A nearly true story

By Jamie

I was just past thirty, living alone having spent a year getting over the loss of my boyfriend, lover, partner - all those things and more. He had died from some heart complication of which neither of us was aware at the time and which was mercifully quick for him though devastating for me. I had buried myself in work and refused to consider anything with regard to adding to or filling my personal and private space. It had been a successful year for me, workwise; though, as several old friends had pointed out, David would not have wanted me to put myself in purdah for ever and it was time to move on.

The windows of my apartment on the fourth floor looked into the hollow centre of the building. The flat opposite mine had been dark and empty for some time, but one evening I came in from work and after changing into a t-shirt and jeans went to close my curtains. I saw an unshaded light was on in what I suspected was a bedroom. There was no sign of furniture and I thought the landlords must have been showing someone around and accidentally left a bulb burning.

But then a young man walked into that room and my jaw dropped. He was - so far as I could see - totally naked. I quickly turned off the lamp in my room, not wishing to be caught like some elderly voyeur drinking in this amazing sight. (Despite the fact that that is what I was, I suppose.) I stood back from my window so it was unlikely he could see me.

He must have been around 25 to 28, he wore his dark hair cut short, favoured stubble and at this moment his tongue lightly played across his lips. His body was toned, he clearly worked out and his musculature was nicely defined. He was no body-builder but he cared about his shape. There must have been a mirror out of sight near the window for he was almost posing and his left hand was toying with his left nipple; from the way his right arm was moving it was clear he was giving himself some joy. I found that my own right hand had almost involuntarily unzipped and opened my fly, taking out my hardening cock and I was matching his strokes.

He moved back and I could see more of him. His torso was tapered to a slim waist leading down to slim hips. He was not shaved but had a light hairiness on his chest and a well defined treasure trail pointing the way to a neatly trimmed pubic bush. His cock was a magnificent, erect eight inches at a guess and not too thick and uncut,( just how I loved them, though cut myself). He had a low hanging scrotum housing a large pair of testes. He was a gay wet dream, and I almost thought I might be having one.

Suddenly he came; strings of white cum shot from him. His eyes were closed and his mouth hanging loosely open, He moved towards the mirror and then was out of my sight just as I came, myself.

I finished closing my curtains before putting on the light and while cleaning up my own mess I realised that I knew the number of his apartment. Two floors below him lived a couple I knew, one of whom  occasionally gave  me a lift to into the centre of town where we both worked. And each floor's apartments were identically numbered.

On a total impulse and a sudden deep desire to have some real bodily contact with someone, I sorted out a bottle of presentable and very drinkable wine and left my flat. Down the corridor through a firedoor along another passage, through another door and I was in his part of the block I got to number 370 and rang the bell. I was suddenly aware I was going to look very foolish if I had got the number wrong.

But I hadn't for there in front of me in a thick towelling dressing gown stood the very man with whom I knew I wanted to break my self-imposed sexual abstention. "I'm terribly sorry, I hope I haven't got you out of the bath?"

"No. No, I was just freshening up and changing." He had a low voice, although his accent was slightly North American there was a continental stress and timbre hiding beneath it.

"I came home and looked across - I have the apartment opposite you on the other side and saw lights on - and was so glad to see this flat was occupied at last that I felt I had to come round and welcome you." I held out the bottle to him.

"That is extremely kind. I know few people in town and no one in this building. But do come in. Let us have a drink to mark the occasion of my moving." I was fully aware that he was checking me out as we spoke. "You will have to forgive the fact that most of my furniture comes tomorrow. But there are chairs and a sofa. The kitchen is completed so there is ice should you require it" He lead me through to his main sitting room.

We passed mirrors in his hallway and in the sitting room there were four more, Two huge antique ones and two modern oval ones. "You like mirrors?"

"They are so good and useful for they enlarge my space. Throughout my life I have had so many mirrors. Any room properly furnished with mirrors will seem larger than it really is. I find space so relaxing. - Come and sit." He indicated a small sofa. " Gin and tonic. OK?"


"Ice and Lemon?"


I sat and he fixed us both a drink then joined me. We chatted and filled each other in on what we did and where we did it. We were both sussing each other out as we talked. He had beautiful hazel coloured eyes and a sensuous mouth. Impulsively I leant forward and reached inside his dressing gown and stroked his left nipple, feeling it stiffen under my touch. Partially closing our eyes we moved together into a soft kiss which quickly developed into a major embrace as I pushed the gown off his shoulders and undid the tie round his waist. As our tongues excitedly explored each others mouth he pulled up my t-shirt and undid the top stud of my jeans. He pushed down my zip and soon we were both exploring naked skin with urgency

"I want this big cock up inside me."

"I want to suck that cut head - do you mind the floor or would you prefer a single bed - The big one comes tomorrow." He whispered urgently.

"I just want you. You can fuck me anywhere you want."

We switched into 69 and as we tried to suck and explore each others junk, we rolled off the sofa on to the floor. He tasted delicious, his precum was slightly salty. I slathered over his cock pushing his foreskin down his shaft and sucking deeply on the revealed flared glans and then down to suck on those magnificent balls in his shaven scrotum. His asshole winked at me so I kissed it and heard him moan. He liked to be rimmed, so I did. He tasted clean and male and he deep throated my cock while I tongued him open and found I could harden and tube my tongue and get well into him.

"Fuck me, first!" he begged. He swung round and we kissed fiercely each tasting the other. "I want you raw. And I want you now!"

"'K." I reached under him and lifted his legs onto my shoulders, "Lube?"

"My spit and your precum!"

I carefully placed my cockhead at his gate of paradise and very slowly applied pressure. I felt my slippery mushroom ease its way through his sphincter and then he started to push onto me. He was tight but it was a smooth passage and then he was squeezing and massaging my cock with some very strong muscles as I tried to fuck him.

"Yeeeeesss!!!!!! Oh Yes! Fuuuuck meeee!!!!!!!!!!"

And I did developing a powerful rhythm until I was almost pile-driving into his oh-so-receptive anal passage. His cries and muscular work soon had me on the brink.

"I'm cuummmmming!!" and I flooded his guts, pumping my sperm deep into him.

I released his legs and fell on top of him. He held my dick within him. "Don't come out. Not yet!"

I kissed him and we held each other, rubbing our hands over our bodies, tweaking nipples, nibbling ears, nuzzling, licking and more kissing. I made to move out of him.

"Not Yet!" He tightened on me.

"Hell man, I'm down. And I had a wank earlier watching you. I cant cum again yet."

"You what?!"

"I watched you taking your pleasure earlier and came off with you."

He giggled and released my cock, "Shit, I didn't think about the window."

"I got here as quick as I could." I kissed him. "Now, are you going to fuck me?"

"Sure, but let's do it at your place - in a bed? This floor is starting to feel a little hard."

"Just like you." I said reaching down.




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