It was the second year at State U, I was doing alright in my class work, my grade point average was up there, truthfully I was doing great.

I was setting up shop in the dorm room which was a double room made for two men, a medium sized bedroom with a twin bed on each side of the room, and a night stand for each bed between them, with a small study room with deskes seperated by a door connected.

There was a nice sized window which allowed a nice breeze to blow into the room when nicer weather allowed.

I had been there getting my things set up in the dorm room, wondering when I would get my new room mate.

I heard a rattle of the door knob and the door opened, I was setting at the head of my bed with my feet upon the bed reading this booklet that was laying against my lap.

The door opened and there stood this gorgeous guy about my age, with this high school lettermans jacket on.

I got up and helped him in with his boxes and bags. he said,'Thanks Man, I appreciate that.'

'Hey Dude! I'm Chad, I guess I'll be your new room mate.'

I introduced myself and shook hands with Chad.

Now Chad was a very handsome, well built guy, and he had no problem with strutting his stuff, he was built like I had always wanted to be, very much into sports, actually he was a transfer student, he came from another college just for the purpose of going to a state University to partake of their Sports Programs, He was into sports big time.

Well the weeks turned into a couple months and I was getting used to Chad's personality of self exhaultation, and his open ways. He would just stand in front of me with his hands down in his shorts messing around with his cock and balls, Which of course did nothing for me but make me ache for the want to help him out with it.

He always wore these briefs, they were lowrise briefs, and they were very thin sexy looking matereial, you could almost see thru them, he always bragged about the females likeing to be able to see what he had before them going for the gold.

I would just smile and say,'yeah sure,' as if I didnt' believe him. 'Hey man, the babes love it.' he'd say.

The morning of the incident I'm going to tell you of, I woke up and there laid Chad, all splayed out looking just gorgeous as usual, that beautiful line of hair traveling down the center of his stomach and disappearing into his briefs, almost made me shiver with excitement. His chest muscles were very clean and pronounced and his stomach looked like a washboard, rigged and heavy with muscles and veins.

I wanted to dive into his body and partake of this young guy so bad I was aching. I guess you have figured out by now I like guys, and I suck and swallow too.

Well I woke him up and told him to get up and get ready,he was running late for class.

His cock was about to split the material of his briefs and he just leaned back and let it show off enormously, he would always smile about his big thick cock when he had a boner and say, 'Man, I always say, if you have it show it off and be proud of it.' and he definitely was that.

Well we went on to our respective classes and then went to the pep rally, being that It was the Friday before the Thanksgiving Break and we had a Big Football Game that night, there at the University Stadium, I knew Chad would be playing that night so I went to the game to watch the guys in those tights they wore playing football. Damn was I ever jealous when I would see one of the players swat another one on the ass in those skin tight pants, I think my cock stayed hard all thru the friggen game.

I was thrilled to watch our team win and of course was unstandably jubilent with the rest of my co-students from the University.

I went on to the pavilion malt shop on campus and had a burger and fries and soda, then went back to the dorm room, thinking that Chad had probably gone out with his female friend to try to get some sexual pleasure.

I was in my sleeping shorts when the door opened and Chad just flopped on his bed, 'Fuck man, she's on the rag, no pussy tonight.'

I smiled and said. 'I guess you'll have to carry out a controlled explosion then, won't you, then I giggled, Chad threw a pillow at me and just smiled and said, 'I'll show you a fucking controlled explosion.'

I was totally shocked and I think he started it as a light hearted joke to scuffle with me, but he got on top of me and looked down at my face as he held me down, and being in his briefs I could tell for some reason he was getting a hard on.

I was looking straight at his cock when he took it out and said, 'Here to take care of my controlled explosion,' He was actually kidding and just chiding me, but when I Opened my mouth ant took about four inches of his boner in my mouth, I thought he would go ballistic, 'Holy shit man, you gonna actually do it?' he said.

I just kept working it with my tongue and mouth, and he just kept shoving more and more into my mouth, God Chad was enjoying it as much as I was.

'Holy Shit man, you suck better cock than Janice, Awh yeah, man, I love it, I fucking love it, Yeah man, suck that thick fucking cock,' he said.

I was working on it with all the expertice I had in me.

I was stroking my cock behind his back as I sucked his cock, I had him almost singing, playing with his big hairy balls with one hand and stroking my own cock with the other and sucking Chad's thick meat, god was I in heaven or what.

