From Part 4

"Well," I continued, "when it's just two guys  and one sucks off the other, it is common eor then to have what is called a 'cum kiss', where they kiss and share the cum load."

"Sounds hot," Buck said,  as he leaned over and pulled Hank over for another three  way tongue kiss.

As we kiss, they both began to fondle  my cock and almost simultaniously, began moving their heads toward my hard throbbing cock,

Part 5

"Hey, guys,  why don't we get some restand  save the rest for tomorrow. Since i have given you two the day off tomorrow, we have all day to have sexual fun."

Reluctantly, they agreed and after a round of goodnight kisses, we settled in for some sleep.  I awoke several times, and each time i felt one of them fonding my cock.  Then when i again woke shortly before seven, they were both sleeping soundly.  As i sat up, they both turned onto their  backs.  Having those two hairy chest in front of me, one black and the other red, gave me an instant boner.  I knew i had to taste  the beautiful islands in the hairy sea called nipples. 

I leaned over to Hank first and began gently sucking and licking his left nipple.  As it hardened, i gently nibbled it and as he woke  up, he moaned and after  realizing what i was doing, said, "Man, i never dreamed that a mans nipples were that sensitive. I fucking love it."

"Just what are you loving?" we heard Buck ask.

"This," I said as i stopped, tuened to Buck and began sucking his right nipple.  "Oh fuck yea! I'll give you a week to stop,"he sighed.   

"It's fucking awesome, isn't it?" Hank asked.  "Hell yea," Buck replied as Hank began sucking my left nipple.  Buck gently pushed me  back onto the bed and as Hank sucked and licked my left nipple, he worked on my right one.

After a moment,  I asked if either was  ready to suck their first cock.  The both said yes at the same time.  

"Who wants to suck who" I asked.  

"Why don't Hank and i suck each other and you can point out things we do wrong," Buck said.

"I don't have to point anything out.  Just tell each other if the teeth scrape.  Then when you climax, you can spit or swallow.  The choice is yours."

The worked their bodies into a sixty-nine and cautiously took each others cocks in their mouths.  Slowly, they each began sucking and swallowing the others hard cock.  Then, within moments they were both moaning softly in pleasure. Then, after a few minutes, their moans grew more intense signaling their apporaching climax.  Moments later, both bodies began to shake and i knew that they were in the process of feeding each other.

When the climaxes  ended they slowly pulled of of the others cock, looked into each others eyes then swallowed.

Hank spoke first, saying, "That was fucking unbelievable.  I know now that i wish i had tried it earlier in life.  And surprisingly, the cum was much tastier that i had imagined."

"I totally agree," Buck added,  then looking at Hank,  asked, "Would you like to  share Mark's cock and cum with me?"

"You better know it," Hank replied.

Together, they began sucking my cock.  As one sucked my cock, the other licked  my balls. They alternated sucking me and i soon warned  them that i was close. 

"Since i knew him first,I want to take it,"Hank said like a spoiled child.  Seconds later, I filled Hanks mouth and as he pulled off, he turned to Buck and kissed him.  I could see them  sharing my load and soon each swallowed his share.

Then after each had kissed me passionately, Hank began laughing.  When i asked what was so funny, he said, "I never,  in all my years, ever dreamed  that i would say that i was  a cum loving cock sucker, but that is exactly what i am."

"Buddy, you are not alone. I am so glad we met Mark.  I have a  feeling that i'm addicted to cum."

"I know i am," Hank replied.

"Well, gentlemen, feel  free to suck each other or me at any time, just get the work done but i hope it takes a longtime.  I know i'll  be sucking one or the other of you during the day."

We got up and as we drank  our morning coffee,  i asked, "Are either of you interested in trying anal sex?"

"I've  heard of guys getting fucked,but i'm not sure if i could take it," Buck said.

"Well, I initially said i wanted to try it all and i still do.  I'm willing to take it in the ass."

I began to explain that in many cases, getting rimmed  was  prelude to getting fucked.  Then, as expected, Hank asked what getting rimmed was.  I led them to the den and after having Hank lay on his back and pull his legs up, i got into position and began to lick and tongue fuck his hole.

"Holy shit!" Buck exclaimed as Hank moaned and said  "Oh man don't stop."

After a few minutes of having his ass eat, Hank said urgently, "Damn it, Mark, fuck me."

I reached for a side table and opened the drawer and retrieved my lube.  With lube in hand i lubed us both up, before  gently beginning my entry.   After  a few moments, Buck looked at Hank and said, "Man, he is in you balls deep.  Doesn't it hurt?"

"It did when he entered and got deeper but now i feel full."

 "You are," Buck said. "Your ass is full of a mans cock."

Hank smiled and said to Buck, "If i'm going to get fucked, i might as well get kissed also. Get down here and kiss me while Mark fucks my ass."

As i began to piston in and out of Hank's ass,  he and Buck kissed.  After a few moments their kiss ended, and with  surprised look on his face Hank looked at me then Buck and said, "Oh man, this is awesome.  I love it."  Then looking at Buck said, " After Mark shoots his load i want you to fuck me."

