After turning thirty Caleb went through his daily routines with the thought that nothing was really different. He had had the idea when you got to be thirty you'd suddenly be settled down as an adult, but that notion seemed downright silly now. Nothing seemed really different. He celebrated with the usual party over the weekend and a couple of dinners or lunches with friends who couldn't attend, but by the middle of the week, he was feeling restless, like something was missing. He had broken up with his boyfriend of three years a month ago and still did not feel like diving into the dating game. It was tiring to think about it. Once he got home and changed out of his suit he decided to go out to the little café on the corner and have dinner. He even took the book he was reading, deciding a quiet meal at one of the sidewalk tables while reading was just the ticket.

When he arrived he got lucky to get a table off to the side that didn't have wait staff hurrying by constantly or diners passing through to get to tables or the bar. He opened up the book and picked up where he had left off. It was some twisted shit, but he couldn't put it down. He read as he waited and then as he ate, and deciding on one more glass of wine before leaving, was still reading when someone walked up, casting their shadow over his table.

"Caleb, how are you today?"

Looking up he saw it was Graham. Graham was someone he had crossed paths with for five or so years, running into each other at bars, restaurants, gallery openings, and when Caleb starting working for another company, he found Graham's company was a vendor. Graham was 38 or 39, tall and very attractive, but they had never dated, nor even hooked up. It wasn't that Caleb didn't have some interest in Graham, though whether or not that interest was mutual he didn't know, but every time they met one or the other was in a relationship or like the last month, just not caring to be caught up in one. But with Graham standing in front of him now he felt a certain comfort in how they ran into each other with such frequency and always in a friendly comfortable manner.

"I'm fine, Graham, and yourself?"

"Good, I'm good. Trying to get caught up at work; I went overseas for two weeks and it has been hell getting caught up."

"I bet. So what brings you out?"

"I'm meeting a couple of partners from the office for a quick bite to eat, and more importantly, drinks. We were sick of sitting in the conference room all afternoon so we came here to unwind as we finish up. And you...eating alone?"

"Yeah, since I'm single again I've not been too eager to start dating again. You know what I mean?"

"Oh yeah, and as you get older your tolerance for some of the dating nonsense gets worse. But listen I didn't mean to disturb you but if you want to come in when you finish and have a drink with us, please do so. I'd love to hear what you've been up to."

"I don't want to interfere with your business discussion..." and before he could finish Graham interrupted him.

"It won't be interfering if we're down to the bullshit, and believe me; we're down to the bullshit. I suspect we'll talk more about this weekend's football game than about work, so don't worry about intruding."

"Ok, maybe I will stick my head in for a moment before heading home."

"I hope you will...and I see the guys are coming up. I'll see you in a few?"


Graham went inside and Caleb noticed how fit he kept himself. The tight jeans he wore in black more than he ever wore in blue, the thin knit sweater that showed off his broad chest and narrow waist and his close cropped black hair that had just a little gray showing up at the temples. Caleb knew he would hook up with Graham if the opportunity arose.

Graham made his way over to the small bar along the side wall of the café. Greg and Sam were just getting seated as he approached. It was nice to run into Caleb for he always thought he was a pleasant person to be around but for some reason they never developed a strong friendship or never tried to date. Graham thought Caleb was very attractive with his dirty rust colored hair and olive skin tone. He was a little shorter than his own six one and instead of the muscled up look so many of the guys tried to develop and keep, Caleb had a very lean body, but Graham found himself very attractive to him. He really hoped he came to join them.

It wasn't long and Caleb came in. Their conversations were diverse and enjoyable as they spent the evening at the bar. Around ten o'clock Graham's partners made their goodbyes and left. Caleb and Graham sat for a while longer catching up on each other's personal lives. When Graham said he had to go, he suggested they actually get together and do something, and would Caleb be interested in going to hear a jazz band on Friday night? Caleb, surprised at the offer, said yes, he'd love to go, and suggested they grab dinner first. The date was set and each made their way home.

