Its been about 2 months now that i have not spoken to him. I was still insecure for a 20 year old because i didn't have steady relationships with either guys or girls. He was so freaking hot and he liked me but was i going to get myself into the same situation to get my heart broken. i was so confused. he constantly text me to see how i was going and that he wanted to talk. I never replied to them.

It was my birthday today and i got his text early in the morning asking to carry me out to dinner. I had no idea why i text back and said yes. I almost gave myself a heart-attack. I went to school that day only thinking about what is he planning to do. Its been so long. My first class was about 4 hours long and then lunch. My teacher bored me to death. As he dismissed the class i rushed to the door to see him standing outside. I walked in the other direction trying to not get noticed. I fail inevitably as he pulled in front of me.

'why have you been avoiding me? common tell me..' as he grabbed me.

' I'm in school kev...let go of me'

' its two are my brother..just because i told you...' he paused as i looked at him. His tears were to much to hold back as they fell on my notepad.

'hey hey..stop crying dude....common lets get something to eat and we'll talk okay' i said without hesitation.

As we walked to the food court I could only think of how much i missed his walks home as i had stop my karate classes for a while for school. University was a total different story.He did change one bit, well he did get more sculpt and boy was it not helping the situation. His hair blew in the wind and his musky perfume made me wild. Why did i stop talking to him. I felt so comfortable with him i thought as i turn blushing. He was still so sweet and sensitive but manly. His eyes still blew me away. I was in heaven again. I didn't realize that we walked into the food court when he asked what i was i eating. We simply got Chinese and i told him lets go outside on the field and talk.

Usually there were lots of people on the field but it was empty. I was shocked that my plan had not work. He watched me as i stood there watching the emptiest of the field as he asked if I'm gonna sit. I did eventually sit just to hear him say those word.

' i still love you a lot you know'

I was shock, as i felt the same way towards him. He is kind, understanding and just pure awesome. He made me so happy. I felt guilty for not talking to him. I began to build tears in my eyes.

'why ..WHY DID YOU TELL ME LIKE THAT!!! WHY DIDN'T'T YOU JUST TELL ME YOURSELF! ??' he looked at me as i raised my voice.

' because i didn't know if you were gay or not. I didn't want you to think of me differently'

' i'm your brother..i wouldn't have Kevon.'

' i know..but still'

' no buts, whats or if know i would never judge anyone'

' i know..thats why i love are just so have a good heart...and i just don't want my heart to be broken again.'

I was feeling everything he said like if it was I speaking them. He was just like me. All i could have done was lean over to kiss him..and so i did.

He didn't pull away as i leaned in. His lips were so soft and his tongue slip into my my mouth like it was meant to be together. I saw sparks fly into the air. I was perfect, not the way i wanted it but so much better.

'wow...what was that for'

'i feel the same way kev .. shouldn't have stopped talking to you...i liked you since the first day we met.'

'oh really' he smirked as i pushed him down to the grass.

'haha very funny....yea i did and i still do'

he leaned over and kissed me once more.

'you always amaze me always do...'

He dropped me of to my class after we ate and left for work again. as the hallway was empty he pushed me against the wall and kissed me so roughly. I was so hot, i got hard immediately!

'something to think about' he said as he clapped my ass. I went to class that evening only thinking about dinner that night. It was the beginning of a great relationship.


alex triston


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