The light was blinding.

Charlie blinked to get his eyes adjusted to the sudden switching on of the lights and he turned his head down toward the floor to stop the light from hitting him in the eyes. He had been flat on his back with his arms stretched out and up bound by the rope as he was when he fell asleep. He blinked his eyes till they watered and he wiped them on his arm feeling the slickness from the oil still on his skin. He sat up and looked toward the sound of someone coming, waiting to see if it was Dennis or James.

He saw the white of their clothes first, almost glowing the way they reflected the dim light in the shadows of the basement. Then appearing almost as if a waif or a ghost Mikhail moved into the circle of light where he lay. He was wearing a white t-shirt that hung loosely on his lean body and a pair of white tennis shorts, the legs so short Charlie wondered how he stayed in them.

"You should bathe" Mikhail said as he went over to a column and lowered Charlie's arms all the way down. It took only a minute for Mikhail to free Charlie and he led him over to one side of the basement, cutting through three rows of support columns till they were at a back wall. Mikhail switched on a light and Charlie saw there was a toilet in a small room, more of a closet really, through an open door and to the side an open shower. Further down was a vanity with a lavatory running along the wall. It looked so out of place, the neatly constructed watercloset, the vanity and shower along the rough stone basement wall. Even the floor was tiled in the area set up as a bath.

"There's soap and shampoo on that shelf" Mikhail said pointing to a recessed shelf in the tiled wall area of the shower. Mikhail moved to the controls for the shower on the other wall and turned on the water. He slipped his hand under the spray and when he was satisfied it was warm he turned to Charlie nodding his head. He stepped back to the side almost out of the light and waited. Charlie moved hesitantly at first but he knew he needed a shower and he still felt slightly chilled by being on the concrete floor so he knew the warm water would take away that chill.

The warm spray of water felt so good Charlie let it run over his body for several minutes, turning to face it then turning his back to the spray. He kept his eyes closed savoring the feel of the warm water hitting his skin, the way it was like a massage. He couldn't know how Mikhail watched him, eyes moving up and down his body, looking at his lean form, his flat chest with small dime size nipples, down over his flat stomach, down to the sparse pubic hair that fanned out over his cock and down his legs where the only visible hair was on the very last half of his lower legs and it was sparse, the dark hairs lying flat on his dark skin. Charlie turned to face the spray again letting it hit him in the face as he ran his hands over his head pushing his hair back and Mikhail looked at his lean arms raised up and the sparse underarm hair moving in the swirl of water cascading down his body. Mikhail couldn't help but focus on the tattoo on Charlie's bicep, and he stared trying to see what the image was that Charlie had permanently inked into his skin. He'd seen tattoos before, tattoos of all kind of images. The sailors on the ship had them on their arms, chests and backs. Some had them on their legs and Mikhail found out time and time again some had them elsewhere as well.

Mikhail went over to the shelf and picked up the soap. He moved to Charlie, still fully dressed and put his hands under the spray as he worked the bar of soap around building up a thick lather. Charlie turned under the spray and opened his eyes sensing Mikhail's presence and he watched him work the soap in his hands, the lather dripping and cascading down his arms. Charlie looked at Mikhail, the way his light toned skin looked so smooth, even around his chin where there was no sign of a beard trying to come in. He looked at his light blonde hair, how the long top fell over his forehead partially concealing his eyes, eyes that seemed to give nothing away as to what Mikhail was thinking.

Charlie let his eye move over the Mikhail's body, the lean torso so similar to his own and he realized Mikhail wasn't much taller than he was and he sensed more, something about him that defied his stoic appearance and he remembered what Dennis had said about Mikhail. The spray of the shower hit Mikhail enough to slowly wet the front of his clothes and Charlie watched as his chest, then his stomach came into view through the transparency of the wet fabric. Charlie couldn't stop his eyes from moving down, wanting, no, needing to see, and he looked at the white shorts as they grew wet revealing Mikhail's cock pressed against the front, then a portion of his sac nestled behind it.

Charlie looked up and saw Mikhail smiling at him, the first time he had seen him smile. Mikhail moved closer and the spray of water hit his body harder soaking his clothes but Charlie was staring into his eyes, looking for something in them familiar.

"You'll let me bathe you?" Mikhail asked and Charlie nodded his head as he watched Mikhail's soapy hands move to his chest.

Mikhail bathed Charlie with his hands, moving slowly over every part of him, not shy in any of his ministrations and when he took Charlie's cock and moved his soapy hand along its length, stroking it to full hardness Charlie moaned and pushed forward with his hips.

