not.

I met Travis when I was dating Amber; he eyed me constantly when I came to their door to pick-up Amber, if he was there.

Now, the both of us, my wife and I, have a son plus my stepson, my stress levels stay amped to the high horizons, in my frustration, I go out on weekly 'meetings' with Travis.

Everyone knows he is gay, not everyone, however knows that he and I are an item.

I enjoy my time with him more than I do with his sister.

Amber is aware of the closeness I share with her brother, she has not made the connection of our more intimate involvement, though, she thinks I am steadily fucking a tramp at the Rascal's bar down from the road from our house, near the Lakes. I will let her continue on that route, it keeps the real culprit of my infidelity at bay, one of them anyway; the number has increased, within the past few days.

Travis stands in the doorway as the rain pelts his naked frame; he continues to wave his mid-section at me, flapping his man-tool among his thick bushy pubes, enticing me, beckoning me into the lodge where the fun awaits.

"Get naked," Travis shouts out from the door.

I throw my hands up.


"Get the fuck naked, Sean?" he yells at me, again, with his hands cupped around his mouth. So his voice will be projected out.

I understand what he says, this time.

I kick off my boots, onto the floorboard of the driver's side of my truck, pulling my socks off and adding them to the discarded footwear.

I pull my t-shirt over my head, it yanks off my baseball cap, too, I had left it on, accidentally.

I unsnap my Levi's, unzip my zipper and proceed to roll them down my legs. I bunch them at my feet and kick them with the other clothes on the floor.

As my cock makes contact with the cool evening air of this rainy night, my cock grows hard from the change in temperature from a hot warm encased prison of cotton jeans to the open cool air of my truck.

Travis waves me in, to the cabin, frantically, with his flailing cock.

He cups his balls and cock, with both hands, as he stands in the rain drenched open doorway of the house.

"Come and get it, buddy," Travis yells at me as he continues to rock and sway his hips, provocatively, as the storm rages on around us," I am waiting, Lover."

Travis ducks back into the house, disappearing from my view after his little cock-show.

The rain continues to come down in a white-like blanket of heavy downpour.

"Oh shit," I say, aloud.

My cock pumps out a spasm of pre-cum, completely engulfing my cocked-crown in my own man-juice.

I smear my juice over my engorged member and bring a dabble of it to my mouth.

I taste salty-sweet.

"I want, no, I need, Travis, so badly right now," I say aloud to myself as I ponder my ongoing desires for the man.

I hurriedly open the driver's side door of the El Camino and bolt like a man possessed for the wide open door of the hunting lodge, naked as the day I was born.

I am thinking, I am half-way to my beloved paramour.

I am nearer to him than I was earlier.

When I step into the fire-lit room, I am soaked, drenched, nearly drown from the water from the open-heavens; my hair, matted down from the massive rainy downpour. Water drips from all my parts of my gym-toned body, rivulets of water intermingle with my hair and stream down my person, as I stand in the doorway.

"C'mere," Travis says as he lies on the overstuffed couch, in front of the intensely burning fire in the fireplace, "let me warm up that hot little body of yours."

He strokes his hard cock as he looks at me, eye-to-eye.

A drop of cum exits from his piss-slit. He smears it over his tensed cock.

I reach down to stroke my own male appendage as I gaze into the eyes of my secret beloved.

As I walk to him, he moves his hands away, his cock stands erect between his open thighs, his legs spread wide in anticipation of my arrival. I grow harder with each step I take as I near him.

The water continues to stream off me. As the heat of the fire reaches my body, it evaporates the water from my body; a moist warm mist fills the room as the two Earth elements cross paths, fire and water.

"You are so sexy, Lover," Travis says as he presents himself to me in all his masculine splendor.

"So are you, Travis," I say, "So are you."

I fall onto him, bending to him.

Our chest mashes into each other, our cocks, fight, through their hardness as they slide to either side from their stiffness.

Travis and I lock into a passionate embrace, a kiss, as I bend down to him on the couch.

Travis cups my balls with his right hand as we exchange our kiss.

"Where did that come from?" Travis asks me.

"Where did 'what' come from?" I say.

"The kiss," Travis says.

"I wanted to do it," I answer him.

"You have never wanted to kiss me before, without being prompted to do so first," he says, "what's happened? Does Amber know about us?"

"NO! Amber does not know about us," I answer, "Why would she? Have you told her?"

"I have told my sister, nothing," Travis says, "Why would I? I love her."

"You love her? You love her so much that you would let her future husband fuck you, hours before she got married. You even let me do it the night before, too," I instinctively respond back, with rather harsh sounding words.

"I wasn't by myself," he says, "Your cock was rammed far up my ass, if you remember."

"I remember," I say, "I want to ram it up there, now."

"I want you to do it, too," he says, happily.

"I want you to fuck me, too," I say.

The shock of my words shows on Travis' face as I say this.

Complete and total shock.

"What?" he says, awe struck by my statement.

"You heard me," I say.

