Marty has hunted for well over 30 years now and decided to go out for a weekend trip all by himself. He was deeply happy that his divorce had just came through 2 day's before his trip into the country. He has been working for the Coors brewery well into 30 years plus and was into his final year service before he took a retirement  package. He was also proud that his daughter got accepted at one of the top Colleges on the East coast.

The drive to where the cabin was were he rents for the week took well over 4 hours from his house and was located in a very secluded place on a private island about mile from the main road. George meant Marty just after 1pm over at the dock to rent him a small motor boat for the week. Marty and George both turn 45 a few weeks back as they both fit the hunter roll very well. George stood well over 6 '3 weigh a solid 250 plus. As for Marty he stood close to 6 feet weigh a solid 200 with a nice black and greyish trim goatee and a nice fit hairy body to died for.

George had a son name Mark who just turn 20 was know all over town for being a Pretty Boy or a twink. Mark was real shy and very intelligent as he got a scholarship for physic in the top University in the world. He stood about 5'9 weigh just around 140 with short blonde hair and a great shape body  that suits him very well.

It was well after 3pm that Marty got all settle in to his cabin and was now working on getting his Cross Bow and fishing pole already for dusk. Marty also made sure he brought enough beer,rum and food  to last him the entire week. The cabin was around 600 square feet with a new bath room that the owner just put in the first week of April.

The sun is now slowly going down in the West as Marty caught a few nice lake perch that he through back in the water before he decided to head back over to the cabin for the night. The old wall clock was showing just pass 8 when Marty put a small fire on the wood stove before he started to read his book. 

They next few days went over very well for Marty as he deeply enjoy the week of rest and getting some good hunting in. Marty has just done supper when he heard a boat pull up to the dock to where the cabin was when he notice it was George son Mark slowly walking up the path. " Hey Mark can help you son " Mark had a few tears in his eyes as Marty brought him into the cabin along with a shot of rum to calm him down a bit. 

Mark was well into his third shot when he open up to Marty about him being Bi sexual as Marty started to get very nervous about the situation he is now in . Marty by now thought it was time to have another shot himself before he called George concerning his son issues. Mark then pleaded not to call his father because he lied to him on were he was going that night. 

Mark was now pass out from the booze when Marty hop into the mortor boat over to George  place and told him what is going on with Mark. George was very please with Marty telling him and his wife about the situation. George took his time walking back with Marty to where the dock was as George told Marty that he was also Bi Sexual. 

Mark woke up fairly early and went pass Marty room to take a piss before he notice Marty laying there on the top cover with a massive hard on in his white tight boxer briefs. Mark then decided to go very quietly up to where Marty was laying and began to suck his huge 9 inch cock through his boxer. It took a few seconds that Marty woke up and was caught off guard that Mark was now sucking his tool.

" Holy shit Mark "

" You like it Marty "

" Don't stop dude "

" Love your dick sir "

" Fuck you lips feel great "

" Just lay back and enjoy "

Mark took the huge 9 inch dick all the way down his skinny throat as Marty cock was spurting  out huge loads of his pre cum all over the back of math throat and lips.

" OMG Mark where the hell you learn to suck like that "

" My dads best friends so me a few things "

" Evan my X can't suck like that "

Marty had a huge orgasm as he shot off a big load of his white juice all over Mark face and lips. Mark was amazed watching Marty cock full of white cum as he caught up from the bed to get all cleaned up before breakfast. Marty made them both Canadian Back Bacon and eggs before Mark got back in his boat to go back to shore.

Once again Marty heard another boat coming to his dock as he slowly got up from the couch to where he was reading. This time Mark had someone with him along with it looks like a six pack of beers.

" Hello Marty this Lloyd my dads best friend that I was telling you about last night "

" Nice to meet you Lloyd would you like to come on in "

Marty was now getting real turn on by Lloyd as it was one of his fantasy to have another hunter like himself to have sex with. Marty wasn't really turn on by Mark at all before he told Mark that it would be best for him to leave. Mark was some disappointed because he thought that this would have be his very first 3 some. All three all them had a few beers each before Lloyd and Mark got into the boat and went back home.

Lloyd ran into Marty at the local General store as both of them were getting a few items they both need. You can see Lloyd eye light up when he notice that Marty bought some Ky jell along with a small box of Altra thins condom. 