This was different, this intimacy with Mikhail, for with the guy in New Orleans he had been drunk, using the alcohol to give him the courage to do it and with Dennis and James there was the problem he had tried to conceal this part of himself, tried to remain stoic and live up to the image he had of himself. But with Mikhail he wanted it, wanted this to go further than a mere shower, and he reached out and took Mikhail's t-shirt by the waist and tugged on it, pulled it upward till the tail pulled free of the shorts. Mikhail raised his arms and let him pull the wet shirt off and he tossed the it to the floor. He saw Mikhail's naked upper body, the same skin tone, the smooth stomach and chest with a few moles scattered randomly over his skin and he reached out and ran the back of his fingers over Mikhail's chest feeling the hard nub of one nipple as he raked his fingers over it.

Mikhail undid his shorts, slipping the button through its hole and sliding the zipper downward letting the spray of water weigh each side enough to cause them to fall open revealing the dirty blonde pubic hair and the base of his cock. He pushed down on the shorts just a few inches and they fell freely to the floor where he stepped out of them. Charlie reached out and took Mikhail's cock, felt the shaft, thicker than his own, fill his hand as it expanded in his grip.

Charlie felt Mikhail's hands touch him on the waist, one move to his cock and begin to stroke it, the fingers manipulating it, twirling around the sensitive head till he grew fully erect. Mikhail pulled Charlie from under the shower and was soon on his knees in front of him. He wiped his face with Charlie's cock, rubbing the spongy head over his lips, over his nose and across this cheeks and forehead and then he ran it back and forth across his lips again making Charlie moan. Charlie moaned again when he felt his cock sink into Mikhail's mouth

Charlie was so hard so quick, his desire to get off so built up by the teasing and manipulation by Dennis and James he was soon pumping his cock into Mikhail's mouth and he watched his shaft slide through Mikhail's lips, pushing in till he felt Mikhail's nose press into his abdomen and then he pulled back and watched the wet slick shaft pull back through those lips. Over and over he worked his cock in Mikhail's mouth till he felt the urge to come build up and he wondered if Mikhail would take his load, let him pump his cum into him and get him to swallow it and the idea of Mikhail taking his load made him pump his cock a little harder but Mikhail quickly stopped him, putting his hands on Charlie's hips holding him still as he slipped off of his cock.

Mikhail looked up at Charlie, his eyes pleading in their stare.

"Fuck me...fuck me Charlie" Mikhail begged and he turned and moved down on his hands and his knees. He spread his legs and looked back at Charlie, waiting, wanting him to move down to his ass and take him. "Come on Charlie, put your dick in me" Mikhail pleaded.

Charlie moved down between Mikhail's legs and pushed his cock into the cleft of Mikhail's ass rubbing it up and down. He felt Mikhail push back against him. When he pressed against the entrance to his body Mikhail pushed back harder impaling his body on Charlie's cock taking inch after inch till he had all of it buried in his hole.

"Goddamn" Charlie uttered at the ease at which Mikhail took his cock. He watched Mikhail move back and forth and he couldn't take his eyes off of his cock disappearing into Mikhail's ass and then sliding out glistening slickly. Mikhail moved with a nice slow rhythm, working his ass on Charlie's cock till he couldn't take it anymore and he grabbed Mikhail by the waist and began to fuck, to drive his cock with urgency. They were noisy, their grunting and moaning, Mikhail's constant begging for Charlie to fuck him harder that neither heard Dennis and James ease down into the basement and stand in the shadows watching the two of them fuck.

Charlie felt every inch of his cock as it sank into Mikhail over and over, felt the way Mikhail's hole milked his cock as he pushed inward. His heart was racing and he felt hot with his exertions. When he held still a moment shifting position on his knees Mikhail pulled off his cock and rolled over on his back.

"Shove it back in...come on Charlie fuck my ass" Mikhail begged as he spread his legs pulling them back turning his ass upward and opening up to Charlie. Charlie wasted no time in moving in place shoving his cock into Mikhail. He leaned over Mikhail's body until he felt the backs of his legs rest against his own chest and he drove inward, hard, all the way and began to fuck. He felt the heat of Mikhail's body beneath him and his own, the way his skin became heated up till perspiration beaded up on his skin. Mikhail's arms wrapped around his torso and Charlie felt hands slide slickly down his back as he pumped his hips up and down with such an urgency their bodies smacked together loudly when he thrust inward.

