I was out wild Turkey hunting one early October morning as a heard someone come walking up from me and shouted "Cam is that you dude" I quick turn and look behind to see who is shouting at me. " Oh my God it was the pro wrestler Arnie "  Who I meant some time ago. We then began to shake hands and chatted with each other. He told me that he is staying at a Hunter Lodge about a 10 minute drive from where we are now. I then told him that I have my cabin about a good 10 minute walk from here. It was around 11 am now as the 2 of us went back to his truck rental before we headed back to my place for some lunch and beers.

Arnie told me  " I have a very lovely spot here " and that he and his wife had split up well over 2 years ago, So he decided to fly up north and do some hunting and fishing to get his mind back on track as he is now working for a beer company as a salemen and promotion manager for well over 3 years now. I told him that I went onto and became a firemen this past year.I then took Arnie out to show him the new deck and hot tub that I just put in and that we have to try it out later on. The lunch was very good as I made the both of us some rice and pan fry trout along with a toss salad. " My Lord you are a great cook Cam " He  told me. We are now just sitting there just chatting about life when my fire Capt. show up unexpected at the door. Come on in Cap. Tom as I brought him over to meet Arnie. They both shook hands and greeted each other as we are all  sitting, chatting and having a few beers together. Tom was a hot middle age man. He stood about 5'11 a good 160 solid build with black dark comb back hair along with a bushy trim moustache, He gave over from Greece with his mom when he was like 15 years old after his Father pass.

The weather was now cooling off real good, As Tom ask me to show him the new Hot Tub that he heard so much about ? How about the 3 of us try out, As I ask Arnie to see if he was oaky with him ? The 3 of us are all strip down to commando as we are enjoy the jets massaging our sore body's all over. I then saw Toms hands were  now rubbing and touching Arnie legs as the 2 of them move very close together. Arnie took a little break and got out and sat on the side with his nice wet 7 plus semi cut cock dripping  all down from his nice trim crotch area. I then slowly move over to Arnie and began to suck his cock now, Fuck that looks good came from Tom voice as he was moving beside me. The 2 of us began sucking  Arnie cock  good and hard as he was now gasping with pleasure. It was a about 5 mins until Arnie shot his huge load off over both of our faces. My got did his semen tasted good as I finished  it licking it all up that remain on his cock. 

We are now in my bedroom having a great 3 some as Captain Tom started to fuck my tight hole as he just but his nice 8 inch tool inside me. Fuck I scream as I felt it going all the way inside me. Arnie was standing on the bed at the same time with his legs straddle over my back with his cock getting suck by Tom at the same time he was fucking me dog style.  I look at my watch and it was showing close to 2 pm now as the 3 some was coming close to the end. 

Arnie and myself were sucking Tom cock as the pre cum started to pour out of his cock like a water falls." Fuck I am close guy's" as I was licking and tonguing his nicely trim crotch area real good. The come shot off with a explosion as it pour into Arnie bearded mouth as he can hardly swallow it all down as it was now filling up his throat with his huge load of salty beer tasting semen. " Fuck Tom you load tasted great Arnie shouted " I then pass over the can of beer so he can wash the load all down. We all enjoyed watching each of us get all dress before we headed back into the kitchen again. My eyes were glued when I saw Arnie put on his brown Jockey shorts before his tight army pants, As for Captain Tom he was wearing a sexy pair of light blue European  style bikini briefs. I then watch them both leave and drive off in separated cars together.

Part 2 to follow.




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