Friday came and Caleb was rushing to get home having got held up by a conference call from a vendor on the west coast. He was going to be late, so he called Graham and left a message to give him an extra thirty minutes. He lived only twelve blocks from work and routinely walked it but now that he was late it seemed such a long distance. He actually jogged a portion of it. As he came to his street, he was sweating profusely. Holding his jacket and tie in one hand and his shirt unbuttoned revealing his sweat soaked t-shirt underneath, he finally made his way into his building. As he approached the elevator he saw Graham waiting for it to come down.

"Graham, did you not get my message?"

"Yes, but I was already out running an errand so I figured I'd just come on over and wait."

"Well, I'm really sorry for this; I rushed home as fast as I could."

"I see that" he said smiling. "As to being late, look, I deal with the West coast too and it happens, and like for you, at the worst times."

"Well come on up and you can have a drink while I get cleaned up."

They got in the elevator and Graham couldn't help but admire Caleb's body, and the way he didn't even smell bad even though he was covered in sweat. His rusty red hair was dripping sweat and blown in all directions and with his clothes all undone and rumpled there was something really hot about him.

"You look like your tense; come on relax. You'll get to your place, clean up and we'll go grab some food somewhere and eventually make our way to the club. The band won't start playing till late and we don't have to be there for the first number anyway."

"You're right, but after sitting all day, my back is stiffened up and the phone call was one aggravation after the next. I just need to get a shower and move around a little and I'll be fine."

The elevators doors opened and they made their way to his apartment. Inside, Caleb showed Graham where everything was for making himself a drink, and then went over to a stereo system and turned on some music. As he selected a CD he was twisting his neck and stretching his shoulders back and forth trying to get the knot out.

"Caleb, come here a minute." Graham was standing behind him in the living room. As Caleb came to him, he set his drink down. "Turn around and let me see if I can get that knot out before you go shower."

"Oh, ok" and Caleb turned his back to Graham. Graham pulled his shirt off leaving him in his t-shirt. He began to feel around his shoulders and around his neck.

"Damn, you've got a knot right here we need to work out" as he worked it with his fingers. He massaged the area and then worked his shoulders and neck again. Caleb's head leaned forward and he visibly relaxed in Graham's hands.

"That feels good" Caleb whispered. The tone was seductive for Graham. He leaned forward and caught Caleb's scent from his hair. He ran his hands down Caleb's arms a couple of times, then back up to his shoulders and neck. When he ran his right hand over Caleb's neck, he let it slip around him, pulling him back against him. He used his left to run down to Caleb's waist, slip up under his t-shirt and then slowly back up his stomach and over his chest. Caleb fell back against him completely. Graham leaned his head next to Caleb's and ran his nose through his hair, his tongue over his neck, over to his ear and around its lobe.

"You want me to stop" Graham whispered in his ear as his left hand rubbed his nipples into an erect state.

"No" Caleb replied, barely audible. Caleb reached back and held onto Graham's thighs and he pushed up tight to him, feeling his taller body seemingly engulf him. He felt Graham's growing erection press against him. Graham pulled back and took the waist of his t-shirt and pulled it up and over Caleb's head. When he got the shirt up to Caleb's forearms instead of pulling it on off he wrapped it tight around them and pulled them back over his head. He turned Caleb to the side and kissed him hard on the mouth. He ran his mouth over Caleb's neck and then over to one arm pit where Caleb's scent was the strongest. With his free hand he ran it down Caleb's stomach, feeling the smooth tight skin so slick with sweat his hand easily glided over it. He ran his hand on down while kissing Caleb, sliding it along his waist band, then down over his crotch. He felt Caleb's growing erection as it extended up and over to the side. He stroked it through the fabric and then pinched down on the head of it knowing it would make it flex up harder. Caleb moaned into his mouth.

Graham moved Caleb over to the sofa and pushed him down on his back coming down with him until he had Caleb underneath him, arms still locked in his t-shirt over his head. Graham let him feel the full weight of him as he pushed his hips down on Caleb's hips, pushing hard cock to hard cock. When Graham worked his way over to Caleb's ear, he worked it with his tongue until Caleb was squirming underneath him, letting Graham know what a sensitive spot that was for him.