Moments later I climaxed and saw that Buck was already lubed.   I pulled out and he got intoposition and began to insert his cock in Hank's ass.  Once in he said how  much better it was than a woman's cunt. As  he fucked Hank, we had a three way kiss.  Soon, Buck added his cum load to  mine before pulling out.  

As the two cum loads  began to slowly drain outof Hank's ass i smiled and said, "This is called snowballing,"  Without hesitation, i buried my mouth in Hank's hole and sucked up the drining cum.  They both stared in astonished amazement.

After i pulled back I looked at Hank and said, "Buck and i both filled your ass.  Now how about you filling mine?"

"Gladly," he said,  and after lubing his cock he entered my hole and i loved him in my ass.  He began slowly and as his climax neared he fucked faster, agreeing with Buck that a man's ass was better  than a woman's cunt.

After he filled my ass with his load, he pulled out, looked at it, then bured his face in it and ate his cum out of  me. Once he was finished he looked at me  and smiled before kissing me.

As we kissed, Buck spoke up saying, "Man,I can't believe you ate your own cum out of his ass."

"Buck, it wasn't near as nasty as eating a woman's smelly cunt."

We went for a swim, both men saying that they were now more partial to sex  with another man than with a woman.  

About half hour later, Buck looked  at me and said, "Mark, i have to find out for myself.  Fuck me."

"If you're sure."

"I am."

Moments later, I was gently entering Buck's ass as Hank lovingly kissed him.  After  several  minutes, Buck lookedat me and said "Mark, i love it .  Let me feel  you shoot."

Seconds later , i filled Buck's  ass as he moaned in sheer pleasure.

"Now," I said, "I've had Hank  fuck me and it's your turn."

Seconds later, Buck had his hard cock buried in my ass and was pumping away.  He soon fired off his nice thick load  and to both mine and Hanks shocked surprise, he dove in and began sucking out his own cum as it drained out. 

Hank looked at him and asked, "Buck, what made you change your mind?"

"When i first saw  Mark sucking up the draining cum, i  was totally caught off guard, but we both said before we ever did anything that we wanted to see what men did together and try it.  I decided to go all the way.  Now that i have, while we finish this job, i'm open to it all.  After this jobis over, I'm not sure."

"I can understand, buddy," Hank began, "but as for me, it's only men from now own. I reaizethat with another man, he knows what feels good and there is no  fucking drama like there is when you have sex with a woman. I am now a happy gay male."

From then forward, as work progressed on the construction, we had sex during the day as a break, but at night we did it all, both oral and anal.  Then, all too soon, the work was completed.  Buck accepted a job offer with a  small construction company and left.  I convinced Hank to stay awhile  which he did happily.

Then, a couple of weeks later, after a hot sixty-nine poolside, i looked into his eyes  and amitted tohim thati had fallen in love with him and wanted  him to be my life partner.  He looked down for a few minutes before saying to me, "Mark, I didn'tknow hat i was feeling but i thinki have  figured it out.  The thought of not  being with  you wastearing me up.  I realize that i love you also and i never thought  i would say that  to  another man."

"Does that mean that you will move in with me permanantly?"

"Tomorrow, i move out of my place permanantly."

I ooked at him and said, "I love you, baby."

"I like you calling me that," he said.  "After my divorce, i never thought i would love again and if it hadn't been for you, i wouldn't have.  We  were  meant to meet."

"Yes we were," I said before kissing him passionately. 

From time to time Buck would visit and he would  engage  in some oral sex and fuck either Hank or i or both.  He thought it was cool that we hadbecome lovers.  Hank and i lived nude and when Buck would visit he woud go nude also.

Then, about six months later,he visited us and we could tell  that  something was on his mind.   After dinner, as we sipped a beer poolside,  i looked at him and asked what was bothering him.

"After the job ended, I tried to convince myself that  everything that happened was just an experiment.  But it got to the  point that  when i was fucking a girl i was thinking about sex with the two of you.  It got to the point  that pussy wouldn't get me hard but seeing a cock at the gym would.  I now  know that i am totally gay and into cock ass and cum.  The girl i'm living with has started asking why we don't have sex  as often as before. There have been times i have almost said because  she didn't  have a cock between her legs."

"I assume that she is about to throw  you out," I said.

"Yes, and i have no where to go."

"Yes you do," Hank said.  "Move in here with us."

"I agree,"I said.

That night he took both Hank and i in his ass one after the other  and after Hank and i sucked the cum out he  insisted we kiss him and share it.

Tow days later Buck moved in but not into the guest room.  Hank  and i asked him to be our lover.  He accepted and as before the three of us shared  the same bed.

Oh, we had respect for each ther and if two of us wanted one on one sex, the third would sleep in the guest room.

After a few months we began expeimenting in water sports and found that we all loved it also.  We have been together over a year now and couldn't be more in love with  each other .


Coming soon......SEX IN THE DARK..............A one part short story,



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