"You know I don't fuck," Travis says, "I am fucked, period."

"Well, you are going to fuck me," I demand.

A quizzical expression masks across his face.

I grab roughly for Travis' junk, as he does, Travis' stiff cock ejects more pre-cum, deep down from within his balls onto my hands.

"I take it, you are happy to see me," I say, "I am always happy to see you, heck, I have been happy to see you since you and Amber were dating."

"Yeah, I know," I say, "all those times you went looking to see my cock every chance you could."

"Well," Travis says," Amber, bragged to me about how good you were in bed, after you talked her into that first fuck on that first date, I had to see for myself if it was true, what she said about you."

"Was it?" I say.

"Was it, what?" he says.

"True," I say.

"Fuck yes, it was true," he says, "You are the best fuck, I have ever had...and I know about good 'fucks'."

"You and Amber talked about me and her fucking?" I say.

"Well, I am her gay brother," Travis says, "Why would she not talk to me? I tell her about the guy's who have fucked me."

"You tell her about us?" I ask.

"No," he says, "she thinks you are fucking some tramp but you know that, already. The truth is, I am 'your' tramp."

Yes, Travis, you are my 'tramp', I think to myself and I am, I have been the 'tramp' to my married-into-the-family, Uncle Randy, Reynolds McNamara and even a 19-year-old kid. I have also fucked them and two other men in Alabama. I think to myself, not revealing to him my desires and inclinations over the past few days.

I look at Travis, I gaze into his deep azure blue eyes; I find I am losing myself, as I pierce deep into their bright blueness.

I am lost in the wonderment of this man.

I reiterate my previous statement, again.

"Travis, I want you to fuck me," I say," I want you to share that part of you, with me, too."

He says, nothing, as I repeat my sentiments again.

"Will you fuck me, Travis?" I beg, I plead.

"You know I do not fuck," he says, hesitantly, but then, "...but I will fuck you."

I kiss him, deep; as our mouth dissolve into each other, where there are two is hard to distinguish, as our masculinity has been melted into one solitary man.

A boom of thunder echoes in the background as bolts of lightning illuminate the doorway. It is still open with the rain still coming down in buckets.

I am startled by the noise but I still know what I want.

I stand up, my ass presented to the still laying about Travis. I turn around and offer him my ass.

"Take my ass, Travis," I say, willingly, "take me and show me you truly love me."

Travis kneels, with one leg on the sofa, the other on the floor. He takes my hairy ass into his mouth, lapping up, rimming me with his talented tongue.

"Ahh, that feel so good," I moan as his tongue laps at my hairy hole, "get me wet, lover, get my hairy hole ready for that cock of yours."

He slurps me up with wild abandonment, like a prisoner locked up in sustained confinement, deprived of food, readying himself for his last meal, which is my hole, presently. He finds places that the other men have never reached with their tongues, ever. He slides his wet organ into my puckered 'butt' lips, tweaking my ring of entry with his skilled-tongued 'appendage.'

"You are tasty," Travis says as he takes a rest from his 'meal.'

"I will be much better when you poke me with that hard cock of yours," I say.

"You want my cock?" Travis says.

"YES," I scream out.

BOOM BOOM Thunder and a flash of lightning lights up the room, again, as nature carries on with her wrath, outside of our cozy little out-of-the-way love-nest.

"God is giving us the go-ahead, I see," Travis says.

"Like it would really fucking matter what the man upstairs, thinks," I say, "I want your cock in my ass, quick dicking around and stick me with your hot hard tool."

"I got you wet, Lover," Travis says.

"I know, I know," I say, "quit yammering and stick that tool in me."

"I want you to fuck me, too, Sean," Travis says, "I want a sampling of your juice deposited in me, like you always do. I am addicted to your salty cum."

"You are addicted to me?" I say.

"Fuck, yes," He says, "Once you have had the best, no one else can compare."

I look back at him, over my shoulder, surprised by his last statement.

"The best?"

"Yes, you are the best fuck; I have ever had," Travis says, "because I love you."

"Travis, I love you...too."

Travis shoves his swelled cock in me.

"Oh, fuck yes," I scream out as I am plunged by Travis erect leaking tool.

"Oh, oh," Travis yells out, "you are tight."

"I know, I can feel all of you. All of you," I say happily as Travis rams me fiercely with his pulsating cock.

"That feel good, Lover?" Travis asks.

"Yes, fuck me harder, harder," I demand.

I hear the flesh of our bodies slapping loudly together as he pounds my hole with his stiff 8-inch cock, while we carry on about our man-fueled lovemaking at the couch.

"I knew you would feel good in my ass," I say, as he works his man-magic on my wet hole.

"Just like you feel so good when you are fucking me with that sweet cock of yours," Travis moans as he fucks my hole, harder and harder, "oh, oh, oh."

He pounds my hole ever harder and harder as the storm rages on outside while our own sexual frenzy and fury continues inside of the hunting lodge.

