I have always enjoy my walks throughout the ski resort close to my hometown were I grew up. It was a Monday afternoon during my walk that I came across this huge house that was build about 3 years ago, As I walk pass the gated fence in the woods when I heard a voice from the distance yelling at me to come over to him, I then began slowly walking over to this very good looking man that was standing on his deck over looking a very nice kidney shape swimming pool.

Hi there my name is Max as he began to shake my hands, I told him that my name is Cam and it was very nice to meet him. Max was a shorter older gentlemen as he stood around 5'9 weigh around 170 with a well trim salt and pepper beard along with a dark hairy body.

One thing I did notice that he did not wear a wedding band at all and he was on the shy side a bit, We had a nice conversation for a good 30 minutes before he ask me to join him for a swim. The swim was great as the temp. outside was well into the late 80's F. My eyes were clue watching his semi hard cock in his tight light blue spandex boxer short that he was wearing. The sun was now going behind the clouds as the sky started to get very dark as a thunderstorm was approaching us very fast.

The rain had just started to come down as Max then ask me to join him inside for a drink in his men's den that was in the bottom of his house. I was in the sauna area trying my wet body off as Max got us a few bottles of beer before we headed into his new sauna that he had just put in. I thought it was funny when he invited me in to join him for a sauna on this hot humid day. 

The beers were going down real good when he made the first pass asking if he could massaged my body , The massaged felt great as his hand started to rub up against my soft crotch a few times. He came me a nice smile has he began to pull off my swim trunks very slowly before he threw them down on the wooden floor. 

My body was all stretch out on the beach as he began to suck my hard nibbles by now and work his bearded mouth all down my sweating chest to my hard 7 inch cut cock. I lay there very still as his mouth was working now on my stiff pre cum cock. I moan with great pleasure as his beard bristle were tingling my balls and shaft. It only took about a few minutes before I shot off 2 loads of my hot cum all over his beard and his mouth, He then took a few good swallow of my hot load before he reach down to grab his beer to wash the rest of my cum down his throat.

The time was well after 2 now before he ask me if I would like to blow him, I told him to sit on the top bench as I sat on the bench below him with my face at his hard cock. I slowly began to deep throat his hard cock now as his pre cum started to pour out his salty juice all over my lips. I heard Max scream out a couple of times that he was close in cumin, I began to reach and pull his shave balls tightly as I felt his cock was about to explode his load inside my mouth.  Fuck he scream out as he started to shake and dump a nice load all down the back of my throat before I started to gag on his warm salty cum, He then quick pass me his beer so I can wash it all down before I got up off the wooden bench.

Fuck that was great Cam as he was hitting out the sauna door on his way to the shower, It only took a few minutes until I join him in the shower to wash off my sweaty body. The shower felt great as the two of us were scrubbing each other all down. I then began to try off before I went over to put my clothes back on. 

Max then invited me out for dinner with him later that night. The time was a little after 8 pm when he pick me up in his new jeep over at my condo unit before we drove off to the Bull's Eye steak & Seafood house about 30minutes from were we both live. The steakhouse was pack and the food was good before he once again invited me back to his place for some more fun.

I then heard his air unit click on as we just enter his massive bedroom on the 3 rd floor of his house. We had a nice chad along with a couple glasses of red wine when he ask me if I would like to fuck as ass, I was a little shock of him wanting to get fuck because I thought he was more of a Top instead of a bottom. 

The Trojan Altra thin condom felt great wrap on my hard cock before I enter his very tight hairy hole. He began to moan out very loud as my dick was going all the way inside of him now. Fuck me, Fuck me he scream out with sexual pleasure !  I just felt my dick rub up against his man G-Spot as my cock was fucking like a bullet by now.  My body began to quiver as I started to shoot off my load of cum into his hot warm tight ass. I then pull out of him very slowly as I then notice that the condom had a huge load of my cum that was hanging in the bottom sack.

Cam began to roll over and was totally exhausted from the fuck that I have just given him. We had a nice chat before we once again enter his shower to scrub each other off. The time was well after 1 am before I got all dress to head on back to my place. It was around 4 months later that I ran into him once again over at the local grocery store. I felt he was real nervous when we started to chat because he was with another younger man. The conversation did not last very long as I was in a rush to head on home from a hard day at work. 




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