Allen woke to the sun shinning through the open bedroom window. He stretched sleepily and turned onto his side. There laying next to him was the hot young stud who he had come to love more than anything in this world. He never knew he could feel such intense, all consuming love for another human being but he did. Cody had come to them a few months ago after his Pa met him at a local laundrymat. He was so beautiful! Short dark blond hair, beautiful brown eyes and a smooth, lean, muscular body that was to die for. Allen pulled back the sheet. There laying flacidly against his flat stomach like a limp kilbasa sausage was Cody's cock. It was beyond description. Long and skinny with a bulbus, mushroom like head and a pair of low hanging, fleshy, egg shapped balls.

He gently leaned down and kissed the soft spot just above the tuft of dark, curly pubic hair. He saw Cody's thin, red lips curve up into a smile. "Don't start somethin you aint gonna finish!" he exclaimed sleepily. He opened his eyes and his brown pupils sparkled like two onyx gems in the morning sunlight. "What makes you think I wasn't gonna?" Allen asked kissing his young lover deeply. Cody moaned softly. "Last night was wild!" he exclaimed when they parted. Allen laughed remembering how loud Cody was. "If we had any neighbors, they'd have thought someone was being slaughtered!" Cody giggled. "I was rather loud last night wasn't I?" Allen nodded. Cody laid his head against Allen's broad, muscular chest. He twirled the curly black hair around his finger.

"What'er we gonna do today?" Allen shrugged. "Don't know. We got some chores to do first but after that..." Cody looked up at him and smiled. "How long is you're pa gonna be gone for?" Allen smiled. "A week!" he had left yesterday morning. Cody sat up. "Well come on big boy, time to get movin!" Allen looked at Cody's sweet angelic face with his ruffled hair and cute button nose. "Why don't you start the shower and I'll go make us some coffee?" Cody smiled. "That's a great idea!" He watched as Cody stood, the smooth, round globes of his ass cheeks lit by the sun. God Allen loved that ass. Not only did he love licking and sucking on it but the way Cody's butt hole wrapped around his throbbing pole while he fucked him drove him wild.

He heard the shower start and went downstairs to make the coffee. His baseball bat size cock bobbing up and down with each step. He made the coffee and walked out onto the back porch. The sun was just beginning to burn away the mist that hung on the pasture. He often stood outside, naked, letting the cool morning air wake him. With the nearest neighbors a few miles down the road, who the hell was gonna see him in his b-day suit? He went back inside and walked into the bedroom. "Ready or not, here I come!!" he exclaimed, trying not to stub his toe in all the hot steam.

He pulled back the shower curtin and slid in behind Cody. The stall wasn't very big and it didn't leave the occupants much room to move around but that was ok with Allen. He rubbed Cody's wet shoulders, moving down to his back. He traced the line starting at his neck and moving down to his tailbone. He kissed Cody's neck, sucking gently at the soft, tender flesh now wet with water. Cody put a hand behind Allen's head and turned his slightly. When their lips met it wasn't the light, soft kisses they gave eachother every morning but more of a hungry, burning kiss. Allen slipped his tongue into Cody's mouth and he sucked on it. Allen rubbed his flaccid, club size cock up and down Cody's slippery crack. "MMM!! Fuck me please!" Cody moaned. Allen smiled. "All in good time." He loved driving Cody to the brink of madness. He turned off the shower and laid a towel down on the floor.

He pulled Cody down with him and laid ontop of him. Their wet, slippery cocks glided against eacother. Cody clawed at Allen's clenched ass cheeks. His eyes were closed. "Fuck me now!" Cody ordered. Allen loved it when Cody ordered him around. "Not yet." He moved down to Cody's nipples, gently flicking and sucking on both sensative buds. Cody moaned softly as he grabbed a handful of Allen's hair in his hand. "MMM!!" he purred. Allen sucked and licked his way down Cody's flat stomach till he came to Cody's limp cock. He lifted it in his hand and stroked it gently. He felt it twitch and grow in his hand. He smiled as he leaned down and took the tip of Cody's dick into his mouth. Cody gasped. "Yeah! Suck my cock!" Allen moved his head further down until he had Cody's entire prick down his throat. He loved the soft, slippery feel as it slid between his lips.

Allen's head bobbed up and down as he worked Cody's cock. He'd pause occasionally to suck and lick Cody's smooth, egg shapped balls. Soon he had Cody panting and moaning like a two bit hooker. "Oooh! Yeah!" Cody sighed. Allen didn't want him to cum yet. He gently turned Cody over onto his stomach and looked at the soft mounds of his ass. The crack hid the one treasure Allen loved more than anything. He kneeded Cody's sofy cheeks and kissed each one. "You want me to eat you're ass?" he murmered smiling up at Cody. Cody nodded. Allen gave his cheek a playful smack. "What was that slut?" Cody smirked. "Please lick my ass!" Allen pried Cody's cheeks apart and their in the middle like some rare pink jewel was his hole.