"Caleb, I've wanted to do this with you for a long time" he whispered in his ear. He let go of the t-shirt but Caleb kept his arms in it over his head as Graham sat up and began to slowly undo Caleb's pants. He got them undone and sliding back to have room, he pulled the pants and boxers off. Naked while Graham was still fully dressed gave Caleb an usual sensation, a sense of submission to Graham, one that made him more aroused than he had been in a long time. Graham ran his hands up his thighs and over his hard cock, over his nuts, even grabbing them in one hand and pulling down until his cock stood straight up. Pre-cum bubbled up at the opening. Graham leaned over and licked it off. He then moved back over Caleb, and on top of him. Caleb felt the roughness of Graham's clothes as he pressed him down, grinding his hips into his bare cock.

When Graham was nibbling at his neck Caleb turned his mouth to Graham's ear.

"Take me to the bedroom...I want you...I want you to do...whatever you want."

Submissive, softly spoken, but Graham knew what he meant and the eagerness that lie underneath it. He got up and grabbed the t-shirt which still had Caleb's arms wrapped up in it. He pulled him up in front of him and with his free hand he twisted one nipple until Caleb made a face showing the pain...the pleasure. But he didn't cry out. Graham ran his hand down and grabbed Caleb's cock. As he stroked up over the head the first time he could feel how wet it was, how slick, which he smeared back down its length as he stroked him a couple of times. When he released Caleb's cock he brought his hand up to his nose and sniffed it, smelling Caleb's scent then he held it to Caleb's mouth so he could lick it clean.

Graham headed to the door that had to be the bedroom, pulling Caleb along with him. In the bedroom, he jerked back the covers and threw Caleb across the bed. He climbed up and sat on Caleb's chest pinning his arms down with his knees. He slowly pulled his belt off, but left Caleb wanting more when he didn't continue with his pants. Instead he pulled Caleb's arm free of the t-shirt and tied them to the wrought iron frame at the head of the bed. Then he stuffed the t-shirt in Caleb's mouth, got up and began to undress. Caleb watched intently. The sweater removed revealed a v-neck t-shirt. The t-shirt removed revealed a slightly hairy chest and a well toned body. Caleb's cock was flexing up and down as he watched. With his pants undone he pulled them off revealing boxer briefs, bulging obscenely. His hard cock was extended to the side over to his hip. When Graham pulled them off Caleb could see his hard cock for the first time. It stood straight out and the head was shiny with the pre-cum leaking out. Graham climbed back on top of Caleb sitting on his chest. He pulled the t-shirt from his mouth and began to rub his cock over Caleb's face, his lips, smearing pre-cum over them until they glistened. Caleb opened his mouth and moved to try to capture Graham's cock. Graham finally relented and pushed his cock into Caleb, easing in until Caleb gagged, then working it back out. He let Caleb work the head in his mouth, tonguing it, sucking on it as hard as he could. Graham shifted up on his knees and reinserted his cock in Caleb's mouth and began to pump his hips. At first Caleb struggled to keep up with the forcefulness of Graham's thrusting but soon he found himself taking Graham's cock, taking it down his throat cutting off his air each time. His own cock ached for release.