He was desperate to cum, felt the need rise up dramatically in his body, every muscle tensed up tight and his cock so sensitive to every touch he pushed himself harder, drove at a faster rhythm until he couldn't sense anything but his own cock, sense its hardness, the sensitive head pushing into Mikhail's depths and he shoved in all the way and came. He pumped his hips with each ejaculation, pushing his load deep into Mikhail and he kept it up till he was spent, his body exhausted with its exertions and he fell down on top of Mikhail.

Charlie laid still for a minute, his breathing slowly returning to normal and he felt Mikhail's hard cock pushing into his stomach, felt it flex between them and he rolled over to Mikhail's side and let his eyes roam down the lean figure lying next to him. He reached out and took Mikhail in hand and held it his erection feeling it fill his hand, and he ran a thumb over the head smearing the slickness over it. Mikhail inhaled deeply and pushed upward with his hips.

Charlie had never done it before, take a man in his mouth, feel a cock slide over his tongue but he looked at Mikhail and then down at his cock and he wanted it nearly as bad as he wanted to cum moments before. Leaning over he slid his hand down the base of Mikhail's cock bringing his mouth to the head and he didn't hesitate to let it slip between his lips and into his mouth.

Mikhail pumped upward with his hips as Charlie moved his mouth up and down his cock and it didn't take long for he was so close, his cock so hard that he came quickly and as he pumped his cum into Charlie's mouth feeling the swallowing action of Charlie's mouth, felt the way Charlie drew his cum out and sucked it down his throat till he too was spent.

Charlie rose up and released Mikhail's cock and he eased down next to him on the floor. Suddenly there was clapping and Dennis yelling out 'bravo' over and over. Charlie and Mikhail sat up and watched the two men come out of the shadows toward them.

"That was beautiful" James said when they had stopped at the edge of the circle of light.

There was a ringing noise, insistent, unrelenting and Charlie finally opened his eyes as he reached for the alarm clock on the nightstand. He could not get use to the early morning hour when everyone got up. He rolled back onto his back and looked over at Mikhail who was looking at him with amusement.

"There for a minute I thought you were going to smash it instead of just turning it off" Mikhail said.

Charlie leaned over to Mikhail and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Good morning" Charlie whispered then he lay back on the bed looking up at the ceiling. "Do we have to get up so early every day?"

"We don't have to get up early on Saturdays and Sundays" Mikhail replied as he slipped his hand over to Charlie's stomach and moved downward letting his fingers wrap around Charlie's morning erection.

"But today is Wednesday" Charlie whispered as he felt his cock respond to Mikhail's manipulations.

"I guess we'll get a late start today" Mikhail replied as he moved over on top of Charlie.

Within a few minutes Mikhail was riding Charlie's cock, pulling his body up and easing back down. Charlie watched him move rhythmically on his cock, felt the way his hole slipped slickly along its length. It was strange, these last two months, living with another man. It was so alien, so out of the norm, but here deep in the mountains in this out of the way place it seemed perfectly normal. Dennis had told him how Mikhail had been so reserved with the other guys, only willing to have sex with James and him that is, until he arrived, and something changed in Mikhail. His stoic nature relaxed and it had shocked Dennis and James to find them having sex that first time down in the basement, but a pleasant kind of shock.

Normally all the guys lived in the bunk house, all except Mikhail, and now it was Charlie and Mikhail, sharing a room in the back of the house behind the kitchen.

Charlie didn't know how long this could last, tried not to consider it and in moments such as this, Mikhail and he fucking, he gave it no thought whatsoever.

Mikhail increased his pace, rocking on Charlie's cock harder, rougher, till the springs of the bed squeaked noisily. Charlie put his hands on Mikhail's thighs feeling the flex of muscle with the movement of their fuck.

"Mikhail...Mikhail..." Charlie uttered through clinched teeth as he shoved upward thrusting his cock deep into Mikhail's hole as he pumped out his load. When he was spent Mikhail rolled off of him slapping him on the thigh.

"Come on, time to get up" Mikhail said as he headed to the small bath connected to their room. We have a luncheon to get ready. You know Caleb is coming up. That whore will fuck half the bunk house before he leaves."

"What about you?" Charlie asked.

"I told you he hasn't fucked me" Mikhail replied laughing.

"NO, not that. What about know...don't you want to get off?"

"Oh yes, but I can wait till this afternoon when we can take our time."

Charlie rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom where Mikhail was in the small shower. He pulled the curtain to the side, eased in next to him and closed the curtain behind him. Sniggering and laughter came from within the shower then Mikhail crying out for Charlie to stop. But Charlie couldn't wait till the afternoon.



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