Chad was getting close to nutting, I could tell. I love to see a guy's balls as they sneak up beside the cock tight and close, and the cock begins to harden, harder and harder as his breathing begins to get heavier.

Chad was on the edge of exploding, as he pulled my head onto his cock and he began to jerking adn shooting a load of cum into my mouthand throat as he moaned and grunted until he was exhausted.

Hejust fell over on his side next to me, 'Holy Shit man, that was the best blowjob I have ever had, Damn that was awesome.'

I looked over at him and smiled, yeah us fags are pretty good at sucking on guys cocks.

'You fucking got that right,' he said, with a silly grin, then he did something totally unsuspected.

Chad reached over and started stroking my unfinished cock with the verosity of a breading horse, it took me about three minutes when he brought me off. God just having his hand on my cock was enough, but to stroke it off untill I shot cum all over his hand, 'How was that?' he asked with a giggle, 'Damn you came a lot for a,' 'FAG' I said, he smiled. 'thats not what I was gonna say,' he said.

'Hey man, I don't care if your the biggest fag in the universe, your all right by me, and I don't mind at all your sucking my cock, actually I hope we do it again, and soon.' Chad Said.

I said, 'Sounds like a winner to me.' From that time on Chad was different to me, more kind, less macho, actually he was more loving.

About a month Later Chad came into the Room after he returned from the Thanksgiveing weekend break.

I smiled when I saw him and he said, 'Lets spend some quiet time tonight together in the dorm room, O.K.?'

I smiled and said, 'Sure man, no problem.'

Later that night he drug out a bottle of wine, and some paper cups from teh mens room, and we toasted our friendship then then he said, 'you up for some of that fag sex again?'

I just smiled and said, 'Sure, if your up for trying something new,' 'Well sure man, if it don't involve doing something really kinky.' he said.

'Na man, just he regular stuff, just lay back and enjoy it.'

I pulled his shorts off and his cock was already standing straight up. He smiled as I stroked his hard cock and just had a blast as I licked and nibbled around the bell of the head, I loved his cock with a passion. and He seemed to be loving what I was doing too.

I got him going really good when I crawled down between his lovely hairy legs and looked down at his hairy looking balls and legs, I licked my lips at the beautiuful sight before me, then I lifted his legs up and had him pull them back at the knees, exposing that awesome looking hairy little love hole between those muscular cheeks, it was a beautiful sight, I went head first into his ass cheeks and In less that tow minutes I had him almost yelling out in pleasure and enjoyment, he loved me sticking my tongue into his asshole, and just licking and tickling his asshole with the tip, I was fingering his asshole as I worked it over with my mouth and tongue, he was going wild.

I looked over and he had grabbed the covers on the bed and had pulled them all loose and even slipped the sheets off too.

I had worked him over good for a while and I was almost at the point of shooting my load when I reached over and on the night stand I had this tube of lube, I greashed his cock really good, and then I slid some lube up my asshole making sure this cock of his wouldn't split me apart.

I got up ontop of his body and placed that thick, hot cockhead against my asshole and gently let my body down onto his throbbing cock, I had to hold my breath it was so big and tight, but I got it there.

I watched as his face lit up and he realized he had his cock buried to the hilt into my turd chute.

I felt so full, I could feel his cockhead swell out as he flexed, and thicken up. I felt his heartbeat in the shaft of his cock, and all these things lead to a most pleasureable sensation deep inside my body.

We then began to move to the grove of our sexual pssions, I could feel his hot awesome cock as it slid deep into me and then slowly slide back out.

I would shudder with each thrust of his thick cock and feel it rub against my prostate, sending the most awesome sensations throughout my entire body, it was awesome, If he felt anything like I did at that moment it was fantastic.

I was at the verge of cuming when I felt his thrusting get more intense and faster. I felt awesome to know that I was taking his male to male virginity, Chad was at the point of no return when I heard him make this low gutteral growl like a grizzly bear, and his cock started to jerk as he stuffed his thick cock to the balls into my body, making me feel like heaven.

I looked into his face as he unloaded his seed in my intestines, I felt so fantastic, I began reached down now that he had cum inside me, and I stroked my tingling cock for about five minutes and began shooting my cock like mad, cum went everywhere, on me, on chad, on my face, I was blowing one awesome load.

Chad and I had one fantasic year after that, and he requested me as a room mate every year after that untill we both graduated, I hear from Chad from time to time and we get together every now and then just for old time sakes, he's married now with a family and Im just a good friend. But I'm a good friend with some fantastic memories.



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