Allen and his father were busy lifting bales of hay down from the bed of their truck. Since Allen's ma had passed a few years ago, his pa had been meaning to get some help. Allen could have gone to college but he decided to stay and help out the old man around the farm. Allen was tall with curly brown hair and dark eyes. Years of lifting heavy bales of hay had given him a fit, trim build. His golden brown skin glistened with sweat. The flannel shirt he wore was open and the light patch of dark hair on his chest stood out.

Allen never was what the other guys in town called a "stud". He never cared about gettin all spruced up and going out with a girl. Truth be told, he wasn't into women. Allen knew he liked men since he was 17 and his cousin let him suck him off down by the creek. He had never found anyone he took a shine to but that was ok. He had his work on the farm to keep him busy. Though late at night he'd get awful lonesome and horny. Hed stroke his cock thinking about some of the guys from town. The Stewart men were blessed with enormous cocks. Allen's was 9 inches when soft and an amazing 11 when fully erect. His balls were heavy and the size of lemons.

One day while Allen and his pa were sitting at the table eating breakfast, his dad informed him they would be taking on help. "I met this young man outside the feed store" his pa explained. "We got to talkin and I learned he has no family." Allen nodded. "His ma and pa are both gone and he ain't got no other kin to take him in so I thought we could put him up." Allen smiled. His dad was always kind and tender hearted despite his gruff exterior. They finshed breakfast and headed into town. "I told him to meet us by the laundry." Allen watched as his dad walked across the street and into the laundry.

A few minutes later Allen saw his dad come out with a tall young man with short hay colored hair, brown eyes and a lean, athletic build. They walked up to the truck. "Cody, this here's my boy Allen." Cody grinned lopsidedly at him. Allen smiled back. He noticed Cody was young. 18 or 19. He had a handsome baby face and his clothes were kinda big on him. "We'll don't just stand there gawking boy, climb up into the back!" Cody nodded and Allen watched him lift one slender leg over the side of the truck bed and sit down.

When they got back to the farm, Allen's pa told him to show Cody to the barn where he could stay until they got the guestroom cleared out. "You can bed down in the loft" Allen exclaimed pointing up the ladder. Cody began climbing. Allen got a perfect view of his firm, backside as they climbed the ladder and his cock twitched in response. "Damn, I gotta have him!" He began formulating a plan. A few days later when Allen walked into the barn to get something for his pa he heard a noise. It sounded like Cody moaning. He queitly climbed up the ladder. What he saw almost made him cum in his pants.

Cody was laying against a pile of hay with his shirt open and his pants around his ankles. His chest was smooth and sculpted and his stomach was flat and ripped. Allen's eyes grew wide when he saw the size of the huge cock Cody was stroking. It was almost as big as his! His smooth, egg shapped balls flopped with each stroke. Cody had his eyes closed and his mouth hung slack. He had a look of pure pleasure on his handsome, agelic face. "Oooh! Yeah! Allen! Fuck me!" Cody's fist moved faster and faster until with one final thrust upward he arched his back and came all over his chest and stomach. Allen watched the thick, white ropes of cum shoot out the head of Cody's cock and splatter on his chest.

Allen quietly climbed down and went back the way he came. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. Cody was jerking off, thinking about him! He knew what needed to do. The next day when they had finished their work Allen suggested they take a walk down to the creek to cool off. "That's a great idea!" Cody said, a big ole grin on his face. They got a change of clothes and walked down to the lake. Allen spread out a towel he had brought with him and they sat down. "Sure is peaceful here!" Cody exclaimed. Allen nodded. Cody's brown eyes sparkled as he looked into his. "Is somethin wrong?" Allen smiled and shook his head. "No, why?" Cody shrugged. "You've been awful quiet these past few days."

Allen knew it was time. He nodded. "Actually I have had somethin that's been weighin on my mind." Cody nodded. "Yesterday, I went into the barn to get something for my Pa and I saw you jerking off." Cody blushed. "Sorry." Allen laughed. "Shit, don't be! If I was as hot as you, I'd probably be strokin my cock all day, every day!" Cody smiled. "You think I'm hot?" Allen moved closer. "I've wanted you since I first saw you!" Cody laughed. "That was only a week ago." Allen shrugged. "I know." Cody smiled up at him. "Make love to me?" That was all he needed to hear. He leaned down and pressed his lips against Cody's. They were soft and warm. He reached under Cody's shirt and gently tweaked one of his nipples. Cody moaned softly.

"Let's go for a swim." Cody nodded. He stood and Allen watched as he lifted his shirt over his head. His chest and abs were smooth and well defined. He kicked off his shoed and slowly unzipped his pants. Allen watched as he slowly slid them down his narrow hips. He wasn't wearing any underwear so his cock popped out like a coil. Cody stood there with a cute smirk. "Well, What'd ya think." He asked. Allen got into his knees. "Screw going for a swim!" He reached up and put a hand on Cody's chest. He moved it down to his stomach. Damn this boy was perfect. Beautiful and sexy as hell! He kissed Cody's navel and saw him close his eyes.

"Suck my cock!" Cody ordered. Allen smiled up at him. "Yes sir!" Allen took Cody's thick, heavy cock in his hand and stroked it gently. "Yeah!" Cody moaned softly. Allen felt it pulse and grow in his hand. He licked the head of Cody's cock like it was an ice cream cone. He heard Cody gasp! "MMM!!" Cody placed a hand behind Allen's head, gently guiding him onto his cock. When he felt Allen's warm lips close around his shaft, he sighed. "Yeah, that's it!" Allen moved his head back and forth. Cody's cock tasted wonderful. Slightly salty and musky. He massaged his balls while he sucked. Soon Cod'y cock was slick with Allen's spit. He opened his mouth wider and engulfed his entire cock. His nose brushed against the soft mound of dark pubic hair.