He licked Cody's crack, careful to resist the urge to dive right in. He licked and sucked on the tender flesh of Cody's cheeks. "Yeah, suck my ass!!" Cody moaned. Allen stuck out his tongue and looked up at Cody who was watching him. He quickly flicked it across Cody's hole and felt him jerk. "UHH!" Allen smiled. He knew he had Cody right where he wanted him. He'd agree to anything now as long as Allen made him work for it. Without another word, he dove between Cody's velvety cheeks and went to work. He licked and sucked on Cody's hole, savouring the fresh, clean taste. "Uhhh! Yeah, Oh Fuck!" Cody moaned. He humped the towel. After a few minutes of feasting on Cody's ass his own cock was rock hard and oozing precum.

He sat back on his haunches and stroked his cock. "Why don't you come over here and take care of this?" Cody turned around and took the tip of Allen's monster cock into his mouth. Allen gasped. He loved the feel of Cody's sexy lips on his cock. In one fluid move he positioned himself over Codys cock and latched on. They were in the 69 position with both their cocks shoved down eachothers throats. Cody's moans were stiffled by Allen's huge fuckstick. He thrust his hips. "Yeah that's it!! Suck my cock with those beautiful bitch lips!" Allen crooned. Soon they were both panting and sweating. Allen felt himself nearing the edge. He didn't want to cum yet. He detached himself from Cody's cock and laid down on his back.

Without saying a word, Cody straddled him. They really didn't need to talk both knew what to do to make the other feel good. There was no need for codoms. Both were clean and only had been with eachother. Allen held his cock still as Cody eased himself onto it. Allen moaned softly. He loved the way the walls of Cody's anus gripped his cock like a vice. Cody began moving up and down, Allens cock sliding in and out. "Yeah! God I love youre cock!" Cody exclaimed. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung slack in a perfect O. Allen gripped both Cody's cheeks and pulled them futher apart so he could thrust deeper into Cody's ass.

They were soon panting and sweating. Allen felt himself getting close. "Oooh baby! I'm gonna cum!" he flipped Cody onto his stomach and laid on top of him. This was his favorite position. It allowed for maximum penetration and he could watch Cody's face as he thrust into him. "Uhhh!! Yeah, fuck me!!" Cody moaned. Allen moved faster, jack hammering his cock into Codys ass. His balls flopped against Cody's soft skin with each thrust.Allen felt the hot molten spunk surge slowly up his staft. "Oh Fuckm Oh Shit!!" he moaned. He thrust one final time and exploaded deep inside Cody's ass. "UUUUHHHHHH!!!!" he grunted, his back arching. He felt his cock twitching as rope after rope of his hot, sticky seed coated Cody's ass.

He was panting as he laid against Cody's back. "Shit!" Cody smiled. "I know! It's always amazing with us!" When Allen's cock went limp he pulled out, a trail of cum leaked out of Cody's well worked over hole. They got into the shower. Allen soaped up Cody's chest and wrapped his hand around his cock. The soapy suds helped make his hand slide up and down his slick shaft. Cody's eyes were closed. Allen moved his hand faster and faster. "OOOHHH!! I'm Gonna Cum!!" Cody moaned. Allen smiled. "Yeah! cum for you're daddy!!" Cody's back arched and Allen felt his cock twitch in his hand as rope after long rope spurted out of the tip and splattered on the floor of the shower. "ARRRHHH!!!" Cody squealed. They cleaned off and dressed.

After Cody helped Allen with their chores they showered again and went into town. They window shopped which wasnt hard to do in a small town with only one post office and traffic light. When it got dark they drove to the local steak house and ate two big, thick steaks. When they returned home Allen seemed nervous. He lit a fire and sat next to Cody. "Baby, what's wrong?" his beautiful brown eyes concerned. Allen sighed. "I've wanted to tell you something ever since we met but I haven't been able to figure out how to word it." Cody nodded. "I love you. I am certain of it. You're the only one I want for the rest of my life." Cody smiled. Allen took the little box he had bought earlier that day when he and Cody went into a local antique store. Allen smiled. :"I want us to grow old together and fill this house with love and laughter. Will you marry me?" He opened the box and inside, Cody saw an silver ring with a small diamond in the middle. Allen shrugged. "It's not much but it's all I can afford." Cody pulled him close and they kissed. When they parted Allen saw tears in Cody's eyes. "So will you?" Cody nodded. "Of course I will!" Allen laughed. "Really!" Cody nodded. Allen took the ring out and slipped it on Cody's finger. "We'll have to keep this a secret from my pa." Cody nodded. He knew Allen's pa grew up in a time where being gay was a major sin and he knew he'd never understand.

Cody looked at the way the diamond sparkled in the firelight. "I'm so happy." Allen nodded. "Me too. As soon as we can, we'll start planning the wedding." Cody stood and helped Allen up. They moved twords the bedroom.

Will Allen and Cody get married? What does the future hold in store for these two young lovers?

Tune in next time to find out........



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