From Part 1...................

We cleaned up without putting on any of our clothes and as we headed to the bedroom, i decided to test the waters and said, "Oh, by the way, I sleep nude."

"I figured that.  So do I."

Moments later we were in bed, wishing each other a good night.

In the middle of the night i awoke to find Hank spooned in behind me.  I wonderedif it meant anything.

Part 2

When I awoke, i could hear Hank in the kitchen.  After taking my morning piss, I headed for the kitchen, finding Hank pouring two cups of coffee.  I immediately noticed that he was still totally naked.

"Morning," I said.  "How did you sleep last night?"

"Like a baby," he replied, "but i owe  you an apology."

"An apology?  What for?"

"At some point, i woke up and  found myself spooned in behind you and my arm  holding you close.  i apologize for that, but that's what i used to do  with my wife when we were married."

"Hey, forget it.  I woke up also while you were spooned, and to behnest, I felt secure and safe."  

"Thanks,"he replied.

Looking him over,  I said, "I see you're still nude."

"That's another confession.  I enjoy it and am nearly aways nude when I'm home.  Having been in the Marines and in the sauna and showers at the gym, i am very comfortable  being nude atround other men."

"So am I," I replied, wanting to tell him that he was welcome to work nude if he wanted to, however i didn't want to push it and maybe screw things up.  They were going much better  than i had ever dreamed.

After our coffee, he dressed and said that he had to go to town and order supplies to be delivered the following day.   "I'll be back about seven tomorrow  morning and the delivery should arrive shortly after that."

"Sounds good," I replied, "I'll have coffee  and breakfast waiting."

"Fuck it, man, you're going to have me spoiled."

"What's wrong with that?" I asked, smiling.

He gave me a smile as he gently rubbed my shoulder  with his hand, saying, "See you tomorrow."

Shortly after six-thirty the following morning i geard his truck coming up  the drive.   After peeking out to make sure it wasHank, i stepped out and greeted him as he exited his truck.  

Looking at me and smiling, he said, "You really do enjoy being nude, don't you."

"I told you i did."

He followed me in and as he fixed his coffee, i put breakfast on the table.  Just as we finished,we heard the delivery truck on the gravel drive.  Hank went out to meet him and I heard him call the hot young muscular tattooed driver Buck.  It was obvious that they knew each other.

As i watched Buck unload  the materials with his forklift, my cock became rock hard.   Hw was wearng snug jeans and what some call a 'wife beater'undershirt.  There was a medium coatng of black hair showing above the shirt.   Not wanting to be seen with a boner just yet, i left the window and started cleaning the dishes.  I was shocked when Hank brought Buck  into the kitchen to get me to signfor the delivery. 

I immediatey saw Buck's eyes looking directly at my cock. As he did, he smiled, and my mind began wondering what he was  thinking.  I signed the delivery order and after Buck left, i told Hank that I wasn't expecting him to bring Buck into the house. 

"I'm sorry," he said.  "I've  known buck for a year or so after meeting him when he made deliveries.  He started going to the gym i go to and we became friends after sharing the sauna and showers together. He's like us.  He comfortable being nude around others."

"It's no big deal," I said. "I just wasn't expecting it."

Hank apologized again and said he should get to  work.  I went intomy office and did some work, before going to  the kitchen around noon to see about some sandwichs for lunch.  I quickly noticed that Hank was working shirtless.

As we ate lunch, we commented how hot the weaher was.  iLooking at him I said, "Hank, it's just me and you here.  You are perfectly welcome  to work nude if you want  to."

"Well, that would be a first for me but i just might take you up on it," he said.

We finished our lunch and Hank  returned to work and i returned to my office.  Mid afternoon, i returned to the kitchen nd looked out intothe workarea and found Hank wearing only his tool belt.  I couldn't beliee how fucking hot he looked that way, with the red hair on his body glistening in the light.  

I fixed him a glass of water and tookit to him, making sure he knew that he could make himself at home.

As evening neared, i sugested that we gointo town for dinner.  He agreed but said that he needed to shower and change clothes and suggested  that i meet him at his apartment.

I agreed and  after picking  him up we drove to  the restaurant.  After ordering, i looked athimandsaid,  "Hank,i had no idea how fucking far you had to drive  to get to my  place."

"It's a drive, but i don't mind," he replied.

We ate dinner and after droping him off at his place,  i headed home.  After doing some thinking, I decided to make Hank an offer.

The next day, as we ate lunch, i made my offer.

"Hank, I have an  idea.  To save you not ony time but also gasoline, why don't you go home after we eat, and pack some clothes, and  just stay here whileyou're doing the work?"

"That would definitely save time and money, but i don't want to impose on you."

"You won't be imposing.  I like being around you and would like the company."

"Well, if your sure, i'll do it,"he replied.

"Great," I said,  wondering if things  might develop.  "Just remember,you have to share my bed."

Smiling , he said, "It won't be the first time.

He left and returned mid-afternoon, bags in hand. Once he was  settled in,he returned to work.  He worked  and i watched,  both of us nude.

After he called it quits for  the day, we had dinner and a swim.  After a few beers, we headed to bed.

As we slipped intobed, I looked at him  and said, "If you wake up and we're spooned, feel free to stay that way.  i don't mind."

Before long we were both sleeping soundly.  Then, during the night, i awoke and again he was spooned in behind meand his arm over me.  I immediaely began getting a boner.  Asmy cock grew, it pressed against his hand.  Moments later, I felt his own cock begin  to stiffen and pressagainst my back.

TO BE CONTINUED......................



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