"I am gonna cum. I am gonna cum!" Travis screams as I feel his cock swell bigger in my tight hole.

His cockhead grows bigger, while it is still plunged deep into my ass.

He shoots his ball-load in my ass.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," I cry out as I feel Travis empty his full nut into my once-virgin ass, "give me that man-cum, Lover, give me that juice."

My ass inner-walls are coated with his cream.

He continues his fucking-pumping motions in my ass, still emptying the contents of his balls.

I squeeze my ass-muscles tighter as I milk him of his life-giving man-juice.

I knew he would not last long while he fucked me.

I am tight.

Real tight, vice-like.

Uncle Randy, Reynolds and the boy all told me that my ass was the tightest they have fucked in a long time, I knew Travis would not last as long as they did, he never tops.

I always do.

He is a bottom-man; he has always been one for me, until now.

"Oh, shit, oh, shit," Travis bellows out loudly as I get the last drops of cum from his still hard cock in my ass.

Travis collapses onto me as he is spent from his sexual exertion and cum-dump in my ass.

"I knew you would fill me good," I say, "It is what I have wanted for a while now."

I twist to kiss Travis, his cock still buried deep within me.

I can feel his pubes as they brush up against my muscled half-globes of my ass.

He accepts my passionate offering.

"I want you to fuck me now, Lover," Travis says as he backs up, his cock falls out of my hole. A stream of cum exits, with his withdrawal from my haired hole.

"Oh," escapes from my lips as he is disengaged from within me.

I immediately feel his juice begin seeping from my loosened hole and creeping down my muscular legs.

Travis takes his hands and begins smearing his juice around the outside of my hairy hole.

"I lost a large load in your hole," Travis tells me but I knew that without him telling me.

"I am glad, you have wasted to many loads, about time you left some in my hole like I have in yours," I say.

"I want you to fuck me, Sean, I want that load I know you have in those heavy-laden balls of yours in my hole," Travis pleads as he continues to smear his juice across the back of my legs.

I grab his hand, feeling the wetness of my own juice on his hands as I clasp him and lead him to the little bedroom down the hallway with the dual single beds.

"If it wasn't raining outside, I would fuck you under the moonlight," I say, "...because I know how much you like to be fucked outdoors."

BOOM BOOM More thunder booms in the distance followed by the flashes of lightning that always follows or proceeds.

"You want my cock?" I ask because I want to hear him beg for it.

"Yes," Travis says without hesitation.

I still feel the cum stream down my inner thigh from Travis' injection of his man-cream into my hole as its overflow streams down my leg.

"Get comfy, Lover," I say, "I'm gonna close the front door, when I get back, be ready to be plowed by my cock. I have a big load to dump in your sweet little ass."

Travis falls onto the bed, propping his legs up, revealing his sweet hairy hole that has welcomed my cock more than his sister's pussy has taken it.

I close the front door as Mother Nature continues to unleash her fury on this dreary night. I stand in the doorway, stroking my cock, turned on by the fierceness of the raging storm.

I love to jack my cock in the rain, if it was not so cold and I was not with Travis tonight, I would unleash my load with the wind and the rain tonight. I would become truly primal in my lust and seed the ground with my manliness onto the damp-wet earth.

I close the door as another boom of thunder echoes over the darkened landscape.

"You ready, Lover," I yell out from the fire-lit fire-heated room.

I do not wait for an answer. I know he is ready.




The sound of shattering glass reverberates through the quiet stillness of the cool morning on the banks of the Apalachicola River.

"You hear that Travis?"

I look out the window. I see nothing but the dawning hours of the morning.

"What?" he answers me, rolling over, snuggling closer to me in the single bed that is cramped with our two sweaty bodies.

There is barely enough room to hold the both of us, as we slept.






There is a loud booming-sound, then, rapid knocking on the front door of the lodge.

I rise up in the bed, startled, the sheets gathered up around my naked midsection concealing my resting cock.

Travis dozes next me, nude, too.

"Travis, Travis," I say frantically, pushing and shoving him, "Travis, wake up."

He drifts off back to sleep.

I get up from the bed, gathering the top sheet around my exposed waist, wisp of pubes peek out from under the sheet, as I use it as a sarong-like covering, my happy-trail, visible as is my bare chest.

I make my way to the door, my bare feet hitting the cold wooden floor, as the frantic banging, continues on it.




"Who is it?" I yell over the loud racket of the furious banging, which is still happening.

"Open up that damned door," a recognizable voice comes from the other side.

Is it who I think it is?

I open the door to be greeted by the double-barrels of a shotgun.


I see the light of the blasting ammo as it is fired into my face.



I hear screaming behind me as I fall, limply, to the floor.

It is Travis; he is standing in the doorway of the bedroom, where we slept.

His naked body is the last image I see as I fade away.

As is Uncle Randy, he is standing on the lower stoop of the steps leading up into the hunting lodge with a double-barrel rifle, smoke pouring out of both barrels of the rifle, looking up at me, the look of terror on his face.

(More to cum later.)



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