I was all alone with the Handy Man that my Dad hired to do some renovation on the kitchen that my Mother wanter done. Paul was a brute of a man. He was born in England and play rugby must  his life and made it onto the England team for world cup action in 1975.

My bedroom was located on the third floor over looking the garage area. I was really horny now bye watching Paul cut some wood from the table saw that he was using. He had red underwear sticking out from the back of his dark blue work pants that he had on. He finally saw me watching him from behind the curtain and gave me a huge smile before he took off his work shirt and toss it on the hood of his pick up truck.

The Tv show was all over when I decided to head on downstair to grab a bottle of pepsi in the fridge that was in the dining room during the renovation. 

Hi Paul how is your day going so far

I am doing well how about you Sonny 

Not to bad just feeling lousy a bit

I saw you starring at me from upstairs

Sorry about that, I was in some kind of a day dream  

Really I thought you were starring at my ass 

What time does your parents get home at 

Both of them our working late tonight they told me

Cool maybe you like to have some fun with me

What kind of fun Paul

You know what I mean Sonny 

I hope you can fuck like my Dad best friend Peter

You have to see it for yourself

Let me do a few more things and I will meet you up stairs

Paul was almost done rebuilding the cupboard were the dishwasher is going.He went over to use the downstairs powder to wash up a bit before he heads on upstair to Sonny room. Hi Paul please come in. I am just watching the second half of the soccer game. It sounds like you like watching Jocks playing sports. Did you know that I made on Team England one year for the world cup of Ruby. I did my father told me the whole story a few days ago. He also told me that you play Water Polo for a number of years to.

Maybe I can get you in put on my Dad old speedo that he use to wear in his younger day's. Wow , You will like that very much so Paul. Sonny then went over to his Father bedroom to look for the speedo so that Paul can put in on himself and fuck Sonny with them on. By now Paul was just sitting on a chair in his red underwear when Sonny made it back to his room.

Paul had a great body for someone over 50 years old. He stood well over 6 feet and weigh a solid 230 with huge muscle from head to toe. Hey Paul I found them, Please put them on for me. Sonny was standing with amazed while Paul was pulling up the bright green speedo to just below the small patch of hair beneath his navel.

They both lay on the bed together as Sonny began to work his way down on Paul somewhat smooth body. Sonny started to lick Paul huge sweating balls as he was moaning out loud by now. Paul then slide the speedo down just below his waist as Sonny began to suck on his nice 7 plus mushroom head dick. 

Fuck Sonny it feels great 

You Like Paul

I sure do 

Where the hell you learn how to suck like that

Watching porn Paul

Make me cum please

Suck it, suck it

Fuck I love you pre cum Paul

Fuck give me your juice please

You got me close now Sonny

Almost here dude

Here it fucking comes 

Paul scream out real loud has the cum flew out of his dick as it pour all down his throat. Sonny quickly got up and ran off to the bathroom to wash it all down with some mouthwash that he like using. 

My God Sonny that was great 

Thank you Paul 

I am still horny for some more of your cock Paul

How about you bend your ass over for me

Fuck that will be great

Paul got his second wind and began fucking Sonny hole very hard, As there were both enjoying each other during the fuck. Paul was screaming of sexual tension after each deep stroke that his dick was shoving into Sonny hole. Not to long after that his body started to shake as he was orgasming his juice all up Sonny sweaty hole.

The time was like 3 pm now when Sonny father walk into the bedroom and find them both naked on the bed together. He quickly took his clothes off and shove his tool  all down Paul mouth as Sonny was stun by it all. Sonny got up and went into the bath to grab a shower and to get all clean up from the fuck. Dan started to moan with pleasure as he dump a load all Paul mouth and throat.

It took Paul another week or son until he was all done with the job. Sonny was very sad for a few days after Paul left the house. Him and his Dad decided that they should both take a holiday down in Florida.




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