"Oooh! Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" Cody exlcaimed. Allen wanted to stop but he didn't. He wanted to taste his boy cream. Allem moved faster, his lips making a sucking noise as he moved. Cody's breathing became ragged. Allen felt his body tense and his cock expand. "FUCK! I"M CUMMIN!!" Cody hollered before exploading into Allen's mouth. His sweet tasting boycream flowed across Allen's tastebuds and down his throat. "UUUHHHH!" Cody grunted. When his cock stopped twitching, Allen felt it slide from his mouth.

"Wow!" Allen nodded. "I know." He was hard as a rock. Cody looked down and smiled. "Get naked and I'll let you fuck me!" Allen stripped. Cody watched him with obvious lust. When Allen was naked Cody gasped when he beheld the mammoth cock dangling between Allen's legs. "Shit!" Allen chuckled. "Yeah, I am kinda big!" Cody laughed. "Kinda big! Which horse did you steal that from!" Allen laid down next to Cody. "Damn you're so beautiful!" Cody smiled. "You're nothing to sneeze at yourself!" They kissed, thier tongues moving in and out of eachothers mouths. Allen gently rolled Cody onto his stomach. "You sure you want me to fuck you?" Cody nodded.

Allen parted Cody's smooth, apple cheeks and licked his clean, musky hole. Cody jerked and moaned. "Liked that did ya?" Cody nodded. Allen buaried his face between Cody's mounds and began licking and sucking. He soon had him panting and moaning softly. "Fuck me please Allen!" me pleaded. Allen sat back on his haunches and stroked his cock. "We aim to please!" He pulled a tube of lube out of his pants pocket and a packet of condoms. He rolled a condom onto his big fat cock and squeezed some lube between Cody's cheeks. He felt him jerk. "Cold" he giggled. Allen smiled. He worked his thumb across Cody's hole before pushing it in. He worked a few fingers in and out until be felt Cod'y was loosened enough.

"You ready?" Cody nodded. Allen positioned himself over Cody, his cock aimed at his ass. He gently moved downward. He felt his cock slip between Cody's smooth cheeks. "Fuck!" Allen exclaimed. He felt his cock hit Cody's hole. "Now it's gonna hurt at first but remember to breathe." Cody nodded. Allen moved and he felt his cockhead move past Cody's anal ring. "FUCK!" Cody hollered. "It's ok, just breath." Cody nodded. His hands were gripping the blanket. Allen moved his hips around, moving the head of his cock in and out. "Hows that?" Cody nodded. "Better". Allen pushed, inserting more of his cock. "UHHH!" Cody grunted. Allen felt something inside Cody give. "I just popped you're cherry. It'll be easier now." Cody nodded but said nothing.

Allen pushed until he was all the way in. He laid against Cody's back allowing him time to get used to having a big, horse cock up his ass. After a few minutes Cody smiled. "Pain's gone." Allen nodded. "Ok, here we go." Allen pulled slowly out and then back in. He did this a few times. Cody's anus gripped his shaft like a vice. "Fuck kid! You're ass is so freakin tight!" Cody nodded. Allen moved a little faster. Soon they were both panting and covered in sweat. "Yeah, Allen, fuck my ass!" Cody exclaimed. Allen thrust a few more times before he pulled out. He laid Cody on his side and got behind him. Grabbing his cock at the base, he thrust into him. "FUCK!!" Cody exclaimed. Allen moved faster, his balls making a thwacking sound as flesh met skin.

"Yeah, fuck me with that big cock!" Cody panted. Allen pounded Cody's ass like a jackhammer, holding his leg up in the air. "Yeah, babe. I'm gonna cum!" Allen exclaimed. "Me too!" Allen flipped him over on his stomach and really began pounding him. "OOOH YEAH! OH SHIT!" Cody moaned. Allen felt his balls drawing up. "Yeah, here it comes!" He felt his hot, cum move up his shaft and expload from the tip. "AARRRHHH!!!!!" Allen grunted as he filled the condom with his hot manjuice. "FFFUUUCCK!" Cody exclaimed. Allen laid there ontop of Cody. "Shit kid!" he murmered, a satisfied grin on his face. Cody laughed. "That was the best fuck I've ever had!" Allen felt his cock slip out of Cody's ass. He smiled. "Ok, you're turn." He laid beside him and began stroking his cock. Cody closed his eyes. "Oooh! Yeah, Make me cum!" Allen moved his hand faster, Cody's smooth cock sliding in and out of his closed fist.

Cody was panting. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum!" He exlclaimed. Alle moved his hand faster. "Yeah, lemme see that hot boycream!" He felt Cody tense beside him. "I"M CUMMING!" he moaned. Allen felt his cock twitch in his hand as he shot his load. "UUUUHHHGG!!!" Cody grunted, his eyes screwed shut. Allen licked the sweet tasting cum from his fingers. "MMM! Now that's what I call a sweet ending to a perfect day!" They went for a swim and then flopped back down onto the blanket. "I love you!" Allen exclaimed, gazing into the handsome, smooth face of the boy he had come to love. Cody smiled. "I never thought I could be so happy." Allen laughed. "Me either." He leaned down and their lips met.

To Be Continued........

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