" How about coming over to my cabin tonight Lloyd "

" That will be good "

" Let's make it for 8 "

" Great my wife is gone to her sister cottage "

" Thats cool how about coming over then for dinner at 6 then "

" Nice Marty I'll bring my swim suit we can go for a swim then "

" Nice Lloyd can't wait to see you "

" Bye Marty "

The steaks and the Merlot went down very well as Marty watch Lloyd get into his speedo before they went down to the dock and dive into the water. Lloyd had a great body for someone who just turn 50 with short blonde weave hair stood just under 5'11 and weigh close to 180 with nice muscle hairy blonde chest.  The outline of his nice 7 inch package from the red speedo turn Marty on even more. 

They both swim enjoying swimming and horsing around for a good 30 minutes into the water as the sun is now setting down into the sky as Lloyd rub up against Marty huge bulge a few times. " Hey Lloyd lead go on back in for some more beers "

It was very hot our still well into the low 80's as they both watch each other try off with the beach towels. Lloyd made the first move on Marty by rubbing his crotch with his hands. They both decided to wrestle a bit as they both put back on their speedos that they where swimming in. The wrestling match got more intense as the pre cum started to pour out from their speedos along with the sweat.  

Marty was now laying at the side of his bed with his feet touching the floor as Lloyd mouth deeply enjoying Marty massive cock. Lloyd then took Marty sweated speedo and begun to sniff it at the same time his mouth was thrusting his cock real good and hard.

" Holy shit Lloyd that feel fucking great "

" Love your tool Marty "

" Make me cum "

" Make me cum '

" You got me sorry fucking horny "

" Give me your load "

" let me taste the honey Marty  "

" You want it Lloyd "

" Yea please give it to me "

" OMG Yes "

" Oh shit Im Close "

" Fuck Im close "

" Let me see it Marty "

" Please give it to me "

" Fuck here it is "

" OMG  "

" Holy shiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt "

Marty shouted at the top of his lungs as his load shot down the back of Lloyd throat as both their bodied started to shook and vibrate from the orgasm.

Lloyd took a good swig from his beer to wash the rest of it all down. Marty then got up from the bed as Lloyd made his way down to the kitchen to grab a few snacks for the both of them.

" My God Lloyd that was nice dude "

" Thanks how about you fuck my hole late "

" Don't know if I have anymore energy  left "

" I sure you do "

The time was well pass midnight as Lloyd was helping Marty now rolling up the condom all the way to his massive set of hairy balls. Lloyd was now bend over at the side of the bed with a pillow underneath him to peak his ass up before the fuck. Marty thin took the tube of KY and rub a huge amount all his 9 inch cock and balls.

" You ready to be  a man Lloyd "

" You Bet I am Marty "

" Go slow please "

" I will dude "

Marty began to shove his tool up Lloyd small hairy hole as they both began to moan of sexual pain and pleasure. It looks a good 5 minutes plus until the fuck got more aggressive as Marty huge cock was thrusting the shit out of Lloyd ass good and hard. Lloyd deeply love hearing Marty huge shaft and balls slapping up against his seat juicy hole.

" Fuck your so tight Lloyd  "

" Love you dick Sir "

'Love the Hunter cock in me Marty "

" Give to me "

" Be a man give it to me "

" Fuck you ass is hot "

" Love your tight hole "

" Please give to me "

" Yea you want the spray "

" Shot your pussy spray now Marty "

" Please , Please , Please "

" Fuck here it comes "

" Holy shiiiiitttttttttttttttt "

" Jesus Christtttttttttttttttt "

The cum flew out of Marty like a rocket going off as their bodies are submerge into a huge sweating orgasm as their screams where heard from a good distance away. Marty slowly withdrew his cock as both of them were totally exhausted from the fuck before Lloyd help Marty pull off the condom that had a good couple of ounces cum in it.

" Holy shit Marty what a load "

" Know cuff dude "

" Best orgasm ever Lloyd "

" Thanks Marty "

Marty and Lloyd enjoy each other company for the last couple of days before Marty drove back home. As for Mark and George  they both shook and gave Marty a huge hug as he climb into his Ford F1 pickup truck.

The End.




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