I was only in my young teen years when i got into a fight at my school. It was horrible for me since I was a very quite person. I attended an all boy school and gosh did i love it. My teachers were awesome and my class was extremely brilliant and damn did it have some sexy dudes. The day i got in the fight i was pushed down the step at my school and injured. My mom decided I would join her friends martial arts school in our town. i just agreed.

I had a full recovery and did the boy who beat paid for it. It was about a month after my recovery and my Mom carried me to the 'the gym'. there were lots of kids and tens there and couple adults who I guess taught at the gym. I was extremely happy to see people flipping and swords everywhere i looked. I gazed cross the room just to catch a boy looking at me. He was about 5'8' and built. I could have seen his defined pecs and his arms muscular as he wore a vest.I ignored him and continued to talk to the professor of the the gym well i should say school. I was agreed that i would come to the gym everyday of the week. All of a sudden the class rushed to great me saying welcome and nice to meet you. He stood far to the back just staring at me. I had a mild hardon and boy was i blushing. I was happy to go to the gym as i was a bit chubby.

I was excited to be at the gym after school. I was really early that day and to my surprise he was early as well. The gym opened a bit later so i sat on the chairs downstairs and just waited. He calm over immediately after and introduced himself.

'hey my name is Kevon' he said in a soft but yet manly voice.

'hi, my name is...' i was cut crossed my him.

'i know who you are, no worries...you're Shawn..professor told me you would be early and that i would have to teach you today...no worries'

'oh , cool'

Professor calm down and opened up for us since he saw us waiting. I trained all evening and was ready to go home around 7pm. He came running towards me.

'Shawn you want a walk home....yes i know you live close by.... and i have to leave as well'

i agreed and we we left in a hurry as my curfew was up. He dropped me of home and said to add him on facebook. I did exactly that although i thought it was creepy he knew where i lived. He and his brother added me on facebook. That was the best ting i could have ever done.

We continued to see each other everyday of the week and talked on weekends. I never told him that i was bisexual. Trust me i'm really gay but i remain bi so time to tell my parents hopefully they'll be okay. Six years past and we all in the gym became like brothers and sisters. We knew that we would never leave each other no matter what. As usual he walked me home and we talked and joked around. Today was special as it made six years that i joined the gym. He dropped me off and headed home. As i reached inside my mom told me that his brother wanted to talk to me. I went inside my room and and poped up his brother to chat.

' hey shawn i have to ask you sumting' he said.

'sure dude, whats up?'

'are you gay?'

I was in shock. I rubbed my eyes over and over just to ensure i saw the right words. I had to reply. I just had to know why he asked.

'why do you ask dude?'

' ummm well ..hmmmm how to tell you ...i'm gay..well bi..you know ....rents have to know sooner or later.altough i do love my chics ..'

'lol...i know right ..eventually we have to tell them and yes our chics are awesome' said as i was still a little attracted to women.


'um i mean...FucK'

'no worries bro its just between you and me...can i tell you something?'

i instantly said yes.

'this is Kevon bro'

I watched in awe to what i saw. It was kevon. It was like my heart dropped to the floor.

'kev? you're gay?'

'yea bro i am and i've been watching all these years'

I logged out and went to bed in shock. i had no clue what to say or do next.


alex triston


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