His name was Oliver and he was sexy as fuck. I was just 30 and he swore he was 28. I believed him not because it wasn't true, although he looked younger, but I just wanted him to be near my age. He had a beautiful body with hair in all the right places but not excessively and a cock to die for, uncut and a nice six inches when at rest but it grew to eight plus if he fancied you - and I was lucky that way.

I'd called on him to welcome him to the block of flats I lived in. He was very hospitable and I fucked him on his living room floor. Unlike many first fucks this was a memorable one, but he hadn't cum for I wanted him to fuck me but as he felt the floor was too hard and as his flat wasn't really furnished properly, he suggested we go to my place where we could continue getting to know each other in my Ultra king-sized bed.

When I made to put on some clothes, Oliver asked what the fuck I was doing.

"What d'you mean? You wanted to go to my flat?"

"We're going there to fuck. Aren't we?"


"I want to fuck you without having to unwrap you first, besides it will be fun to find out if we can get there without anyone seeing us."

"And what happens if we do run into people?"

"We smile nicely, say "good evening" and walk past."

"And they wont notice that we are sporting massive cock-stands?"

"They are English! They wouldn't dream of making a comment. If we affect not to notice, so will they."

"You're fucking mad but I want you, so let's go." I kissed him.

Together and bollock naked we left his flat hand in hand and headed towards mine,

 Although we were both tanned we each had a tell-tale pale area where we had been discretely screened from the sun. I thought we were going to get away with it till we were just past the lift area when two senior residents suddenly appeared and were, I suspect, heading for the ground floor. As Oliver had suggested we walked past them, smiled and wished them good evening. Once round the next corner, like naughty children, we giggled and ran the rest of the way just getting inside my flat with the door closed, when a voice somewhere called out something, which we chose to ignore.

We hugged and kissed and with the adrenalin flowing through our bodies I could feel his heartbeat against my chest as I am sure he felt mine. I led him to my bedroom, pushed him down on to the bed, fell on top of him and we made out. Eventually he pushed me off and rolled on top of me.

"Now I will fuck you." He said, "Can I do it raw like you did me?"

"I know it's madness, but OK. Fill me full of your little boys."

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders, as I had with him earlier.

"It is my favourite position; I like to watch my man enjoying my love-making."

He raised me up further and I felt his stubble on my ass-cheeks then he found my asshole and tongued me. It was amazing. It had been so long and I opened to his sweet, urgent probing. Then he stretched my hole with his fingers and from deep in my gut came a physical yearning to be filled by this beautiful man. He had found lube in the bedside drawer and smoothed some over his long lovely manhood then slowly rested it against my pucker and I relaxed and felt him slowly enter. It had been a long time, but OMG I so wanted it. He entered me gently for I was tight but together and with the lightest of pressure from each of us, he found his full depth and I could feel him all the way. He kissed me and played with a nipple. I had forgotten how magically electric the joint pain and pleasure could be. He started withdrawal and reinsertion slightly at first but then taking firmer and longer strokes across my prostate. My own cock stiffened up between us, he teased its head with his stomach.

As he increased his power, I felt his balls beat against me, my own crawled up between us and I knew I was going to cum again soon. His cock seemed to reach further and further into me. I felt it swell and then ripple and pulse as he shot his ropes of sperm up inside me. He fucked on and on, he seemed to cum for ever and I felt it trickling back down my chute. He plunged deep and then stopped right up inside me. I came all over our two bellies. I opened my eyes and he was looking down at me. He smiled and so did I.

"Wow! When you cum, you cum." I murmured.

"I aim to satisfy," he said as he kissed me. He rubbed his chin across my lips, I moaned and he moved down sucked on one tit giving me a hickey. "There I've marked you. That is to tell anyone who gets your clothes off that if they try anything they will have me to answer to."

I felt his cock soften and slide out of me followed by some of his semen though I clenched my sphincter in an attempt to prevent any further loss.

"You do realise that you have no clothes here and when you return to your flat you will have to go as naked as you left it?"

"Possibly, but as I don't intend to leave you for quite a long time, the question is academic. In the meantime may I call upon your kind hospitality and get me a drink?"

I did exactly that.



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