I have revised this story for my U.K. readers, that pointed out some of my "Inaccuracies" in the story telling, I appologize for that, and hope you will enjoy the revised version.

I am an American Business man working for a large Amerian Company that has satelite companys world wide, Since I had a degree in Business management I was given a new job as the manager of one of the companys overseas offices, warehousing distribution centers. I was transferred to London, got an appartment and Now reside just a few city blocks from Downing Street, Not far from Buckingham Palace, a rather ritzy place but just home to me, and Thank goodness paid for by the company I work for.

Well I had gotten there and I was sorta interested In the area of London and the U.K. because my Mothers family came from Scotland and my fathers family was from England. But then had came across the ocean about ninety years ago and settled in Illinois and spread to Missouri, I was raised in Missouri, but I was still constantly reminded of My heritage English and Scottish.

I had gotten information about my Homeland family in Scottland and contacted some of my Scottish relatives, who were very glad to hear from me and wanted me to come to Scotland to visit and stay for a while.

I didn't hear from them for a while,and then one afternoon I got a letter in the mail, and It was a wedding invitation for a second or third or something like that cousin of my grandmothers, A McGregor, I thought maybe I would find out if I was possibly related to Ewan McGregor the Actor, slim chance but possible, It turned out I'm not.

I took a couple weeks off to attend the wedding and I took a train to Glascow, and I was really taken back by the beauty of the country side and the scenic charm, and the Higlands were awesome,

I arrived and got a room at an Inn there and started calling some of the distant relatives to find out where to meet them, I finally reached a cousin that invited me over for a beer, well I can't type the accent into words but lets just say I fell in love with the Scotch Accent, I just loved it.

The wedding was on a Saturday afternoon and I got there all dressed in a dark blue pinstriped suit and tie and I noticed that In Scotland Most of the Native men wore their Kilts with the colors of their clan, rather colorful, I saw several different clan colors there, and One of my young cousins already half drunk brought me a clan colored tartan, and placed it around my shoulder and said Laddy Your a McGregor now you look like it. I said, awesome man, I said I can't wait to get you out of your kits and into a kilt, He said come with me, He took me into a back room and pulled out a kilt and said take your tousers off laddy, I said alright, and I pulled my shoes and then my pants off he said take the coat off too and the tie I felt a little inconspicuous standing there in my briefs and He said alright Laddy I will help you, He came up behind and reached down and slid my briefs off and then turned me around and said no self respecting Mcgregor wears anything under his Kilt, Fuck I didn't really know that, He looks down at my package and say Laddy your a real man there, I started getting a boner, How was I suppose to keep that from happening,, He said, Man don't be ashamed of that it's a badge of honor to get a boner while wearing a kilt, damn man your bollocks are big, I said really I hadn't noticed, He said turn around he fitted my kilt on me and I felt his hand sorta rubbed my cock and it was almost standing out straight, I finally got my suite all together, and my cock to go down, and started out back into the Wedding reception area, and I noticed that there were at least forty men, setting around with beers in their hands and legs spread open, some of them showing cocks and bollocks and even some bare asses, and all of them I noticed were uncut cocks, I felt right at home then, God all those cock showing, and Me a gay man, I was about to loose all sense of reality.

There was a young man about my age I noticed him staring at me and I smiled at him and he lifted his beer mug to me in kinda like a toast, and smiled back and after about twenty minutes of noticing him stare I saw him come wandering over to me, and said your our American cousin I guess, he spoke with not so Scottish and accent more like English, I said yes My name is Michael Smyth, spelled with a Y, he said pleased to meet you, I'm Derick McCalister I live in London, I said really, I work and live there too, He said so I've heard, He said can I bold Michael? I said yes, but just call me Mike, all my friends do, He said, I think your one of the hottest guys I have ever seen in a kilt before, and what would you say to having man to man sex with me? I blushed and said Is me being gay that obvious? he said I caught some feelings, but your not that obvious, I said to answer your question, where and when, He said after the reception come home with me. I said It will be my pleasure, and I started noticing Dericks looks, Sandy Red headed and muscular, built like an olympic Shot put thrower, Scottish big and muscular, Damn he was gorgeous.

Well we went back to the place he was staying and he was all over me Kissing me and rubbing my body and saying fuck man I wanted you when I first saw you, and I want you bad, I was getting so fucking turned on, He grabbed me and turned me around and just threw me on the bed, I loved being rough handled, not cruely but manly, His fucking muscles were hard, heavy, and so friggen strong He could have raped me and I couldn't have stopped him, I said man I want you bad, Derick, and I leaned down and yanked his Kilt up and He had a huge uncut cock laying hard across two of the biggest balls I have ever seen, he said Man suck my bollocks, man, suck them fuckers and I did, He grabbed my head and jammed it into his crotch and said that's it, Like that, yea man, and I sucked hard on his balls It would have killed me, but He was loving it, fuck he was a powerful man, and then he said take that fucking cock and he slid his foreskin back and stuffed his , and I know he had to have eight and a half inches of wrist thick, uncut cock into my hungry mouth, man he was building a wild fire in my like I had never felt before, I was fucking loving this and My cock was about to blast a load all over the place, He reached around me while I was laying over his lap slurpping on his huge cock and saying come here to Papa laddy, I will take care of you and fuck he started jacking my cock off, I was about to loose it, I started sucking his cock like a wild man, He tightened up and said Mother Mckree man awe fuck and started shooting at least a liter of cum into my throat and mouth, and his body was jerking and flexing I felt those muscles and He just leaned over and started sucking like a wild man on my cock and about one minute of that was all it took, I filled his mouth with cum and grunted and he squeezed my nutsack and pulled and milked my cock dry, I was totally exhausted and Man then he grabbed me up and said, I loved that and he was so fucking Tender and gentle, then saying God man, I love what you did, and just kissed me and made out with me so loving and gentle I was lost in paradise. from this, We just layed back and fell asleep, and woke the next morning He was ready for more He got some lube and started spreading my ass cheeks and said Baby, I'm gonna love you, and started sucking and licking and rimming my arse, and went wild again and after about five minutes He lifted up his kilt which he hadn't taken off yet and Leaned up and started to slide that huge cock into my anal orafice, I thougth my asshole would ripp open and I grunted and yelled Oh Fuck me, man, He thought I wanted it more and he started pounding my asshole violently and finally my rectum adjusted to his assult and I started feeling the good part, I was into it big time, It felt like he was ramming it into my throat but It was feeling wonderful, I said Oh fuck man, Oh fuck man, he said yea Mike I know, and He started hammering it to the wall man, I could feel his bollocks slapping my ass and I started shooting a load on his bed covers and He grunted tensed up and Rammed his whole cock to the nuts into my asshole, and blasted a huge load into my intestines and I thought some of his cum was going to come out of my mouth, I was in gay heaven, And feeling that awesome feeling that I had brought satisfaction to my Lover from Scotland, I was almost a wimpering idiot, He started thanking me and sayin man when we get back to London we are going to hook up, I said I will be very sad if we don't, But we did And I must say My stay In Scotland was quite rewarding In every sense of the word. All In all I had a wonderful time in the Hills of Scotland and Had One hell of a man to man Fling, there in the Highlands of Scotland.



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