Graham knew the minute Caleb moved back against him in the living room he was willing. And the way his cock visibly hardened up when he held his arms bound up in his t-shirt, the way he fell back against him, the way he was taking his cock now, red faced as he tried to take it all, drool running down his chin and Caleb's noisy slurping sounds as he pushed and pulled his cock through his hot wet mouth. When he was close he pulled out and noticed immediately the initial disappointment on Caleb's face. He wanted it and wanted it bad. Graham moved down and lifted up Caleb's cock from its rigid position hovering over his stomach. He leaned down and licked the sweet nectar from its head, then he took him in his mouth, slowly down he went, savoring it, then easing back up, then down again, putting a suction on it trying to engorge it with more blood, make Caleb more desperate. He worked this way for a while, slowly, methodically, never bringing Caleb to the edge, keeping him worked up. When he felt Caleb try to work his hips to speed up the sensation, Graham went the next step, as he moved one hand over Caleb's nuts, pulling them tight in their sac until they glowed red. Caleb was grunting and moaning louder, and he was pumping up with his hips pushing his cock into Graham's mouth harder and putting more pressure on his nuts. When Graham released them they moved up, beginning to tighten up, displaying Caleb's need. Graham moved his hand down feeling along the line that went to his hole. He rubbed a finger over it feeling it flex under his ministrations, then he pushed in and Caleb pushed up holding still a moment, then Graham actually felt him drop down trying to push down on his finger, to take more up in himself. Graham always thought of Caleb as a top, but now, he knew that wasn't really true. He worked his finger in him, fucking his hole, then working another in stretching him open some more, pushing up in him, letting him feel the stretch as Graham opened him up. Graham pulled out and then plunged three fingers in and Caleb moaned even louder. Graham worked his fingers around, pushing in and out then twisted them around, stretching Caleb open. He could see sweat break out over his body as it worked to take his fingers. Graham pulled out, lifted Caleb's legs up onto his shoulders and scooted up. He pushed his cock up to his opening and pushed. Slowly he pushed fractions of an inch slowly sank into Caleb. Pre-cum drooled out of Caleb's cock as it flexed from the sensation of penetration, of taking Graham thick hard cock, letting it enter his depths. Graham pushed until he was all the way in, then he began small fuck motions, easing back only a little then pushing back. He kept it up, getting faster and faster and pulling back more and more until he was nearly pulling out before he was slamming back in. His pace quickened until the sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the room and the scent of their exertions filled the air. He felt Caleb trying to move with him, pushing his ass up to meet his downward thrusts, slamming down into him, making him grunt and moan.

"Fuck me harder" Caleb begged as he wrapped his legs around Graham's waist, pulling him in harder with his ankles. Graham felt himself on the verge of cumming, ready to release. He thrust short hard jabs into Caleb's hole and came. He pumped himself hard for each ejaculation, burying his cock deep in Caleb as he emptied his load. When he finally couldn't stroke his cock through Caleb's insides another stroke he collapsed down on top of him. He realized they were smearing Caleb's load between them where he had gotten off while he was being fucked.

When his breathing finally returned to normal he untied Caleb and rolled over on his back.

"What do you say we skip the jazz band" Graham whispered, still breathing a little hard.

Caleb sniggered at first. "I don't think either of us are up to going out now." They spooned up together and eventually fell asleep. When then the sun was cutting through the blinds as it arose early the next morning Caleb awoke to Graham sucking his cock. Caleb grabbed him by the head and began to pump himself up into Graham's mouth. Urgent with the need to cum, he thrust forcibly into Graham, harder and harder, until the sound of his cock sliding through Graham's lips was all he could hear. As he felt his cock swell, read to explode, Graham shoved two fingers up in him, all the way, stretching his hole giving him a pain/pleasure shock that sent him over the edge as he came. Graham kept his mouth firmly over his cock head, taking his load, letting it fill his mouth before swallowing it. When Caleb was spent Graham moved up and back down next to Caleb spooning him from behind.

"You're so fucking hot" as he nestled down with Caleb.

When Caleb was finally awakening he knew before he opened his eyes that Graham wasn't in the bed. He opened his eyes and saw a small note on the other pillow, folded neatly in half standing up facing him, his name printed in neat script.

"Because I wake so early I didn't want to disturb you. I enjoyed our time together very much and hope you did as well. I hope we can get together soon. Graham"

Caleb lay on his back, not caring about the way his skin felt clammy from sweating so much, or the fact his cock still felt slick from being sucked earlier or that his hole had that mild sensation of being forced open last night, for it was all good. He couldn't wait to call Graham later and see when they could get together again.



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